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Wolves 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Goals from Leandro Trossard and Martin Odegaard, late in the first half and late in the second, were enough for Arsenal to get back to winning ways with a 2-0 win over Wolves this evening.

The Gunners were good value for the win based on the performance but at 1-0 for so long, it was quite nervy at times. However, tonight was all about getting the points, and the three we’ve taken today put us back on top of the table.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Wolves 0-2 Arsenal match report and see the goal here.

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Wolves 0-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

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No bottling at all, well fought out away win. Let’s keep going!!!


We’re back on track. Just need to hold steady in the run in and let the cards fall where they will. No pressure, just opportunity.


Tonight’s performance reminded me of Arsenal of the old days. And by old days I mean March.


Not 97 98 olden days when we win 1-0 away at Derby with man Petit scoring?


That works as well.


You mean Chris Wreh at this crucial run in…. 😉

T. House

I have been highly critical of Raya this season, but today was his best performance for Arsenal.

Exit the Lemming

He made one great save certainly but there’s been other games where he’s had more saves and work to do


Jesus has never looked the same since his injury. Definitely nothing wrong with his work ethic but his lack of pace these days is pretty obvious. I love the guy but I expect he might move on in the summer…


Came on here to say something similar. He just doesn’t look sharp. His touch is heavy and I genuinely think we look better these days with Havertz up top.


Has to be kai up top to play against those other London teams in next two games.
Jesus giving not hold up play or aerial assistance


Maybe surgery


He’s playing injured and needs a knee operation, he’s not going to be up to speed.


And still managing to come up with assists game after game, which for some reason go completely unappreciated because “he’s not scoring”




I thought he had plenty of pace..


Is this the Jesus who provided an assist for our first goal tonight? Same Jesus who’s moment of pure magic split the Bayern defense for Saka to score in the first leg?
Dude’s hobbling out there, making assists, winning free kicks. Sure his shooting boots are still under his bed, but he’ll find them again.


He won’t. He’s playing hurt and he’s a top bloke and a team
Player for sure. Can’t fault his attitude. But he’s a terrible finisher. He’s not a 9 and you can see that the penny has dropped with arteta too. His 7.7% shot conversion rate is the worst IN THE LEAGUE for anyone with over 50 shots. No hiding. If he’s still at Arsenal next year I think he will be playing wide.

Exit the Lemming

He’s a very skillful player with a fantastic attitude but couldn’t finish his breakfast alas. I see him as an old fashioned inside forward but certainly not a centre forward. Maybe the modern game has dispensed with players with Jesus’ skill set?

Doctor Perceptron

No chance we move him on. He gets the surgery he needs this summer and comes back stronger. Likely not as first choice number 9, but he adds a lot of of depth to the forward positions which imo is worth more than the fee we could get for cashing in.


Fully agree with this comment. Just not prolific enough to be a starter, never really has been if we’re honest. But he still has great qualities and I doubt we’d get what those qualities are worth.


If he ever has a consistent period of good health I think people who’ve said and posted this kind of stuff will be eating their words. I realise that’s a big “if” but he’s shown whats possible when he’s been healthy and had a patch of good form, unfortunately his momentum been annihilated by injuries. Finishing for someone as technically gifted as he is is 100% a confidence thing.

Exit the Lemming

Both Jesus and Zinchenko have great qualities and are both worth keeping but it shouldn’t require to be continually stated that Man City sold them to us for a reason….

Sir bill Earl of county road 2

I was thinking the same throughout the game. He seems to be missing a step. Partey as well. Maybe it’s just match sharpness? I think with the way we play that’s a bigger deal then it used to be.


Jesus does a lot of things well and is very valuable to the team, but… he just can’t score. Havertz up-front in the next game please.

El Mintero

Havertz not exactly the goal machine either…

Sebastian Bazylak

We really need more that type of goals Trossard scored. Lucky, unexpected but vital for the final outcome. We tend to make it took perfect to score goals. We need simplicity


The thing with Trosser – whilst he does miss a number of the snap shots that he attempts – is that he remains able to pull a goal from nowhere, in an instant. And that – arguably more than anything else – is what our attack needs right now. He doesn’t try to pass it into the net, as the rest of ’em repeatedly do… he pivots or steps with those lightening feet and just let’s fly, sometimes to great effect, which has broken us through on more than one occassion. On current form – he needs to be starting… Read more »

Dr Zebra

Tough match but excellent win. It looks like we need a refresh a bit but with no time for refreshing. Hopefully Partey can put in some min this week to ease pressure on Rice and the back line. Maybe Timber can help us at LB sooner than later and play a few minutes soon because we need some consistency there.

Great win, love you, Arsenal let’s enjoy this

A Different George

Rice’s return to top form is very encouraging. Saliba, with one lapse, was also back to his best, as he was at Munich after two uncharacteristically nervous matches at home against Bayern and Villa. Saka looked a lot better too, which surprised me a bit after his recent form. The two players I worry about most are Ødegaard and White–both, again, much better in the first half (though, you know, scoring a goal is not a a bad thing.)


The sooner we buy a top, top LCM and let Rice go back to flourishing in his natural position, the better for us. Said LCM will also ease some of the creative burden for Øde.


Absolutely, Rice does well in the LCM role, but his biggest overall impact is as the defensive midfielder.


How much more dangerous did we look with Thomas on and Declan able to rampage forward? It’s not necessarily about Partey (who is obviously still ring-rusty) – Jorgie offers similar freedom to Declan (or even MoNenny, ffs). The point is simply that Rice on the rampage drags midfielders (and, as he moves forward, defenders) in towards him – disrupting that low-block and creating space for our attack. It’s because he’s fast and powerful, difficult to dispossess when he’s in full cry, and so pulls in a crowd of attention – all that’s needed to ‘break the block’. It is blindingly… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I know it was his first match since being out for ages but Partey was a passenger when he came on and contributed nothing

Real Gooner

He’s overworked whenever he’s paired with Jorginho; due to the latter’s frailty.

Exit the Lemming

Given the complete dominance that Bayern and Villa exerted over our midfield, it’s no wonder Saliba may have felt the back four were more vulnerable than normal in those games without the usual protection provided from Rice and Jorginho.


I was borderline emotional watching Odegaard pressing in the second half despite being very clearly exhausted. Proper captain.


Good thing he has the summer free! Needs to recharge those batteries.

Emi Rates

Ødegaard was something else today. So evidently tired and just wouldn’t stop. Absolute trooper!


This. Man never quits. Best captain since Cesc for sure.


I’ll say it again: next great Arsenal captain… future Arsenal legend.


I know these are professional athletes but it’s incredible to me that they got through this match. Man, if we could get a legit backup to our CBs, odegaard, rice and saka we could become unstoppable. Plus, Ben white never stops.

That partey isn’t fit yet to start a match like this, what a downer. Not his fault he’s always injured but still frustrating.

Regardless of what happens this season this team is special. I hope trophies come for them.

Exit the Lemming

I was delighted to see Partey back on the pitch and expected some rustiness but he just looked completely disinterested and lethargic.


Agreed – but how in holy f@#k are the poor bastards to get up for Chelsk?!


Good win to clear the minds, no matter what we says about professional players these lads are still young and last two games bound to weigh heavy on their minds then add in last year and city being city115 but they got and battle out tough one this evening that should free them out and ve a boost mentally and even physically. Everyone was solid but really impressed how kivo dealt with those iffy moments, man was rock solid in second half . Rice is a leader and powered on like the majestic steed he is . But Jesus I… Read more »

Philip Visser

Paul Tierney is an incredibly infuriating ref. Inconsistent would be kind to describe the decisions he makes. You just never know when he’ll call it a foul, yellow card or play on. Great to win though


How is (a) a two-footer direct into the ankle that MISSES the ball; (b) a kick in the jaw (c) a stiff-arm to the neck…
not a booking?
I recall Auba getting a straight red for a lesser two-footer…


Rice is just more effective in the middle of the pitch. He has trouble getting involved from the side.


After careful consideration, Paul Tierney is a fucktard

Real Gooner

I must have watched a different match, because Saka did nothing to earn a 7 today.. Arteta is killing both Martinelli’s game and confidence, and sooner or later a rival gonna come for him.


I live Martinelli, probably more than any other Arsenal player, but there is no guarantee that he should start all games. With you ligic MA has been killing Trossard’s game and confidence once Martinelli was playing.


Oh my god! Correct words are: love – your – logic –

Exit the Lemming

Saka has been below his best for a long time now. Needs a well earned break methinks.


I doubt you’d still give Kiwior the 6.5 had Raya not saved that shot. He was a disaster in the first half and acceptable in the second half.


I’m beginning to think Kivior’s main problem is developing a bit of an inferiority complex over the 3 monsters to his right in our defence.

More generally, its been a whole since I’ve seen our player so tired and still putting in a shift, After the Bayern game and the energy expended there to put in a shift like that when they are pretty much running on willpower, especially guys like Rice, you just have to step back in pride.

Exit the Lemming

Surely not being selected would lend more weight to any inferiority complex?

Like White and Rice

How did they not give that red card? His name is literally Kill Man!


Did anyone else think that Jesus got thrown down in the box prior to his scrambling the ball to Trossard for the first goal? In the US there was no mention of it. Nada. The defensive players were complaining that Jesus fouled their player by not getting run through when the ball arrived. I thought it was a penalty and an easy one. There was a lot of contact.


Physical duel but not enough for a foul by Jesus a or penalty in my view. Fortunately it is immaterial, given it was immediately followed by his assist.


I’m going to begin seeing a therapist again. Did I hallucinate that the defender got Jesus around the waist with both hands and threw him to the ground? Maybe my eyesight has deteriorated crazily. Either way I need a new prescription, I guess.

So, you think if the roles had been reversed a penalty would not have been called on our defender? Really?


Sane got one the other night for a lesser foul…


he wraps his arms around him and just yanks him over… although VAR would probs not have given it as Fuckwit Tierney saw nothing.


Everyone looked slow to the ball today and have been for a couple of weeks. My suspicion is that our lack of rotation is finally taking its toll. We’ve overplayed a lot of people and its effecting their speed. We are still combative but our hunting packs of 2 or 3 are no longer creating the turnovers we did when trampling the opposition. Of course the opposition can look at video as well. Its seemed clear from the first Porto game that we aren’t fooling anyone anymore. Mikel will need to make some tweaks to move Saka, in particular, away… Read more »


Kai underrated again. I might be wrong, but looks to me like he essentially had 2 pre-assists to go with a very workman like oveall effort.




Rice! Simply wow!


Good win. Left back still a WIP, but defence overall excellent. To me, Bukayo looks like he needs a rest.

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