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Arshavin: Arsenal’s football will change without Fabregas

Andrey Arshavin has revealed that he burst into tears like a small child when he was informed of the sale of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Na$ri, but cheered up a little when Arsene Wenger handed him a packet of Percy Pigs filled with Germano-Israeli-Brazilian-Spanish-Korean sweetness.

The Russian, for whom we all secretly have a soft spot despite him being outrageously bloody lazy on the football pitch, believes that Arsenal will now have to alter their playing style to reflect the loss of his two midfield cohorts but was pleased to see some new faces added before the transfer deadline closed.

Reflecting on a conversation he had with Nicklas Bendtner, Arshavin told homeland publication Sport Express: “At the moment, losing Fabregas and Nasri is a catastrophe.

“Watching the Udinese match I said to (Nicklas) Bendtner that now we have no-one so comfortable with passing the ball to Robin van Persie or who ideally utilises the qualities of the other forwards.

“He smiled and replied, ‘Yes, the only player who could properly replace Cesc is probably Xavi’.

Arseblog News is a little suspicious about this conversation, as we’re pretty sure NB52 would have put himself forward to take over from Cesc, but hey, we digress. Arshavin continued:

“I’m very glad that I was able to play in the same team as Fabregas – he is a truly class footballer.

“When people say no-one is irreplaceable I don’t agree. With (Mikel) Arteta or whoever replaces those who have left, we will play different football, not as we played with Cesc and Samir.

“Of course the club had been working on transfers but I think the 8-2 speeded up and invigorated their work.

Analysing the business that was completed on transfer deadline day, the former Zenit St Petersburg ‘whippet’ spoke positively about German defender Per Mertesacker while remaining somewhat underwhelmed by the other arrivals.

“I know a bit about Mertesacker, he is a good defender who should definitely help us. I know nothing about Andre Santos other than that he plays for Brazil – but this in itself shows credentials.

“Arteta and Benayoun have long proved themselves in the Premier League, they’re not bad signings. And we needed strengthening in those positions.

“Perhaps another holding midfielder wouldn’t hurt and, as far as I know, we were trying till the last minute to get M’Vila, but unfortunately we weren’t able to buy him.

“Judging by the quantity and quality of our signings, Arsenal’s football will soon undergo some changes.”

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The only Sam is Nelson

Surely NB52 actually said “Lee Cattermole” when asked about a replacement for Cesc? Why else would the world’s best striker have upped sticks to the stadium of light, if not to be fed by the exquisitely timed through balls of Lee Cattermole?




Ha ha! I’m actually surprised he didn’t say “Nicklas Bendtner” to answer that question. Looks like he’s sucking someones cock in that photo at the top. He’d probably tell you its his own…..


Maybe he needs to fucking do something the lazy little cunt. The extent of his antics for the last season or so can only be described along the lines of the following:

1. “Arshavin gets the ball, without actually approaching the ball at all, merely waiting for it to come to him. Surprisingly it hasn’t been cut out by a defender with half as much pace as the stagnant little Russian”.
2.”Arshavin runs at a defender, and beats him”
3.”Arshavin steps inside, and the same defender whom he previously just beat takes the ball back off him with consummate ease”.



Jack Searle

dont forget skying every single chance that came his way except the barca game


And I mean, let’s not ignore the fact that he led the team in assists. What a lazy fuck!


“And it’s Arshaaaaaaaaaaaaavin” as the little man scores against Barca and the commentator chokes to death. That was awesome.

Arsenal Bystander

No shit sherlock.


Good and honest speech from a honest guy.


I fucking love Percy Pigs.

Signed straight, 33 year old, grown man.

Gallas's Penis

percy pigs are fucking brilliant!

signed 34 yr old straight male…maybe not so grown up!


compare the


Not suprised he burst into tears when Cesc & Nasri fucked off. He’ll have to work a lot harder this term.



Adam O'Leary

Anyone think there’s any chance that Arshavin will return to some of his early days, glittering form, at some point this season? I bloody hope so but I just can’t see it unfortunately. Meh

Arsenal Bystander

You took the words right out of my mouth sir.

[…] Singing Fabregas praises, Arshavin believes that he would be missed, and alter the team’s playing style. No shit Sherlock. Hopefully you would find back your form so that we would miss him less. It is reaching the point of sadness seeing how low our Russian talisman has fallen. I still remember the 4 goal performance against Liverpool. What ever happened to the diminutive forward? However Arshavin also reveals another transfer target: […]


Maybe he will take his finger out of his arse and do some fucking work the lazy git.
Ps if nasri wasn’t a cunt what would he be ?


a twat?




Not Nasri?

Eric Irish gunner

Ed the horse


Smeagol or Adebayor. Damn, point of correction k the later and former are synonyms.

wengers missing cheeks

Arshavin is right. Without Cescelona our football will be different. There are players that are influential off the pitch. Cesc is influential ON it. Haven’t you ever played with that 1 guy that passes it so well you want to pass too? Instead of trying to beat someone whose twice as fast? That’s Cesc at practice, at competitive games , everywhere. That’s why Wenger made him captain. You can’t train that into a player. I just hope the football that endeared me to arsenal and made us ‘the most entertaining team in Britain’ doesn’t hit the transfer list too. That… Read more »


I heard s rumour that Na$ri is a cunt is it true?


Percy Pigs are fantastic.


You should be nice to Arseshaving now he’s your best player :o)


He’s next on the list, he has no love for this club! Lazy fucking meerkat!


Mr. Arshavin, get your finger out and let your football do the talking. And stop eating so much.



Hazard and Gourcuff would have filled the void quite nicely. Although we’d have actually had to paid their value in the current market. £20 – £30mil each? Can’t see that ever happening.

We can dream though, eh?

Fed up of Barca

Meh, all pretty obvious if you ask me.

Also, I’d rather get relegated than have Xavi in the team. After his antics the last few years I’d probably get myself arrested by jumping on the pitch and snapping the little rats neck


On the subject of Cesc leaving, just seen this in the Toadygraph:

Barca vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu:
“The transfer of Cesc was a very good deal for us,” he said. “His real price was what Arsenal initially asked – at least 60m euros.”

So having aquired him through cheapskate cuntery, Barca are now going to cuntishly rub our noses in it? Barca should offer Nasri a seat on their board, he’d fit right in….

Gallas's Penis

that article really annoyed me!!…I mean REALLY annoyed me…like if you found out your daughter was dating a footballer and you invite them over to diner only to find that the footballer is Na$ri !!

wound myself up just thinking about it 🙁


Oh man, u are getting me wound up by just thinking about such a possibility lol.


Going off topic but did anyone watch the Spain Chile game the other night? I couldn’t believe the penalty that Spain got and the fact that Iniesta decided to square up to someone for no reason and caused a fight.
Spain have good players but they all seem to lack respect for the game.


There is the chance that Arsenal’s football changing a bit might not be such a bad thing

Bob the Gunner

Arshavin’s change of form is more concerning.

La Gooner



Form, they say, is temporary while class is permanent. Can someone pls tell me what happened to him. He was supposed to be a class act on the field of play not in the media. Guess he needs
a slap across the face to wake up from his slumber. So who will bell the cat?


He got fat, mate.


Then by all means get him some slimming tea (not the Kolo type though, for we need him on the pitch not off it). The fat meerkat…if only he can speak less and score more, that cunt (sorry that would be Na$ri, right?)


If our change of style involves Arshavin running/tracking back/trying at all….we are so fucked…


Arsenal pay him too well

[…] of Cesc and Nasri, but the headlines ignore the more positive outlook he has on our new arrivals. Speaking to the Russian media he said: I know a bit about Mertesacker, he is a good defender who should definitely help us. I know […]

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