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AW: “We’re looking for a striker”

With Nicklas Bendtner on his way out, Arsene Wenger feels the club are short of striking options and said he’s on the lookout for a signing before the transfer window closes.

Asked about Bendtner’s departure, the boss said, “We are looking for one more striker because we know he will leave. We will be short this season because we also have Chamakh leaving for the African Cup of Nations”.

Wenger still expects Bendtner to find a new club despite having an ankle injury which could keep him out for two months. “He has an ankle problem. It is not a bad injury and not threatening, but he will be out for two months. But I cannot give you a day that he will be back”.

It strikes us that a player facing a two month lay-off just five days before the transfer window closes might well be hard to move on. Then again, based on everything we’ve seen so far this summer, a £35m move to Man City isn’t impossible either.

Update: Seems the Wenger quote should read “but he will not be out for two months”. Which makes much more sense and could add another £5m to whatever City pay for him!

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sorry to say but you got that wrong, check the arsenal website again:
“He has an ankle problem. It is not a bad injury and not threatening, so he won’t be out for two months. But I cannot give you a day that he will be back.”
he WON”T be out for two months


What is Marouane Chamakh for?
And I feel sorry for Super Nick. He needs a 442, not being used as a right winger lumping in crosses to where he should be heading them.


I don’t think Chamakh’s shitness is being aided by the fact that he is on Ramadan!


I forgot about Ramadan. That would explain his lack of energy!


Pretty sure I read that Chamakh said he eats as normal during match days but then fasts on other days to make up for it. So there’s no explanation.


Has Ramadan been going since Christmas?

Robin Yer Pursie

Rioch I’m not quite sure you understand how a human body works… You’re still functioning way below optimal energy levels if you eat on the day and you’ve been weakened on the previous days.. jesus.


Ramadan is a bullshit excuse. Ozil, Khedira, Benzema, etc..seem to be playing just fine. Chamakh hasn’t offered it as an excuse either.


don’t feel sorry for the “Great” dane after he fell over his feet when he had an opportunity to score against Barca




But we have Joel Campbell! Permitting he is permitted to play via a permit.


Fuck me,

He’s known Nics wanted to go all summer but has still left it until 2/3 days before the window closes.

AND we still need a left back, centre back, playmaker and ideally a defensive mid.

Awful summer, negligence.


“Negligent” is the word I feel could sum up this summer, probably preceeded by “Grossly”. I appreciate there are still several days in the window, but if we end up 8 points behind Utd after 3 games as I suspect will be the case (and please prove me wrong gunners), then it will be down to the negligence shown by either the board or Wenger, and whoever is responsible would need to get the fuck out of dodge. We were promised good signings and retaining our best players, we ended up paying £100 per season more for what was already… Read more »


Remember Sunday is a match day and Monday is a bank holiday so realistically we are looking at 3 days left for business to be done. Also players go off on international duty aswell.

It really is a shambolic state of affairs and it really didn’t have to be this way.

Bergkamp Rules

Surely our priorities are a CB a LB and 2 midfielders! A striker should be only a bonus signing on the last day IF and ONLY IF the other signings have been made and Arsene is sat there with his feet up jangling the change in his pocket

Bendigo Shafter

Isn’t that what Wenger said at half time against Newcastle? And The ‘Pool?


it looks like it could be zarate…..

Zarate is set to leave the Roman outfit this summer following a rift with coach Edy Reja.

Inter Milan are reportedly willing to sign Zarate on loan for the season while Arsenal have also been linked with the 24-year-old.

“I showed the proposal to Lazio president Claudio Lotito,” said Zarate’s agent Giuseppe Bozzo.

“But he said the player will not leave the club on loan.

“They paid for Mauro over 21million euros and Lotito wants to get at least that amount.”


Lazio paid 21 mill for zarate? Idiots…he’s shit


That’s one of our main problems.
We pay our lightweight players like Almunia, Bendtener and company too much money and our heavyweights too little. It’s the French socialist approach.
The Boss has been trying to offload him since the start of the transfer window but unfortunately we have run into 2 issues…..

1) his weekly wage is too high

2) he is hopeless!!!!


Looking for a striker eh? Now watch us sign Bob Crowe.


B52 is earning a large amount of money for doing very little. In some regard that is down to the Manager for playing him in the wrong position, but B52 himself is missing something…he is not Arsenal..if you know what I mean. he could go elsewhere and become excellent… FORLAN anyone. No matter what the agruement… Arsenal needs a out and out STRIKER… We may have to change the way we play…. but we need a player whose aim in life is to score goals. Like Torres did for Liverpool. No defence, selfish….score goals.


I heard AW is on the verge of signing the rights to a pregnant woman’s unborn foetus. The father of said foetus is none other than Fancis Jeffers… Excited!

Fed up of Barca

stuck his fox in her box?


Made me chuckle

SF Gooner

Why is there a picture of the lead singer from Nitzer Ebb on the article?

The BearMan

Well, well, well, let us see what the great Wenger will do with so few days left before the transfer market closes.

Will he take the right course of action and strengthen his squad?


Will he once again play idiot games and leave the squad short and spend the next 4 months under unnecessary pressure?


@James Frimpong might be black but he’s English m8 so won’t be going to ANC

Fed up of Barca

Frimpong can represent both.
He recently said it’s his preference to play for Ghana

Do the math mate


Frimpong has dual nationality, has played for England Under 21’s but is still eligible for both Ghana and England until he makes a senior appearance for one or the other. If he carries on being as impressive as he has been the Ghanaian team will surely do everything they can to get him in the squad.

Nothing to do with colour, in any way.


The ball shanking cunt injured himself.

I can see straight through his plan.



Oi, Nasri. Your a cunt!


This may make me a cunt, but surely its ‘Oi, Nasri you’re a cunt!’


That picture! Bad a$$ Bendtner looks like some kind of celebrity fighter pilot.

So, we know Arsene is after at least one defender, he has also acknowledged that we need strengthening in midfield, and now he says we need a striker too. Let’s hope it can get done!

[…] about the clock counting down on the transfer window, Wenger, who also expressed a specific desire to sign a striker, confirmed it was an unavoidable […]


Top Gun pose!


Sorry Leon, you’re right.

Oi Nasri, you’re a CUNT!!!!!!!


Should be keeping Nick, giving away chamak “no” attack and buying a decent striker not a young inexperienced one.


How about blowing a big wad of cash for Carlos Tevez? That would be hilarious. I bet we could get him for 35mil. Could you imagine RVP, Theo and Tevez running at a defense? With Gervinho and Arshavin coming off the bench. That would cause some teams to shit their pants.

Tevez wants huge amounts of money but I think it would be good for the team.


No Tevez. We need players who are committed to the Arsenal cause. We fans excoriate nasri for being a mercenary; Tevez is the most selfish footballer on Earth.


Quick comment on him passing ramadan off as something trifle – whether chamakh breaks fast for match day or not is irrelevant. The other days his sleeping pattern is well out because he’s fasting for 18 or 19 hours a day. His body and mind will be drained. Ramadan Mubarak my friend. I hope this 10 days brings you the peace of mind you need and inshallah Eid brings you the form we saw last season.




What happened to all the positives, if you all go back to Wednesday I commented on the post match report saying that the victory just covered the cracks for a few days and by the time we will have played united, all the negativity would be back, but it’s managed to creep back in 48 hours premature. Look it’s as simple as this, I’m not going to take away what Wenger has done for the club, how could I? I give credit where it’s due and I also criticise if it’s needed and right now it certainly is needed. The… Read more »


I’m positive. I’m hoping for a draw against Utd., some signings and then we’ll turn things around.

jim jimminy

i’m not sure all this can be placed at wengers feet. He doesnt put together the offer for players or decide the fee they are willing to spend. Surely other people are involved. Its these people id like a word with. I’m sure we’ll sign someone. And in a months time i’m sure everything will be looking rosier.

For the time being we need to get behind the players we have got, the ones that do feel lucky to play for our great club. Theres a long way to go yet. COYG!

Press Box Gooner

South Korean striker Park Chu-Young due to undergo medical at Arsenal, BBC understands


Is this guy any good?

[…] with Manchester United for the title. Let’s not discount Chelsea and Man Cunteh too. We are also on the lookout for a striker, as Le Boss reckons that Bendtner would find a club before the win… and we are short on striker. I happened to be of the opinion yesterday that we do need one more […]


Relax guys, you’re forgetting about Rio the Japanese kid. We are all set!

Why aren’t we talking more about Hazard? £35 M….. That value sounds vaguely familiar….. Do it!


Agreed, no Tevez. Dudes a merc, do we want to be the 4th team he leaves this half-decade?

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