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Vermaelen penciled in for October return

Arsenal have played down initial fears that Thomas Vermaelen was facing several months on the sidelines by revealing that while the Belgian has undergone a minor surgical procedure to remove a tendon, he should be back in full training inside a month.

A statement on reveals:

“Centre back Thomas Vermaelen is expected to be back in training with the first-team squad in around a month.

“Vermaelen has undergone a minor procedure to remove an inflamed plantaris tendon from his left ankle.

“This is the same treatment that he had on his right ankle in January this year and has nothing to do with his Achilles tendon.

“The action was taken after consultation with specialists who advised this was the best thing to do to prevent it becoming a persistent problem.”

Taking the above into consideration the centre-back will definitely miss matches against Swansea, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League,  the Champions League ties with Borussia Dortmund and Olympiacos and the Carling Cup match with Shrewsbury Town.


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Samir Nasri

More importantly, I’m a cunt.


hahaha how long til the hate will die down? i wonder


Until I re-coup the 60 odd quid I spend on a Na$ri Home shirt last season…


It must never die down. Our hate for Nasri is a flame that must be kindled for all eternity.




Can we graft the removed tendon onto Jack’s ankle or prophylactically reinforce RvP’s?

E Man

Great news! But do i hear a certain someone say “relapse”? I hope not.
And hell yeah.. Na$ri you’rea f**king, stinking, slimy, sleazy, despicable Cunt!


Can’t stop singing in my head ” nasri you are a cunt you are a cunt nobody likes you cos you Are a cunt”


Shit he’s gonna miss the Shrewsbury Town game…..
…..Na$ri is a smelly cunt.


he was the best cunt you had after cesc left!
now you just have shit cunts




Could be worse, could have a cunt with hair from his arse surgically implanted on his head!


you must be talking about the one that scored three past your shit cunts


Yeh, that cunt. Cunt

Eric Irish gunner

Haha classic

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck off onto your own blog fuckwit

Hot Tub Rhyme Machine

The Red devil has been categorically OWNED!



Didn’t he have a small procedure last year and ended up being out for the whole season!!! Am not convinced with Arsenal’s statement. Don’t be surprise guys if we dont see TV this year!


La la la la la la la……sammy your a cunt….your a cunt….sammy your a cunt….la la la la la la la!!!


TV5 says he’ll back in four weeks, that means he will make it for the spuds game .

Vermaelen tweeted: “Yesterday I had a small procedure to take out my plantaris tendon, just to prevent it becoming a big problem.

“I’ll be back training in four weeks.”

[…] papa believes that his son would be out for a minimum of 6 weeks. The club has also voiced its belief that our centre back would be back by October. Hopefully we would not witness a repeat of last season, […]

S Nasri

About time you fans started practising signing at matches.

Couldn’t wait to get out of there and join a club which wants to win trophies and where the manager doesn’t come into my room at night.

Will be luaghing my french arse off when you finish outside the top 4

Auvoir Arse holes

Jimmy the Saint

Who would’ve thought a cunt of aFrenchman couldn’t spell goodbye properly? Useless fucker.


Practise signing, eh? Sounds awesome…

Eric Irish gunner

Luaghing? Knob head

Hot Tub Rhyme Machine


We have a lot of deaf players, eh?



So that’s him out for the season then?


Yeah they didn’t say which oct he’ll be back. I’m guessing 2014


Next they’ll be taking out all his tendons so they don’t get inflamed either.


In other news, Paul Scholes is a ginger cunt.




Amen squared, bro!
The cuntest ginger cunt ever


Lol, Red Devil is talking up a player that now plays for his most hated rivals.

The mentality of Surrey glory hunters *rolls eyes*


What do you expect? I’m clearly a cunt.


do you live anywhere near manchester? or just another glory hunting tosser who has never been to a game? please, do tell… you cunt


Yes sir, clearly you are a cunt. Thank you for clearing that up.
Now, do fuck off.

Eric Irish gunner

A scabby cunt


When will thenhate die down did he just ask that. This clearly needs posting again it’s worse than I first feared. POPEYE September 6, 2011 at 12:56 pm It has come to my attention and after thorough investigation that there are some amongst our flock that and I can hardly bear to write this, some that believe that nasri is not and I repeat is not a cunt. I no this is a shock to find such heretics and blasphemers among us. Some believe him to be just a very naughty boy. This act of betrayal cannot and should not… Read more »

Bromley Gooner

Gareth Bale looks like a strategically shaved monkey!! There are no personalities in the England team at all anyone that wants more England players in the Arsenal squad should look at what there is I would at a push take dare I say it Cahill but really they are just awful, I find it sad as before the Terry, cole, lanpard

Bromley Gooner

Damn it hadn’t finished !!

Days I used to love England! Oh while I’m here thought I’d mention that I believe messers

Bromley Gooner


Nasri and cole ….. Cunts!

Bob the Gunner

Is there something wrong with our training programs?!?!
We have players more fragile dan ballet dancers, and then we have Clichy in Mancs saying that he was amazed with the intensity of the mancs training and that in Arsenal apparrently we don’t do any tackling in training.
Can someone tell me what’s going on???

Eric Irish gunner

He’s a ball licking cunt


hahahahaha…short and sweet


Anyways see you next season Tommy.


There’s nothing to worry about the 2 months recovery time is very generous and if he’s out for longer then that means we have been lied to about his injurys

King Tony Adams

I now proclaim that on August 23rd every year, it shall be known as Cuntlord Nasri Day!

If we play Tottenham or Manure on the same day it will be known as Cuntlord Nasri and Man United Cunt Club Day!

Nija Gunner

Hope we not lied to by the club!

Gervinio's Forehead

We need to sort out our own CUNTS….
The Board… tight arsed, cornholed CUNTS.
Oh, and that shadowy Hee Haw, Hill Billy, life sucking Dracula CUNT…. Spend some fooking money!….
Can Usmanov’s money replace the stench of dodgy CUNT and bring back the pussylicious sweet scent of invincibility?

Gervinio's Forehead

Breaking news from Tatooine confirmed by R2-D2…….
Na$ri is Jabba’s belly dancing CUNT…


I’m gonna have Na$ri is a cunt ironed on to last years shirt. The wife says not to be stupid but tough. It’s not as if I’m going to wear it to a job interview.
Anyway make a speedy return Tomas I want to wear my ARSEBLOG VERMINATER T-shirt again

Homer Na$ri

Na$ri reported to have broken his finger while ……… you know what?

Steve Morrow

Homer….did he break it whilst being a galaxy – sized black hole cunt, perchance?


Na, he did thwacking off in the tool shed

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