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Arteta: I’ve got the best years of my career ahead of me

Arsenal’s new number 8, Mikel Arteta, has spoken to the club website for the first time about his move to the Gunners. Reflecting on how the move came about, the Spanish midfielder also talks about his desire to settle quickly in London, why he was attracted to the Emirates, how he came to be a Premier League success story and what he knows about the other deadline day arrivals.

On how the move came about…

“I knew of the interest from the club from about a week or so [before] but Arsenal were still deciding and I wasn’t sure if Everton wanted to sell me as well. They decided to wait until the last day and obviously to get everything done in 24 hours is not easy. Finally we got it done and I’m real happy.”

On leaving Everton…

It’s been a great experience for me being at a club like Everton. I really enjoyed it. I have left so many friends and it has been hard to say good bye to everyone. I’ve got really good friends there and people who have looked after me in those six years. The fanbase is unbelievable as well at Everton and I really hope that everybody understands my decision and the decision of the club, because I think it was in the best interests of every party.”

On the last seven days…

On Wednesday night the paperwork was done, on Thursday as well. On Friday I went to the club to say goodbye to everyone, the manager, the chairman, all the teammates and the staff. On Friday night I moved to London because I wanted to get settled as soon as possible; we’re in a house now with the family, but we’re looking at houses, areas nurseries…I want to get it done as soon as possible so I can focus on the training and the games.”

On why he wanted to play for Arsenal…

“I have always been a big admirer of the Arsenal philosophy, the way they play, the way they do the job, and it’s always exciting watching Arsenal play. I was a Barcelona boy that was my team  [IGNORE] and Arsenal have exactly the same philosophy so in England there is no better team to watch than Arsenal.”

On playing against Arsenal in the past…

“We had some good games Arsenal. I can’t wait to start playing. I can’t wait to play at the Emirates, I think it’s an unbelievable stadium. I’m so excited.”

On working with Wenger…

“He seems really calm and really confident and he’s shown that confidence by bringing in so many young, talented players to the squad while everyone else was spending a lot of money. The most important thing is he wants to play good football and then win. I like that.”

On whether Arsenal have signed him at his peak…

“Hopefully, I’ve got the right experience in England and throughout my career and I can help the team and the young lads here. I think I’ve got the best two, three, four years of my career ahead.”

On why he has succeeded in England…

“I think my spell in Scotland [with Rangers] when I was training for three years was really important. Some people didn’t understand that move, but I knew that if I wanted to play in England I had to toughen up and get used to the pace of English football. It was a great experience for me. Obviously my spell at Everton has helped a lot, but there are always things in your game you need to change and adapt and that is what I try to do.”

On adapting to life at Arsenal…

“Hopefully I will not take long to adapt but obviously you need to meet new characters, new personalities and new players with different abilities so you need to pick that up as soon as possible to get an understanding on the pitch. But I have been watching a few videos and have got some work done before training and hopefully that will help me.”

On fellow new arrivals…

“I think we’ve got some experience there from all of them. We have strength in nearly every position in the team which I think is important because we’re going to be playing in four competitions. Hopefully they can all add something different to the team and get the team performing better.”


picture copyright of Arsenal FC

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“I was a Barcelona boy. . . ” thank fuck he’s a bit old for Xavi to start grooming. . . .

Ray parlours barbers blunt scissors

Na$ri comes from a long line of cunts
his grandad was king lesbo of cuntingham

wengers missing cheeks

on making love to the camera…

on Nasri’s cuntishness….

on all the ‘on’s in this news post


Like the guy and his honesty.
I like that he doesn’t go out with stuff like ‘childhood dream’ etc, etc.
He’s a professional footballer who had some great years at his former club which he obviously love. Now I hope that he keeps his professionalism up – and maybe some day becomes as fond of Arsenal as of E…


Did anyone else hear that nasri is a cunt?


of barcelonas starting 11 last year, EVERYONE made a public comment about cesc. Think about it – Valdes – Maxwell, Puyol, Pique, Alves – Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta – Pedro, Villa, Messi.

Thats Mental! They are all such massive bulging throbbing smelly cunts

and na$ri of course


very smelly!!

Fed up of Barca

Said it before, will say it again.
I have no remorse for Barca, if any one of their players dies I’ll have no remorse, I’d actually think it as karma


“I was a Barcelona boy that was my team [IGNORE] ”



Can he play in defence?


Looking forward to seeing him play for us, always thought he was a poor mans Cesc ( and thats still high praise) oh and also Na$ri is a cunt.

I bleed red

He was definitely top of his game a few seasons back but he’s still got class and if he stays fit he’ll certainly be our midfield talisman this season. Just a shame none of the first XI can never all be fit at the same time!

Ben Savage

Really looking forward to seeing him play on Saturday. COYG.

Also did anyone else notice how much of a cunt Na$ri is?

E Man

Arteta is pure Class. And someone is his direct opposite.. Yeah you guessed right… The Cunt Na$ri!


“But I have been watching a few videos and have got some work done before training and hopefully that will help me.”

Now theres preparation for ya, he been training for training and meeting the players.

Seems a real Pro we have got here


Unless those videos were Scream 3, Saw IV and Toy Story 3 (he has kids, right?)


sadly he is well past his best. he has never been the same player since the cruciate injury 2 season ago.
he very rarely gets past the 1st man with either free kicks or corners, he wont go into a 50/50 tackle as i think the injury is still in his mind.


Cesc for that cunt Na$ri never went in for 50/50’s


oh and i forgot to say nasri is the biggest cunt ive seen.




Hear a lot of Everton fans saying he hasn’t been at his best for the last 2 seasons but hopefully, like Ashley young, being surrounded by better players will bring the best out of him.
Also, Na$ri is a c*nt.


Exactly. At Everton he never had reinfocement or any real class around him and was expected to do it by himself, with help from Cahill (when not injured himself). I think not being the focus will do him well.

[…] those of youwho can’t get enough of our newest signing, Arteta, he just gave his first interview to the club. I actually wonder whether he is joking when he said he has got the best years ahead of him. Not […]


at last we have a player who wants to play for the arsenal, rather than someone with his heart elsewhere, and a total CUNT (I think you all know who im referring to here)… i cant wait to see Mikel bossing the midfield and hopefully sticking a few studs into na$ri’s bollocks for good measure when we play city


Welcome to AFC Senor Arteta. Love your honesty and professionalism already. Let’s go win some games and some trophies.

And if there was ever any doubt in anyones mind, Na$ri is A Cunt….


Of course your best years are ahead of you Mickey, you’re now a gooner:)

misanthropic gooner

From afar he kind of looks like Cesc (not on that pic though).


We got Mik Arteta we got Mik Arteta la la la la, la la la la.
At least we have an honest player wearing the number 8 instead of a lying money grabbing cunt like Na$ri. Roll on the weekend

Martin Keown is my hero

I think if you carefully read between the lines in Arteta’s interview, he practically calls Nasri a cunt……….which is nice.


Can he play cb/defence is getting old….enough already!!




Arteta really sounds happy, i like that.

and oh… N-ass-ri is a stinky slimy cunt!


On Samir Nasri….

“Well, he is not a good guy to be honest. I think his face is more or less awful and of course he is a greedy cunt. I am happy that he left before i arrived.”

Nija Gunner

Oh I can’t wait to see him play for us, I’ve been so happy I forgot about the pounding at oldtr…..

Gervinio's Forehead

Our own CUNTS….
The Board…. Council of useless, tight sphinctered CUNTS with their profit loving, Hee Haw, Hill Billy, Darth Vader CUNT overlord….
Spend some fooking money…CUNTS!
Oh, and Na$ri is Jabba’s belly dancing CUNT….

Gervinio's Forehead

Na$ri is a CUNT of epic ‘vagina monologues’ proportions… The bucktoothed Vagina Monologues CUNT….

[…] New boy Mikel Arteta says of the new arrivals: I think we’ve got some experience there from all of them. We have strength in nearly every position in the team which I think is important because we’re going to be playing in four competitions. Hopefully they can all add something different to the team and get the team performing better. […]

Monteychristo de gunner

With d new signing of experience players like arteta,benayoun,santos,mertasacker and the likes i believe Arsenal will be a great team to watch out for.

[…] first official interview with the club. He spoke about moving to the club (obviously) and that his best times are ahead of him. Regular readers will know that I was pleased with the signing of Arteta. It’s nice to […]

Steve Morrow

If I ever met Na$ri, I would throw the cunt over my shoulder and break his arm, see how HE likes it…cunt… least I won a trophy for the club….


On a more serious note i just cannot wait…. no im kidding… im here to say one thing. Na$ri, big cunt hole.

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