Monday, July 22, 2024

Striker linked as Carling Cup draw made

Reports from France suggest Arsenal could be on the brink of signing Monaco’s South Korean striker Park Chu-Young.

Park was due to join Lille, but apparently left midway through his medical tests there to travel to London to join Arsenal. Lille’s president Michel Seydoux said, “Park went to England, apparently to Arsenal. We are stunned by this unacceptable behaviour.”

BBC’s football reporter, David Ornstein, has confirmed with Lille that Park is on his way to sign for the Gunners. More on this as we get it.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have been drawn against Shrewbury Town in the 3rd round of the Carling Cup. The game will take place at the Grove in the week beginning Sept 19th.

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he can play central defence too


I look forward to him having a fruitful Korea at Arsenal.

*Get’s coat*


Oh come on Blogs! Where is your sense of humour? Have you no Seoul!?

*punches self in face*


Cracking jokes!

George Blazenby

hahahahahaha. champions

Professor Plum



He’ll shoot
He’ll score
He’ll eat your Labrador
Park chu Young


Oh Dear Me….


brilliant. Do they sell hot dogs at the stadium?


Fantastic bad taste ! but fantastic.

George Blazenby

he’ll eat your labrador?!?!

Samir Nasri

Mate that was fucking too funny


I’m south korean but I don’t think he will be good to us
He will just be like chamakh or below


Go on….

All I know about him is that he’s under six foot, so I’d have assumed he was a very different type of player to Chamakh.




Also he has to go for the millitary even is something happens


Umm, I know youtube isn’t a completely reliable body of evidence but he looks like he’s a damn sight more versatile than Chamakh here –

Some nice touches, decent finishing, looks technically adept and unlike Chamakh can run TOWARDS the goal


Hes nothing like chmakh, MC loves receiving crosses which is why he hasnt been prolific since RVP came back as our formation reverted to suit RVP and not about getting crosses into the box to target Chamakh! This fella looks useful, fast and agile, willing to run at defenders and shoot from outside the box!!!


“he can play central defence too”

That will be handy if we ever need to all out defend….

…..or Park the bus if you will.

*is really leaving this time*




hahaha you’re on fire!

George Blazenby



Amazing how, even after all of these years, I can log in expecting to see the latest gossip-mongering website/tabloid link us with the same old characters and find us apparently actually signing someone I’ve never heard of.


Assuming Wikipedia is correct, he’s South Korea’s captain, so probably has a good attitude.


Wrong Park; that’s the Manc one I think


no park chu young is S.K captain


Assuming Wiki is correct he has already signed.


All in the space of ten minutes!


As far as Wikipedia are concerned, he already plays for us. That strikes me as a little presumptuous.

Granite Gooner

When have we ever heard of our good signings
Viera Petit Anelka Fabregas Adebywhore etc
Let’s just trust arsene to sign another gem


PR signing if its true. Not top class by “Super Quality” standard. I will be dissapointed if this is the best we can sign.


He is awesome in pro evo, probably that’s where Arsene discovered him.


Damn strait! I always pick him up in Master League 😀
Him and Jeremy Mathieu lol

That aside, he’s a decent signing. Had a nice game vs Serbia recently. Eduardo type player.

Thomas Drinkwater

apparently according to wikipedia hes already an arsenal player?


I’ll just go an change Messi’s page on Wikipedia, so he’s an Arsenal player too. Yeah, that’ll work.


Ha ha! Better check na$ri’s page while you’re there and check he’s still a cunt


Arse sol. Absolute classic am pissing myself quality.


Super quality ???? Omfg! What is wenger doing?!?!?!


Has he got to do national service in 2 yeara time.?


That’s the end of any deal for Hazard then!

I hope he is bloody good!


That’s a very good point. Jeez I hope we sign hazard, but if the reports about Park skipping out in the middle of his physical are true….we are screwing Lille six ways from Sunday. Sign Gervinho, tapping up Hazard for two years, now this! wow


Tapping up Hazard? I recall Arsene saying once that Hazard is a very talented player.

Gervinho wasn’t stolen from Lille either, he was signed after he announced in the press that he wanted to leave.


Wenger: You young?
Chu-Young: Yes
Wenger *gets cheque book out


i would agree with you, but he’s 26, at the prime age and looks like a good player. only needs to be a back-up for RVP


Haha brilliant!


Park Chu-Young is the captain of south korea, a player who LEADS his team and NO he is not like Charmakh, because the attitude is too give 100% and he has a different attitude. the Eastern/sian players have their whole continent on thier shoulders, so they try harder. We were never gonna buy Hazard at 35mill euros..Lille have had too many outgoing plaayers this season. Also Park is just a standby… unless he surprises us all and become a star in the EPL. Can’t see it because an Asian/Eastern never happened before, but ManU Park always scores against us, so… Read more »


i doubt its the burden of having the whole continent on their shoulders that makes them work harder. its about the oriental culture. if u go to any oriental country. u will see most people workrate are above average. when u offer them overtime they would say yes without a second thought while if the same happens in europe a worker might be lazy at times and reject the offer.
anyways i think the main purpose of signing him is that he has a potential to open the korean market to arsenal so the club can generate more future revenue.


Wow Lille must really hate us. Lets sign Hazard and make them despise us!


I’m pretty sure ‘hate’ and ‘despise’ are synonyms xD


an entertaining piece of pedantry


*slides on knees and shakes fists*

Welcome to Arsenal

George Blazenby

get in


Oh dear poor Lille.
JAMIE actually made me lol.

Anyone spare away ticket for Man Utd game?

Arsenal Bystander

Wow another Asian signing! Anyone has any idea on how good is he?


Not prolific, about a goal every 3-4 games but for all it’s worth looks technically decent here –

Arsenal Bystander

Thanks for the vid, haha looks decent, but doesn’t seem to be a like-for-like replacement for bendtner, does that mean we have not targetman other than Chamahk this season?

[…] Arsenal is reported to be signing Park Chu-Young, a striker from Monaco. We have also drawn with Shrewsbury Town for the Carling cup. Share […]


He seems able to take a beating from keepers.


According to wikepedia, he an arsenal player

Thomas Drinkwater

you copy my comment?


Slightly underwhelming, but of the three players (hopefully) coming in before the window shuts I can understand the striker being more of a squad player. Good age, decent record, international pedigree. Not thrilled, but no complaints…


My thoughts exactly.


hmm, he likes to backheel a lot doesn’t he

Mohamed Abdulrahman

We’ve Got Our Park!!!


I’m from the England and love arsenal. I’m not racist, but how come our team is turning into a benetton ad. Sign some English players wenger, cahill, baines, parker. Done. We don’t need asians in our team, they can stay in china.

Arsenal Bystander

That dear sir, is racist. Not all Asians are from China. Not all chinese-looking people are Chinese. Australia is now under Asia, would you tell them to go back to China?


best comment on the internet

George Blazenby

You are a fucking disgrace.




English players are well represented compared to a few years ago, wilshere, gibbs, oxlade-chamberlain, walcott, (jenkinson and frimpong?). anyway, wenger has said that English players would cost more than other nationality players, when it’s not really worth it. he does love the french and african players though!


Was actually talking about this the other day. We now have more Brits in our first teams squad than Frenchmen, so goonerracistfrank should be quite happy.

Ivan Itchianus



Anyone who says “I’m not racist but” is always really racist. Also he is from South Korea, which is a different country from China.


racist prick

george nichols

If only this website had a portion for sports blogs….


A disgrace, a cunt and a racist…


Fuck me do you work for sky sports mate?


i’m not a swearer, but, you sir are a cunt

Lord Teddyears

Mr Frank you are a real smelly racist Nasri


our new swearing word- nasri


wow. you really are a dick.

You Must Be Kidding

Please look up the word racist. If you still think you aren’t one, then I’m not quite sure what to say.

Hear hear.

Lord Teddyears

What a total racist go support millwall you Nasri


looks good..nice hair

Arsenal Bystander

Among the current 23-man national team squad, 15 players including Ki Sung-yueng with Scotland side Celtic and Park Chu-young of AS Monaco, must serve in the military under the current law.

This isn’t good is it?


He’s gunner have to serve in the army for sure…


how many englishmen do we exactly have in the squad above 21 years age?

One,Walcott(22 years old)


Do they not count as players if they aren’t over 21? Considering that Gibbs is our first choice left back and Wilshere our first choice central midfielder (and one of the best players at the club), why should they not count?


You’re right, we should buy John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.


I don’t agree with goonerfrank. But he is just one of what many are saying in my section of the northbank. It’s not racist, some people are way to sensitive in our country, look at the riots and what starky said. Can people not talk about race without being branded a racist?

Need samba and cahill, maybe hazard too. Trust wenger.

Up the gooners.


talking about race isn’t racist, but making the point (without actually making any point at all) that all people from a certain continent should stay in a certain country is not only racist but also plainly stupid..


Then why arsenal are so desperately trying to globalize?
The fuking PL is known as Barclays premier league and not English premier league.


Decent signing this if it goes ahead. I remember when Ferguson was creaming over him. Good with a dead ball, knows where the goal is, experienced and has leadership qualities as capt of South Korea. Also, revenue-wise, he’ll generate a ton in Asia. He’s pretty technically sound so should slot right in.
As for “like Chamakh”….. well yes, he has a head and two arms and two legs. But luckily for him I think he has a right leg and a left leg – which is where the similarity ends…

LC gooner

looks to be a decent squad player and further opens the asian market, win win!


Pffff the south Korea military isn’t bigger than Afc we’ll just tell them to fuck right off


Didn’t he score an own-goal against the Argie midgets in the WC? I hope this doesn’t kill our relationship with Lille. The end of Hazard?


That’s my biggest worry


What if when he comes back from War he starts to get flashbacks whilst through on goal. Not cool Wenger. Not cool.


typical arsenal, clean through 1on1 then hears gunshots and collapses to the floor crying in the foetal position….lol


Is that lol? I’m not sure. More just scary to me…


Looks like I shall have to indulge in a YouTube investigation, let’s hope he isn’t another Jeffer’s scenario.


Must be like a walk in the park.


You know he’s got Seoul.

Ivan Itchianus

That moment when you realise your joke has already been done earlier in the thread …..


Ah well, must have missed it. It did seem too bad not to have been done!


Oh fuck I am so worried about Snozberry in the Carling Cup.


I wonder if this deal is being done in such a fashion (hijacking him at the last minute from Lille) in order to prove how aggressive we’re being in the transfer market?


What is this club coming to? Snatching players from under the noses of other clubs while they’re having a medical, imagine if Man City/Chelsea/Madrid did that to us?! This smacks of desperation, perhaps the other targets weren’t going to work out and time is running down. If he were a first choice target, knowing we were needing a striker for a while now, why couldn’t we get this done earlier? It’s not as if he would’ve chosen Lille over us, even before we qualified for the CL. He might well be a good player for us, but this is eerily… Read more »


I think we did pretty much the same thing with Silvestre.

That worked out well…


agreed (sort of) but right now we have no choice. We need players…unlike Silvestre this guy is young.

Mata looked great today for Chelsea…I hope Financial Fair Play has teeth, because without Abramovich’s money, Chelsea are a midtable squad.


Spot on boy.


Lille are in the CL. If we hadn’t qualified for the CL then he probably would have chosen them over us


my thoughts exactly…doesnt seem like us at all to snatch a player whilst he’s having the 2nd part of his medical?! felt slightly embarrassed seeing the Lille presidents reaction and this doesnt bode well for us signing hazard either, who i realllly wanted to see at the Arsenal. at the same time if it was the player who suddenly changed his mind and pushed for the move (which is possible), that doesnt reflect well on his own part…he could very well do the same to us in the future then cant he; what if he turns out like nasri? a… Read more »

Uncle pats rice

Maybe it’s just a diversion, so as they were looking for park we put hazard in the back of a transit….

Mr T

He is good and better than Cham and Ben 🙂 I hope we do sign him


I would certainly add him to the team if he’s available. Solid balance, good on the ball, can shoot, and what a leap for a smaller guy! Looks more eduardo than chamakh… But I don’t really see him as a striker, sorry. Maybe a wide forward like gervinho or an attacking midfielder. The only thing lacking is pace, but with the above qualities, minus the heading ability… Plus his love for the through ball, reminds me of a certain spaniard. Let’s hope he signs and doesn’t have the same hamstring issues.


In other news….Mata scores on his first game. Gah!


Mata looks a very goo dplayer. Discouraging but we have to move on. I turned away from the TV during the Drogba injury. Is he done for the year?

No Drogba, no Essien and Lampard, Anelka, and Malouda look finished as elite players. Ramires is average. Kalou is poor. Lukaku is a few years away, Sturridge is frustrated. If we add a few decent players, stay lucky with injuries, I can see us finishing higher in the table than Chelsea. They are old, slow, and shit.

She wore

Encouraging, but he s no benzima is he?


we’re never getting benzema.


Another pack of lies from wenger!!! Didn’t he mentioned super quality?????? I dont think he can be considered as quality. There is only 1 park and it’s in manchester! Fark wenger for spoiling my day!


8.5 % of all South Koreans have Park as their family name.that’s more than 4 million park dudes and i don’t see why we shouldn’t have one..


erm…’why we shouldn’t have one of the park-ing lot’ so to say…
oh boy


Because we dont park the bus against other teams.


you don’t even know who he is, so i doubt you can comment on his quality,



I had him in my Pro Evo master league team too, he was fucking incredible! At least 30 goals a season, every season.


And how old is this lad? Anyone know?




Born in 85, so 26 ish.


Yep he’s not that young!

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