Monday, June 17, 2024

Miyaichi granted work permit

Arsenal have been given a boost ahead of the new season by the news that Ryo Miyaichi has been granted a work permit to play in England next season.

There were fears that he would have to go out on loan again but an FA panel met today and awarded the permit under the ‘exceptional talent’ clause.

Arsene Wenger said, “We are absolutely delighted that Ryo has been granted a work permit. This is almost like a new signing for us, as we weren’t completely sure we would be given the authorisation.”

This will disappoint fans who will have to wait for Miyaichi to pick up a long term injury and then make a comeback before he can be completely like a new signing, but the Japanese youngster has impressed during pre-season.

“Ryo has natural technical ability”, Wenger continued. “He has good balance and phenomenal pace, and his passing and crossing is consistently of a high quality. He is a very exciting player. He had a successful time with Feyenoord in the Netherlands last season, who gave him the opportunity to play regularly, and we’re looking forward to his contribution this coming season with Arsenal”.

The 18 year old’s rise to Premier League football has been little short of meteoric. He was playing school football before he joined Arsenal officially in January 2011, before spending 5 months on loan at Feynoord.

Wax on, wax off.

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Cool! So we have the speedy winger type area covered…now for some defenders…


Agreed although I’m of the belief that we will sign a centre back of some description

Bendigo Shafter

Unlucky, Theo.




This is the start of Wenger’s revolutionary 2-7-1 formation.
“9-8, we’re gonna win 9-8”


Ha ha ha… good one there @James

Elizabeth Pope

“This will disappoint fans who will have to wait for Miyaichi to pick up a long term injury and then make a comeback before he can be completely like a new signing”
Brilliant! Love it!


Vintage Arseblog News!

This website is such a breath of fresh air.


AW is a wise guy so he uses his wording carefully. He put an “almost” before because like Arseblogger says he knew what Blogger knew


Arsene put “almost” because he is weary of Arseblog’s opinions :p
Brilliant remark, btw!


£20m for Nasri is looking mighty tempting after the last couple of days.

Another couple of young wingers signed by the end of the week and he can take the Citeh shekel, I reckon.


Good competition for those wide spots now, hopefully Arshavin feels a bit of a fire under his ample arse, and finds some inspiration.


Arshavin in the middle now… maybe


Not a bad call, actually.


I hope so, I think he’d be brilliant just behind RVP.


A new definition! Will ALNS be entering the arseblog lexicon Blogs?! I hope so 🙂

Really though, am interested to see what this guy can do, to jump into the Feynoord team last season and play well from school boy football is impressive.


I think you’re seriously underestimating the quality of high school football in Japan. It’s like the equivalent of League One, or so I hear.


Reh…Reague one…


arseblogger–you need to sign up witoldo and rvp1968–they had me cackling at my cubicle. cheers gentlemen.


Wow he actually said this is like a new signing… Hey we have new signings then two days in a row…

Monday: AOC
Tuesday: Ryonaldo


glad to hear some positve news for once, miyachi and oxlade pacy wingers that like to beat defenders fucking brilliant just need some experience now by actually playing games , that may meen vela to go out on loan and nasri the
c u n t to go eboue and bender to follow and the waiter which frees up a lot of wages to bring in the likes of juan mata and gary cahill well done wenger so far but make sure of these two signings this week and i think all the moaners will come crawling back lol


Arsene just has to keep coming up with new excuses for not making signings I guess. Great, though, although not sure quite how much an 18 year old with no Premier League experience will help us in his first season outside of the Carling Cup, but if he can go on loan to Bolton or something that would also be great.


Ya little Pea sucked for manure Dumbass


He’s very good at centre back too.
I can’t actually believe Wenger said he was like a new signing.

Rob c

Great news for him and the club but better news would have been the signing of a quality CB and LB and possibly a DM, our attacking options are already very good. I think that he plays on the left so Theo is safe but I would expect Theo to start as a central striker fairly soon anyway which I think will be his best position, instinctive striker without the need to think what he is going to do as he seems to cock this up. Ryo looks very good and if he can continue I would expect to seem… Read more »


RYODINHO! This is some fantastic news! The past two days have been the best of the transfer window thus far!


Sorry, can’t help myself:

From Wikipedia: In the 2010 season, Ryo’s team advanced to the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament but were defeated in the first round.

If Ryo can’t win trophies in high school tournaments, then what does that say

I kid, I kid…

chris mccarthy

I cant belive he actually said LANS


he said “almost LANS”. he knows what it takes to be LANS


He’s just toying with you now, of course.


Being Japanese you know the lad will have an exceptional work ethic, more than anything thats whats been missing throughout the squad in the last few lean years. I echo others sentiments in saying great news – now make with that new center back !


Jesus, he’s not working for Toyota.

He doesn’t really bust a gut Rooney style tbf.


Stereotype much?


Exactly. that was my point.


My reply was to Padwoir, of course.


Lansbury puts the LANS in Lansbury, or something.


I think people are missing Wenger’s subtlety. The phrase “like a new signing” is still exclusively for players coming back off injury. We now have a new phrase, “almost like a new signing” which is for work permit situations or perhaps players advancing from the academy to the first team. Wenger clearly intends to reserve LANS solely for injury purposes and I myself couldn’t be more relieved.


Can’t believe he’s bought a 17 year old winger and not a centre-half, the c… oh! This is good news! Look forward to seeing him play in the red and white of teh Arsenal.

Congratulations Ryu… Hadouken!

the king of the world

so sell cesc and nasri and replace with chamberlain and miyachi ! genius arsene !!


They both want to leave what do you want ?
I for one am glad to see us signing players who want to play for us not using us as a stepping stone


This is the only time when the phrase ‘like a new signing’ has been accurate.


How is Arsene exactly planning to play with Gervinho, Theo, AOC, Ryo and RvP? Is he on a serious mission to build two all-out attacking teams (one for the Cups and another for the League/CL?) with no defenders? Or is he keeping his ‘defensive cards closest to his chest’. Intriguing weeks ahead for the Arse!!


maybe he’s just gathering enough so we are covered when injuries strike.. like they always seem to do


“This will disappoint fans who will have to wait for Miyaichi to pick up a long term injury and then make a comeback before he can be completely like a new signing”



Hahaha!! ALANS!!! The inclusion of ‘Almost’ makes this mighty fine pronouncement indeed!


Eh?? Hard to believe this is the same website where the majority of comments were by certain “fans” calling for wengers head!! Its so much brighter here now, it used to be like gollums cave! except when there was the one article which allowed us to air our opinions on how much of a ginger cunt Paul scholes is 🙂 Anyways it’s great to see le boss make some progress, & while two young pacey wingers do not make a summer, I suspect the news of us signing a left back & or center back isn’t too far away. More… Read more »


hahah too right the ginger prick keeps shouting his mouth off in the press but didn’t say a word when he actually played the dirty fouling bastard man utd seem to have changed from tough tackling strong players to diving clones valencia nani the fanny and ashley young !!!!


I agree


Another ‘pacy’ player with ‘good technical ability’….ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz


So when teams park the bus Theo will be on the bench IMO if he doesn’t start playing up front. No sPace behind to exploit so better to have wingers who dribble at people.


Wax on, wax off!!


So we can gave ALANS and IANS (is actual new signing). I need to get out more…


I heard this kid is so down to earth that on day 1 of Arsenal training he went to collect the cones at the end!
Hopefully some of that can rub off on some of our primadonnas!!


maybe he just like cones


and who doesn’t?


@ yes

I can’t stop laughing!


Arsenal, FUCK YEAH!


The lad looks a bit good,
so it’s good news on two fronts:

He’ll play for The Arsenal
He will not play for Feyescum again.
(any longer at that club and his IQ would have plummeted …)


I can’t believe it’s not butter


This lad is pure class, fuck Utd’s Chickentikka!!! Give us Ryu Machida any day of the week!!

In arseblog we trust


Chickentikka loloool..

Ryobert Pires

Haha! Chickentikka!? Chickentikka!? Haha!


Nice 1 looked good in pre season. Saki all around 🙂


“maybe he really likes cones” haha. Loving the comments on this board. The lack of moaning is beautiful. Maybe the riots have given people perspective…but probably not. Now buy a fucking defender Wenger:)


All we need now is a blonde yank, a green monster with ginger hair and a skinny guy with an eye patch!!


Tsk, tsk. There were two blond Americans, and also a fat man from japan, among others, in SF2.




Really great to have a sports news site with a sense of humor, thanks Blogger!

Dr. B

Please sell Nasri immediately for 20 million. And for God sakes, use that money to purchase an excellent player!

i no nout

now if we could just get work permit for Dhalsim to play in goal we’d be sorted

Sonic boom


I’d rather have a sumo wrestler for the 1-v-1 situations. Super-fast reflexes, you see.


Hahahah I was going to go for streetfighter if I’d not picked machida


A little joke to brighten your day 🙂

So Wayne Rooney is in the shower, & he turns to Ferdinand and asks for some shampoo, who looks at him & says “Wayne u have your own sitting on the shelf in front of u”.. rooney looks at him, & says “I know, but it’s for dry hair, & mines wet”!!!

Fuck utd!!

Have a day
C’mon the gunners!!


*have a nice day*


Waiting for the day when le boss gets a haircut and we can say he is “like a new manager.”


I can’t stop laughing. You guys are greattt. Arsene, make us smile wider by addressing all the other problems. I’m stiff sure there’ll be a new centre back soonest. Wax on, Blogger. You are the best!

Yar She Blows

Surely with this and AOL yesterday, we can say goodbye to Eboue?! Sell him to the cocksuckspurs!


OMG this is more like it gooners! This is the first time all summer everyone is cheerful! Let’s keep it up as I can feel us getting two defenders and maybe Mata all before the weekend! (well you never know!!). Alex ox and now miyachi and they won’t need to be part of the 25 man squad as both under 21 so there is still plenty of room for experience! Ryo


alanis morissette

Almost like a new integrated signing, maybe overall readers sing songs explaining the talent exuded.

Looks like he is gonna do well, get baines, jags and Mata maybe a def mid and we will be set!


Lecoq 🙂
maybe even when he serves the touch line ban & returns, he’ll be ‘almost like a new manager’!!


Now I’m going to sleep & wake up tomorrow almost like a new man.

Midfield Corporal

We’ve had problems in the past breaking down sides that sit back and let us have possession where it doesn’t matter. I think Arsenes new 1-8-1 formation, with Squillachi as the sole defender is designed to draw the opposition forward then hit them on the break.

Where are all the moaners tonight. The cynic in me thinks they are looting The Angel high street, the lack of trophies being the perfect excuse to nick a telly.


Not beyond possible, is it?

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