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Odegaard still believes, wants fans to keep pushing players

Martin Odegaard has urged supporters to keep pushing the team in the final two weeks of the season as Arsenal look to take their title challenge to the wire with victories over Manchester United and Everton.

The Gunners remain top of the table by a point after Saturday’s impressive 3-0 win over Bournemouth but remain aware that their fate resides in the hands of Manchester City.

So far, Pep Guardiola’s reigning champions have shown no sign of cracking under Arsenal’s pressure and, with a game in hand, set to be played against a freefalling Sp*rs, they are likely to take a lead into the final weekend of the season.

While pessimism, understandably, is starting to creep in, captain Odegaard continues to rally the troops.

“Just keep believing, keep pushing us, we will push and do everything until the last day and see what happens,” said the club captain.

“We have to focus on ourselves. We don’t know what other teams will do but we put on a good performance against Bournemouth, we keep putting pressure on Man City so we just have to keep going and then go again.

“We are used to playing in big games. We have played in a lot of big stadiums and it is a normal thing for us.

“We go there [to Old Trafford] with one goal and that’s to get the three points so it is any other game.”

Friday will mark 20 years since Arsene Wenger’s ‘Invincibles’ completed their remarkable unbeaten season. While most of the current squad were in nappies when the 2003/04 vintage won the title, their achievement continues to inspire.

“We have heard the stories and we have seen what has happened there, how much it meant for the club’s supporters,” added Odegaard.

“It is a part of the history and it is something we want to do again. We want to make the fans happy again.

“It has been a big goal for a long time to win something so that’s what we are pushing for and we keep going until the end.”

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Man city will drop points at Fulham you heard it first here!


Nah, Blogs said it twice. But yeah, it’s definitely happening.


That’s the one game that’s giving me any hope. Spurs and West Ham are both utter s**te at the moment and couldn’t beat an egg between them.

Things are looking bleak.


But could a member of the so-called Big 6 really lose 5 games in a row? The answer: to dare is to do.


Unfortunately, for this mission, the dare is a dodo.


But Spurs next game is against Burnley. Not City.
So the possibility of losing 5 in a row is low for Spurs.
But Spurs is spur though. It is not difficult to think they can lose that game.


There’s nothing of importance to them or anyone else, apart from possibly Burnley, about that game, so they’ll win it.
The C115teh game has the title riding on it. If things go as scripted until then, their fans will probably want them to lose it to deny us the title. As the one thing written in stone is that sp*rs will always let their fans down.. 🤞


West Ham will be playing for Moyes to give him a send-off AND will also be playing for Declan Rice. They will at least give City a good game. Look at the game when they beat us 2-0, that West Ham will be playing against City


I wish I had your optimism.

West Ham are awful and were unbelievably lucky to beat us earlier this season.

It would take a miracle for them to avoid defeat against City in Manchester.

Johnny 4 Hats

We’ve lost one and drawn one in 2024. I could never ask more from my Arsenal than that. Whatever happens, if we win our last two games, we’ll have had an incredible season in my opinion. Part of football is losing games. And football wouldn’t be much fun if you didn’t. It would make it profoundly uninteresting. It would make the wins mean nothing. We’ve done more than enough to win the league. Unfortunately we haven’t been adequately protected from cheats. You can call that sour grapes. I don’t care. But we’ve been let down by the FA, not our… Read more »


Well said, Sir!


It looks very unlikely that City loses points given their recent form, and the shit form of Spurs and West Ham. But its hopes that kills.

Eric Blair

Looks that way.

To be honest I have no hope, just enjoying our performances and at some point I’ll check the results from the other games and maybe have a nice surprise.

Man Manny

If they are dropping points at Fulham, it had better be all three. If it comes down to goal difference, the Spurs and West Ham I saw last weekend can help City wipe out the advantage we have over them!


Then again, the Manure I watched last night could really boost ours!


Leno to keep a clean sheet and Iwobi to score the winner for Fulham in the 95th minute

Bleeding gums Murphy

What a wonderful player. Just keeps getting better. Just to add Hojland has scored 8 goals and had two assists. Kiwior has 3 assists.
Declan rice has a combined goals and assists of 15. Hojland has 10. Havertz has 18, apparently we overpaid for Rice and wasted a load of money on havertz. And yet the press and pundits keep saying trolls head is gonna be star. I have serious doubts he will be.


Lesson to all players. If we want you – come to Arsenal. The coach will teach you, your teammates support you. You will end up as the best player you can be, and the fans will love you.
Or F*** Off to Chels or Manu and end up as an overpaid clown in a circus.

A Different George

If we win our last two matches, as I think we will, we would be 17-1-1 since the first of the year. We all know there is a very real possibility that we will still fall short, not because another team is having an even more extraordinary season, rising to new heights, but only following its normal course, as it does each year (derailed only briefly in the Covid season). As an Arsenal supporter, I hate this. But I think I can honestly say it is just as terrible for anyone who loves football.

Guns Up

Sadly, this is my overriding sentiment as well. I really am trying to fight it, to enjoy this remarkable run by our fantastic team, etc., but the inevitability of City really takes a lot of the fun out of it.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

All this is very true, however, we could have taken a giant step away from the Man City machine by beating villa and keeping things in our own hands.


Over the season our form has been terrific. It’s easy to look at the few games where we lost points, but what about all the points we DID win? Since the start of the calendar year we’ve only dropped 5 points – and that was to two top-four sides.

Since City got rich it looks like you need a minimum of 90 points to beat them. That’s crazy.

We’ve had a great season.




I kinda like this new, cautiously optimistic Fats.

So beating Villa only to lose later would be better? Or for you nothing less than an 18-1-0 record in 2024 would do? Absolute perfection or bust?

Things must be pretty grim when you’re so hard to please even Fats is trying to show you the glass half full!


Which we might have done if we’d broken 115 financial rules and signed a striker. But we followed the rules.

Ben Q

16-1-1, but crazy impressive all the same!

A Different George

Yup, sorry about that.


Well said, it really is bizarro world. We’ve all just accepted that you need near perfection to win a title. It shouldn’t be this way. On the bright side, I think their success is more tied to Pep than the money. We’ve seen with Chelsea money is far from everything. We have to hope that once Pep leaves they’ll have a bit of United syndrome for a few years at least,


Money DOES matter. Without all that oil money City simply could not have assembled that squad.

I just hope that when the 115 charges are finally examined that the right punishments are handed out. And that the clubs that have been denied trophies finally get them.


Of course money matters, a newborn infant knows that. Never said it doesn’t matter. In City’s case however it’s COMPETENT money. Massive difference that I wouldn’t expect someone as binary in their thinking as you to understand.


So you’re giving credit and applauding a team for essentially dopping in order to gain success because they did it better than other who tried and failed. Just because others couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean well done to them for being able to. Competent money 😂😂😂😂😂

John C

But he’s right, that money still has to spent wisely and City are exceptionally good at identifying talent.

I mean we’ve gone from signing Pepe, Torriera, and Sokratis to Trossard, Odegaard and White for similar or less money.

Billy bob

Billy have you been doing Krystal Meth?

Eric Blair

‘Mr Judge, I know we used force to empty the bank of all its valuables, but that other gang used force too but were really rubbish and didn’t make it out the front door! We made it all the way to Mexico! Come on, let us off for high levels of planning and competency.’


Sadly, I won’t hold my breath..

Eric Blair

I wonder about how much it sucked out of Klopp and that Liverpool team to give what they gave every season and still come up short (bar that one time).


If Man City followed the rules we follow, they probably wouldn’t have been able to sign that goal ogre, and would be several points worse off. Meanwhile we do follow the rules, so we can’t buy a striker in January and lose to Villa after creating a thousand chances. They win every year because they cheat, and it’s infuriating that anyone gives them any credit at all.


Let’s talk about summer business instead


I’d love to see us Nick Salah from the Scouse… or even higher on the dream-scale, Mik gets on the Artetafone and convinces Mbappe to snub Real.


4 downvotes… so you fellas don’t think either Salah or Mbappe would boost our attack???

Curiouser and curiouser


6 – maybe they add something – but do they fit the group and maybe most importantly the long term group? Would be a huge financial impact esp in Mbappes case.

Teryima Adi

Yes, we can- we can win the EPL. COYG!!!!!


Its hard to see City dropping any points, especially with the way Spurs and West Ham are playing. However anything can happen in a one off game. If a City player gets a red card you never know.


It better be Rodri

Gunnar Elí

Last season was such a blast
this season we are better,
Dec and Kai have brought a new dimension

next season should be fun 🙂

I get the negative comments on social”media”
but I´m just glad we are fighting for again

been a while !

A Gooner in Valencia

Whatever happens, let’s just enjoying this beautiful team grow. I think we are going to storm it next season!!


We have had a simply magnificent season & watched some of the best football I have ever seen from ANY Arsenal side ! If we are pipped by Citeh so be it, but from my point of view our team club supporters & ability of us all to abide by the rules sets us aside as the big winners this season ! We do it right We are Arsenal & have expectations of class ! I for one can only applaud our efforts this season We’ve been brilliant !!! …..Thank you !



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