Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Nasri: Arsenal fans are not that passionate

$amir Na$ri sealed his move to Moneybags City today and immediately made it clear he was glad to be anywhere but North London.

Speaking to MCFC TV he said, “It’s a big relief because you know there was a long, long negotiation between the two clubs, but now, finally, I’m a City player and that’s what I wanted since the start. So I’m very happy”.

He also claimed the City fans were an influence on his decision to come to the club which is paying £200,000 a week and a £5m net signing on fee in one lump.

“Arsenal have good fans but not that passionate since they moved from Highbury to the Emirates”, he said, having never played at Highbury. “I can see that the City fans are really passionate. They’ve got tattoos with Man City and that’s what I really like”.

It’s a refreshing change to hear a player is not motivated by money but instead by a bunch of jumping, tattoo laden Oasis fans. Like this one. Arsenal supporters will be sorry that they have misjudged Nasri so badly this summer.

He also claimed to have spoken to former Arsenal players, Gael Clichy and Kolo Toure, as well as club employee Patrick Vieira, saying, “I spoke with them a lot. They called me when I was on holiday. It was important to have advice to from players who played for the club and they knew the difference between Arsenal and Man City”.

Arseblog News’ overriding memory of Nasri will be at the Reebok when he was clean through on goal when Arsenal were looking for someone to step and get their season back on track but he bottled it like Bottler O’Toole, the little boy who was made from bottles.

The chinless twat.

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Well said Sir.

Claudio Crow

Cunt. What a wanker.


So he’s openly said that he was tapped-up by Man City players, right? That’s what I got from those quotes anyway.


Bit strong that really little cunt is better

Black Matta

Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Take back what I said about not booing him.

The fact that he’d stoop to this level to ingratiate himself with City fans speaks volumes of his character. Shows the difference between him and Cesc.

Will spew as much vitriol as I can. Hope his career comes to a grinding halt with a knee injury.


give me a C
give me a U
give me an N
give me a T

What does it spell?



Nasri is a Cunt


I actually think I hate him more than Adebayor. The sneaky little horse faced…you know the word.

I hope the Frimster gives him a right cunt kicking in at the Emirates.


How disappointing that players who will be more fondly remembered at the Arsenal- Vieira, Toure, Clichy- also have their reputations tarnished by this clusterfuck of a summer. We had better fucking go through tonight!


strange he would say that as I never once heard his mum say I wasn’t passionate.he more of a bitch than she was

Granite Gooner



What a cunt. However bad our situation is at the moment we r still better off without twats like na$ri. Come on u gunners.


Bye Samira, you’ve found your level. It’s not a step up.


Looks like he’s trying to out-cunt Adebayor.


Oh, and you’ll see passion when you visit the Grove next. If not also thrown objects.


I will NOT call Na$ri a silly cunt, I will not call Na$ri a silly cunt, I will not–oh, nevermind. Fucking cunt; I wonder how far the passion for MCFC extends? There wasn’t even an American supporters club until what, 2009?

Maybe he should get a MCFC tat on his asshole across from a £ sign. Show everyone how much he loves his new club.

seanie o'shea

What a cunt finally seen the back of him and those girls pants of his


Rat faced prick


What is it with Arsenal players once they leave the club? This little shit is a proper, proper cuntlord though


Clichy and Toure made the same move and showed plenty of respect and fondness for us


Once a player leaves the club, with the exceptions of maybe Pires and Henry in recent times, I consider them deceased.


I consider them diseased, I’d rather they suffered awhile first.


I enjoy the article, especially the bit at the end, we should all be happy the fat lesbian cunt has left. we dont want players who dont wana play for us. surprised rvp said goodbye, would have expected him to chin the toothless twat


I wish him the same success there as Adebaywhore


Did someone mention he’s a cunt? CUNT!!!!!


Those blue seats are really passionate, with their seat number tattooed on them, hard core.

Bergkamp Rules

Tells you all you need to know about the bloke when he bad mouths the fans as soon as he is out the door! He should have been told to keep his trap shut as a condition of the transfer. No class whatsoever! And don’t start me on the quip about Highbury. Piltdown Ponse.


It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can’t buy class!
Arsenal has that in abundance, we will come good. Let all the greedy people abandon ship and let’s go for it…. COYG!!!!!


Man, at times like this I wish I/we didn’t use the word cunt so cheaply, cause Nas-fuckhead-ri deserves something worse still but I can’t think of one! Suggestions? How about . . .


That’s all I got.




That’s better. Fucking iPhone.

reality check

hit the nail on the head. its called library for a reason.


there’s a reason why mcfc fans have tattoos- cos they are all fucking unemployed chavs. gooners are more cultured plus we dont cover ourselves in tats because some of us have to go to work on monday.

I hope man citehs cash dries up with the oil…


Okey, so everyone by the weekend is making at least one tatoo so Jack and Aaron will stay at the club. Be fuck*ng Passionate guys! come on!


Seems blue is now the colour of money. When this f**kng cunt was not called up for the world cup, Wenger stood by him. We are better off without him and clichy and their chronic lack of guts. Frimpong and jack better come good tonite so Na$$ri can watch from the bench as they play champions league soccer.


Massive wanker. Last week he was bitching that the fans were singing some song… must be that lack of loyalty and passion we lack.


Na Na Na Na Na Na Samir your a cunt your a cunt Samir your a cunt.

Fell free to sing along !!


na na na na na na na na na na
$amir your a cunt your a cunt
$amir your a cunt

Mental Strength

I hate to see such appalling language.
It should be:

Samir, YOU’RE a cunt



Love it P-MG. Cunts.


So excited to have nasri at city! He should fit in perfectly next to yaya dzeko!


hahaha brilliant!


I dont normally comment but this is just unbelivable. I respected Vieira, Clichy and Toure i thought that they loved AFC but this Cunt ruined my love.

We going to battle and win today. And i hope Arsene knows what to do next and will rebuild, inject passion to our club.

Greetings from Estonia


Two faced cunt

George Coolstar

So, why don’t you AKBs speak up to me now. I’ve predicted turmoil on various blogs and no one’s believed me. This isn’t based on this sale, it’s just the fact it’s more money wenger WON’T spend. Where has mata gone? Wenger needs to go, it’s clear for all to see and if you think he should stay you’re a moron and that will be shown by:
a) Arsenal finishing 6th or below this season
b) Arsenal being relegated within 10 years.
c) No trophies for 50 years.


All the calls of cunt, and George shows up! Welcome dumbass!


Mate, please. “anyone who wants wenger to stay is a moron”. Go home will you. Do you really think it’s all down to arsene, there’s nothing to do with the board and the lack of spending!? And in this article about lack of loyalty you are putting down a guy who has been loyal to the club for 15 years and turned down big offers for his services from real madrid. I’d almost like him to go just so that you can see a shit manager come in and also not be able to spend the money you want spent.… Read more »


You’re an idiot George. There’s a time and place; now is the time and place to call Nasri a cunt. I defended Nasri before…wow. These words are shocking. I really hope Arsene spends some money and we can weather this little storm of injuries. If we get a few players in, maybe the confidence from a great Champs League result will pull us through. An open question for all: If nasri is a cunt (and he is), then what about Clichy, Toure, and Vieira? Vieria is the one I’m most surprised at. He’s man City’s director of player personnel or… Read more »


Soon the real will recognize the real. well i don’t blame nasri,he saw a chance and he took it.if you were in nasri’s shoes you will understand. i will blame the board and manager ,if by january last season when we was 2 points behind united with a game in hand,all we had to do was reineforce in january but our tightness left the fans ,board,wenger with egg on our faces.i feel if we had bought players in jan last season we would have won the league,carling cup ,heh win the champions league. However the board and manager are responsible.… Read more »


Nasri has the right to go and earn, but he didn’t have to do us like that. Acting like he moved to City for the fans? That’s ridiculous. He went for the money and the possibility of trophies just like the recent incomers like Silva and Aguero (Ade, Kolo, MIlner, Barry Kolarov Boateng all came for the money only).



Well put mate

Bloke From N17

Don’t get me wrong. I hate you gooner scum and I hope you go out to a last minute winner tonight. But I am shocked at nasri biting the hand that nurtured and fed him. All players are mercenaries but he takes the biscuit. I’ve never heard anyone complement man citys supporters before. Let him get his oil money and you’re better off without him. That said I hope you finish ninth and qualify for the second round of the carling cup next season.

Joe Goon

Get the fuck out of here!

Joe Goon

Get back to counting your coins.


Enjoy the Europa League


Get over it. We are a selling club.


Fuck off you Frodo Baggins rat face cunt!!!


don’t say that Frodo is a hero he saved Middle Earth


Fair,.. how about Gollum CUnt?



Joe Goon

This wet cunt will be run of twitter.


man, im gutted i just got nasri tattooed on my back.


Absolute Dick! We ARE Passionate u cunt face!!! Fuck off greedy cunt!!!!!


I don’t blame him for going. He had the choice of continuing to play for a paranoid, deluded madman who could get us relegated, or trebling his wages while joining a club that has every chance of winning the League.

Yes, he’s a cunt – but he’s a smart cunt.


A smunt?


A smunt indeed.

Joe Goon

I think a mob should hunt him down and cattle brand his arse.


I’m totally pissed off with ex-players stating that some of sooner fans are not passionate. Nasri, you are what you have become a CAPITAL FUCKING TWAT! Right up there with the original CUNT, Adebawhore. Ungrateful men, your names will surely be forgotten from Arsenal so fuck off!

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