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Chamakh: Nasri and Cesc likely to leave

Marouane Chamakh has told L’Equipe TV that both Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas are likely to leave Arsenal before the transfer window closes, and that Arsene Wenger is actively seeking replacements for them.

Chamakh was speaking to the “Foot and co” show and said, “I think both of them are likely leaving the club. It’s a difficult situation for the manager.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of money for Fabregas or Samir, I think he (Wenger) is looking for their successors and he hasn’t found them. I think before letting them go he wants to find the players to replace them. That’s my opinion about the situation. The problem is the season starts this weekend, and it’s even more difficult for us.”

And Chamakh called into the question the way both situations have been allowed develop, especially regarding Nasri’s contract.

“I think in the situation the club was in, they could have let only one leave. Especially Cesc – he wants to leave for several seasons because he’s born in Barcelona. But Samir is now in a situation where he has 1 year left on his contract, so if they don’t sell him this summer he will leave for free at the end of the season.

“Is the club ready to refuse a little bit more than €20m to keep a good player for 1 season? It’s strange – at a club like Arsenal – that he’s now with 1 year left on his contract, that the club couldn’t make him sign a new contract before”.

The renewed doubts over two of Arsenal’s most important players are untimely given the new season kicks off in just five days. Nasri has been strongly linked again with Man City, some reports suggesting he’d agreed personal terms, while there is still no further clarification over whether or not the cheap-arsed Catalan twats have the money to buy Cesc.

Translation with thanks to ASCFR (tweeting in English and French)

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Ben Savage

I would rather hear from him how he plans to step up to the mark this year…


I for a moment was delighted when I misread the title “Chamakh, Nasri and Cecs….”.


Yeah, i thought i saw the same thing. Gutted when i read the article.


Same here! It seems a lot are.


Same with me!!!


I read that as ‘Chamakh, Nasri and Cesc…’


Yeah me too!


that’s how it kinda reads at first glance. read it that way too


Nasri goes.

Mata signs.

Cesc stays due to Spanish influx.


Maybe he’ll bring Muniain over as well, although technically he’s Basque.


In the context of Arsenal FC it is.




We need to sign a catalan who can speak with Cesc and remind him how lucky he is to be the Captain of one of the top 6 teams in the entire world. One that plays beautiful football.

*At least for one more year then sell him*

Dave Gooner

We could talk Almunia into staying…?

Put down those rocks lads.


Good! Nasri ain’t all that great anyway – when we needed someone to stand up he wasn’t there.

Will be sad to see Cesc leave but the sooner he goes the sooner we can find a replacement. He will be off the wage list, we will no longer be led by a captain who wants away, and we can bring in someone a little more robust.

We need these transfers done and dusted so we can bring in top replacements. Me, I want Hamsik


Cesc wont go, the C*ntalans cant afford him. Nasri should go if Man Shitty is offering the €22 i heard they were, and just throw all that at Mata or something.


yeah exactly…dont know why we cant just ship him and cash in, we cant compete with other salaries, Mata would do the job,

Or Eden Hazard…check him out on youtube, he’s the real deal man…


I guess wenger should spend most of the time on youtube to find new talent. Nyan cat is a good example. #saracsm


Youtube can even make Denilson the real deal………But Hazard is an interesting prospect……But Lille won’t sell him this season For Sure.


Some reports seem to indicate that Man City hasn’t actually bid for Nasri yet. I raise the point because Arsenal can only accept an offer that is on the table. Two things make me think these reports actually have it correct: 1) Unlike some, I seriously doubt IG and AW are stupid enough to actually turn down something like 20 million for a player who is plainly threatening to leave on a Bosman free transfer next summer, and 2) I also do not really believe Man. City believe Nasri is worth 20 million now when he could be had for… Read more »


think its strange that chamack speaks about this to the press….

strange and a bit dumb really….


What so strange about it. He is an arsenal player isn’t he? He sees them all the time he is just letting us know his view of the situation from a player perspective.


No, but I want to justify it in my head!


That was funny how the article was totally unbiased until the last sentence. I love it and fully agree.


While all the “business” is being conducted, we should take care of the “business” of making our defense more steely by dressing them up in police riot gear and sending them around london withe the police. Perhaps they’ll even bond with the steel objects being throw at them and the verminator will become a reality.


Shame Chamakh isn’t going with them.


I feel your pain bro.


Can’t help thinking this is the most use Chamakh has been since he signed. Maybe we should stick him in the press office.

Slick Mick

I think it’s funny how Chamakh thinks it strange how a club like Arsenal can let Nasri’s contract run down. Didn’t we offer Bordeaux £8 million in the January window but they refused letting him leave for free?
Let’s hope he can pull his greasy head out of his arse and start playing like we know he can again.


Maybe we decided to get him free after knowing he would sign for us and probably refuse to pay more for him. Isn’t that the arsenal way?


He is bloody right though!! How have we let one of our top players run down his contract like this?


Arsenal can only accept a bid on the table. See my post above elaborating on this, at AUGUST 9, 2011 AT 10:46 PM.


Move along. Nothing to see here.


When Robin and Nicklas was out Chamakh scored allot of goals and won penelties + more… Robin came back and chamakh was benched.. What you now are saying is that you want to sell a quality squad player… Think before speaking..


I agree, he did well when asked. Cesc and Narsi need to piss off. Whatever happen to loyalty? He wasn’t getting on like this when we got him for nothing. Gave him the keys to the club, now he wants to return to a club that didn’t think he was very good 8 years ago. And Nasri can just get bent. Don’t ever kiss the badge again you disloyal twats. Come on Mata..


Thanks for speaking up for him. People fail to realize he is not an out and out goal scorer. Nor is he a main/lone striker. He plays off the main striker. It’s not his fault if the manager can’t use the players he buys to their strength but rather bent on making everyone play his way. it’s like Bendtner on the wings. Why I don’t know.

Canadian Gooner

What business does this ostrich have talking to the press about transfers? It has nothing to do with him, he probably knows nothing and wanted to feel more important than the ass groove on the bench he made. Shut up and put the ball in the net Mr Ostrich, quit putting more pressure on your club. Christ, talk about passive aggressive.


What business have you criticizing an arsenal player who has score goals for the club while you haven’t done nothing?


Cesc out and Sjneider in, then Nasri out and Mata in and job done with replacements. Still nee a ‘super’ quality CB immediately!


Upon hearing the news, Arsène Wenger said: “We are absolutely delighted that Ryo has been granted a work permit. This is almost like a new signing for us”

LOL, Monsieur deceived us again.

rectum spectrum

You can’t make this stuff up. Priceless.

Excellent news though, with him and chamberpot that’s two dynamic wingers to either make or break Theo.


Wait a sec, breaking news on the Arsenal homepage:

Wegner: “We are absolutely delighted that Ryo has been granted a work permit. This is almost like a new signing for us.”

(I swear I didn’t make the last sentence up!)

I guess this further increases the likelihood of Nasri leaving, right?


glad to hear some positve news for once, miyachi and oxlade pacy wingers that like to beat defenders fucking brilliant just need some experience now by actually playing games , that may meen vela to go out on loan and nasri the c u n t to go eboue and bender to follow and the waiter which frees up a lot of wages to bring in the likes of juan mata and gary cahill 🙂 well done wenger so far but make sure of these two signings this week and i think all the moaners will come crawling back lol… Read more »


Doubt he’s right somehow, too late in transfer window to find replacements.

Sometimes it can get lost in translation, when speaking to foreign papers.


How is it too late to find replacements when he’ll have been looking all summer?

Can easily see both players leaving, and the cash being spent on (just for example) Mata and a defender or two. This is how football works, you move on and strengthen as best you can. Nobody wants Cesc to go of course, but the squad and team needs freshening and if quality arrives then i have no issue.

Does not make Chamakh less of a consistently shambolic cunt, in almost everything he does.


And wasn’t Ryo “like a new signing for us” during the last January transfer window, when we desperately needed reinforcements in central defense (and many clamored for a goalkeeper as well at that moment, IIRC), but AW decided to stand pat?


Don’t mind players airing an opinion but not when it appears to undermine the team.

For example, instead of saying Cesc will leave, how much better would it have been if he’d just said what we all think of Barca and their behaviour and in time honoured fashion they can either CUoCO?

Playing to the fans? Maybe. But he’s one that could do with a bit of slack at the moment, so it wouldn’t hurt.


Damn you colon!

rectum spectrum

How humiliating for one of our lower profile players to give us more honest info than Wenger or IG.

Secondly he shouldn’t be talking about club business at all. I hope he’s fined a weeks wages. Two given the sensitive nature. I’m really disappointed in him.


I think we all could read in between the lines if we tried hard enough, at least in the case of Cesc. Wegner was quoted as saying on July 31: “If Fabregas is committed to this club and wants to stay, no money will get him out of here.” Obviously, the fact that we’re still negotiating with Barcelona hints at something, doesn’t it???


Read what Chamakh had to say again. It was no different than what you hear everywhere else and clearly demonstrates that he knows as much about the situation as any of us do. Not exactly insider information. And if you watch the video of Gazidis’sresponse at the AGM to the question of who was responsible for Nasri’s contract situation, althougj he fillibustered, he doesn’t challenge the premises that the situation has been cocked up. And he basically says its his fault.


There is something else he said. They as a players are beginning to feel it as the season is about to start and their captain future as well as one of their talent colleague is not sorted out.

rectum spectrum

I get your point and of course its nothing new, I guess the bottom line is it isn’t his place to say anything on the matter. He should be reprimanded.


Calling Barcelona cheap-arsed twats is an insult to all cheap-arsed twats…..


Chamack should shut his gob & try and remember what he’s paid for…idiot.


Nasri is a greedy cunt. He probably tries to suck his own dick every day (because he’s spineless).


Chamakh leaving… U bunch of brainless fools. Fuck me should we buy a 35m player for every position and backup too?? Check out his stats before and after RvP became fit and took his place. When RvP gets injured, and he will, you will be thanking chamakh for keeping up our position in the league.


And great news for Arsenal and Ryo Miyaichi for the work permit.
What I was trying to say in the last post was get behind your players, especially ones that work for the team like dogs for 90 mins.

Professor Plum

All i keep hearing on the radio today is ‘Arsene and Violence’ – no wonder that little frence shit wants to leave.


Cesc and Nasri have just been named in CL squad.


Finally got around to looking at this. As reported, Nasri and Cesc are included. As expected, so are Almunia, Bendtner, Eboue and Vela.

The only absentee I can see is Lansbury, who’s not included in either the “A” or “B” lst.

Torquay Goon

What a revelation, Chamakh is just pointing out the blindly obvious..

As for Ryo and Chamberlin replacing Nasri WTF one was terrorising Dagenhams defence the other tulips last year get a grip.

What Ivan the bank manager and AW need to do now is make sure RVP is not doing this to us next year and quickly…


If Nasri signs for Citeh to get the bucketloads of cash he so obviously craves, do you reckon he’ll buy some fucking toothpaste?


TBH i m a bit sad NB52 is leaving. U cant find a better no.3. And he s surely better than chamakh. Clichy and he are big losses IMO.


Nasri just is not that good, I think Ryo or Oxencart could probably bring as much to the team. While everyone remembers Nasri’s admittably brilliant runs and goal scoring, what I most remember is a number of failed attempts at the wing followed by a gentle pass back into midfield or just loosing the ball. He is a good ball keeper but lacks penetration and has a miserable number of assists. The first 4-5 months of last season excluded and the one game against Man U, and Nasri is average.

Sell him now Wenger!


“what I most remember is a number of failed attempts at the wing followed by a gentle pass back into midfield or just loosing the ball. He is a good ball keeper but lacks penetration and has a miserable number of assists.”

This quote could be about Rosicky or Hleb. It’s the “brilliant runs and goal scoring” that elevates Nasri above merely “average” and makes him a valuable player. Once Nasri’s head was turned and he decided not to sign a contract with Arsenal, his form tapered off.

Tripp Page

I think it’s been said many times barca cannot pay what we want for cesc. If he leaves though, what else are we getting apart from the cash? I recall talk of some barca players coming to arsenal, is that still possible? Also, when is this asshole going to score some goals?


He’s not an asshole. He’s just speaking the truth.


[…] […]


I admit that Chamakh has looked terrible since the turn of the year, but even though he’s done nothing in pre season, I have the feeling he will turn it on again. The guy is a typical striker in that he goes through hot and cold spells. It’s a confidence thing with strikers and they do tend to score in bunches. He did it at Bordeaux and he did it in the 1st half of the season last year. Unfortunately, he’s been on a real stinker of a down spell, but he’ll come through when we need him the most.… Read more »


Yep. Why do Gooners always need a scapegoat these days? With Eboue and Bendtner seemingly on their way attention already seems to be turning to Chamakh and Squillaci. I wonder why players want to leave our club…

Frankly, I’ve seen far worse players in our colours over the years.


I do find it amusing how all the would-be premier managers on here know best. Chamakh has done better in his first season than TH14 did. And then they bang on about how a player they’ve never heard of must be crap because they’ve never heard of him and how AW should check out this player or that player on youtube. If only they could understand how ridiculous they actually sound.

Moses Watasa

That Nasri and Fabregas are tired of the “stagnated” Arsenal FC is in “red and white”. It’s a tough call but a shrewd manager would sell these players and swiftly find replacements by 31st August 2011. But the post-2005 Arsene Wenger (that we now know) would most likely bank the cash for his predatory Board to munch other than re-invest it in quality signings. The uncertainty rumbles-on but a tricky CL play-off with Udinese is looming and cracking opening league fixtures are on the horizon. Typical Arsene Wenger is insisting with a clownish defence – they have been leaking and… Read more »

[…] was asked about the futures of Cesc and Samir Nasri and his expectation is that both will leave. He said: I think both of them are likely leaving the club. It’s a difficult situation for the manager. I […]

[…] following on from Marouane Chamakh’s claims yesterday over the futures of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, Arshavin says the ongoing sagas make an […]


Why dont we sell nasri and Cesc and get Snijder before Man U does?

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