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Arsenal 3-1 Shrewsbury: Attendance By the Numbers

60,361 – Emirates Stadium capacity
46,539 – Attendance to see Arsenal 3-1 Shrewsbury 3rd round Carling Cup match, September 20th 2011
77 – Percent capacity of Emirates Stadium filled for that match
39,460 – Elland Road capacity
31,031 – Attendance to see Leeds 0-3 Manchester United 3rd round Carling Cup match, September 20th 2011
79 – Percent capacity of Elland Road filled for that match
31,367 – Ewood Park capacity
7,104 – Attendance to see Blackburn 3-2 Leyton Orient 3rd round Carling Cup match, September 20th 2011
23 – Percent capacity of Ewood Park filled for that match
38,419 – Highbury Capacity
27,451 – Attendance to see Arsenal 1-1 Rotherham (9-8 aet) 3rd round Carling Cup match, October 28th 2003
71 – Percent capacity of Highbury filled for that match
28,161 – Attendance to see Arsenal 5-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 4th round Carling Cup match, December 2nd 2003
73 – Percent capacity of Highbury filled for that match
0 – Number of Premier League games Arsenal lost in 2003-2004
1 – Number of dives by Wayne Rooney to end Arsenal’s unbeaten run of 49 games

41,841 – Stamford Bridge capacity
33,820 – Attendance to see Chelsea 2-0 Bayer Leverkusen, September 14th 2011
81 – Percent capacity of Stamford Bridge filled for that match
58,159 – Attendance to see Arsenal 1-0 Udinese, August 16th 2011
96 – Percent capacity of Emirates Stadium filled for that match
8,021 – Seats that went unsold for Chelsea’s Champions League home opener
2,202 – Seats that went unsold for Arsenal’s Champions League qualifier
1,474 – Seats that went unsold for Manchester City’s first ever Champions League match
60,025 – Average seats sold for Arsenal in 2010-2011
99.44 – Percent capacity of Emirates Stadium sold by Arsenal in 2010-2011
7 – Arsenal’s rank in European football for average attendance 2010-2011
28 – Chelsea’s rank in European football for average attendance 2010-2011
41 – Tottenham Hotspur’s rank in European football for average attendance 2010-2011

35,689 – Tottenham Hotspur average attendance 2010-2011
36,173 – Seattle Sounders (MLS) average attendance in 2010
37,061 – Seattle Sounders (MLS) average attendance in 2011
100 – Percent chance that Tottenham are still shit

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Infinite – Career dives by Wayne Rooney.

Adam O'Leary

Haha, nice. That’s what £10 tickets do for you hey. Such a different looking crowd for Carling Cup games. Quite refreshing really


@Viks53 LOL


Tim: I like the figures. 46, 539 – Attendance to see Arsenal 3-1 Shrewsbury 3rd round Carling Cup match, September 20th 2011. 10%*** of that attendance were children less than 10 year old… on a school night in the dark, all wearing their Arsenal shirts, most eating high priced hotdogs and singing the songs in the queue for the train home.*** My estimated figure Considering the current economic climate and our “position” in the league, 46,539 is a marvellous turn out on Tuesday night, and I should applaud the Club for making it possible for the next generation to see… Read more »


Was that the goalkeeper taking a penalty?


Or Cesc’s debut.


Of course its was Cesc.. He was 16 yrs plus 177 days. Youngest to represent our club. Bless Him

The only Sam is Nelson

i think there would have been less than 40K in the gound as the 46K includes the club circle (or whatever it’s called) as “sold” on the basis that these memberships are valid for league cup games. clearly the prawn circle was not full last night so there was a large difference between people in the ground and tickets sold, which is the misleading number the club use for attendance figs…

The only Sam is Nelson

wasn’t complaining as it happens, good luck with that reading comprehension

wengers missing cheeks

sooo no one went for the blackburn game? *crickets*

The only Sam is Nelson

heheh perhaps you ought to get into writing about something that won’t attract pedantic cunts. Like… ooh, I don’t know, attendances at football matches? Not sure how i hit a nerve but still. The only point was attendance != tickets sold if by attendance you mean, er, people in the ground. That is all. Not a complaint.

The only Sam is Nelson

and i really, really like “by the numbers” as well. wasn’t even trying to upset anyone let alone the author.


What’s this Maddo? Were our fans giving the new guys stick? That’s not right.


If thats the case that our own supporters were being abusive to our own players (new ones at that), in such a game and certainly with the way things stand atm.. then I honestly think we have hit a new low. Those arn’t supporters then are they. They are spoilt chav brats..and I might being doing a disservice to chavs there. How on earth do they expect players to put in a shift and fight for a result if all they are hearing from the stands is vitriolic bile; most certainly in the case of the 3 players you highlighted,… Read more »


Actually it was the older ones near us giving the players stick. Drove us up the fucking wall shouting abuse at these kids, some of whom hadn’t played a game for us. Even when we scored, it was shite like “well of course he can do that against league 2 teams”.
Fuck off to spurs you twats!


We love you, Blogger. Thanks for the stats (especially the Sp*rs section! LOLs)

Interesting to see that % wise we’re doing ok for the Mickey Mouse cup crowds. The highlights I’ve seen on the videos section, show much of the top tier empty. So glad to see the young ones are still attracting the crowds.

Or is it because we’ve got so used to watching out for our potential now, ever hopeful?

Cracking Oxy-Chamberpot goal last night!


Can’t take any credit for these posts other than giving Tim a platform for them.

Check out his blog –


Oooh. ta. 😀


All good but where are the pie charts? I like pie charts. Stats just aren’t the same without them.


Cesc’s debut, goalies taking pens… Wrong and wrong again. The Rotherham match is actually noteable for being the first ever match I took the mrs to. She then spent the next few years loudly complaining when every other match we saw didn’t feature last minute equalisers and a penalty shoot out that goes all the way round to the original takers.




Theirs a moral to that story km, don’t take the mrs. Last nights attendance was great even considering the lower prices.


Cheers Tim for the great stats as usual, they always shine a light on seeing things in a different way. keep it up.


I love the Spurs/Sounders comparison. How can Tottenham ever consider themselves a big club if they can’t even outdraw an MLS team?

[…] new generation of fans and does so by lowering ticket prices. Kids fill the stadium (or at least 77% full as I point out in my By the Numbers column on Arseblog news) and while some people feel like this changes the atmosphere for the worse I think it’s […]


Best set of stats yet. Now I don’t actually bother reading the papers anymore as they’re all full of shit. All of em. But Reedy, opposite me on the train this morning had The Sun with that picture on the back, and the ‘We’re Right Behind You’ headline, and knowing the officially announced attendance, I went off on one and demanded he check the other attendances last night. A few F & C words later, I was satisfied that yet again the good old salt of the earth, God bless em media had dug us out yet again, the cunts.… Read more »

Bromley Gooner

Hopefully we can now pull together with an us against them mentality just like the old days, it’s now official the press are out to get us, maybe we can put behind us the petty squabbles and infighting, and sp*rs really are still shit !!


This is the only arsenal related article that has made me smile all season.

i’ve stopped smiling now.


This negativism from the press and some bloggers annoys me. me wish Frimpong could just “frimpong” them all! Total attendance (by putting matchreports from bbc together): 152831 Arsenals attendance of 46539 was 30,4 % of all that attended the carling cup yesterday, 10 matches in total. Total capacity in yesterdays matches was 311246, average attendace total was 49,1 %, arsenals was 77 % Manure had the average age of 24,57, arsenals average age was 21,64 while the goalscorers average age totals at 23,3 and manures at 33 (per goal). Manure averages at 99,9% positive press coverage this season, arsenal averages… Read more »


thanku for the good blog man, allways interesting, also the 7am, good stuff and keep them comming 🙂

Gunner Moondogg

Good post arseblog


1 – Number of dives by Wayne Rooney to end Arsenal’s unbeaten run of 49 games
and this :
100 – Percent chance that Tottenham are still shit .
Pricless .. 😀

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