Friday, June 21, 2024

Report: Tottenham 2-3 Arsenal (inc goals)

Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Partey, Rice, Odegaard, Saka, Trossard, Havertz

Subs: Ramsdale, Kiwior, Zinchenko, Jorginho, Smith Rowe, Martinelli, Nelson, Nketiah, Jesus

Arsenal extended their lead at the top of the Premier League table to four points after beating Tottenham 3-2 on Sunday – despite being pinned back from 3-0 up – thanks to goals from Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (og), Bukayo Saka and Kai Havertz.

Mikel Arteta named an unchanged side from the team that cruised past Chelsea on Tuesday, with Thomas Partey making consecutive league starts for the first time since August.

It was a high intensity start from both teams with Arsenal dominating possession but Spurs were stronger and quicker in the early challenges, matching the tenacity from the stands.

Arsenal were being caught on the ball though and mistakes – first from Partey and later from Takehiro Tomiyasu – offered Spurs some encouragement in their press.

However, on the 15 minute mark, Arsenal clicked into gear and looked to have opened the scoring when Martin Odegaard was found in behind by Partey before teeing up Havertz, although the Norwegian was just offside in the build up.

Rice saw a chance blocked by Romero shortly after and from the resulting corner, Saka floated in a delivery towards the near post and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg headed into his own net under pressure from Tomiyasu. 1-0.

But despite going ahead, the Gunners lacked composure in possession and were struggling to deal with Spurs who were continuing to push for an equaliser.

There were two huge warning signs when Cristian Romero headed just wide after tussling with Odegaard and minutes later struck the woodwork after losing Partey too easily at the back post.

Then came the real first half turning point after Mickey Van de Ven thought he equalised after some penalty box pinball, although was called offside after VAR intervened. It was a huge let off with Spurs in the ascendancy at that point and the decision being marginal.

As the hosts continued to push, a half-hearted penalty claim was waved away when Leandro Trossard tangled with Dejan Kulusevski, which Arsenal then broke from and doubled their lead within seconds.

Havertz did brilliantly well to hold the ball and find Saka over the top, who controlled, cut inside Ben Davies and curled into the far corner with typical conviction. 2-0.

There was time for another goal before the break when Havertz was left unmarked to head home from close range after another excellent delivery – this time from Declan Rice. 3-0.

Just before half time, Heung-min Son managed to ghost in behind William Saliba and Gabriel who switched off momentarily but blasted his effort over after controlling well.

That moment more than any, encapsulated a first half where the only difference between both teams was about taking their moments.

Minutes into the second half, Tomiyasu could have sealed all three points after he was left unmarked from another set piece but couldn’t direct his header on target, before Romero had another chance to score after out-jumping Gabriel but headed over with Raya in no-mans land.

Saka had a great chance to make it four after great work between Trossard and Havertz, although his back-post volley was saved expertly by Vicario (replays showed it might have been called offside).

From that point forward – around 55 minutes – Spurs’ press completely dissipated and Arteta’s men looked comfortable in possession, bopping the ball around. But this team are no strangers to individual errors and another one brought the hosts back into the game.

Under no pressure, Raya received a backpass from Saliba but miskicked (or chipped?) an effort straight to Romero who slotted into the bottom corner with no defenders around him. 3-1.

There were still 25 minutes to play at this point which made the error even more frustrating, as Spurs wouldn’t have needed a second invitation to wake up from their passive performance.

To his credit, Raya responded well to his mistake with some impressive high claims, although things would get very nervy for Arsenal who conceded a penalty in the 85th minute when Rice fouled Ben Davies.

It was a classic ‘defender tries to clear the ball but attacker beats him to it’ situation and there could be few complaints about the decision – it was a clear penalty – which Son buried despite Raya diving the right way. 3-2.

This was a huge test of their character with ten minutes to play and skeletons in the closet surrounding this fixture, but Arsenal managed to withstand all the late pressure with some brave and committed defending.

After their fifth game in 11 days – against a Spurs team who had 15 days of rest – the Gunners have ensured they will only go down fighting.

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Bleeding gums Murphy

To try and chip the forward was taking the piss and I sincerely hope Raya learns from it. He’s never been in this situation before so hopefully it will never be repeated.


I was fcking fuming. Such a stupid thing to do in a NLD. Grateful it was not costly in the end. Except, of course, if City somehow win it by a goal difference. That said, I fckning love this team. They will be the death of me but I love them.


Big mistake for sure. But hey we held our nerves! This is a huge win! Happy at totteringhams day! No better way to celebrate it!!! Eat a flaming bag a rotting shite cud Spunts!

Al m

Not his first silly decision though is it. There is zero sign of him learning from anything frankly


When your role is to play risky passes, from the back, then occasionally it will happen. You’ll always look bad, when it goes wrong, but that’s our style and he will always be placed in that unenviable situation.


Trying to chip the ball over your opponent when we are 3 nill up is not the moment for a risky pass. There are no excuses whatsoever. He could hardly make a more stupid decision.

Dr. Gooner

I almost wrote that too but there really isn’t a very good moment for that sort of pass. Maybe if you’re trailing and really have to bypass the press quickly, but in that situation it’s probably better to go long or recycle and let someone else play that pass from a safer place. He’s not going to do that again, mark my words.

Santi’s Phonebox

TBF this was not his first pass into the opposition in front of goal.


Not the sort of mistakes he make


It was a technical error though, what he wanted to do was not out of this world, but indeed it was risky even if he kicked the ball cleanly.

Dr. Gooner

Just the wrong choice in that moment of the game, punished to the 100% extent. That’s the life of a goalkeeper. He followed that up though by claiming every cross in the box and playing a delicious outlet pass to Martinelli. If that wasn’t Van de Ven on the cover, that’s a big chance or goal.

Kevin Richardson / Jorginho

Fella hadn’t let in a goal away from home for six matches


Our 4 defender are the ones doing the hard job, not really Raya

Man Manny

Not after all the crosses Raya claimed today. He did his fair share to bring calm to the defence.

Alan Sunderland

The risk isn’t worth the reward.


Objectively true.
He is behind one hell of a defense which I think masks it a luttle. His errors have decreased compared to last year though.
Imagine if Ramsdale had done this. Honestly, what would people say?
Sorry but it was poor from Raya despite his decent form recently.


Raya has done many high profile mistakes and should not be pardoned for that. He should go back to Brendtford after his loan spell. He nearly cost us this game. He simply rose dead spurs alive.


Absolutely. Far too many mistakes; the kind Ramsdale has been ostracized for.


A few things: I think we’ve already bought him; the loan language is just dressing up He’s better than Ramsdale, but only marginally He’s not elite Champion’s League level – or anywhere near it. No other top team would have any interest in him His good stats are driven by the defensive unit he has in front of him; if we had a better keeper (as most of our competitors do) we would be absolute monsters We’ve spent so much money in recent years on keepers we are stuck with him for the next few seasons He seems a decent… Read more »


Nearly shat my pants. Raya will learn. We are learning. We are progressing. We won. Upwards and onwards. This shows that form in derbies are nevr a factor.

Dr. Gooner

It’s a derby, always going to have some unpredictability, but that game unfolded much like I thought it would. They weren’t dangerous except when we made mistakes. The stats look lopsided because of the game state.

That said, our control was suboptimal in the last 20 minutes. Sat too deep. This team is still really really young and not immune to nerves. This is another big, big hurdle that they overcame and righted yet more wrong(s) of bygone years.


Fair enough if he does. But his punch for the Romero chance, jumping behind him was really poor too. Both seemed skittish or hair-brained which is not what we need in games like this.


We did the job that’s all that matters. Enjoy the win cos those idiots will have 3 weeks sleepless nights.


So glad that Raya error did not lead to a loss of points.


Crazy second half, gave them two goals. Let’s hope Forest can do something incredible.


St Totteringhams Day!


I won’t blame Raya for his mistake that lead to their first goal, the coach ia asking too much of him with that kind of strategy. We shouldn’t be playing that way too often. Anyway, we got the 3 points, that’s what matters now. On to the next match!


We should be playing that way, and he’s good enough to do it without making a mistake like that. Still, the confidence he instills on crosses and how well he judges them more than made up for it, still have it down as a good game for him overall.


The error was preventable. We have the benefit of saying never again having bagged the points.


It was a big error from him, but he was superb apart from that. He’s gonna make errors with this style, but his distributions help us get goals too. Change nothing. COYG!


Haha he was supposed to be our “Ball at his feet” GK; literally shat his pants. Thankfully it didn’t cost us our sweet 3 points.

Dr. Gooner

I knew the Ramsdale cult would climb back out from under their rock after this one. If your hero started this game we would have had even less control and them even more chances. He’d have made a few more flying saves as a result. Mistakes don’t define players. Their profile and overall performances do, and Raya has always been and will always be the better of the two keepers because of his temperament, technique and positioning.


Rammers is a really good keeper too. It’s not a binary thing.

Bleeding gums Murphy

Don’t be daft, the coaching team ain’t asked him to try and chip the forward from that position and with that risk. That’s on Raya he did very well after with his catching but he almost cost us the title. Come on Robin Hood and his merry men.


Of course they’re not asking him to make the wrong choice. But they are asking him to make choices. They aren’t saying “just punt it clear no matter what”. So he has to make choices, and because he is human, he will make the wrong one sometimes. It’s the cost of playing this way. There is no goalkeeper in the world who will never make the wrong choice if asked to play this way.

Dr. Gooner

And it’s worth it despite the occasional howler.


100%. I think people get hung up on the howlers as if they’re proof the entire way of playing is wrong, ignoring the big picture. We’re top of the league, scored the most goals, and conceded the fewest. It’s clearly the right approach.


As how and where we like it.

Arteta Tots

Happy St Totteningham day my friends


That was months ago surely

Winterburns Right Wand

There’s something like about this from the BBC match report – “Declan Rice VOLLEYED Ben Davies.”


that and Ben White tickling Vicario’s elbow before their own goal is an instant classic

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

That was my personal highlight, just pulled at the cuff of his glove the little scamp 😇😂

Bleeding gums Murphy

I thought he tried to undo his glove


Ah yes just saw it again now, didn’t quite catch the body part in real time, only how it made Vicario twitch like he was bitten by a killer mosquito. Which in a way he was haha

Like White and Rice

Should not have been a penalty, he got the balls!

Dr. Gooner

The “penalty” they wanted awarded (in every sense an award) was for Trossard jogging next to Kulusevski and getting his shinpads caught on the upstroke of the foot, resulting in Kulusevski tripping over his own feet. That would’ve been a monstrous call. To complain that the referee should’ve been shown that by VAR misses the point of VAR. It was not a clear and obvious mistake not to give that, so there was no reason for VAR to get involved.


That was a pisser!

Teryima Adi



My poor heart. COYG!!!


Blimey, that scoreline in the end was pretty reflective of how the match went, but that was way nervier than it should’ve been at the end. This team’s ability to grind out results by the scuff of the neck is what champions are made of. Now I hope Spurs channel that anger against City lol


I think you are right, we badly need them to get City lose points.

Kevin Richardson / Jorginho

I’m hoping spurs get fourth now because that will probably mean…


They can get 4th every year for all I care if it means us winning titles. Will only further highlight the difference between us and them, and they’ll still crash out of the CL every year in epic fashion.


Anyone else have a heart attack in those last 15 minutes?


Tottenham get battered ringing out in the toilet bowl. Sweet VAR tears you cunts!!

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Well that one got the old heart racing. Strange as it sounds I think I actually enjoyed beating them like that than cruising to victory – keeps us all on our toes


Happy Saint Totteringham Day, gooners!!!❤️❤️❤️ But David Raya pls don’t you ever give me this near heart failure ever again!!!


Great win but we have to talk Raya.

An awful mistake that totally changed the game. From what we’ve seen of him this season I think he’s a good backup but never your first choice keeper.

We definitely need an upgrade in the summer, especially if Ramsdale leaves

Houston Gooner

He’s almost definitely winning the golden glove this season, not sure what more you want. Enjoy St Totteringham’s day, mate!

Dr. Gooner

That’s just what happens sometimes when you are a ball playing GK. Ederson, Allison, Neuer, all the best of the best have done it. The mistake was a mental one first and then poor execution second. After that moment, he was fantastic. Did you see his outlet passes and how many crosses he claimed, or how we defended our goal from corners so much better than them? That’s all top goalkeeping. It’s his first season at Arsenal. This is going to be our guy next season at the very least.


I agree he’s ours for a good long while and we need to get our heads around that. But also when you mention Ederson, Allison, Neuer….it’s a list which brings painfully into focus how average he is.


I agree. Hair-brained ounch behind Romero too which was Ospina-esque. It feels like the Zinchenko debate all over again. He is behind one hell of a defense, the best I have seen in years and years. White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Rice. This is an unbelievable defense. But when you see your goalkeeper doing pointless things like that pass under no pressure, opposition deliberately going far post to catch him out, and watxhing him jump behind players, its fair to ask whats up with that? Rays okay. He is not much more than that. Behind a defense like ours, it makes… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

Who is better in the PL in your opinion in terms of being a GK that can also play? I see Allison and Ederson. After that…?

I didn’t really see what you’re mentioning on the Romero chance. I think you’re saying the one where he hit the post from the corner?


No – it was the one where he came flapping out and failed to get near it. Shortly before his mistake. It was very weak goalkeeping. I’d definitely take Vicario and even Onana over him.


Upgrade to who? Who is the goalkeeper with the 100% pass completion rate you want us to sign?




Please respect the sprs! We need them.


Happy St Totteringhams day!!! 🍾


The stress towards the end there was unreal. I feel faint. Happy St Totteringham’s Day!


Gary Neville is such a pr*ck. A really sly one. Him and the Rottenham fans can do one today because the Arsenal are massive!


You could HEAR the Sky Sports disappointment when the first Arsenal goal went in. Like they hadn’t prepared any script for an Arsenal win.


It was crazy how he wanted some drama in the game all through with his utterances. It is disgraceful he is allowed to commentate on games, for real

Dr. Gooner

You have to consider that they want to employ people like that because the only thing they are interested in is eyeballs and clicks. Whether for good reason or not doesn’t matter. Gnev generates attention. The only way to fight it is to ignore the likes of him so utterly that he fades into irrelevance. Instead people feed it by drawing more attention to him. You know who else does this like a pro? Politicians.


Happy Saint Totteringham Day, Gooners!!! But David Raya, don’t you ever give me this near heart failure ever again pls !!!!

Kampala gooner

stay in your lane.The cunts!




Man was stressed!

Spurs fans were on their feet, rowdy at the potential of drawing at home against us. They’d have celebrated as if they imagine what it’s like winning a trophy.

I was picturing all of that with media perpetuating us as a bottlejob team.

Won’t be able to release a DVD of the famous home draw that halted arsenals title charge..

Alas, we are the arsenal!

Time to take a shower I’m sweaty.

Kevin Richardson / Jorginho

After we famously lost 2-2 to Spurs at home earlier in the season it was good we managed a 2-3 draw today.

Eric Blair

After 35 years this is one of the best Arsenal teams I’ve witnessed. There were the Graham teams, the various incarnations of Arsene, and this team has something of them but also their own thing going on.

They could be in the discussion for best ever and honing in on their 2nd title in a row if not for financial cheating of 115fc, but whatever happens between now and the end of the season they’ve done themselves and us proud.


100%. They didn’t even play that well today compared to their usual standard, but still did everything else it takes to win – cool head under pressure, ruthless when chances present themselves even against the run of play, and even just enough of the proverbial ‘dark arts’ to get past the finish line.

Eric Blair

The amazing thing is that there is still so much more to come. It’s such a young team and with the right additions the next 5 years are going to be monumental.


We are the champions because city is going to be excluded. But i prefer to win the next season against them.


I don’t believe in that, they’re probably stuffing people’s wallets quietly so the decision will be something laughable.


Fuck off Spurs your shit.


No negativity here today, derby’s are a anomaly and it’s about winning, proud to be red, its the only colour that counts in North London!!

Eric Blair

In London my friend!


In England my friend!


North London is…


Red… forever


Partey and Jorginho sharing the season is about as good as it gets as a pair. By all means buy your young thundercat midfielder, but surely you can’t find 2 better 45min players in Europe. Don’t they both have one year each left? It’s a no-brainer that they’ll see out their contract, both for them and us. It’s only a matter of time b4 30+ Year olds who can be excellent for a half start going for a premium; especially with 5 subs now. Rugby adjusted to the workload by moving to 40min players.


Spanked on their turf


OK, underwear changed, I can now read the match reports!!


An average Arsenal performance but a fantastic and vital result. We were lucky to be 3-0 up at half time. We didn’t do much going forward but took our chances. Second half we were better, but a moment of madness let Spuds back in. Then a penalty that never was made it nervous. I’m sorry but I’ve seen enough: RAYA MUST GO THIS SUMMER!!! Without a quality keeper we won’t win the big prizes. He is a massive liability. We showed great character to hang on today but must improve over our last three games. I love beating Spuds. Gabriel/Saliba… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Funny thing is the crowd were very mute when we went in 1 up against Chelsea at half time Tuesday – we knew Chelsea were well and truly still in it – and it felt that same way going in 3 nil up at half time today. But with each test passed we get that bit more confident – today more than Tuesday was another test passed and I don’t give a shit what the score is or how many changes of pants required – I just want those 3 points

Win Bigly

“Probable golden glove winner David Raya is a problem that needs to be solved” is a narrative I never tire of hearing.


Even I could be the Golden Gloves winner if I had Gabriel and Saliba in front of me!

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

100 up ticks – it’s funny because it’s true 🤣

Dr. Gooner

No it really isn’t true. Take a look at the number of goals and chances that were conceded with Gabriel and Saliba in front of Ramsdale last season. Defending is a team sport and excluding the GK who has started every game from that is nothing short of daft.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Get a sense of humour Dr Buzzkill

El Mintero

We are better defensively this season than we were last season.

Look there’s only one solution to this goalkeeping situation – let both go and start again.


Captain Grumpypants. Just enjoy the win.


I said “I love beating Spuds” didn’t I?


That you did sir, that you did. Yet thefe was nothing lucky about leadin 3 nil firts half. We ha better chances. We took them. As for Raya he has been nothing but solid. Ode made a bad pass. Our way of planning invites inevitably risk. But we won.


Whoever our goalkeeper is, he will be asked to play in a way that means mistakes happen. Arteta doesn’t want safety first. He wants the goalkeeper to take risks because he thinks the rewards make them worthwhile. And guess what? We’ve scored more goals than anyone else, and conceded fewer goals than anyone else. He is obviously right. If there is a flawless goalkeeper on the market who will never put a pass out of place, let’s buy him. But there isn’t. It’s not possible to play the way we play and have zero mistakes from the goalkeeper. We just… Read more »


Nonsense! When you are 3 nill up in a NLD, absolutely safety first. We had a defender free on our left side. Chipping the ball over to TP5 wasn’t going to create any clear advantage and even if it did, it definitely wasn’t worth the risk.


Tell it to Arteta. I don’t disagree with you, but Arteta clearly does. He made it very clear the reason he dropped Ramsdale was that he didn’t take those risks despite being instructed to. We could put GoalkeeperBot5000 in goal, and Arteta would still ask him to play the same way. Replacing the goalkeeper will change nothing. And again: most goals scored, fewest conceded, top of the league. Maybe Arteta knows what he’s doing.


Obviously Arteta wants him to play that way, but Arteta also talks about game state. Risky passes are a part of our game but choose your moments. The game state called for Raya to be as textbook and boring as fcuk. We were 3 nill up, we didn’t need to cut them open.


I absolutely agree. But I suspect Raya agrees to. I suspect he knows it was the wrong choice. Even if it had come off, I think he’d have thought “that was stupid, I got lucky there”. My point is that we can’t expect anyone to always make the right choice. It’s super easy he knows to just lump it – he never has to think. But when he has to make those decisions in a split second, I think we have to accept that sometimes he will make a stupid one. This decision was stupid. But the only way to… Read more »


Yeah, fair enough. He didn’t cower into his shell after that mistake so I give him props for that. He stayed focus after a massive catastrophe, so fair play.

Like White and Rice

Yes, you have to understand the situation. Different game states require different decisions.


^^ this. Our goalkeepers will make mistakes and that’s something Arteta accepts and is willing to accept, obviously he wants it minimised like all of us and that *was* a bad mistake by Raya, but in this current scheme, not quite as bad as a mistake like that is seen traditionally. It’s a risk-reward calculation and like through most of this season, today we’ve been rewarded.


I guess the best way of putting it is it’s a very bad but also kind of acceptable mistake by Raya, if he only makes two of those a season and as long as he performs well in other ways, which so far has been the case.


that 3 0 scoreline was majestic. Stupid, stupid mistake by Raya to ruin all that good work, thankfully the chicken ball team ran out of time & talent. Oh! my poor heart!


Pheeewww!!!! Just what i expected, just the sort of drama that defines the North London Derby. Thankful for the blietzkrieg in the first half. We won the game in the first half. Can’t blame them much for the seeming nerves and drop off in the second half, cuz the pressure of this situation is absolutely intense, coupled with the fact that Spurs were much fresher. This was our fifth game in 15 day’s, while this was Spur’s first. Fatigue is obviously a factor no matter how much we try to downplay it, & it had to count at some point… Read more »


Fun fact: we won the game 🤓😁


No arguments!
We’re obviously on the same page 😂😂😂


We were cruising until Raya’s error

El Mintero

I agree – thought we totally controlled the game from the beginning and even when they pulled two back due to mistakes, I never felt we were going to lose.


Didn’t play well, gave them 2 goals and still won. A bit of a nervous ending but the 3 points were all important,

On to Bournemouth


Phewwwwfuckinooooo. Yes!


Gary neville is a huge cunt, he cries please var don’t get this wrong

Kevin Richardson / Jorginho

Can’t stand listening to him. He was saying that we had lost the lead “like at Liverpool and Wert Ham” when it was 1-3. Twat. Prefer TNT when McCoist is on. Sky don’t commentate they just have narratives


raya always seems has issue with problem in big matches, in this match he made 2 mistakes, luckily the 1st one is go unpunished….


You can all thank me later. If I shit my pants about any game and get fully drunk and miss the game – we win. All jokes aside, so so happy for my Arsenal family! Losing my mind but trying not to show it,, while acting sober! Good on all of you who stuck by everything about our club.. players, manager, other happy for us all! Now.,. time to get plastered and hold off on watching youtube and douche bag sp*** fans explain how we had a fit squad, how the ref fucked em, how the sun didn;t eclipse… Read more »


Was alwsays goin to be tough game this, well done boys for improved resilience compared to last season. @indian sorry u had to take that abuse in the live chat, completely avoidable imo!


racist abuse* guess the perpetrator is here downvoting my post…


Well said. We have our love of AFC to keep us tight.. and on the right side of it all.

Though, we did have it work against us last season.. so it might be people think you forgot that. I’m so minority I should have played Tom in Minority Report.. but sometimes, it’s just some of our fans are .. can’t say ‘dicks’…cos I like the thumbs up. So I will just say.. some of our fans are dicks.


Huge win! Why? Because games like these are going to happen, whether we like it or not, the only difference is the boys would’ve maybe crumbled at this stage last season, I’ll take a win like this, in these type of games, at this stage of the season, roasted the spuds on their own turf! I’m sure Mik & his coaching team will be going over this game and putting a little fire on the boys’ bellies to keep them vigilant and switched on for the remaining games, Cheaty are breathing on our necks and we can’t absolutely afford even… Read more »


Could we all just take a breath, breathe in, breathe out slowly then confirm Richarlison was, is & always will be a massive c**t & on the losing side !
Result is all that matters & it’s ours as we knew it would be !!!
Can we ???? Just can we ??????


Out-cunting Mr Cunty just makes it better.


A shoulder charge connecting directly with the head is a red card in rugby. Can’t believe he didn’t even get told off. Insane. Prick.


Richarlison and Antony must be related. They both have the same demeanor, like they can constantly smell their own faeces.

Forest gooner

I think we gave away two goals just to boost spurts confidence against city

Kanu Believe It

The thing we can never forget is ultimately, at the end of the day…

That lot are just a gaggle of cunts. From first team to crowd.

Bill Hall

We won, all that matters, Raya howler but Rambo has done that too!
Dec was watching the ball, didn’t see the fucking spud run in front and walloped him in the nuts which was fucking hilarious! Def a penalty but an accident so can’t be helped.

We won so fuck em and happy St Totteringhams day all


I hope the supporters get away safely.


Arteta was playing 4D Chess. Winning Sp*rs 0-3 would have drained them of all confidence so he instructed Raya to give them some hope . They will now take this belief into the Liverpool and more importantly, the City game. Arteta is a genius!


Amazing win. Three games left.

Would be amazing if that win contributes to our league win.

Man Manny

At 65th minute, Spurs are clueless and frustrated. They did not look like scoring until Raya gifted them that horrendous mistake!
3 points is all that matters at the end though.


Phew would have taken 3-2 win all day but in typical arsenal fashion we had to make it too dramatic, phew on we move to next week , in good form high spirits and let’s taken down Bournemouth.
Kai was super, Rice and Partey a fantastic combo everyone solid but raya s feck up left us down when he could have claimed the golden glove easily today


How do you make a 3-2 less dramatic

djourou's nutmeg

im really tired of raya. that being said, what a shitty pitch that was. players falling and sliding all over the place. i think he meant to fake a pass and his foot just slid. but i don’t know. hadn’t it been for raya’s error and that unfortunate penalty, i’d probably say this was arsenal’s luckiest performance i’ve ever seen. players looked asleep for the first 20 minutes or so, we should have been 3-0 down but were 3-0 up. anyways 5th game in 11 days. let’s hope the spurs take some kind of fake inspiration from this match and… Read more »


Happy St. Totteringham’s Day everyone! If anyone’s struggling for present ideas I’d like some squeaky bum oil.


The last 15 minutes gave my heart the equivalent of a gym workout, so I can have a nice sit down for the rest of the day without feeling bad about it.

Major hurdle cleared. Two weeks off and you fucked it up!


strange game. Spurs should have had a penalty in the first, but saka scored so quickly var couldn’t interfere because you cannot, in any sport, go back that far.
the penalty that was given well, if you kick someone in the nuts it is a foul.

oldie’s worst game in months. Had there been heavy rain? Players slipped a lot but the turf looked fine.


Bloody hell, not sure that was particularly healthy.


Battered the spuds and then gave them some hope in the second half to carry over to man city game. Perfect tactics from Arteta 😂

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