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Sabrina D’Angelo to leave Arsenal Women

Arsenal Women goalkeeper Sabrina D’Angelo will leave the club at the expiry of her contract. The Canadian joined the Gunners from Swedish side Vittsjo GIK in January 2023 and made her debut in a 3-0 win over Aston Villa in the FA Cup on 26th January 2023.

D’Angelo has made 14 appearances in her 18 months at the club but has not been able to establish herself, largely due to the improvement of number 1 goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger, who signed a new contract with the club earlier this year. Sabrina won two Conti Cups with the club during her spell.

Arsenal are keen on signing Aston Villa and Netherlands goalkeeper Daphne van Domselaar as a replacement for D’Angelo.

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I don’t understand why her contract was so short

Peter Story Teller

Women’s contracts generally are short but they normally get 2 years! For some reason we decided to collect goalkeepers none of which seemed to be an obvious improvement over who we had. I guess Kaylan will be gone once her knee is ok. I haven’t seen Naomi play but she always seems to be on the bench and was retained when Kaylan was loaned out so she must have something going for her. Being honest, we have not really managed to replace Emma Byrne despite the comings and goings since her retirement.


We should have increased our levels of professionalism. Things keep happening lately that are not. Failing to loan out a player and just leave her with no team to play for, for half a season. When you could have excluded an injured player off the squad list. Having the wrong colour socks. Not expecting heavy traffic heading to the Birmingham area. To me our advantage going into next season could have been only having a couple of new players to integrate into the team. Way things are going we’ll need 5+ and even if some are better players than those… Read more »

Amor pelo futebol feminino

A disorganized organization

Tim Stillman

Arsenal sanctioned a loan for Gio at the beginning of last summer and there were three clubs in but an agreement wasn’t found between players reps and clubs. For Villa away they left six hours before ko for a 2.5 hour drive. I think that’s pretty normal, it’s just that the traffic was exceptionally bad. If you arrive too early at games, you give yourself a problem of players hanging around doing nothing. Contracts at Arsenal are entirely in step with the rest of women’s football because transfer fees are still basically not much of a thing. In this scenario,… Read more »

Fun Gunner

Naomi Williams’ situation is weird, yes. On the upside, I am watching England U17 women i the semifinal and we have some very promising youngsters playing, including a young goalkeeper. So there is hope. In about 5 years!

Fun Gunner

*in the semifinal of the euros


Give me van Domselaar over Zinsberger anyday.

Peter Story Teller

Not a Manu fan then? She has improved since Jonas arrived but I still believe we need an upgrade.


I support her. But yes, not her biggest fan. Can’t think of any situation when she helped the team.

Death by 300,000 Passes

Is Kaylan Marckese so bad for a second keeper?


Well, we have one goalkeeper left. If we are not careful we might be forced to sign the dreadful gobby northerner, Earps. Please save us from from that!

Fun Gunner

Not unexpected. She was a contrast to Manu when she arrived, but wasn’t a step up. I liked her bravery and bouncebackability, but she had too many mistakes in her. Wishing you all the best with your next club, Sabs D’Angelo.

Salvador Berzunza

no more mistakes than Manu, we need to be realistic that “improvement” is just means that she did the minimum necessary. we need a better Goalkeeper.


Ha: Has Zinsberger really “improved”? She’s always been a good keeper, and I found all the flak she was catching from fans here for a few months to be bizarre and almost comical. She’s the same keeper she’s always been. I think some wanted to scapegoat her for the team’s lackluster performance in some games.

Peter Story Teller

Yes she has improved. She does at least move her feet a bit now and she does communicate better. This has probably been her best season for us and the blame for our indifferent results cannot be directed at her but she is not world class which is the sort of level we should be aiming at.

Tim Stillman

Cross claiming numbers have more than trebled this season too. It was a weakness for her and now it’s a big strength.


Letting two goalkeepers go without having made preliminary arrangements to recruit a replacement would be rather strange. I can’t (or wouldn’t want to) believe that the club would be that disorganised. I’d be very pleased if we sign Daphne van Domselaar. We should be aiming at recruiting players of the very highest quality, genuine world class – and I don’t think Daphne is far off that level. At the moment when players like Lena Oberdorf and Ewa Pajor become available, Arsenal are just not in the conversation.

Peter Story Teller

If Daphne does join us we need to come up with an abbrieviation; there is only ever one DvD a tricky little attacking midfielder! 🙂

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