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“Don’t be satisfied” – Arteta reacts to season finale

Arsenal beat Everton 2-1 to complete a remarkable second half of the season but their efforts weren’t enough to secure the title as Manchester City beat West Ham United 3-1 at the Etihad.

The Gunners fell behind when Declan Rice deflected Idrissa Gueye’s free-kick past David Raya but the home side hit back quickly when Takehiro Tomiyasu slotted home from Martin Odegaard’s cutback.

Mikel Arteta’s side twice hit the woodwork as they pushed for the win after the break. Eventually, their pressure paid off when the talismanic Odegaard squeezed a pass to Havertz who found the top corner from close range.

By that point, the Emirates faithful had already made their peace with a second-place finish. Word had already filtered south that City were two goals to the good against the Hammers, a result that was confirmed not long after.

After the game, manager Mikel Arteta stuck a defiant note.

“All this is happening because you started believing,” he told the crowd.

“You started to be patient, you started to understand what we were trying to do and all the credit has to go to these amazing players, and the staff that are unbelievable.

“I think now it’s time to have a break, think, reflect and please, keep pushing, keep inspiring this team. Don’t be satisfied because we want much more than that, and we’re going to get it. Thank you so much.”

Captain Odegaard was similarly optimistic about the club’s future.

“I’m so proud of the progress we’re making from when I first came here all the way to today, it’s such a big difference,” said the Norwegian.

“We’ve changed the club and I think you all believe in us now. To be honest, I can’t wait to come back after the break and make you guys even more happy, that’s the goal.

“We’re on a good wave, we’re closer than last year but now we have to use the break and come back even stronger and even more hungry, and push to win everything.”

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Mike Roberts

Love this team

Berserker Fury

Who tf satisfied with this result ?

Oh no

They done us proud. Need a 20 goal a season striker


Ofc, a prolific striker helps, but we are on city level with the goal difference and scored a lot. Some bleeps defined our season. We are great with set pieces, corners and penalties but not so efficient converting the countless chances. That’s where your striker will help and lift the Arsenal to a new level.

Left Testicle

…and to stop Man City cheating!

Dr. Gooner

My big summer signings would be Marc Guehi and Frankie de Jong. We have enough goals in the team, we just need to fix the left side in terms of chance creation and address our reliance on Saliba in the buildup. Those two players accomplish those goals.

Emi Rates

I’m proud of the team and their performance but no, I’m not satisfied with this result. Not satisfied at all!


Sp**s, but the best part is of they tried and won they’d be in the CL. loser club and particularly loser fans, as an Aussie, proud big Ange told them they’re a loser club.

Berserker Fury

It’ll be better if we don’t have to rely on that joke of a club. Even hoping them to win any game feels wrong and disgusting for me


As Paul Merson put it, if you’re in a position where you have to rely on Spurs to get a result, you’re in trouble.


Let’s GØ again!


Such a completely different feeling from the end of last season, which itself was a success when viewed in context… just a different vibe about us now altogether. CØYG!


I am so proud of the team. Such a joy to watch them. And am satisfied as a fan. There is no such thing that only one team and their supporters will be happy at the end. We won’t celebrate, but I think we should happy to have gone through a wonderful season.

Dr. Gooner

In every season we have been so far ahead of schedule that we reached for goals we thought were unattainable at the start of the season. It only felt like failure because we already overachieved and dared to dream big before the squad was ready for that level. Then the next season we crushed that level and reached for the next one. This season only showed that we weren’t the very best club team in the world, yet, merely top 5-10. On our current exponential trajectory, we could smash that barrier too.


Very true! Though I think 5-10 is too humble, I don’t think there have been 7 or 8 teams better than us this season in Europe. 4-5 at most.


Great season, great progress, great players, come back stronger … let’s do dis

Dr. Gooner

My personal emotional response to the season is tremendous pride, mixed with a desperate sadness that it wasn’t enough for the main prize. Now the analyst side has to cast off emotion and look for the SMALL margins we can use to improve because the opposition is uncompromising. Keep that in mind as you read this. I freaking love this team, but it has to get even better. Here’s how: The left back situation. Obviously the Timber injury torpedoed plan A (probably hybrid LB/LCM). After that, Mikel didn’t seem convinced about Zinchenko (too little LB), lost Tomi, then trusted Kiwior… Read more »


Bang on. I think Saka is single point of failure in this team. While I appreciate him tracking back we need him further up the pitch as much as possible. He has talent wise as much goals as Salah in him, and we should unlock that. 100% agree that ESR / Vierra need more integration and starting roles over the season or should be replaced, my heart says both will be able to do it. Arteta needs to put little more trust in them to start more number of games, this will be crucial to thwart any monotony setting in… Read more »


How long will take Arteta to know that Zinchenko can play LCM,and he is very good at that position boss need to wake up and see things clearly

Dr. Gooner

Don’t know, we haven’t seen him in that role at all. Some players can be very progressive in the first two thirds but not see passes that well in the final third. One extreme example of that is Paqueta… he’s a beast in midfield but his assist numbers are terrible. Zina has all the tools to succeed there but we don’t know til we try.

Santi’s Phonebox

Whether it’s a central striker or a wide forward, we desperately need individual goal threat where someone can finish on individual effort. Someone with the finishing ability like Alexis but who can play within the structure. We need more goal threat against the mid and deep blocks.


Can’t wait for the new season. Just hoping we can pick up the form from early on and not suffer too much bedding-in time for new stars.


Glad we have a manager moving us towards winning trophies.

In contrast Emery has consistently denied us trophies, either as our manager or as an opposing manager (0 points against Villa this season).


Ugh, and seeing them get slapped 5-0 is so frustrating.


Yeah. Why can’t WE play them when they’ve nothing to gain. Same as sp*rs – shouldn’t be allowed to play city that late in the season, they’re not trustworthy enough

SLC Gooner

Yes, while I don’t exactly feel like they lost us the title, it’s frustrating to see them play well against us, then basically like crap the entire rest of the season.


And start a sweedish arable farmer in goal against city for the craic rather than emi , oh wait are they beneficial of a cheque from Saudi too


This is amazing, I was expecting us all to be deflated and demoralised having had one of the best seasons in this club’s history and that having not been enough. But instead you get this, they literally would start the season again next week if they could, there’s so much love and pride around the club right now between the players, staff and the fans.

Fuck City, they might have added one more trophy to their cab115t but I honestly wouldn’t trade what we have right now for that.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Last season was far more disappointing given the lead we had – but even after that end to the season I was still excited about the future… Our young squad is maturing and growing together as a unit – I do believe that next season we will start to see us putting trophies behind our potential

Emi Rates

For me the disappointment lies in the fact that we played our best football at a near flawless level but lost the title to a team with the clout to make charges of cheating not stick.

Last year we folded by not being good or consistent enough. That’s fair.

This year we lose because a cheating opponent has been allowed to carry on cheating. That’s definitely not fair.

What’s worse is that if cheating is OK, which at the moment it seems to be, then will any improvements we make matter?

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I don’t even feel angry at the opposition as I in no way feel jealous of them. They are not worthy of my anger because they have not earned my emotion. I feel nothing towards city and I don’t think that they are worthy of detracting from what our team has achieved over the last couple of years


Beautifully said.

Emi Rates

That’s like saying a dictator who wins rigged election after rigged election while sucking his country dry is OK because you think he’s beneath you and therefore his actions are unworthy of your anger. I can’t agree with that.

Corruption, wherever it rears its head, matters because it erodes everything. The Italian League has become a third tier shrug of the shoulders because of it. The PL will head the same way if oil producing countries are allowed to have their way with it.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

No – what I’m saying is we do not need to sink to their level – we deserve to be where we are which is in touching distance of a regime that few respect or aspire to become. I believe that we will surpass that model, and as someone who has supported this team through plenty of ups and downs, I’d rather just welcome the good times with open arms than waste energy on what we cannot control

Emi Rates

There is nothing about PL football you or I can control. I can’t feel the good times when nation owned clubs are allowed to cheat their way to the title season after season. Judging by the faces of every Arsenal player and staff after today’s game nor could they.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Trust me, with time you’ll feel the same way I do – I’ve been through years of turmoil supporting this team and the overarching message I can pass on is this; recognise when the times are good, because those dark days are always hovering around the corner waiting to say hello

Emi Rates

Trust me that with time I won’t feel any different about this.


We didn’t fold last season. Injuries to key players in the run in, without the squad depth we have now. Gilded suggests it was a mentality issue, which I just don’t agree with.
Next year we’ll be even stronger. I suspect there’s a few squad players will be moving in and we’ll be looking to add more players of a calibre to be pushing for a starting berth.
Timber looked fantastic in his end of season cameo- he may want to practice tying his laces a bit tighter before coming on though 😉


“Folded” not “gilded”. Stupid auto correct

Emi Rates

Folded or lack of squad depth? I don’t care as either makes for a fair result when we didn’t win the PL last year. But losing it to a club who are, at least so far, allowed to cheat their way through the season is another matter. That’s disheartening on another level. That’s the point I’m trying to make. I’m sorry but I can’t feel upbeat about how this season has played out. City cheated their way past us and they’ll continue to do so until someone does something about it. At this moment in time it doesn’t look like… Read more »

Santi’s Phonebox

I don’t think that’s a correct statement that no one is doing anything about it, the PL have been locked in separate legal battles against City and their lawyers. The PL keeps winning these cases but City either appeals or files another suit to wear down the PL. In the PL agreement all teams have with the league, it is a requirement that all teams need to cooperate with the league on any investigations regarding rule violations. Forrest and Everton complied with this requirement, cooperated and were docked points. City have not cooperated in fact doing the opposite. When all… Read more »

Emi Rates

I take it you have read up on this and your words give me comfort. Next season will be the third season these cheats flout the rules while thumbing their noses at the rest of us. When the time comes they really need to have the book thrown at them. Relegation is not enough. They need their titles stripped off them as well.

The cheating oil oppressor fucks!


Timber LANS for next season

Emi Rates

“Fuck City”

Absolutely! And their smug fans.


They have fans? Like actual, non-plastic fans?

Emi Rates

I think so and they have become very, VERY obnoxious. Almost as vile as Chelsea’s fans a few years ago.

Billy bob

This is what happens to idiots that win the lottery, they think they are better than everyone else because they have loads of money!! Reality is with or without the money they are still idiots!!!


Until the bald fraud is in handcuffs I won’t be.

Emi Rates

Fuck him and the cum of dirty money he so carefully wipes from his mouth to maintain his pristine image.

A Different George

I am proud of Arsenal, and I think Man City have built their team through “financial doping.” But prison for Guardiola? Seriously? What the fuck is the matter with you?

Emi Rates

I’d settle for full exposure of the “genius manager’s” involvement in all the irregularities leading to the, as of yet, unresolved charges against his club. Maybe he won’t look so great after that?

Bill Hall

The bigger they are, the harder they fall and it’s a long way down from the top Saint Pep!


Partey was below par and needs to be sold in the summer. He isn’t very quick on the ball and his awareness is poor. We should find a new midfielder to replace him.


Keep saying the same. While he is great on the half turn and zipping passes, having him on the team adds a defensive instability to it. I’d rather prefer jorgi there. I thought we dealt away with Partey when we used to play a Midfield of Rice, Odegard and Havertz…however since Havertz clicked so well into gear at CF, it changed Arteta’s mind to keep playing him there, and thus Rice playing further forward with Jorgi in. I do think now that a defensive midfielder would be added to the shopping list


Onwards we go. City have plateaued. We have progressed and will be better next year. #coyg

Also spuds could have had champions league if they wanted it. Idiots.


Ya debryune is getting old and don’t think things are great between him and pep , silva s ready to go near home and walkers getting on , Ederson pissed with the livening ortegas got , could see the end of them sooner rather than later . Our kids did aswell s they could sure fulham and westham are sticky points but over a 10 month season to end aswell
as we did for such young squad add a forward cdm and and we laughing

Berserker Fury

What really upset me is that this year is our best chance yet.
Our squad relatively injury free that Gabriel and Saliba always starting.
Liverpool are not that stable, City slipped one or two times, United and Chelsea aren’t even in the calculation. But somehow we did 2015/2016, shooting ourselves in the foot again.

If we want to win the PL against Fraudiola and his money team, we need to eliminate mistake-prone player

I just hoping Odegaard doesn’t blip, our CB can handle 38 starting games, and we get ACTUAL STRIKER whose confident on his scoring ability


Think of it differently though – we took a few months to really gel this season with our two biggest buys ever, only found our striker and midfield midway through it, had a bad season from Martinelli, played the whole season without possibly our best left back… and most of our best players’ prime is still ahead of them. Somehow despite a spectacular season there’s tons of room for this team to improve even more.

Berserker Fury

I really hope we can improve as well. Until we get proper left back and CF, i will have to manage my expectation

Emi Rates

This Arsenal fan certainly isn’t satisfied with finishing second to a state owned cheating machine who keeps kicking charges against them down the road. This Arsenal fan is fucking disgusted by it. I saw the disappointment on everyone’s faces after the whistle had gone and I heartedly agreed with the sentiment. I’m proud of the team but I’m fed up with C115 being allowed to pretend like nothing has happend and jow it’s all about how awesome they are. I’m sick of the media fawning over them and their fans crowing about their “achievement” while mocking any criticism as “jealousy”… Read more »


That Timber guy looks tasty. Nice to get the new signings in early!

Emi Rates

It was nice to see him come on today. Looked very good for a guy who’s spent the entire season out with an injury. Here’s to him presenting himself in a big way next season!


loved he got that tackle in! Usually when players come back from BIG injures, they are low in confidence & hesitate. Timber was like he was never away!!


Fucking love this manager and this team!

Tom Fagan

Great season should be champs but what can you do with moneybags Saudi City buying their way in and out of everything ,this season we find out referees are going on junkets paid by man dubai you couldn’t make it up. Well done ARSENAL we’ll get over the line soon


Fine margins. A few results where we didn’t do ourselves justice. Aston Villa particularly feels like the 3 points we needed to win

Teryima Adi

This team is destined for greatness. You guys put up a great fight. We appreciate all you did this season. COYG!!!!!


Players I’m concerned about:

And to a lesser degree:

I feel the first four just aren’t giving what they have done before, and if relied upon for a run of games we’d struggle.

Havertz… I think he’s done so well for us this season in comparison with last season, but I don’t know if he can push us to the next level in terms of goals in difficult games. I dunno.

Emi Rates

Havertz has indeed given us 100% more this season than the previous one. There’s an obvious reason for that though.

Steve Bould's socks

He literally scored the winning goal for us in a difficult game yesterday!!!

Santi’s Phonebox

Data is your friend, lets you explore worlds where feelings don’t matter.


I am not satisfied, but I am imensly proud of this Arsenal team. I had my reservations about Arteta, but I was completely wrong. Like him or not he made this team from scratch, established standards and has made us competitive like we haven’t been for more than 15 years. If I think of characters like Saka, Willy, Big Gabi, Benny Blanco, Tomy, Havertz, Rice, Øde, Martineli, Leo, ESR… They all not only loveable but already great players and still soop young that one can not but be excited about times ahead. Fuck the cheaty-sportswashing project-City. They might go and… Read more »

Der Kaiser

Fortunately I think both Arteta and Edu recognise need for further incomings to ensure continual improvement and refreshment of the squad

1) They need to be satisfied that if Gabriel or Saliba get injured we have a world class reserve

2) They need to be sure re left back

3) need an under 27 yr old beside Rice in central midfield

4) definitely need to find that 20 goal plus a season striker

5) need to feel able to refit Saka is required and n be confident in the back-up

Der Kaiser

Sorry “ rest Saka”


I’m very happy with Kiwior as our reserve CB if we manage to keep him, which is a big if because Italy’s top clubs are after him and he’ll probably play much more over there. Otherwise we also have Tomiyasu and Benjamin White if we shift things around, I don’t think that position deserves to be at the top of any shopping lists.

Emi Rates

Kiwior got plenty of playing time this season though. He did well too. I reckon he’ll be happy to stick around.


Don’t think he played a single game at CB this season, his true and I think prefered position.

Dr. Gooner

Kiwior is fine, a good piece of business by the club, but he’s eminently replaceable. If we get a good offer, we should jump on it. Keeping him seems attractive because he’s young and has great physicality, but he’s at an age where he needs to be playing, and not just as an emergency option at LB. If Mikel doesn’t trust him at LCB then he definitely needs to be sold or loaned.


We’d be lucky to find a backup CB as good as him. It’s tough to judge because he hasn’t played there but the difference between him and Gabriel is minimal imo and could even just come down to experience. His ball skills might be a bit lacking for an inverted LB but they are superb for a CB and he’s excellent at defending. Not sure what more you’d want.

Dr. Gooner

I want a player Arteta trusts to start meaningful games at CB. Kiwior was clearly not that this season.

Santi’s Phonebox

I’m not sure Arteta would start anyone beyond his preferred CB pairing.


Which world class player do you think would agree to be your reserve?

Dr. Gooner

If we get Guehi then we actually have two CBs who can both defend and be trusted with buildup. We can pair them (Mikel tried this with Timber/Wilo/White in the season opener with nominal RB TP moving into midfield) to destroy any press or alternate them next to Gabi/Tomi. I’d bite your hand off for that if I’m an up and coming CB who likes to play on the floor.

Dr. Gooner

My priorities are to make the buildup bullet proof, thus exerting even more control by nullifying any press, also empowering transitions; then to fix the lack of attacking dynamism from FB; then to improve depth behind key players like Saliba, Saka and White. LCM. Try Zinchenko there in preseason. If it doesn’t look good, go after an elite 6/8 hybrid like de Jong. This position holds the key to unburdening Saka and finding more goals for the LW/LF player. CB depth. I agree with AP below, we’d have to convince a player like Diomande or Guehi on their role but… Read more »


COYG. Love this team.


I fucking love them and this team


Have never been as optimistic heading into the Summer as I am after this season. In 2024 we have 16 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss including winning our last 6 matches in a title race. We had one slip up in 18 matches. You have to think that Havertz is going to have a monster season next year after his second half of the year and of course we’ve got Timber back and Tomiyasu finally had a run of matches and showed his quality. We scored 91 goals with subpar goal scoring years from Jesus and Martinelli and you… Read more »


On any given Sunday in 2024 there’s nothing more we could have gave . We fought inch by inch and still 115 tipped us, but nothing more we could have done . Easy say go.for jugular v city but they haven’t lost imagine what they say if we conceded a 88 min winner , oh soft bellies arsenal. We stuck to out task won more points than ever before without feeling as if we were firing on all cylinders up top so credit everyone let’s go again and make sure no flat performances v likes of westham and Fulham, if… Read more »


My memory of Timber in the brief few games he was playing in an Arsenal shirt was of a guy who could offer a very different look playing out from the back. In the minutes today he was just as good as I remembered. Even if we were to do no business whatsoever in the summer I think we will be better next year. Timber back. Havertz integrated and confident. Tomi fit. Gabi J fit. Partey fit. Aaaaand… if there is one thing we know about Mik, Edu and the team it is that THEY won’t be satisfied with the… Read more »


Also the images of the oil cunts lifting the trophy are disgusting. I hope it all falls apart for them.

Gervinho is Driving

Heck, I’m satisfied. A very close second to a (likely corrupt) nation-state vanity project. Among the best 8 teams in Europe, but not the best 4. A squad full of men you can like. Some thought-provoking transfer business to chew on over the summer. Aside from perhaps an FA Cup, I don’t think it’s worth the emotional effort to desire more. But if course, that striving is why they’re professional athletes and I’m a plasterers mate.


Ah the English Premier League. One rule for City, and another for the rest of the country. 115 FC the scum of the whole league.

Aleksander Wło darz

Looks like The PaleBlue Sardaukars have kept their 115 points above the Arsenal’s 89… chop, chop…? 🤔

Like White and Rice

Arsenal had the most points of all the (honest) clubs in the Premier League this year. The real champions.


Arsenal & Arteta is going to make Pep retire. We have laid down the marker & how! others are going to be very afraid, time to strengthen the bench now.


Im gutted but excited about where we are. we need to do decent business in the summer and Just go again were close so close and with age of squad and more depth we can only get better. Coyg

A Gooner in Valencia

At the end of the day, losing 5 games has cost us when competing with the corrupt empire of Man Sh*tty. If we can reduce that down to 2 and win the same amount of games, it think it would be enough next year.
Everyone will be distracted by Pep’s future next season as well.
Anyway, I’m so, so proud of our wonderful team and really pleased how upset and defiant we were yesterday. That reminded
me of Arsene’s teams when we finished runners up. Next year we’ll win it!!!

9ja Gunner

Odegaard is the man

Bill Hall

It’s a shame we didn’t pip C115ty to the title on the last day but disappointed with the team never. Big improvement on last season, we didn’t crumble in the last few weeks in fact our form in 2024 is incredible. We matched C115ty game for game, they were no better than us, they just had one less bad result than us over the whole season. They have plateaued, Saint Pep knows it and their best stars are aging. Sooner rather than later you know Mikel will overhaul him and we will be worthy champions. A couple more excellent additions… Read more »


I’ve lived by the Emirates for over a decade. I have never seen the club, the fanbase, the surrounding area anything like what it was yesterday. We will be back next year, and pity the opposition for the backlash Arteta is gonna create in our players.

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