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Post-Chelsea quotes round-up: Arteta, Pochettino, Trossard, White, Partey, Keown, Ferdinand & more

Arsenal have endured a lot of pain at the hands of Chelsea over the last 20 years, so spanking them 5-0 at the Emirates was very therapeutic.

Leandro Trossard broke the deadlock inside the first five minutes and while the Gunners were made to wait until after the break for their second – a tidy finish from Ben White – there was no looking back after that. Having twice gone close, Kai Havertz bagged a brace (and celebrated both) before White added a delightful gloss on proceedings with a deft *it doesn’t matter if he didn’t mean it* volley.

Here’s what the coaches, players, stattos and pundits made of a win that temporarily extends Arsenal’s lead at the top of the table.

Mikel Arteta on an excellent win for Arsenal…

A big performance, collectively and individually I thought we were really good against a really good team that was in great form, and they were going to ask us a lot of questions, and we responded really well. From the start of the game I think we were really determined, really flowing, playing with a lot of courage and making things happen. Yeah, really happy with the result, it’s a big day for our supporters as well so really happy with that.

Source: Post-game press conference


Mauricio Pochettino on his side’s performance…

It’s not difficult to explain. Everyone saw we didn’t compete from the beginning of the game. After we concede I think the team was so soft. I’m so disappointed with the start because we’re supposed to have full energy and compete better. We were not aggressive and we did not concentrate in situations where it is easy to find the solution. That is why we’re so disappointed. We were talking at half-time to start in a different way. But we start really bad. In 10, 15 minutes in the second half, when we conceded the third goal we gave up. It was tough on them until the end of the game.

Source: BBC Sport

Ben White on whether he meant his second goal of the night…

I think I was pretty shocked to be fair when it went in. It was an amazing ball by Martin, and I got a bit of luck. It’s just one of those, isn’t it? I tried to get it back across goal and it went in the net.



Chelsea captain Conor Gallagher on accusations his team aren’t trying…

We definitely are putting the effort in. I know how much it means to all the boys. It is a very young squad with not much experience as a team in the Premier League. We have had a lot of ups and downs and we are still improving as a team to get to the next level and today was one of those days we were nowhere near it. But also we will look at the performance and where we can improve and move forward.

Source: BBC Sport

Leandro Trossard on a perfect night…

The early goal helped us a lot. After that, we played so well, we had a lot of chances and turned them into goals. It’s a great night for us. They say clean sheets help you win games and that’s what it is, we know if we score a goal, a lot of times we can win 1-0 but obviously we want to go for more. Today is a perfect night where we scored loads of goals. It’s credit to everyone, everyone works so hard defensively, attackers, midfielders, we’re one team and you can see that on and off the pitch. I’m so happy to be here.

Source: TNT Sports


Ben White on a team effort…

It’s not just the defence keeping the clean sheets, the wingers are working so hard tracking back and it’s so important for us. If our opposition doesn’t score then we’ve fot a chance of winning the game.

Source: TNT Sports

Arteta on Kai Havertz’s performance…

His overall contribution in every phase of play was tremendous. When you add the two goals he scored and some of the link-up play that he had in big moments, [it was] a great performance. Individually we had some great performances.

Source: BBC Sport


Martin Keown on Kai Havertz…

When he came here there was a perception that he was very passive as a player, but there was nothing passive about his performance tonight.

Source: TNT Sports

Thomas Partey on his return to action and Arsenal’s title hopes…

I’m happy to be back in the team and also to get a win in the derby. It’s a really important game, so I’m very happy. Everything depends on us. We have to continue winning our games, we have a few more games left and we have to win them all



Arteta on Thomas Partey’s reintroduction…

We thought it was a really good game for Thomas [Partey] to come back, he looks like he is in rhythm, he trained really well the last few days, the way that they set-up, the players that they have in and the way they attack especially, we believe it was the right call to make. He stepped up and had a great performance and was really important for the team.

Source: Post-game press conference

Rio Ferdinand on Chelsea…

They [Chelsea] were second best all over the pitch today. This was men against boys. They have been good in recent weeks and this season. I think they were way off it.

Source: TNT Sports


Ex-Chelsea player Joe Cole on the reaction of Chelsea fans…

My phone’s been blowing up. You know the fans message me, and I think there’s losing the game and then there’s losing a game to your London rivals in that fashion. And I think that really sticks with the fans.

Source: TNT Sports (via MailOnline)

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I know they have become academic because we won. But wtf is wrong with VAR? Two potential leg breakers on our players in the last 2 games NOT even given serious reviews is laughable.

Reason why I am delighted with what NFFC are doing. Maybe if more teams took a stand, changes will be forthcoming!

Finsbury Park Gooner

Totally agree. Barely any discussion of it in the coverage either. Two of these in consecutive games, studs up above the ankle with the leading leg… As dangerous as it gets. How are those tackles not getting clamped down on???


It’s just mad. A big league with incompetent refs f*ckiñg things up every game week is a big indictment on the English game.


What’s wrong with you, Henkamp? Don’t you realise that what VAR is REALLY for is to deny a team like Coventry a place in the FA Cup Final by disallowing a winning goal because a player’s toe might be an inch offside?

Actually awarding stone-cold penalties, like the 3 at that Everton/Forest game, or sending off thugs for trying to break other players’ legs was never what VAR was brought in for.

Come on! Be sensible!



Sad how this is sarcasm but isn’t actually far from the truth!

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

We are three points clear off Liverpool with plenty of goal difference. Hope the pressure does the job on Man City as well.

Mayor McCheese

Liverpool’s players look finished. At this point we just need to keep winning and working up / maintaining our goal difference. If City’s two games in hand are a win and a draw, we win the title on goal difference.

Mayor McCheese

Also credit to the Everton fans who sang this in the dying minutes: “You’ve lost the league at Goodison Park!” Lol.


4 cup finals less. 12pts. Do that and we’re a chance and we’re also showing we’re not rolling over in the crunch!


Ha ha poor Joe Cole…

Hope his buddy John Terry was watching it with him!


Had the cheek to compare one of their financially doped teams to the invincibles. I hope they continue to suffer.

A Different George

So, according to the statistics, Martin Ødegaard had a good game. Also, according to anyone who is not legally blind.


Just watched… Wow. Absolutely 10/10 performance from Marty. Like as perfect a game I’ve ever seen a player play. Just indescribable how good he was. Terrific performance by the team. Onto the next cup final against the cud spunts! Be relentless!


Did I mention how good Ødegaard was? Yes? Well just in case. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. I freaking love Saka, but I’m having trouble separating the two as my favourite player these days.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ode has a good chance to be crowned PFA Player of the Year. He deserves this more than Haaland, De Bruyne, Rodri and Salah.

Dr. Gooner

He does, but for me the best individuals in the league this season have been Cole Palmer and Ollie Watkins. Their output is undeniable and they don’t play for one of the elite teams. Those two just make the right decisions in dangerous spots and have the physical tools to execute. In terms of importance to high functioning elite clubs fighting for the title, you have to put Van Dijk and Rodri at the top for Liverpool and City, and Saka at the top for us, with Rice, Odegaard, Ben White and Saliba in close contention. Arsenal have had the… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

MacAllister too. I thought he was too lightweight but seeing is believing. That guy is the business.


If I’m ranking Arsenal players on the season, it would be:
1a: Marty Odergaard
1b: Rice
3a: Gabby M
3b: Saliba
5a: Saka
5b: White

I think the top 4 there should all be nominees for EPL player of the season. And I think Marty O should be the winner (Rice is real close); he’s simply put the best #10 in world football right now. Without him, we are not a contender.

Dr. Gooner

I said Saka because he’s so often the guy who gets us going offensively, and then that sparks confidence and allows us to play our game with more security. And he does this while being consistently double or triple marked, and while having to chase back to mark his FB when we lose the ball. Odegaard does a lot too and we need them both, but if I’m choosing one I’m riding with B. They both score and supply goals, but B is far more dynamic, stronger in possession, has a weak foot finish, takes corners ahead of O, best… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

This was an interesting game in the first half. Arsenal’s press hasn’t been as suffocating in recent games in part due to the presence of elite outlets on the other side (Sane, Musiala, Watkins) but also because opponents have figured out how to stretch the 1-3 press structure by splitting their CBs or FBs the width of the pitch. Porto did this first, but other teams quickly caught on. This forces the far side of the Arsenal press to cover an unreasonable distance between the far side defender and the inside midfielder. Chelsea tried to do the same and it… Read more »


Good talk! I agree, and it looks like adding Partey’s mobility is a difference maker in countering the counter to our press. He also frees up Rice and Odergaard so much on ball too.

A Different George

Also, what is wrong with Ben White? He’s supposed to say “well, it was a difficult angle and I knew I had to cut across the ball just right.”


Because he’s No Shits Given Ben White


Ya, he is one truthful chap


Because he is not Mudryk


So one of our attackers literally did not successfully complete an attacking action. His passing accuracy was the team’s lowest at 63%, just 42% in the Arsenal half. That passing stat means that he made more passes to Arsenal players than Chelsea players in their half of the field. I guess he’s still confused which London team he’s signed for…..???!!!


I recently learned that in the 90s, Arnie pretended to think Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot would be a big hit in order to trick Sly Stallone into starring in it. I’m starting to think that’s what Edu did to Chelsea with Mudryk.

Emi Rates

Mudryk – if football were film he’d be Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot.

Sounds about right. Good observation.


Is this the Arsenal player Ben White you’re talking about or another Ben White?

If he’d the winning goal in Champions League final has answer and demeanour would have ben exactly the same. The man genuinely does not give a fuck – it’s like he skipped media training when he was younger to go and top up his tan and we absolutely fucking love him for it.


I’m so happy for Kai!! He’s goals made this wins even sweeter. Just can’t stop laughing on those idiots. Haha. So happy!!!


Partey was majestic. He brought a dimension that’s been missing mainly due to his injuries.

Brings on the inevitable question (s)


The inevitable question: would we have won the CL with Partey? And the inevitable answer is yes.

Dr. Gooner

I do think it was a mistake not to play him from the start in either leg. His dynamism would have made it more difficult for them to transition and would have powered our transitions better. It’s a big stretch to say that was the difference between winning even that tie against Bayern, let alone the whole competition. This Arsenal team is built to dominate matches, and it can do that against the vast majority of the field. Against the elites though, you need difference makers in the opposition penalty box and in transition, and we just don’t have the… Read more »


Yeah, I’ve been hoping to see him more lately. If fit, it really felt to me he would have been a difference make against Bayern. Game changer of he can remain healthy. He’s got another year on his contract. I’d rather see him stick around help for a year and potentially lose him for free because we’re not getting much for him anyway. Still feel we need another midfielder either way, but a fit Partey is a big boon.

Dr. Gooner

If there’s money on the table for him, we’ll take it. Hard to see where that’s coming from though given his massive wages.


Hence, we should keep him because IMO a fit Partey levels this team up over Jorginho, who needs others to cover for his lack of mobility. It was similar to when we played Xhaka at the #6, we had to adjust to accomodate. The difference with Jorginho now is that we have WAY WAY better players around him covering those weaknesses. Still, it is MUCH better to just use a player that doesn’t need the cover. Partey may only be 80-90% of the passer Jorgs is, but playing him frees up Rice and Marty to be even more creative, which… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

I completely agree, with the important caveat of his continued lack of availability for much of the season.

Sambi Lokonga showed a lot of progress at Luton and offers some of the same qualities as Thomas. He is not ready for the bigger games but if he works his way into Mikel’s circle of trust, he could certainly start a lot of games for us next season.


Totally forgot he was still on the books. I really liked him when we signed him and he has all the attributes; seems more mental with him. Maybe if he has come along and IF we could get a good season out of Partey with Jorgs as a rotational piece we’d have enough before a maybe a big midfield signing next summer? Risky relying on Partey, and Lokonga would really have needed to take a big step.

Dr. Gooner

Yeah agreed, ideal world, Thomas stays healthy, we make one big signing (wing/CF with speed, size, finishing and dribbling… Osimhen, Gyokeres, Nico Jackson, Rafa Leao), then sign an elite 6/8 hybrid the next summer when Thomas’ contract expires.


So we can spend most of next season with Partey injured again? It’s not an ideal world and Partey will never be fit for the whole season. We need to replace him this summer.

North London Forever

Sorry, you lost me at finishing and Nico Jackson in the same sentence. The others though, would be great acquisitions.

The Arsenal

I think partey is a better passer than Jorginho in some ways and his ability to do it fluidly in one action is important. Gets odegaard and saka on the ball that second earlier. Passes through the lines often and is very cute with it a times. Partey on form we play our best football

I’m a Kai Havertz Twitter Troll

Why did Havertz celebrate against his old club? So disrespectful. Imagine if it had been the other way around. Do we really want players like that at the club??

He also should have scored 5 goals tonight, not just 2. That goal difference might come back to haunt us at the end of the season.


I was about to reply… and then i saw your name😅

Adney Toams

Crawl back in your hole, mate!


Think you missed the joke

Santi’s Phonebox

Pretty sure he got the joke, trolls do live in holes.


great sarcasm! 😂😂😂


I don’t think Chelsea are so bad. I felt this was one of our better performances and the Partey-Rice axis that debuted in this game was excellent. They have a squad there that has been scandalously mismanaged, but they have players with real quality… and their left-back who is appalling. But if they had taken one or two of their chances it could have turned into a far different game. They were not terrible against City either. I just thought we did exactly what we needed to do against a young team in disharmony. Moved the ball quickly and never… Read more »


> and their left-back who is appalling

I don’t know what the fuck has happened to Cucurella. He was Brighton’s player of the season when Chelsea signed him and a very tidy player indeed. I’ve watched Chelsea a few time this season and he’s been consistently gash. You love to see it!

A Different George

I think part of the answer is that Cucurella was probably the only Chelsea player who had an idea of what he was supposed to do. This means he was always isolated–whether trying to stay with Saka, or to pass it up the line to the non-existent Mudryk. It’s easy to see that Saka has made him look foolish, but harder to notice that he has no teammates in the same postal code. To be clear, I am not praising his character or defending his petulance and nastiness. He is acting like a massive prick.

A Different George

I wanted to give an example: why in the world was Cucurella the only defender trying to stop Havertz (and looking ineffectual) on his first goal? Don’t Chelsea have centre halves?

Dr. Gooner

Just another talented player performing below par in a toxic environment. Watch any of these guys go to a stable situation that platforms them better and looking like a different guy.


Those comments about Havertz coming from a man like Keown is high praise indeed.


I think his play in the final third needs improvement. Which can only be a good thing given how well he’s been playing for us this season. His work-rate in midfield on and off the ball and defensive work at set pieces is excellent! A proper Arteta signing.

Dr. Gooner

His first goal was a thing of beauty. First he turns on the jets to get clear of the CB and of Cucurella (who is no slouch) , then bodies Cucurella off the ball, then plants the finish high in the net.

I’m always mentally screaming at him to shoot more. If he develops more of a killer instinct rather than looking for a polite little layoff, sky’s the limit. His finishing off that left foot is world class when he doesn’t over think it.


Martin Odegaard. Phew.
Well done to all the boys.


Ødegaard….The fetter that binds everybody’s potential…..

Hats off

Man Manny

My only frustration is that by the 70th minute – after the 5th goal, Chelsea were so on the ropes I expected at least two more goals. A seven goal shellacking would have been more satisfying…Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game on my mind.

Jehad Muntasser

I agree. I found an old schoolbook of mine in which the epithet ‘Chelsea are sh1t w^nker bastard cvnt slags’ was written, which would have been after beating our reserves 5 nil in the League Cup. Finally, vengeance for their sh1t w@nker bastard cvnt slagness has been served. They’re still sh1t w@nker bastard cvnt slags, but now they’re crap again like they’re supposed to be, without billions of quid that only their cretinous supporters couldn’t see were bent as a very bent thing. Justice has not been served for the 6 nil though, so i was mildly disappointed in not… Read more »


Can we just take a moment to revel in how good Trossard has been for us in the last season and a half. And how utterly crack Mudryk has been for Chelsea for 4 times the cost. Can we raise a glass to the fact we paid less for Rice than they did for Caicedo, And can we laugh till it hurts that Martin Ødegaard cost us less than a third of what they paid for Enzo Fernandes. And then we go and pummel them 5-0 staying top of the league while they languish in mid table.

Adney Toams

Oo yes – let’s DO that!
C O Y G !!!!!!!!


If we had got Mudryk he would be on 10 goals, providing assists and working hard in defence. Everything Chelsea touches turns to shit.


I agree with the latter, with Mudryk though I’m only about 70% sure what you say would’ve happened with us. He was a tremendous talent and would’ve for sure developed better with us than in that sewer of a club, but he also would’ve been competing with our wingers for a place and could’ve ended up finding himself marginalised like another (imo) tremendous talent in ESR, and then it’s about do you have the mental fortitude to persist and fight for your place, and show what you can do in limited opportunities? Not sure I see that in him. With… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

Environments matter so much. It’s a team full of top talent, but you can see everyone is mostly out for themselves first and foremost. Just as importantly, the pieces were bought on their own individual merit rather than any unified vision of how they would fit together as a team. It smacks of the Auba/Ozil era Arsenal, except they’re all on massive 8 year contracts. Their only saving grace is they finally struck gold on Cole Palmer, but players that good don’t stick around on teams this bad for very long.


Exactly, especially when the club has a history of not giving managers the time and patience to institute their systems, get players who fit that system and create a collective “team over the individual” spirit before they’re sacked. Why should the players, whose career and fortunes are on the line, buy into the system of a manager who most likely
wasn’t there when they came and probably won’t be there next season?


He’s had a couple of real stinkers when he’s started. To the point most fans I spoke to said he’s better off the bench.

He’s shut me right up these last couple of weeks.


Nice kick about with the boys.


Behind closed doors friendly against a scrubby little local team to keep the lads match fit for the Cud Spunts on Sundy.


Partey is the Odegarrd whisperer. When those to play magic happens.
Rice is so much more effective at 8. He’s great at 6 but we seem to go up a gear with a more incisive passer at 6 and as great as Jorgi has been, I feel having Partey back unlocks a new level to the team. I’m sure both will get minutes but it’s great to have another option there now and 1 as elite as Partey.


💯. Honestly this feels almost like the final link that has been the slight concern. Jorgs lack of pace means Rice and Havertz have to play more conservatively in terms of positioning. A proper, mobile #6 like Partey frees them up. Feels like we’re more complete with this lineup. So much pace, mobility, creativity and then of course off ball we’re the best in world footie.


Thoroughly enjoyed the game. The one blatantly obvious point is that Odegaard is miles ahead of the rest of the team. I hope that they catch up to his vision. We really need to capitalize on it, especially in games where we won’t have these many chances. Oof, that vision , skills and passing is just amazing to watch.

Bill Hall

Where to start!

How fucking good is Ode, I mean seriously! Other clubs must be green with envy!

Kai is a better CF than Jesus imo!

Ben White you legend!

Leo keeps scoring!

If we play like that against the spuds and against manure we will fucking slaughter them!

Imagine if we could pinch Isak from the Toon in the summer and our front three looked like this

Gabi/Leo, Kai/Isak, Jesus/Saka

That would be some fucking front three!

Bill Hall

Oh and that tantrum by the hair when Benny scored his first goal. One of the most hilarious things I have ever seen on a football pitch and at 55 years old I have seen a tidy few of them 🤣


Cucarella’s tantrums all game literally made me feel like I need to be more patient with my 5 and 3 year old, because grown men on a publicly televised match behave worse. I was worried someone in the crowd was going to get hurt by one of his toys he kept launching out of his pram.

Emi Rates

Blogs comment that he looked like a child in a supermarket whose mum have denied him a lollipop was funny as hell.


We are all Toffees today and Seagulls tomorrow


Was it Wittgenstein or Nietzsche said that?


It was Confucius but it’s often misattributed.

Emi Rates

I think it was also Confucius who said “Fuck me, I can’t believe Everton just beat Liverpool like that!”.


Nah that was Jamie Carragher before he spat on another child


I just got a good omen. I work in a high rise building not close to the water. There’s been a seagull squawking outside our window all morning. The gulls are up for this!


Hope so. I feel like this is arugably their hardest game left, especially because we know s**rs are going to go all s**rsy and collapse (I feel like if $ity get to that game will full points, we don’t have much chance left).


Probably true. I think how spuds perform against us could be a preview of them against city. In that sense I hope they look robust against us but still manage to ship us 4-5 goals, or 2 will do!


Eric Cantona actually


I have just 2 words…

Martin Goategaard

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