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Man U 8-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers

Tim from 7amkickoff here, utterly speechless at this point so here are some numbers:

1896 – Last time Arsenal allowed 8 goals in a game (Loughborough Town (a) 12 Dec 1896 Lge Div 2)
2001 – Previous biggest ever defeat under Arsene Wenger (1-6 Manchester Utd (a) 25 Feb 2001 Lge)
2 – League goals scored by Arsenal so far this season
10 – League goals scored against Arsenal so far this season

15 – Minutes straight that the Arsenal away fans sang “We love you Arsenal”

24 – Shots by Man U
14 – Shots on goal Man U
14 – Shots by Arsenal
8 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
2009 – Last time Arsenal allowed 14 shots on goal in a League game (4-4 Liverpool (a) 21 April 2009 Lge)
2011 – Last time Arsenal allowed a team to create 24 shots in a League game (4-4 Newcastle (a) 5 February 2011 Lge)
1 – Number of League games that Arsenal has created more than three shots on goal this season
18 – Points Arsenal has earned in 17 matches since the Carling Cup collapse (DDDWDDWDDLWLLDDLL)

4 – Penalties Howard Webb has awarded refereeing three Arsenal matches at Old Trafford (2 each)
0 – Webb penalties Arsenal has converted at Old Trafford
3 – Consecutive League matches Arsenal have been shown a red card
13 – Days before Arsenal can get another red card

226 – Passes by United in the first half
202 – Passes by Arsenal in the first half
560 – Passes by United at full time
430 – Passes by Arsenal at full time
100 – Percent chance I’m boring even myself with this inanity

9 – Goals scored by Robin van Persie in his last 12 games
2 – Consecutive matches that Robin van Persie has scored a goal
2 – Consecutive matches that Theo Walcott has scored a goal
4 – Goals scored by Theo Walcott in his last 5 games
1 – Assists by Carl Jenkinson this season


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Make it stop.

Bob the Gunner

i need a beer…


Hi Tim.

I feel sick.


Bunburyist, join ja606!


Funny how Arsene didn’t use the usual “young team we have” explanation for the loss…..cause we had the same average age as utd today….
Hard to see that he just won’t by quailty and experience to mix with the youth.
It’s just so frustrating to see us fall apart at such a quick pace :(:(:(


United and Arsenal fielded teams of roughly the same average age, but when you compare the cost of those sides, there’s no comparison.

United have invested in quality youth. Arsenal have invested in League One.

And it shows.


this quote pissed me off… today it felt like it was true:

“Average age of today’s starting 11s: Man Utd 23 v Arsenal 23.6. Quality youth vs Average youth. The Arsenal myth exposed.”


Join ja606!

down we go with wenger

i hope this is a wake up call for wenger. its embarassing. i wasnt expecting a win but i definately would not take a trashing against our old rivals. i beg someone at the emirates do something quick. this will give a signal to other teams that we can be easily beaten.


I knew this was coming. My prediction was a repeat of the 6-1 from 10 years ago. Hopefully, this will finally convince Arsene that we need to spend big, otherwise it’ll be us and the Spuds competing for Europa League. If we’re lucky!


The only thing that makes the defeat a little bit better is that Spurs also took it up the arse yesterday. Downward spiral for both clubs and I fear soon enough the North London derby will be an affair as devoid of quality as all those midland Derbies.


The board should speak to Arsene tomorrow and tell him that at the end of the meeting the board are making a press release.

Whether its his resignation, his ‘promotion’ to the board or his firing is up to him.

Our teams have had the same failings for a long time with no improvements and his behaviour in this transfer window bring a whole new level to the word “inept”. Enough is enough.

Johnny Massacre

I can’t understand people who say sack Wenger and don’t say who to replace him. If he is sacked now, what on earth are we going to do?


Well right now, I’d say just about anyone.


At the moment anyone is better than Arsene


…but getting Squillaci back after the break will be like a new signing.


Gervinios Forehead

Kronke is a CUNT… The board are tight sphinctered CUNTS..
Eerily similar to the going ons at the mugsmashers during the Gillete/Hicks period…. Another greedy yank cunting a premiership club…..CUNTS!!!!!

Lord Teddy Ears

you speak the truth




Easy to say “spend some fuckin money”. But good players don’t want to come to a team that gets hammered 8-2. Unless you tempt them with city-money, which we don’t. Not expecting any super-players. But some useful additions should do.

ack ack ack

the chant should be “SHOULDA SPENT some fuckin money” because we weren’t in this position 2 months ago – this mauling was abjectly embarrassing, and you can’t say we didn’t deserve it. we all knew what the problems were back in may, and not only have we not addressed them, we’re weaker in those AND other areas. and we will we not just have serious problems bringing in new players, but if you were RvP, TV5, etc… how much longer would you feel like sticking around?


i think all us supporters who pay money to watch that crap should march on the club asap wenger out


Wow 8 goals, 8 goals, no matter how many times I say it or think it, it just doesn’t seem real, does it?? I simply cannot believe even if he does buy that with only 3 days left that he’ll get anything close to top quality, wow 8 goals…. So whats next, do we really have to lose our CL spot for someone to wake up at AFC?? Will it take RVP and Theo leaving next summer?? What is it gonna take for someone their to wake up and realize that there is something seriously wrong with the way this… Read more »

Danish Gooner

Would Arsenal have been skint if they had bought players like United,off course not.We have wasted millions upon millions on second and third rate dross.When United paid 25 mil for Rooney,Wenger said we couldnt afford him but 6 months later we spunked almost 15 mil on Antonio Reyes.




New signings, proven quality signings or write the season off completely and potentially end up in the footballing wilderness, even Liverpool have spent £100m in the past 12 months and they aren’t going to do better than 4th at best.

We need to spend just to keep up, The club can’t rely on financial fair play – it just won’t ever happen.


1. Straw that broke the camels back




Fans deserve a bit of transparency. Is there money available? If so why hasnt it been spent etc etc etc etc


Wenger has already said he gets a bonus based on profits. There you go. Having said that no same manager could turn a blind eye to our shortcomings. I believe there is more than meets the eye in all this. The board are to blame, don’t think they are making the cash available. They need to go and rich Arabs come in. Otherwise we’ll fall further and further behind, as I don’t think the new rules on sustainability will make much difference. BTW Dojourou is crap!! The guy needs to stop clubbing and concentrate on his trade or he’ll be… Read more »


muck and worse of all i have to go home and the lad who lives next door is a man scum fan might move out


1,000,000 – the number of years we wil be shit until we get rid of Kroenke and this god awful board. Don’t turn on the manager, the owner and board have got to go.

Gervinios Forehead

Agree… The board are CUNTS…. doing to us what Gillette/Hicks did to mugsmashers….


See, I told you lot that the game was close…


close to a cricket score


worst result for 115 years – says it all really.

silent stan to fuck off


Credit to all the gunners who sang like we were up 8-2, and silenced out the manu fans from what i could hear at home on the TV. Fucking brilliant, and we are gonna need that spirit in all of our games if we are to pick up this club.

Wilshere tweeted: I heard all the Arsenal fans singing! You my friends are a fucking (excuse the language) inspiration to Arsenal Football club and i love you.

Result was a disgrace though, and something needs to be done within the next three days.


Wenger has 3 days to save his job. Nothing less than 3 top class signings will do – a CH, a LB and a midfielder (Cahill, Baines, Arteta?)
Crap like Squillaci, Almunia, Traore and Chamakh must NEVER be seen in an Arsenal shirt again.
Kids like Jenkinson need time to develop.
Djourou is at best a squad player.
Arharvin needs an ultimatum – do the business of face the next 3 months in the reserves.


Gazidus out! Kroenke out!

Fucking incompetent greedy useless cunts.


Gazidis out! Kroenke out!

Fucking incompetent greedy useless cunts.


8 number or goals scored by united, number of first team players missing today. That’s an easy explanation monsier Wenger. Spend the fucking money. Watching Arsenal today was like watching your wife getting raped. 3 days left to make it right. Over to you Arsene.


Buy some fucking player….. Excuse my French!!! But I’m really pissed off today cause I thought if we had a good team out there….. We could of give them a run for their money they were there for the taking….. Till Young scored just after VP missed the pen….


same shit worse day 6 years of wenger lies if u were in a job for 6 years and not getting the tools u needed u would leave right not lie for your bosses wenger runs that club from top to bottom and thats the prob he is a football manger he should not care how much something costs if he needs it to make his team better it should be done

Gervinios Forehead

One of Wengers weakness… loyalty to his paymasters…. The greedy CUNTS! Sack the CUNTING board! F’ing yank cuntbiscuit… By Wednesday we will all know the boards intentions…

Tee-O 9

I agree, I see Wenger right now as just a puppet of the board. We saw what happened to Keegan at Newcastle when he revealed his dissatisfaction with Mike Ashley & Co, then all of a sudden he resigns. So it’s really the board which need to go, because fair enough if Wenger leaves we’ll have a manager with new ideas but no real freedom under the money lovers who seem to care not an ounce about the fans. We need a board which sincerely cares about Arsenal. Someone like Dave Whelan at Wigan, a genuine footy man, who promised… Read more »


Are we really gonna get to Wednesday without a decent signing. This summer has been nothing more than a disgrace. I’m really beginning to think there is something strange going on in with the board and the money. I don’t know what, but i can’t think of any other reason for so many blatant very bad decisions thoughout!


Despite everything all the negativity that surrounds us at the moment still believe (go ahead and question my sanity if you like) that it it will be us and Liverpool competing for 4th place, jenkinson as shown a lot of promise in the few games that he has featured in and was played out of position, song who was one of our stars in midfield in the CL games was out, Diaby and the nuisance quotient that his legs bring were missed tonight, not to forget wilshire, so yes, while this result isn’t truly representative of the quality of our… Read more »

micky readman

i was allways told if you have nothing good to say……



going to get drunk and wish i found a hot tub time michine to head back to a happer time 1998 hum


Wenger MUST reveal his restrictions to buying/refusing to pay high wages by the board. This is a similar situation to Liverpool when the two Americans were ripping their club apart but Rafa got all the blame instead. Same is happening at Arsenal where the board are against each other but, as Wenger cannot do his job properly, Arsene gets all the blame. So for those who say sack Wenger also name his replacement because I assure you Wenger haters he is doing more than one job at Arsenal, he not just a football manager like when he was when Dein… Read more »

Gervinios Forehead

Agree wholly… The board are CUNTING US OVER…. Fans need to stop letting the yank cunts pull wool over their eyes… wake up, realize what’s going on, organize & take back our club.


On official site wengers was asked about wages. The more you piece this together the more that Internet report about arsenes hands being tied and at odds with the board makes sense maybe it ain’t his fault and he’s going for players that the board will let him rather than those he nos he needs but can’t pay the wages … No apologist for wenger see previous posts but a strange question to ask and to answer just after


Never thought it would get that bad… did anyone notice where anderson was standing for *both* of rooney’s freekick goals? noticed szcz smiling at him on the first one, obstructing the keepers view and helping the kicker line up the shot? surprised we didn’t learn from the first one but… when it rains it pours I guess. I know there will be a tidal wave of Wenger out now… but really, who is going to come in? and I have a hard time putting all the blame on Wenger, the board is doing what right now??? I don’t think anyone… Read more »


0 – Percentage chance Wenger will still have his job by Christmas.

1 – way ticket for that fucking mute yank cunt, that is currently bleeding us dry.


while agree that new signings are needed, are problems are much deeper then that, we need new coaching and fitness staff. why on earth do we play such a high line when it clearly leaves us exposed is beyond me, it didn’t work last season and is not working now (there’s a shocker). Some serious changes are needed with the our whole system of play.

Bromley Gooner

What the fucking fuck was Traore doing playing for my club he is dreadful I used to think he had something no wonder we lost so badly we played with 10 men even before carl got sent off, Traore needs to go he was shocking !!


10000000% agreed


And I quote (loosely):

“We don’t need to buy a left back because we have Kieran Gibbs and Armand Traore so we are O.K. in that position”.

Evidence if ever there was of Wenger’s self-delusion.


who is Paul Merson to judge Arsene? good footballer . … yes,but also a degenerate clown. In Wenger we trust


I bet you believe in the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, Martians and black magic, too!

board game

Wenger shows the board that he NEED$ the money…

william montgomery

I feel for the fans that travel all over the place and support arsenal threw thick and thin, and have to bare witness to that tanking the day. The away fans the day did us proud by singing for long spells in the match and trying to get behind the team. These fans are paying five star Michelin restaurant prices and then gettin served big mac and fries for their main course. It cant keep on like this. Some one in the heiracy has to bare responsibility for the state of the club at the minute. The least the Arsenal… Read more »


do the board care? or are they happy to keep making money? Arsene needs time


Get rid of those fucking yank cunts too. Bring in the Ruskies,.


Listening to all those players leaving Arsenal speaking about Wenger in positive terms make you think that the problem isn’t with him but the board. His hands might be tied when it comes to transfers, but then again, the team around him (scouting etc) isn’t of the same caliber it used to be.


@AvenellRoad – because the board won’t pay them either. Pure example is when Real Madrid got our groundsman by paying him what he wanted. The man did a brilliant job with our pitch but the board had the nerve to think he started getting greedy.

william montgomery

He needs a good kick up the Arsenal… He had six years, How much longer does he need???


Either one of two things are happening:

Wenger has the money available for signings and is refusing to spend it unless he gets “value for money”.

Or the Board have told him that he must spend as little as possible and just try to remain in the top four.

As fans, we deserve to be told the truth.

We are going nowhere under this Wenger/Kronkie partnership.

Johnny Massacre

If I could be arsed I’d research some facts before making these statements, but here goes anyway. I think Arsenal football club have become something of an anomaly in football. Even though we qualified for the Champions League last year, and did well for a while, we consistently set records of … of shitness. It’s amazing that even the teams below us — FAR below us — hadn’t set these kind of shit records before. Once upon a time we set records of greatness. But last season we threw away a FOUR GOAL lead in the SECOND HALF. We conceded… Read more »


Dave, I think you’re right, it’s not all on Wenger. Odd things happening at board level. You wonder though if Wenger was so restricted by them, surely he would have to say something or walk away?
I don’t understand this massive reluctance to spend. It can’t be all financially motivated, it nearly cost us our £25mil of champions league money. Massive 3 days ahead. If he fails to strengthen and the squad are this poor in a season where ticket and membership prices have risen we could see a very empty emirates and some seriously pissed off fans.

Johnny Massacre

Wenger has too much class to make petty public statements like Bolton, etc.

Johnny Massacre

Erm, and someone please tell me what Kroenke has to do with ANY of this?

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