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Eidevall pays tribute to Wubben-Moy and Zinsberger improvement

The Arsenal player of the season award is currently being voted for and it would be a shock for anyone other than Lotte Wubben-Moy to take the prize.

Wubben-Moy’s performances this season have been admired by Arsenal fans. Meanwhile, the club announced the departures of goalkeepers Sabrina D’Angelo and Kaylan Marckese this week, while first choice goalkeeper Manu Zinsberger was awarded a new contract this season. Arseblog News asked about the development of both players this season.

‘The whole team has been developing. We were off to a very slow start this season but it is a team that has been progressing and individual players, like the ones you highlight, have been a big part of that.

‘A common trend between players progressing is consistency. Being able to train well day in, day out. Being available for selection. Manuela and Lotte have been excellent on that, not only this season but in seasons before that.

‘Those things accumulate over time. There is a lot of gain, in any walk of life, if you can improve 1% each day. Because that accumulates over time. It is not always linear, in terms of improvement, the consequence of it are very true.

‘Both players are great examples of that, of developing and what growth can lead to.’ Arseblog News also asked whether plans were in place for Kathrine Kuhl, on loan at Everton, and Gio, on loan at Madrid CFF, for next season.

‘We have a very good setup in the club, that we didn’t have two and a half years ago, but we have it now where we have regular contact with our players who are out on loan.

‘That is really important so we can feed back and we can listen to their experiences and help them, with what they need to be helped with. I usually try to stay away with being too detailed in my communication with them.

‘I think they need to focus on their environment and not my ideas at that time. Now their seasons are starting to finish, then that will be an excellent time to have that communication.

‘A player like Ke, she only has one game left. But with Gio, in Spain they still have a couple of games left so that has to wait a little longer.’

Asked by Jamie Spangher from The Halfway Line about losses to sides lower in the table this season and how he reflects on them, Eidevall said the fact that the defeats were so separated out across the season was a particular source of frustration.

‘A lot of our losses have been unexpected and it has been annoying. Sometimes you see a trend when losses come and then you can see a lot of factors going into those losses.

‘But this season, we come off beating Chelsea at the Emirates and then the week after we lose at Tottenham. After playing a really good away game against Liverpool, we lose against West Ham.

‘We are coming off a good and strong start after the international window in March, then we have a really poor performance away at Chelsea and after that we bounce back again and start winning games.

‘It is that part where we can’t really cluster together those performances. But there are things we need to learn, becoming more effective in both penalty areas and to handle external factors better.

‘I don’t think it is a coincidence that the majority of the points we have dropped have been away from home where more factors are different than what we are used to at our two home grounds, apart from our loss at home to Liverpool, we have been a good and solid home team this season.’

Arseblog News also understands that an agreement for a new deal with Stina Blackstenius, whose contract expires in the summer, is very close and expected to be completed shortly.

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LWM deserves all the praise and support Jonas has left bur Zinsberger is the only keeper we have thanks to the AWFC clearout sale.
Just steer clear of Earps please????


I hope they sign Daphne van Domselaar. She’s 4 years younger than Manu and will provide good competition once she finishes recovering from her hip injury. Manu has responded well to competition.

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