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Adams: Where is Van Persie’s Seaman?

Tony Adams believes that Robin van Persie needs a hand sharing the responsibilities that come with being Arsenal captain after a summer which has seen experienced duo Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri leave North London.

Speaking to Dutch publication De Telegraaf, Adams, who led the Gunners for 14 years between 1988-2002, highlighted his point by recalling one occasion where David Seaman stepped in to diffuse dressing-room tensions.

“Being a captain at a club as big as Arsenal carries a lot of weight,” confirmed the former England captain.

“An Arsenal captain could be a bit controversial. I’m not surprised he’s not open to discussing a new contract.”

“Our goalkeeper David Seaman once pushed a player against the wall in the showers for mouthing off to me. ‘That’s no way to talk to the captain,’ he said.

“Maybe Robin is missing guys like this. Which is a shame, since he is hugely passionate about Arsenal.”


Thanks to @ellamaura for help with the translation.

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SF Gooner

What a weird thing to bring up. Are the players not respecting his captaincy?


It is a little isn’t it, especially in the context Adams speaks about, most odd indeed.
I think there are those kind in the squad though, none of us would have been suprised if Vermaelen had been made club captain, and I’m sure he says his two pence worth when it comes to supporting Van Persie and adopting a leadership role, and I wouldn’t doubt for a minute either if Mr Self Confidance Szczesny to use a goalkeeping example like Adams has, isn’t backwards in coming forwards either.


yeah i heard he pushed him up against the showers and gave him a mouth full of Seaman

Dn’t Tony finish his seaman before he retires?…


Surely that’s Vermaelen’s role as vice captain and hard looking bloke?


Agree. I also see someone like Arteta being able to do this sort of thing when he settles in a bit more. Jack looks like he’s not afraid to give someone an earful, either – even if he does look 14 still.

Master Bates

I think Jack has taken Eboue’s role as dressing room clown


Loved Adams at Arsenal but he really does talk a lot of shit! i hope he never becomes Arsenal manager because his mind-numbing psycho-babble speeches would put the team into a coma. There’s a reason he was dumped as a TV pundit after 2 games because he just spouted incoherent bollox all the time. Great footballer, deluded spiritual life-coach.


makes me wonder why Robbie Savage gets so much hair time…i mean air time. He can hardly get his words out of his mouth and when he does he gets his points all wrong.


Robbie Savage is the most cuntyist bloke to ever work in the media, I would happily punch each and every one of the teeth in his girly, infantile face out one by one! The long haired, whinging ponce!


Is the title intentially worded the way it is?


Nothing gets passed you!


Tony Adams wants to put his Seaman into Van Persie? I’m confused

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

That headline is the arguably the best LOL headline I’ve seen on here.

I think what he’s saying is nonsense though. I think there are a lot of people who will step up to this kind of responsibility: Arteta, Mertesacker, Szczesny, Wilshere, Frimster…

I don’t think they have to manhandle naked people to get their point across though Tony.


This is a non story… a non event… Arteta and TV5 and The Pole in Goal are all very combative assertive players… besides… why the violence.
As far as Sky is concerned we are a club in crisis… and to add violence and thuggery in the showers. Tony Adams please…shhhhhhhh but I still love you.

The only Sam is Nelson

as if RvP is a shrinking violet who’ll be easy to take the piss out of?

tell that to the 5 Bolton neanderthals he went head to head with on Saturday

most confusing. perhaps he meant the team needs a David Seaman to protect them from RvP when he’s on the rage.

Jenik Carl

Totally agree… Saw the match replay again. Persie was a calm head and was willing to chill and those 5 neanderthals wanted to provoke him… Our captain decides to take it to them and stopped 5 Bolton players in their tracks! It was nice to watch that 🙂


Where were his team mates, bit dissapointed it took so long for them to help him

Martin Keown is my hero

“Where were his team mates, bit dissapointed it took so long for them to help him”

I think that is Tony’s point.

Pele of Romford

Best headline ever.

I tilt my hat.


How’s the weather in Uzbekistan?



[…] unable to extend their lead despite dominating much of the second half proceedings. An interview by Tony Adams has stated that RVP has no back up as captain and that is seriously undermining the team. I would have to agree on this […]

Pele of Romford

Tony will always be a legend for what he said to old ‘welcome to kings cross- stamp!- how’s ur nuts ferguson’ when he tried to tap him up to play for united.


Will we ever find off who pulled Seaman off in the showers?

Eric Irish gunner

Freddie lungberg I think he liked a bit of seaman

Bob the Gunner

“Our goalkeeper David Seaman once pushed a player against the wall in the showers for mouthing off to me. ‘That’s no way to talk to the captain,’ he said.

Anelka, 100%.


RVP has his own “Seaman” in the big Pole. You know, the one in goal, you gutter minds.


There’s Seaman all over the ball!

[…] Adams has carried on the ex-Arsenal tradition of slagging off the current side by saying that Robin Van Persie has nobody to back him up in the showers. Or something like that. I […]


Liked it for the Heading!!! lol

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