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Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

A first half Leandro Trossard goal was enough to give Arsenal a 1-0 win over Man Utd at Old Trafford this afternoon.

It wasn’t a good performance, and the slender margin did nothing for my blood pressure, but we got there in the end – and the title race will go to the final day.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal match report and see the goal here

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Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal Player Ratings

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All tens, whatever.


You gotta love how Odegaard sent Amrabat to the cleaners at some point with a dance. Great stuff.

Determination Cultured

I remember that, he sat him down. I thought amrabat would slide into the showers and go home. Tbh the way man u plays, it woldnt make a difference whether haggy or amrabat stood in the touchline.


And yet Blogs rates Martin lower than Benny B, who got skinned more than once by Garnacho. He needs to give half this week pay to Big Willie!


We won, it was horrible to watch for the last 30 minutes, but we came away with all 3 points so fair play to the whole team! I actually thought Martinelli looked more on it in his cameo today, hopefully he’s beginning to turn a corner. Trossard though, what an incredible signing he’s been!


Personally, I never felt that we would concede a goal there, after we scored we were in command without being in control


I never felt fully confident (past trauma) just takes one sliced clearance, one miss placed pass, one slip in the box. I think I may have broken a world record for held breathe 😂👍


Garnacho vs. White was scary, but Ben did very well.


Garnacho’s face offends me.

Exit the Lemming

He looks like the forgotten Deliverance extra. The one they kept in the attic and fed with buckets of fish heads.


Saliba had to help him out on a few occasions… he never looked secure against the kid.


I’m sure that, whoever is picked out of Tross and ‘Nelli, el jefe tells them to give it everything because they are under no obligation to last 90 minutes. I think that’s a good arrangement, too!


I think we did all that was required in that game. The ‘early’ goal played into our players’ psyche but it didn’t feel like a game we would lose.
If Man U had scored, I feel we would have been able to raise our game to score as well.

I’ll take 1-0 victory anytime!


Partey out

Feels good to have 2 Gabis as the sub instead of eddie

And wow Saliba, everyone talking about who is the POTS between ode, rice and sak. King William need to be in that conversation


I watched a clip on Youtube yesterday of Declan chatting with Yaya Touré and suddenly thought, “hey remember that time Pep had Yaya on his Barca team and it was clear he was a world class talent, won the continental treble with him, and then suddenly decided to sell him to Man City?” It seemed insane at the time, and even more insane when you saw what Touré did at City later. But Pep’s team did pretty well too after that, I don’t think he ever regreted it that much. Sometimes you just have a really talented player who just… Read more »

John C

Partey was poor and needs ideally to be replaced but i think we’ve done that by getting in Rice.

For me the position that needs to be addressed is that left 8 position. Rice can do a job there when we need his physicality but when we need creativity he certainly not the answer.


1/10 – Our passing out of the back. Despite having technically sound players and apparently having been pursuing this ever since he came on, Arteta’s teams have pretty mediocre passing against even a rudimentary press.


what a sausage


Fool of a Took!

Dr. Gooner

It’s true we didn’t have enough sauce in the buildup but you are wrong in the wider scope of things. Arteta has de-emphasized playing out since Havertz came on board because it means we can go long and still maintain territory/possession while minimizing risk, especially with Raya capable of pinging lasers. He’s also playing without his full hand with Timber injured and is showing trust issues with Zinchenko, so there is less technical quality in the back line than last season. In our buildup structure with Raya, Saliba, White, Gabi M and Tomiyasu, only Saliba is elite in possession (BW… Read more »

Freezedawg of Sweden

Arteta out! What has he won!?
Hahah knob.




Why is big ange commenting on arseblog?

Alan Sunderland

It’s who we are mate

Exit the Lemming

Like say, the tourniquet tight high press of Man City at the Etihad that we stood up to without conceding?


COYG!! No matter how poor this Man U team is, a win there (after 15 games at old trafford without a win) unlocks confidence for next season. One last game and no regrets


This team is amazing. I mean, we are top of the league with one game to go!!!!

Cliff Bastin

They will need to prepare two trophies for the final day?


Keep it in a helicopter parked at Birmingham airport


That Saliba is pretty handy


I’m falling in love with Havertz
In his post match interview he said ‘I’m gonna be the biggest Tottenham fan ever on Tuesday ‘

We weren’t at our best, in hindsight the game was won fairly comfortably, but that last 30mins felt like hell!

Aleksander Wło darz

Winning ugly 😅


I’m very surprised by the point of view of blogs and the comments…

I thought Arsenal was clearly the better team today, and I think 2-0 felt more likely than 1-1. Even in the last 30 minutes, Onana was in far more trouble than Raya (made a few great saves).

We’re lucky that Garnacho can’t shoot to save his life, but appart from that I think we played as good as we could (considering it’s Old Trafford).


Considering it’s Old Trafford is the context. We haven’t won there in years and years, the place is horrible. Well done to the whole team for breaking the curse.


Garnacho on arsenal would be fantastic.

Dr. Gooner

I couldn’t stand the sight of his idiotic toadstool face or his Cristiano fanboy thing.

Exit the Lemming

Garnacho on acid would be fantastic


Completely agree with this. We were comfortable throughout and certainly much better than them. Didn’t feel in trouble at all. Thought Ode & Saka did quite well too.


I’m falling in love with Havertz
In his post match interview he said ‘I’m gonna be the biggest sp*rs fan ever on Tuesday ‘

We weren’t at our best, in hindsight the game was won fairly comfortably, but that last 30mins felt so nervy!

I Like Eboue-boue

Fair ratings all round. That game was tighter than we expected – Man Utd were slightly less utterly sh1te than they have been of late, and we were well below par, particularly our passing precision. So we gotta be pleased with three points, a clean sheet, and another hoodoo (Old Trafford) shaken off.


TP6 had 1 moment, why is that even mentioned? Rice had 1 moment too, Odegaard is caught and the ahve a dangerous break just before half time, White plays a mad pass to Tomi in the 2nd half. Saka plays a crazy cross field pass that end in a counter. They all had moments today and yet only TP6 is highlighted…?


Because the others had moments, TP was consistently shit.


Today we saw the bad TP

Dr. Gooner

Wasn’t physically or mentally there. I don’t think he can play this many games in a row anymore.

John C

For me there are questions around Partey’s temperament.

Despite being 30 he’s never referenced as a leader and more importantly when the team needed him to be a leader last year he went missing.

Last season he went from being the best midfielder in the league for the first half of the season into a nervous wreck during the run in.

Lion layan

Thank you

Alan Sunderland

He seems to have aged 5 years since the start of the season.


Hyper-emotive drivel… he had a quiet game in comparison to his previous two, but was pretty solid. The bloke is back from month’s out – cut him some slack.

Keep the melodrama for your Twitter feed, mate!

Charlie George

The Tines’s football correspondent thought he was our best player, along with Saliba and Gabriel – “imperious in their protection of the Arsenal goal ”

“Partey was everywhere. When Arsenal were in possession he knitted play together and when United had the ball high up the field he was constantly harassing their midfielders.”

The fact that United’s first shot on goal – a powderpuff effort into Maya’s hands – came in the 68th minute suggests he’s right.


Partey’s awareness was poor today. If he’s not having a good game then he can sometimes stink.


Utd midfielders pressed Partey well at times. That’s what midfielders at big clubs should be doing . It’s not only on Partey. Rice and other Gabe ball away , Saka in the final quarter of the pitch as well


Yeah for all the love for blogs his ratings of tp5 have been off for a while now, most likely affected by the rumors around him




That’ll do!


We didnt play well, it was all united butni thought we had the better chances. Garnacho skinned white quite a few times, it was lucky he has no end product. I dont know why but i still felt comfortable at 1-0, they didnt seem like they were going to score at any point. All we can do now is trounce everton on the final day and hope city slip up


Blogs rated Benny B higher than Ode and Rice? I thought he was very nervy and needed serious help from Saliba to cope with Ugly Kid down the right.

Yet everyone’s on TP’s case, who’s only just back from a long lay-off??


Our away fans: 10/10


Oh yes, they were absolutely brilliant!!


Says it all when in their 75,000 fan wreck all you could hear most of the time was our away fans.

Chamakh’s Hairdresser

Casemiro 10/10 for us.
Otherwise, piss poor from our midfield and attackers.

Man Manny

When I saw United lineup, I licked my lips. I thought, pay back time for the 8 – 2 shellacking those many years ago. But last 30 minutes, my lower lip was firmly between my teeth.

Cranky Colin

Artets is a genio.
He knows they are so shit that he asked Arsenal to defend and soak up their pathetic efforts.
Nick a goal or two and hop the bus to London


Very sluggish, but a win is a win. Lads done it at ol’ toilet, so all is good

Crash Fistfight

I feel like the score for Partey is generous. I couldn’t believe Jorginho didn’t replace him much earlier.


What match were you all watching? We were in control, didn’t really give them a look in and came away with 3 points comfortably. This United team are really poor.

Alan Sunderland

We had no control at any time. A midfield of amrabat mainoo and mctominay bossed our midfield today. Worst game odegaard and rice have played all season. Partey was absolutely awful, looks like he’s 40 years old. Saliba Gabriel and Raya were the reason we won today. Thought White and Saka were poor as well. Very good 3 points, we played better against Fulham West Ham and Aston Villa and lost.

Exit the Lemming

Against a better side we would probably have had to dodge some bullets today but Utd are misfiring so badly, they never really exploited our poor showing today.


Spurs to play a 2-2 draw
City to win 4-0 against West Ham
Odegard to score in 95th minute to finish the match 2-0 for Arsenal and get crowned as the PL champions.
City gets a dose of their own medicine on last day
Spurs don’t qualify for UCL
Arsenal win the league at home!


As scenarios go, that sounds perfectly lovely .


Sounds nice. I think city would need to win by 5-0 in that scenario though.
For arguements sake, lets say Sp*rs take points of City on Tuesday.

A 4-0 wi n for City on the final day would mean we would have to win with a 1 goal margin against Everton as we have a better head to head record against City


If GD is tied, it then comes down to goals scored, BEFORE head to head, so we’d be in trouble.


I suppose Villa vs Pool tonight is a significant game. If Liverpool manage to win, Sp*ds have a chance of making it to 4th spot and hopefully they won’t rollover vs City. Their last game is against Sheffield which is probably the most “gimme” game at this level while Villa play Palace away who are in good form.

Will be perfectly spursy to give us a chance by taking points off of City and then go on to loose against Sheffield on final day 😏

Exit the Lemming

If there really is a God, then this will happen. Go Blades.


I do not see what everyone else has been seeing in Raya and Tomi lately. Raya has no control of his box. Tomi is mostly a liability going both ways. Not going to the ball in the middle of the pitch that led to a Utd chance almost destroyed me.


Sadly it didn’t though, so we have to put up with this very silly post

Alan Sunderland

I’m not the biggest Raya fan, but one thing you can’t knock him for is control of the penalty box. He’s very good at claiming crosses.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, the keeper with the most clean sheets in the most competitive league in the world is clearly not up to the job.


Not entirely – he has the privilege of playing behind the best defence in the world, currently.


I never bought into the hype of us battering United, they play much more compact against the big teams and have caused them issues all season. But I didn’t expect it to be a tense as it was either. Thought we controlled it better in the second half though, forced Onana into some very good saves while keeping it relatively tight at the back.

Exit the Lemming

We’ve played better this season and lost


Some of the lowest ratings I’ve seen in a win, but the only thing that mattered was getting the win. If Spurs draw with City we will have a +3 GD so will just have to beat Everton soundly to limit any chance of City catching us on GD. If Spurs can win, all we need to do then is beat Everton and the title is our. Can’t believe it comes down to our having to pray Spurs can win or draw.


If Villa lose tomorrow, then maybe Spurs will show up vs the 115ers but Spurs couldn’t be trusted to get milk & eggs from Tesco. Our best bet is to deliver lasagna to the 115ers for their pre-game nosh.

Exit the Lemming

Bacary Lasagna

Lee Fairbrother

Tough gig, and we passed


After 20 years we might not win the league this season either but how many years has it been since we took it to the last game of the season? Whatever happens next Sunday Arteta, the squad & staff have done us proud.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, many conflate injuries to key personnel, lack of experience and lack of squad depth as ‘bottling it’ last season but they certainly can’t say that this season

Jason Lamgford
Partey rated the same as Saliba?🤔

What are they smoking over at The Guardian?


Did Saliba’s perfectly-timed tackle with an outstretched leg on Garnacho remind anyone else of Bobby Moore’s classic tackle on Jairzinho in Mexico 1970? What an elegant player !

Exit the Lemming

A little bit possibly but the difference is that the 1970 attacker was a genius nonpareil while Garnacho is something that escaped from a petri dish.

Dave see man

Most of the team played like they were Thomas Partey on his first game back from injury. Thomas Partey especially. Great win though. Exciting final day coming up.

Cuban Coca Cola

For all of Partey’s positive attributes, I find maddening that he never seems to have any awareness of an opponent at his back. They are just lining up waiting to swipe him clean when he turns blindly.


Benny B gets a higher rating than Declan and Martin??? He got skinned at least twice by Garnacho and Big Wilie had to spare his blushes!

This love-affair is getting a little lopsided, Blogs.

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