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Wenger: Fabregas stays home and is a ‘no comment’ situation

As expected Cesc Fabregas will not travel to Germany for Arsenal’s match with Cologne on Saturday.

The Spaniard, is still suffering from the same muscular problem which ruled him out of the tour of Asia, and will remain in London as speculation continues that Barcelona have sent a delegation to seal a deal for his services ahead of the new season.

Speaking about the rumours, Wenger did not deny that negotiations were under way with Barcelona but did stress to that a move is not close to being completed.

“The position at the moment [with Fabregas] is a ‘no comment’ situation because there is no movement at all.”

Despite publicly declaring his eagerness to see both Fabregas and Nasri stay at the Emirates for the season ahead, Wenger also conceded that he is unable to confirm whether the Frenchman will be a Gunner come the end of August.

“[It is] not completely [sorted that Samir will stay] but I want him to stay. He knows that. Hopefully we can sort that out in the coming weeks.”

While Nasri will travel to Cologne, Nicklas Bendtner and Manuel Almunia have not been included in the squad with Wenger revealing that both players are still negotiating moves away from the club.

“Almunia has been contacted by a few clubs, Bendtner as well,” he added.

“As long as the situation is not settled, we have to focus on the coming season with the players we have. The players who are uncertain, it is difficult for them to focus on being completely committed.”

Emmanuel Eboue and Abou Diaby are another duo who will miss the trip although new boy Gervinho and long-term absentee Lukasz Fabianski have made the trip.

“Gervinho is with us. Fabianski is back. Eboue is injured and is behind and Bendtner is behind.

“Diaby is out longer term so that is why I do not speak about him. We do not count Diaby for August. He will miss the start of the season for sure.”

Young quintet Carl Jenkinson, Benik Afobe, Emmanuel Frimpong, Ryo Miyaichi and Conor Henderon have also made the plane.

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That’s enough so, to me wengers comments mean that cesc is gone.


It’s quite a different message from last week when he was fairly adamant they were staying, certainly with Nasri. It does sound like the Cesc move is gathering momentum. Maybe I’m just analysing it too much.


It makes me sick to see this happening, but I just want it to be over, so long as we reinvest. Of course I’d rather see him stay…


Agree. 2 weeks back I was sure Cesc was staying and Nasri was off. I did get to thinking the complete reverse but now Nasri sounds in doubt as well.

With Twitchy sticking Modric in the £35m bracket there’s no way we should accept anything like that for Cesc. He’s different class to that little twat.


Wenger you acknowledged, at the end of last season, the need to shore up Arsenal’s defense. Why don’t you get the defenders that you need. From what I’ve read, both Cahill and Samba are very happy to join the Gunners. Everyone knows that both or one of them would better our club!!!! I would think that Cesc and Nasri may be impress to see an intent by you to improve the club. It, unfortunately, looks like you have a great deal of difficulty parting with money.


There can’t be a swap deal on the cards now as all their players have said how much they’re looking forward to seeing Cesc there!


Indeed. That clearly means, cesc is off and this will be announced after the emirates cup so not to get a fan whip lash, with bids accepted for Almunia and bendtner. Nasri to be made highest earner by start of season ( if he still wants to stay ) and an attempt to bring in a premier league defensive player before the close of the window. If nasri doesn’t agree a contract before the first game, then he is off next year for free.


I think Wenger might be waiting to see who goes before deciding who he can bring in. He doesn’t want a squad with surplus players on decent wages. That’s fair enough but there’s a risk he’ll miss out altogether if he waits too long.


Cesc is one of the best creative midfielders in the world and is just coming into his prime, he’s under contract for the long term, and the team has been built around him as the captain. If Arsenal loses Cesc for anything less than 40 million pounds, then it will be the steal of the decade. The fact that there is no market at all for one of the best players in the world must be nigh on unprecedented in this era of billionaire owners. Without blaming the player, this is because Cesc has made it clear that he wants… Read more »


The problem with this is that it unsettles the team. Our players rely on him. If he is out of the picture than they will step up. I also want to have players on the team who want to be there. If Cesc doesnt want to be there than get him home and be done with it. He does not want more money, he wants to go home. Fine, go home.


Cesc is too professional and too much of a man to mope about. If he’s on in the squad, then he’s on the teamsheet and he’ll be giving 100% for Arsenal. I don’t think that unsettles the squad at all.


Cesc needs to have the courage of his own convictions, if he wants to go then put in a transfer request. I believe he will not go in for a transfer request simply because he knows Barca will not be prepared to go the extra mile in order to get the man they supposedly want. This sorry saga says a lot about our captain he wants to go to a club that loves him so much that they buy everyone else they want first, they will do every thing possible to get him except pay the price, a price that… Read more »


I know I’ve been on the light ales and it ain’t gonna happen but….It would be great to get to the point where we seem happy with the number, hold a joint press conference (cos they’d love that the arrogant cunts) and announce quite publicly that they’ve come up with the number but because of the way they’ve behaved we would rather cut our balls off and set them on fire than sell him to Barfa. Adios and vamoose señor cuntbags.


I concur. That would be perfect.


Wenger Out!



Lord Teddy Ears

Well we should force a sale for Cesc to real madrid and swap him for Karen Benjamin just to fuck the Barcalona and Cesc off. As for Nasri we should sell that cunt to anyone that well take him and then let him train with shawcross before he goes as he really has fucked me off the way he has acted. We need to show these overpaid pricks that the club is bigger than them and Arsenal will be there years after the retire and become fat like Ronaldo and forgotten. So Fuck off the pair of you and AW… Read more »


Nasri has literally done nothing..? He has a year left on his contract and still has not asked to leave or anything of the sort. He’s undecided if he’s going to extend his contract and is going to play out his current one unless the club decides to sell him. I don’t understand how any of that is poor behavior. He’s a good player and I hope he stays.


I’m as much a fan of Jose as the next Gooner, but I would absolutely piss myself if he slapped in a 50mil bid. Barca? Your move I believe cunts.


My concern here isn’t that Msr Wenger is having to eat his words because let’s be fair, what he said was the equivalent of my son putting his fingers in his ears saying, “nananana I can’t hear you.” No what concerns me is the backlash not from the fans but from those players who have been vocal about this, Theo, Jack & Robin. When Cesc moves which I think has to happen now, the board and Wenger have to act instantly and decisively. They need to bring someone in who will make the void left by Cesc’s absence seem as… Read more »


Can just see how Msr. Wenger, for some reason, manages to keep both Cesc and Nasri until the transfer window closes and says: “It’s like we have two new signings. Zey should have gone. Zey wanted to go. But zey didnt.” He then adds: “As for goalkeepers and strikers, no need to sign those either because its like we have (go figure) two new signings: Almunia and Bendtner” He will then ask them to legally change their names to Belmunia and Andtner as he is sure that none of us fans (because let’s face it, we are just a bunch… Read more »


concerning fabregas, im annoyed that, correct me if im wrong, barca announced to have 40 mil euros in the kitty at the start of the transfer window, and have spent 26? on sanchez to which they coincidentally formally offered for cesc. they obviously can cuoco but disappointingly have been cunning in their attempts to drive cesc’s price down. if i were cesc would i be annoyed that barca want to get me on the cheap? id say yes. but does he really care? i doubt it. if i were arsenal fc would i be annoyed if cesc made a statement… Read more »

[…] Wenger confirmed that Almunia and Bendtner were in talks with a number of clubs, but also said that the situations […]


What kind of team captain is this? He cannot even come out and give an opinion on the biggest Arsenal saga in decades, and leaves the fans he claims he loves frustrated and unsettled to keep guessing about his future! Frankly i’m disappointed with his attitude, especially for a team captain. So bad for team morale

Professor Plum

well, i haven got a problem with fab – if he wanat to go then let him. if i played for barca and arsenal wanted me it would be the same thing. anyway, ramsey could replace him –


Ramsey is great and all, but Cesc has been the most productive midfielder in Europe over the past 5 seasons. Arsenal can’t realistically replace Cesc if we make a deal with Barfa. Our best hope is that Ramsey actually is all he’s hyped to be–and then we get someone else in who’s worth $30 mill or so. Sneijder, maybe.

Professor Plum

anyway, fuck nasri .

Guincho Guincho

Diaby, injured? Really?


Anyone catch the headline that Barfa “sold” Bojan Krkic to Roma for 12 million euro? This is just borrowing money to fund a bid for Cesc! The deal is basically Barca borrowing 12 million for a year in exchange for loaning Krkic to Roma. Roma will pay his wages and get his services for a season. Then next year, Barfa has to buy him back for 13 million euros. That’s some deal for Roma. Of course, if Roma wants to keep Krkic, they must pay Barfa an additional 28 million euro. So, the deal breaks down as either 1) a… Read more »


Mr. Wenger should hire Cobb and his crew and assign him an inception project to plant an idea in Cesc’s head convincing him that Farcelona do not value him as much as he is worth and do not need as much as Arsenal do.

This may take 4-5 levels deep since the transfer saga been so long. Cob and his crew might need very strong sedatives that must make them sleep until end of August. That should give them around 5-6 yrs in the last level dream which should be enough to plant the idea in his head.


If only.

[…] revealed that he is in the market for a new defender, while still trying to keep hold of prized duo Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, the Frenchman told Arsenal Player ahead of the pre-season friendly with Cologne that he still […]

Dave Gooner

Perfectly clear that Barca’s valuation doesn’t suit Cesc either. Thierry Henry says it all when he says it is all up to Fabregas. He clearly does not want to go at any price, and he also loves, and is loved, at Arsenal. Nor should he go at that price – Barca’s current valuation is about half what Cesc is actually worth. Knock 10% off for goodwill – “DNA money” if you will – and Barca is still looking at north of 50 million. So Barca’s optimism is badly misplaced. If they want him, let them leave the spin at home,… Read more »

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