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Match Report: Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal

Manchester United inflicted the worst defeat of the Arsene Wenger era as they recorded an 8-2 win against an inexperienced and frail Arsenal side. Wayne Rooney did the damage with a hattrick, Ashley Young grabbed a brace, while Park Ji-Sung and Danny Welbeck piled on the misery for the Gunners. Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott did get on the scoreline, but a missed penalty by the Dutchman at 1-0 down proved incredibly costly.

Where to start? Well let’s be honest, we knew this was going to be an uphill struggle the moment the team news was confirmed.

Without the departed Fabregas and Nasri, with Wilshere, Diaby, Song, Vermaelen and Gibbs injured, Gervinho, Frimpong and Song suspended and Sagna taken ill, Arsene Wenger had little choice but to raid the Academy for a few youngsters to make up the numbers.

Wojciech Szczesny retained his place in goal, in front of him Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou took up the centre-back positions flanked by Armand Traore and Carl Jenkinson on the left and right of respectively. In midfield Tomas Rosicky and Aaron Ramsey were joined by young Frenchman Francis Coquelin. Up front we looked relatively strong with Andrey Arshavin and Theo Walcott wide of Robin Van Persie. On the bench, the recognisable Fabianski and Chamakh were joined by Ignasi Miquel , Henri Lansbury, Oguzhan Ozyakup, Alex Chamberlain and Gilles Sunu.

The opening exchanges proved nervy, but relatively controlled. United had a couple of wayward efforts on goal from Danny Welbeck, but for the most part Wenger’s boys kept the ball well enough and moved forward with pace.

Ramsey was more imposing than he had been against Liverpool and Rosicky’s experience proved useful as he talked Coquelin through the first 15 minutes. The Frenchman, in tough circumstances, did well. Having spent last season on loan in Ligue 1 with Lorient, he was snappy in the tackle, decisive in his passing and showed more discipline in his positioning than Frimpong had done a week earlier.

It became apparent very early on that United were more than happy to slow the game down and then use their pace on the wings to penetrate down the flanks. They created little to start, although they impressed with their pressing of our defence.

On 22 minutes United scored and it was the softest of goals to concede. A ball into the box by Evra was cleared by Koscielny but when Anderson returned it with a dinked chip to the six yard box, Johan Djourou allowed the ball to bounce and Welbeck headed in from close range. It was poor from the Swiss, left Szczesny completely exposed and saw him glared at with rage by Koscielny.

In the build-up to the goal, Jenkinson and Walcott had exchanged angry words about the room Evra was finding down the United left. Whatever they said to each other it didn’t seem to solve the problem as the Frenchman immediately found himself free again moments after the restart.  We looked shaky.

Five minutes later, and pretty much out of the blue, Howard Webb awarded Arsenal a penalty. Walcott was pulled down in the box by Jonny Evans and Robin van Persie stepped up to take the spot kick. He missed with a tepid effort which David de Gea tipped around the post. In tough circumstances you need your experienced players to step up; the Dutchman on this occasion did not. You sensed, as with Wednesday’s spot kick miss by Udinese, that it might be a defining moment.

As expected our fears were proved correct. Ashley Young went up the other end and curled in a superb effort from 25 yards out. There we were 2-0 down and not playing that badly, but confidence being pummelled all the same. The travelling fans looked dejected.

On the half hour Arshavin hit a low shot which caused de Gea all sorts of problems, Van Persie did well to react quickly to the rebound but again he couldn’t beat the Spaniard. As was the pattern of the game, United counter-attacked immediately and nearly scored a third after a Rooney cross was headed goalwards by Welbeck.

For some reason Andrey Arshavin decided it was his day to be the Arsenal hard man. He was booked after 15 minutes for a bad challenge on Phil Jones and followed it up with a further foul on Young which could easily have seen him red carded. It’s a pity his efficiency in the foul wasn’t matched by efficiency in the final third – too often the ‘final product’, of which Arsene Wenger speaks so often, was lacking from the Russian.

Jenkinson continued to be given a torrid time by Ashley Young and it was little surprise that the Charlton acquisition got his positioning wrong on 40 minutes and resorted to dragging down the England winger. It earned him a booking, but the punishment didn’t stop with a card. Wayne Rooney took the resulting free-kick from the edge of the box and nonchalantly clipped it in the top corner to make it 3-0. It was lambs to the slaughter stuff and the United fans sang, “You’re going down, going down, going down.” As the minutes ticked to half-time it felt like we might well be.

Three seconds before the end of the allotted injury-time Theo Walcott scored our first league goal of the season. Put through by Tomas Rosicky he slid a tidy finish between de Gea’s legs to make it 3-1. You wanted to think it gave us something to build on, but you also sensed it was a mere consolation. Did you celebrate? I didn’t. Although, I did afford myself a wry smile when Twitter was awakened by tweets proclaiming a 4-3 comeback.

On any other day you suspect Arsene Wenger might have subbed Arshavin at half-time, but with a dearth of options on the bench the Russian reappeared to continue his testing of Howard Webb’s surprising leniency.

Szczesny was forced into an early save from an Ashley Young strike as United started again at full steam. Then on 52 minutes Robin van Persie had a chance to further reduce the deficit. Tomas Rosicky played a delightful floated ball to the striker who volleyed low towards the corner. Only a smart save from de Gea stopped the captain’s effort. The Arsenal fans were in full voice, superbly singing their way through the pain.

Arshavin then found his way into the box having skipped free of Phil Jones; he seemed destined to score, but dragged his shot wide under pressure from Evans. The Gunners were showing real heart, but without the necessary cutting edge in front of goal. United for their part continued to prove dangerous and had three gilt edge chances to hit a fourth.

On the hour Alex ‘the Ox’ Chamberlain came on for his Arsenal debut. The 17-year-old, who featured against the Red Devils for Southampton in last season’s FA Cup, replaced Francis Coquelin in the centre of the park. Unfortunately, it was a bit too much of an ask for him to score a hattrick.

In the 64th minute, Rooney finally killed the game off. Earning a free-kick from a Djourou foul, he again took responsibility for the set piece, wrong-footed Szczesny (again) and curled past the Pole for a second time. Four goals conceded, three from unstoppable long distance efforts. It wasn’t Arsenal’s day.

The fifth wasn’t long coming. Nani found himself completely free in the middle of the box from a pass by Rooney and the Portuguese winger had all the time in the world to lob over Szczesny. It was nearly six when Rooney hit the post on 69 minutes. It was six when substitute Park tucked home as the ball stayed in play. Jesus. 20 minutes to go and we were being slaughtered. If you’re still reading at this point; fair play.

Surprisingly, we actually bagged another goal. Robin van Persie going some way to atoning for his penalty miss by lashing home from three yards out. 6-2 and the first time we’d scored twice at Old Trafford in the Premier League era. I apologise for rolling out such a crappy stat at a time like this.

Carl Jenkinson then got sent off for bringing down substitute Javier Hernandez. Our third game of the season, our fourth red card. We couldn’t even scream blue murder at referee Howard; he had to give it and was nice enough to only flash a second yellow rather than a straight red. Theo Walcott went back to right-back…and promptly gave away a penalty. Rooney scored to seal his hattrick and take the score to 7-2. “Sacked in the morning,” the United fans sang at Wenger. We all know he won’t be, but he will be under pressure to make sure this never happens again.

Van Persie and Walcott were taken out of the firing line and Lansbury and Chamakh came on to play out the last seven minutes. In injury-time Ashley Young scored a carbon-copy of his first by crashing home another great curled effort to make it 8-2.

Thankfully, Howard Webb ended the nightmare by blowing for full time straight after the re-start.

It was Arsenal’s worst defeat in 115 years, when we conceded eight to Loughborough in 1896. Its two victories in 14 matches in the Premier League. It’s the worst run of form since Arsene Wenger took over in 1996. We’ve taken one point from the first three games of this season and we look to be in trouble.

It can only get better. It has to get better.

A quick tip of the cap to the travelling Arsenal fans who sang their hearts out throughout; you did us proud.

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But our away fans are fucking incredible. Singing their hearts out all the second half, regardless of the score. The Arsenal board don’t deserve such unflinching support.


Expected together hammered but not like this.


Expected to get hammered but not like this.


On our 125th anniversary….FORWARD ARSENAL…
A fucking disgrace!


trust me mate .. it will be an anniversary that will be remembered and spoke of for the next 50 years (for all the bad reasons) !

But who cares, right? the board got their money from all the 125-kit sales .. and the player sales .. and well .. we are shat on again …

Wenger and PHW to burn at the stake before this season is over ..

Uncle pats rice

Spend some fucking money!!

I don’t care if this is aimed at AW or the board, you are destroying our club


It’s going to be a long painful season


when is the shrieking with are arms in the air running round a park going to happen bloggs

I thought howard webb had a good game today


I hope this wakes Wenger up because that is the worst I have ever seen any arsenal team play! And teams who are fighting relegation will go there and play much better than that!


Agreed ind, their non stop singing in the second half deserved so much more


Answer no doubt will be 2 half decent signings from the French league. I really am shell shocked. I expected to lose, but we were worse than terrible. Somebody’s head has to roll for this start to the league and for this wasted summer.


Fuck this… That’s horrific. We’re not even going to remain in the premier league like this 🙁


The supporters were magnificent… They deserve better.

We’ve got the interlull to sort it out… doesn’t look promising.

George Blazenby

Wasn’t it the worst defeat of all time?!


Felt like it, I would have accepted a tough defeat, and I know united look great, but that was absolutely unacceptable and embarrassing. How can we expect our youngsters to develop having to play through that kind of beating. Arsenal fans supported the team beyond expectation, as others said deserved so much better

Uncle pats rice

At least we have more in the bank than them


Best thing that could of happened to us, if that doesn’t dock the board into running the club like a football club and not a business then nothing will


I totally agree! Sad Thing is after Wenger’s comments today, it don’t look like happening.




It’s time, Arsene.


Gazidis Kroenke even Wenger the fans will NEVER forgive you for this!go fuck yourselves with your fists full of cash!

Tired of this

Too right. I refuse to forgive Wenger for the mauling we got at spurs a few years ago. Every manager adapts his team’s game according to the opposition they face. Not Wenger, instead he lines up with a team that have rarely all played together against the might of United, playing a formation they would always get destroyed playing. Relegation sides set themselves up better than we were today. We all knew we’d lose, but to loose 8-2 is not only an embarrassment it’s a justification that our manager is past it. His behaviour on the touchline today resembled a… Read more »


This is pathetic. Why are we playing with three (plus 2) rookies in the third round? And clearly, these new players are not “top quality”. These results don’t make it easier to attract top players – who would want to leave Inter or Valenci to play alongside Jenkinson and Traore and get spanked 8-2? We’ll have to settle for unknowns or average players from now on.


Really how long can this carry on ffs. Jenkinsom is way way out of his depth traore is a complete joke and arshavin has his worst game since his last worst game against Liverpool. Totally overrun in midfield Ramsey again a poor poor game. And we spend 3 million on a unknown from a relegated French team. You couldn’t make it up. Wenger or the board or both need to account for this shambles it’s a disgrace the way the club is being run. Season over 3 games in and mid table beckons. Fucking joke don’t even come close hey… Read more »


Well played the away fans. As for the team/board/manager…..well.


Seriously, if Wenger does not spend every available penny to turn this shit around, he can just fuck off!

How humiliating.





It’s the end of Wenger, there is no way back from this.

The board can fuck off too.

I think we should boycott the Emirates, untill steps are taken to sort this shit out.

Uncle pats rice




LC gooner

lets hope pride has been damaged and we see them try to redeem themselves…

Uncle pats rice

Wot are talking about?

Uncle pats rice

What are you talking about LC? Whose pride … The team? I bet they are destroyed, or the board who clearly could not give a fuck?


Firstly, Kudos to the away fans, passionate as it gets.
Arsene really fucked this up. With a makeshift and ultimately ramshackle defence, he told them to attack, away at manure, are you fucking kidding me?
One of the worse defences I have ever seen lose a player.. And what do you do? You swap out two attacking players for s defender.. On wait a minute, of course you don’t you bring ob two more attackers… Fuck off you twar!!!


“Time, gentlemen, please!”
“Taxi for Mr Wenger!”
“Game Over. The End.”
“Time to do the honourable thing …”

Pick your slogan: Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger, are done. Arsenal for at least 3-5 years, and Arsene, I suspect for good, even if he does go on to manage France in semi-retirement.

The forthcoming book, however, should be well worth the read!

PS I blame Kroenke and Gazidis, but that particular blame game is over too …


Well at least they didn’t get ten…..whatever.


Utterly humiliating. And another thing, it is now painfully we can’t compete with players like Johan “the ponderous”Djourou, Andrei “I play as if I were blind in one eye” Arshavin, and Armand “I’m fucking worthless” Traore. Oh well. I feel a bit calmer now. Sorry for the obscenities.


The slow downfall of the Arsenal. Wenger’s too proud for drastic changes (and nor is the Board!) and even if so, it’s very late already. Makes me sad, just compare this (whole) team with the one from 5-6 years ago, no match. 8-2 is an unacceptable score. What player would like to come and play in such a team?


Nothing slow about it I’m afraid


What was that man !!!
i wanna cry !
But finally Arshavin played well and also Rosciky and Ramsey were also very good. But our defence was pathetic collectively.


“arshavin played well” Are you serious? He was absolutely atrocious. He should have been sent off in the first half. Just didn’t care and we did get the ball going forward, he shanked it out of bounds. If Wenger has guts, he should sell Arshavin back to Zenit. Andrei didn’t play against udinese so he’s not cup-tied for the Champs League. I’d rather go to war with untalented kids who care (like Jenkinson) than paycheck thieves like Arshavin. Also, Djourou is not a premier league quality defender. Our defense weren’t third or fourth choice; they were immediate backups. We have… Read more »

The pope

At least we’ve got more points than spurs


What a complete cunt fest, just fuck off now Wenger, get a new manger in right now and give the fucking war chest to Glenn fucking Roeder for all I care, just spend some cunting money you fucking shower of shit club, that I used to love!


Fuck off Wenger, fuck off Stan the fucking deaf and dumb septic tank, yank nonce Kroenke, fuck the lot of you poxy cunts!


do you feel better now? 😉

The pope

*more point


Kudus to pope…
Oh yeah… And Nasri is a cunt!!!


A cunt but a successful cunt. He ripped Spurs apart today. Cesc also scored a great goal against Porto. And Juan Mata looks a gem. Fuck me.


nasri reminded us today how awesome he is. he is a massive loss, probably bigger than cesc…

vox in Oz

speechless… Have a good look at yourselves/board/wenger whoever. Big time difference in australia, glad i stayed up till 3am warching this. $$$Cunt$$$ had a good game for City…. glad we got something out of that deal… afterall its only the third round?? Now jenkinsons sus. i hear the under 12 right back is taking over… super quality.


Sorry but sack him now just seen him on sky and he’s in denial still sorry arsene but if ya can’t see it then its time to go sad day


Where is the yellow man.. The double d… The oligarcloving cunt… At least he knew hoe to buy and sell players…


Half way through this, I expected Allen to go–fuck this shit. We sucked. We will get better. The traveling fans were unbelievable.


I think its crazy that a club the size of Arsenal have not got enough quality players for every position. Players like Jenkinson and Coquelin and even Ramsey Traore are players still learning there trade and shouldn’t have to be relied on this heavily. Its just disgraceful that the club have allowed us to get into such a position as every time we have won trophies in Wenger’s reign there has been a huge plethora of experienced talent.


Well done to the away support that’s the only positive from today. Djourou played like stepanovs and traore isn’t worthy if a reserve team place. I’m still in shock


8 fucking 2… 8…. Fucking 8…. Fuck off… Fuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is what happens if you fuck about all summer and don’t strengthen. Merson made a good point on Sky’s coverage. We had 8 players missing. Which of those 8 would start for United?


You have turned us into a laughing stock, WBA only lost 2.1. Any players still interested in joining after that? Players coyldnt give a shit, counting down the days untill their contracts run out. Its time to go Mr Wenger, I wont insult you as others are but your time is up, we need someone new in right now to try to salvage our season. Leeds United anyone?


Lambs to the slaughter!!!


I hope the players issue an apology to the fans


well .. Wenger didn’t .. and that shows how much he has us on his mind


This is….. I feel sick. I have to work tomorrow but I dont know if I can…. This is just so utterly devastating that it doesn`t feel humanly possible to ever get back from. Arsene will have to go after this and if they had any dignity so should silent Stan and Gazidis for making this summer the summer of all fuck ups. Amazing how mismanaged this club is at the moment.



I don’t often agree with the masturbation addict Merson, but lambs to the slaughter was right.
Now fucking fans have to take shit over this result for fucking ages, because some cunt won’t do what needs to be done.



Exactly right. We threw kids out who took a right beating and we can only hope it doesn’t fuck them up. Wenger should be thoroughly fucking ashamed of himself.


We are spending some money though… On an unknown south korean who’s only played in the equivalent of the championship. Oh and Arshavin? Played well? Wtf? Who’ll be held accountable? Likely not the people that should. Did anyone notice how neither theo or vp would look at Wenger on their way off the pitch?


Van persie deserves better than this, lucky he didn’t storm up the tunnel


he doesn’t but…..that penalty was shocking. he should have hammered it in the top corner.


This is going to hurt for a very long time…


I don’t know what to say to that. Soo unfair on the kids. To be thrust in at the deep end and have their confidence hit by such a defeat. I hate to say it but Fergie seems to have got the whole kids playing football memo before wenger did. And this is coming from a staunch wenger supporter… Ok maybe am just freaking disappointed.

Not sure if Nasri is cunt even sounds or feels any better! It’s that bad


Shut you you moron.


Shut up you moron.


Sorry Ghana that comment was aimed at A Gunner not you, my phone tooled out.


Could be worse though. A full strength Spurs side lost 5-1 at home and are bottom of the league.


And we’ll be joining them soon!

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