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Exclusive: Arsenal confident of successful UEFA appeal

Arsenal are set to appeal Arsene Wenger’s two match ban, handed out earlier today by UEFA. The club believe they have a strong case and did not do anything last Tuesday night that was not already sanctioned by the European game’s governing body.

At the briefing before the game, Arsenal told the appointed UEFA delegate what they proposed to do and were given the OK. The delegate confirmed that Arsene Wenger could watch from the director’s box, could communicate with Pat Rice via telephone messages and could send instructions to Rice via a third party. He made it clear that Arsene could not go to the dressing room or speak to the players in person.

At half-time Arsenal were concerned due to reports about Sky’s in-game coverage of the incident and sought clarification from the UEFA delegate. The delegate, taking charge of a match in this role for the first time, sought clarification from UEFA by telephone and then, in front of witnesses, told Arsenal to continue as they had been.

The club sought further clarification as to whether this would bring charges from UEFA but the delegate would not be drawn on that. As he had told Arsenal to continue, Arsene Wenger carried on in the second half as he had in the first, under advisement from the Arsenal officials who had dealt with UEFA.

Shortly afterwards UEFA advised Arsenal that the club and manager had been charged.

The basis of Arsenal’s appeal will be that they, at all times, made it clear to UEFA what they planned to do and that UEFA had agreed to it, both before the game and at half-time when the delegate said they could continue as in the first.

The presence of witnesses will be key to the appeal from Arsenal’s perspective.

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Then why the fuck are UEFA charging Wenger? Surely it will make them look like fuckwits if they charged him then later dropped it in light of such evidence.

But then again, they are fuckwits.


Straight to the point – Fuckwits. So there’s no point expecting a good result to the appeal – without a bag stuffed full of money to buy them off

William Luck

Fuckwits? Remember Eduardo and his diving antics? They got us right and proper there didn’t they. Oh wait …


great news I’m ecstatic, my cup overfloweth, all my Christmases come at once. Speechless, beats a new signing or three. Am so fucking pissed off.

Mr Snail

At least we have our health…

wenger's missing cheeks

health? unless ankle injuries, back spasms and hamstring pulls are a good constituent of professional football.

wenger's missing cheeks

BAH! impossible. They’ll just dismiss the appeal. unless they can show video evidence of Mourinho doing the exact same thing without notice. He should ask Mou for advice though

wenger's missing cheeks

Just in: Stan Kroenke will serve 3 match ban for using his transfer funds in a way which doesn’t seem to give undeserved monetary value to sub par or untested English footballers.


I’ve been checking this bloody news every 10 minutes for I don’t know how long! Can’t you just do the decent thing and write an article about a sufficiently exciting player we may (or may not, PAH, as unlikely as that is)? Thanks. My next call will be to the Samaritans at this rate


The word is ripe Hatem Trabelsi will have a medical. Hope that helps


Sorry I missed out the word sign above. Mist have forgotten the word existed. Forgive me


A bit of positive thinking people. This is better than him not being present. I had thought on this subject that it would have been difficult to charge Wenger, as presumably uefa have no direct evidence of what was being said, we all could make reasoned assumptions, but surely evidence is required to call someone guilty.


Positive thinking = Sp*s are bottom of the league


Does seem harsh, and it always seems Arsenal are made the example of? ( maybe it’s just me being bias) I struggle to remember a season that has started with such bad feeling, preparation and lack of quality. Let’s just remember to keep cheering what ever team is put out and remember them boys need our support! Oh and fuck you uefa you sniffling crusty wank sock!


UEFA v FIFA. Who would win the battle for ultimate cuntery??


Phil Neville.


I am feeling quite positive about wednesday, and I never feel positive about anything. Gulp.


That’s it Mick you’ve said it, if we loose now it’s all your fault…..


Something tells me the witness will refuse that he told arsene something like that.

Arsene should come out against UEFA in open. It won’t help arsenal football wise but this will galvanize fans.

Lord Teddyears

Fuck em all we are Arsenal and we stand united in that we can’t stand united


Spurs are cunts.


Man U
Man City
Aston Villa
West Brom



Johnny D

This is from UEFA’s own rules……. Article 70 Ordinary enforcement of suspensions 1 A team manager/coach who is suspended from carrying out his function may follow the match for which he is suspended from the stands only. He may not enter in the dressing room, tunnel or technical area before or during the match, nor may he communicate with his team. 2 Suspensions imposed on a player/coach apply to both his capacity as a player and as a coach. 3 If a player who has been suspended for a minimum of three matches takes on the role of an official… Read more »


“nor may he communicate with his team.”

I hate to say it, but aren’t the other coaches part of the team? He was communicating to the team indirectly, so as the rule stands it looks like Arsene was in the wrong. However, the fuckwits at UEFA should have said that what was planned, was in contravention, so they are just as much to blame. UEFA should just drop it as the punishment was harsh in the first place.


I doubt whether coaches are part of the team: they certainly don’t appear on team sheets. Hence, …


Thanks JD. Better some research and info like this than yet another round of ranting. Much appreciated.


Well they could argue he communicated with the team via a third party, those pricks can do what they want really, hope we fuck them good and proper, we need Arsene on the bench Wednesday, cmon you goons!

Johnny D

But if we want to split hairs and I think we will have to…… It doesn’t state that we cannot use a third party. Uefa play dirty and so should we…… Fuck em!!

Johnny D

Argonaut….. your right but as I have said above if we are to win an appeal we have to be as pedantic as they are, so what if they see us as stroppy argumentative hair splitting wingers………… They are!


Last Year, I was still living in Switzerland and played football in Nyon, where UEFA is and I had a team mate working for them. Part of his job was to be a delegate at matches. His first ever game was in Amsterdam for Ajax’s third qualifying round in 2010. It seems the cunts use these “lower profile” games to throw in new delegates. What I guess happened is that the delegate at the Emirates was doing the job for the first time and might not have said the right things. I remember my mate saying he was so stressed… Read more »


He should be ban from all football related events, he is fucking awful, he doesn’t make much difference. I hate him with a difference. It’s almost Tuesday and no new signings, what are we going to do against Man U. The ban is not harsh enough he should be crucified………..

rectum spectrum

theres cutting off your nose to spite your face – and theres throwing yourself into a meet grinder…..


PNS (Probable New signing)
FRENCHIE doesnt buy anyone else. Anyone cares to join? #letsma


He was banned from the first leg and that’s the only goal in about 270 minutes o football for us.

North London is my home

Chill Guns,
He is not going to buy someone before we qualify for the champions league or not. It 20 million lost if we don’t and that would have a big effect on who is available to him. Let’s get behind the team and that includes Wenger! Let’s take each game as it comes, we may lose on Sunday but the league is a marathon not a sprint, I was proud against Liverpool as in the northbank we were 100 percent with thier team even after full time and that support will get us through.


[…] […]

Jeff the judgeB

I can see the future….. I see us out of the Champions League,a 4-0 hiding at Old Trafford. No players being bought Nasri going. Almunia and Bendtner staying. But everything will be ok as we have mental strength. Wenger was miles ahead when he first came to England in terms of ideas. He has now been caught up and passed. A season of discontent awaits. Sacked at Xmas ??

North London is my home

Ok Guns….


We need a manager who once played the sport, Wegner can only teach control and pass, the basic of the game.


yeah mate, tony adams worked out really well didn’t he.


Hey Adams is a great manager… the relegation zone in the Azerbaijan League is AMAZING and just what we need in a manager

T - 7 days


rectum spectrum

eh – wenger played as a defender for nearly a decade – scored 20 odd goals……

North London is my home

Let’s support the manager as what he has done for arsenal and Thr premiership has been amazing. We do not have billions at our disposal like city, Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. But still year in year out were always battling with them. Were is the recognition of this, you think he hasent been offered crazy money to leave from Madrid, Milan and PSG. He still stood buy us so let’s stand by him and the team and let’s smash the Italians on Wednesday!!!


oh well, when wenger is allowed into the dressing room again he will be LANS


Some Of you guys are completely nuts. Ok, Wenger (the board?) is fucking annoying at the moment but to wish him to die? Come on guys, are you just fucking glory hunters or what? If you’d want the guy to die because if his lack of buying you should rather support Citeh or Chelski!

Johnny D

Well said SG…….


Thanks blog! I think that guy should also be deleted from our fan base but there’s no IT way to do that!

rectum spectrum

we could tie the login name to the email address and not allow anonymous posts? like in bbc’s 606 – you set up an account, get a confirmation email.

OR! you could change the URL and email the location of the site to the regular followers/posters. Sort of like secret meetings on the internet. I would personally access the site from my smartphone, while wearing a mac and dark sunglasses, carrying abriefcase, in a trainstation waiting room. cool.

not sure what that would do for your advertising revenue……


here here. Go and read Le Grove if you want to slag the boss like that….dicks.


Let’s just go and get a result in Italy and hopefully start with some baby steps from there! Forget the United game on Sunday. They are different class to us at the moment. Champions League football will be a very welcome distraction this year. 2-1 to Udinese and Arsenal advances to CL proper!

[…] the same, Arsenal intend to appeal and are confident the appeal will be successful. As outlined in this Arseblog News piece, the club acted under advisement from UEFA at all times, there are witnesses to what the delegate […]

[…] the same, Arsenal intend to appeal and are confident the appeal will be successful. As outlined in this Arseblog News piece, the club acted under advisement from UEFA at all times, there are witnesses to what the delegate […]


wow just read the comments that mata rejected us in favor of chelsea makes me feel a little better as it shows we did put a bid in for someone…


What difference does it make if he is there or not. Its not like he has a plan B when we start losing the game.

rectum spectrum

do mean like bring Plan B out for a performance to distract the fans?

Mike Gooner

On the basis of this article and common bloody sense, how on earth those fuck-pigs at UEFA can charge Wenger, I’ve no idea whatsoever.

HOWEVER, you KNOW that they’ll uphold the charge somehow.

They are, and always have been an embarrassment to world football.

Corrupt Tossers.

Midfield Corporal

I understand that we also sought clarification from Uefa at half time that Paul Scholes is still a cunt. They confirmed for the record that he is and added a one match suspension to Arsenes ban because the request was deemed frivolous.

Stick it on me bonce

I’ve got a job inteview today

micky readman

Good luck mucka…..

i had a job interview 3 month ago for a new rail company, got the job, passed all the medicals/drugs tests and passed my pts rail safety course and im still waiting to actually start the job!!!!

its driving me mad!!!

[…] will of course appeal the ban and are confidant of having it overturned, although it is not quite clear how quickly any appeal […]

Midfield Corporal

Good luck Bonce. Where? Remember, shiny shoes and a firm handshake. Lots of eye contact.

[…] to an exclusive by Arseblog News, Arsene Wenger would be appealing against his 2 match ban. THAT'S RIGHT UEFA I'M […]

Stick it on me bonce

Harrods. Just finished and feeling positive! Now let’s hope are boys do the same in Italy tomorrow

T - 7 days

Granted, Platini and his hound bitches are flea ridden and fcuked in the head. They are wild (no direction) and need to fcuk something (it’s all been FIFA this, FIFA that lately)…….so they chose AFC. Whatever happens, a (maybe) bigger problem will remain i.e. Sky Sports. It’s like Muuuummmmeeeeeey, Ashley has his hand in the cooooookie jaaaarr again OR oh, ooooh Miiiiiiiisss, Rio’s eyes are glassy and he smells quite pungent. S-N-I-T-C-H-E-S, they incite controversy and will use that brown, wooden spoon until their arms resemble Popeyes’ – “Clockwise. Now, Anti-clockwise. Clockwise again. And…..two hands. Anti-clockwise. Now taste that shite.… Read more »


Come on Arsenal. Give us something to cheer about.
Would be nice to see the Hazard/ M’Villa deals go through, if indeed the reports are accurate, though admittedly I’ve never seen them playing outside Youtube but they fit the fans obligatory “good on FM2011”.

[…] that took place six months ago. Well, seems fair enough doesn’t it? Arseblog News have done an article that simplifies the situation pretty well. It seems like it was just a mis-understanding on the part of a UEFA official. As I said yesterday, […]

micky readman

we all know what will happen with this appeal lads, they will throw it out and give arsene a 4 game ban for trying to appeal the 2 game ban.



[…] Arseblog News believes that when Wenger’s appeal is heard by UEFA he will likely have the ruling overturned. […]

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