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Song: Adebayor will want to prove he’s not dead

Alex Song has admitted that former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor poses a big threat for Tottenham Hotspur as both sides prepare for Sunday’s showdown at White Hart Lane.

The Togo international who left the Gunners for Manchester City in 2009 is currently on loan at Harry Redknapp’s Spurs having been frozen out of the set-up at the Etihad by manager Roberto Mancini and having failed to secure a permanent deal at the Bernabeu after six months with Real Madrid.

A prolific scorer for Arsenal against Tottenham during his three years at the Emirates, the 27-year-old now has the chance to be the first man since Jimmy Robertson to score for both sides in the North London derby.

Speaking to the Arsenal Player about the qualities of his close friend, Song remarked:

“We know Adebayor, he’s a very good player. I’m very happy for him now because he’s started playing and he’s doing very well at Tottenham.

“He’s my friend, but I just go there to play and to win the game. I know he’s my friend, but when you’re on the pitch, I need just to do my job. I can’t smile with him or doing anything we did in the past. It will not be very easy for us or for him as well.

“I know him personally very well, he knows it’s a big game and he’ll want to show everyone he’s not dead because everybody has been putting him down since he went to City.”

Much has been made in recent days about the narrowing gap in the quality between the squads at Arsenal and Spurs, with many sections of the media tipping the Lilywhites to beat Arsenal in the league for the first time in…well…it’s a long time. Who cares.

Eager to stress his side’s motivation, Song made clear that winning on Sunday would send out a message to the rest of the Premier League and prove that Arsenal can still be a force.

“The Tottenham game is very important for us. I hope we have some players back. If we have everyone we are more confident of going there and trying to get a good result.

“We’ll be ready for Sunday, because it’s very important to us. We will show everyone we are ready for the league. We need to rest now and look forward to Sunday.

“We have a good opportunity to show people that we can do very well this season in the league. We are motivated to go there and do something positive.

“Everyone says stuff about us, but we trust in each other and we trust the manager. We have to show people they are wrong.

“The last two games we’ve played we’ve done some good things. If we play like we did in the second half against Bolton when we play Tottenham we’ll create a lot of chances. That’s why I say I’m confident. It won’t be easy but we can do it.”

Comments on Song’s ‘safe’ choice of headwear very welcome…

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Come on…..


I used to love Ade. He was awesome for us, especially against the spuds. It’s such a shame that he had his head turned by big money moves (how many times have we been there?) Once he started referring to himself in the 3rd person and saying it was not his fault for lifting his skirt at Barca (even though that didn’t happen) he never had the character to get the crown back on side. All in all he’s got a crap attitude, but he does have bags of talent, in my opinion, that we haven’t replaced. Mert and the… Read more »


Whatever happens, just make sure you return to the Grove with three mighty, gigantic points. A draw isn’t even an option.


Much as I think Adebayor and the like, are to football what AIDS is to the immune system, he is indeed a threat (so I suppose that metaphor still works) and one that our defence will have to be very wary of on Sunday. Fingers x’d we rout the Spuds, the Whore misses a sitter and Mertesacker kicks his overwheening ass all over the Lane. One can only hope.


Look at his hat – lol. Bet it cost him £20k. This is what happens when you give tasteless morons lots of money.




That’s not a hat you buy. That’s a hat you make.


Cut it out, you lot, i’m pissing myself laughing at the bloke enough as it is

More than a Name...

Dude, u simply just can’t understand the hat because u obviously didn’t come from Song’s part of the world. Shit! Adebayor is from Africa too? Hmmm… Top hat Mr. Song


I hope he don’t go near a magnet with that hat on we’re short of players as it is


I think those pins are really fulfilling the ‘holding’ role 😉

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)



LOL!! Good one!

Pele of Romford

Superb volley at the lane. I was there.
He’s still a twat though.

On the other hand chamakh is soooo pony I’d almost consider having him back. Him and rvp would av been awesome.
Not now however, the bridge is well and truly burnt.
Again: twat.

Pele of Romford

Oh yea, songs barnet is worrying


Three wins in a row – only us and Norwich (amazingly) can boast that.
Momentum is back with us!


Worst. Hat. Ever.


—Song: Adebayor will want to prove he’s not dead—

Where as the rest of us are just plain gutted that he isn’t.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

I have the fondest memories of Van Persie picking up the most worthwhile ever booking against City for a wonderful “fuck off” tackle on Adebayor at the Emirates, who promptly landed square on his arse in the middle of the centre circle. I hope he does this again at the heck hole.
I have to admit to being a bit concerned about him, but hopefully he’s had his three good games and can now return to being lazy and ineffectual.
I really want us to smash Sp*rs this time. They’ve been too cocky against us recently.


just like his choice of hairstyle, I think d hat says a lot about him up there…

The only Sam is Nelson

Song: Adebayor will want to prove he’s not dead

Not sure about the words to be honest, but what’s the tune like? haven’t heard it yet


Lol. 😉


…… after being mauled by the OX…..lalalala….

Pele of Romford

Spuds are a small club.


Song embodies our “safety first” attitude towards defending.

The only Sam is Nelson

but is he a midfielder or a stopper? i find him hard to pin down


Yeh, we’re really “pinning” our hopes on him having a good game sunday. .


Poor lad hasn’t got enough money for a new hat so he had to patch this one up. Wise up Wenger and pay the men what he’s worth!!!

[…] to stay at centre back, wouldn’t make me very worried anyway. Song has also mentioned that he is ready for the Scrums, and warned of Cashdebayor. Seriously, no need to worry about the cash whore, all you have to do is throw a dollar on the […]

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

Finally proof that Song really is Magneto. I always suspected it was him under that mask.


Meh. The man’s a twat. Thank you.


Goon is pretty apt.


Song’s new nickname. Hattie Jacques.


Until I can find a good picture of Arteta’s massive – bollocked goal line block from the other night, I’m having that photo of Song’s hat as my computer screensaver. Feckin’ classic idiot, so he is


Song really is a pinhead isn’t he for stomping on Barton and getting himself suspended three games.


We really need to do something about our wage structure.

I can’t believe that Song’s only playing for pin money…….

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