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Bendtner makes a threat, Arsenal fans shrug shoulders

Nicklas Bendtner has delivered a killer blow to Arsenal’s chances of ever winning the Champions League by revealing that he’ll never play for the club again.

The Dane, who rivals Thierry Henry, Ian Wright and Cliff Bastin, as one of the greatest strikers in the club’s history will spend the season at reigning Inter-Continental champions Sunderland before deciding whether to sign a £2 million a week deal at Barcelona or take his chances playing on Mars with the rest of his ego.

“I will never go back to Arsenal. If I can have it my way, I will never play for them again,” Bendtner is quoted as saying in The Sun.

“After my car accident I never really got the chance to earn a spot in the first team.

“That is over one-and-a-half years with no real chance to prove myself.

“I am really looking forward to playing for Sunderland and then we will see next summer.

“I will find a new club – but I will not go back to Arsenal, that’s for sure.”

Bendtner has three years left on his contract which means Arsene Wenger will still be able to command a likely world record-breaking transfer fee for his 23-year-old protégé.

Funny he should talk about his car crash – it sums him up nicely.

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Says he didn’t get a chance in 18 months, how about the open on goal chance to put us through against Barca that he fucked up?



Irish Gunner

Please tell us that this is a promose and not a threat. entner got plenty chances simple fact is he is sh1te and would find it hard to hold a place down in the reserve team…… least he will have time to practice his gum chewing technique before next match fcukin tosser

Irish Gunner

lol fukin promise even


Remember, we picked him ahead of Eduardo…….Remember the Burnley game, where he missed 6 sitters, 4 chances………I hear many people saying he should have got games and all,,,,,,,,but he got them,,,,,,,,he was lazy enough not to take it……That EGO of his makes him lazy and “0” hard working


I’d rather have kept him instead of Chamakh but meh.

If an emperor runs an empire and a king runs a kingdom, who runs a country?

Samir Na$ri.



A Count? lol

I’m disappointed by Bendtners comments but we’ve lost much better players than him in the past, (few months.) I think we’ll all survive.

wengers missing cheeks

lmao… Cunt Na$ri the first runs a cuntry

wengers missing cheeks

Mick “the dick” Bendtner should suck himself . Na$ri is a cunt. They’re meant for each other.

(()) –c==3


LOL . love the sarcasm in this x)


Never liked this idiot. Remember _that_ champions league game?

What a deluded cockspanner.

Gallas's Penis

cockspanner…good word!!


Isn’t it cockspaniel? Or at least something similar?


Cock-sponger? Cock-spanker? Cock-spittler? Or maybe just Cock.


ahhhh, now i understand…. but is this really true? feel vaguely sorry for him somehow, i know he had the barca chance but that was one of the few times he was given a chance in the centre forward position. it was so frustrating seeing him wenger playing him on the right wing! guess he was always going to be second choice to robin with the 4-3-3 system.

not really an “arsenal player” somehow. so Nick, if you really said that then fair enough, you can fuck right off. i think bridges will be burnt with this.


I think if he showed some humility people would be able to look past his “issues”. It is just everytime he opened his mouth he was talking about how great he is. Nobody likes a braggart.


Why does no one call him the Great Dane? Am I the only one who sees the joke? No? Just not as funny then, bah. I am off to Sunderland.

Hell No

Ha ha! This could be my favourite news post of all time.

From the accompanying photo to the comments (do I detect a hint of sarcasm in there…just a hint?!) it had me giggling.

Then I realised that he probably said these things and it made me laugh all the more.

What a numpty!

Hell No

“Car crash”….hee hee!


The latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary brings the inclusion of the new word Na$sriIsaCunt – which can also be found under NIC. It is an adjective often used to describe an act of betray, where the primary motivation for betrayl is large amounts of money and sodomy from a 6foot5 bosnian.


My favourite Bendtner moment was him blocking Fabregas’s shot off the line in CL.



People always mention his chance against Barca, but forget the other great times


What about that sublime hat trick…… of missed chances against Burnley.


Bendtner was injured for most of hte 18 month period he was talking about, and then van Persie equalled some PL scoring record. Don’t see how he he’s complaining of not getting a chance.


To be fair I’ve forgotten all about Cesc since Bendtner left. I’ve set up camp outside the Danish embassy here in London in protest. All feel free to join me. I am the one in the red and white deck chair broadcasting on a loop the audio from his ‘Best of’ YouTube clips.


I say, let Bendtner and his ego stay and throw out Chamakh! I hate to say this but Chamakh is one of the worst players we have ever had.


Worse than Batista?


Two lists:
1. Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, George, Radford, Bastin.

2. Hawley, Hankin, Groves, Allinson, Chapman L.,

Now, which one to add Bendtner to… Hmmm, choices, choices……..

Hell No

Ha ha!

Fed up of Barca

NOthing wrong with Groves!


Fair point. At least the man tried to make the mostof his limited talent. Ok, subtract Groves. Replace with Aliadiere.


Or List 3. Baptista,Jeffers,Reyes

Adam, Watford

It’s sad if that’s his attitude.

I actually quite liked Bendy. Still if his ego is too big for his talent then there is not a lot of hope for him, anywhere.

I can understand he felt let down by not gettinga run of games in his best position but, hey – tough tits, that’s life.

I’d still prefer him to Chamakh on current form though.


I think his ego is too big for messi’s talent

wengers missing cheeks

^^ this

Steve of Chiang Mai

For a guy with so much “talent” I’m surprised a loan move to Sunderland was all he could get – especially after his father/Manager spend the whole summer pimping him to any newspaper that would listen. …….and then there was Burnley!

Karl Thomson

That is possibly the best news article ever written.


Haha I love some of arseblog’s articles. Hilarious


How can he complain about chances after Burnley, and the CL… He has talent but sometimes talent alone doesn’t cut it.


Just waiting for the moment he finds out he is only there as backup for Connor Wickham..

Celebrity Serb

No way he will be first choice even in Sunderland.. Next destination is like Turkey,Ukraine or god knows where else.If he was that good,how come only Sunderland was crazy enough to take him..Bellow average striker i am afraid…

Dave Gooner

Cheers Nick. Samir wants a lift in your new car.


I don’t blame him. I’ll say the same if I had Chamkh playing ahead of me and when I come on i’m asked to put in crosses on the wings for Walcot, Arshavin, Wilshere (all midgets) to get on to.

Oh Arsene Wenger. I just don’t think AW is the man for the job.


3 nice goals for Park against Lebanon…his celebration needs a bit of work though


It looks like he’s wanking off a cock growing from the pitch..


Usless pile of wank flannel…. Doesn’t deserve to wear the cannon.


Can’t believe it cesc nasri now super nick who next eh diaby, rosicky oh please not

Midfield Corporal

What a deluded fuck this guy is. His winding up of the orient fans when his Shanked shot dribble in summed him up.

If the rumour he changed his shirt no to 52 on his back because he earns 52k a week is true, why did the club allow it? Lazy piece of shit with mediocre talent making millions from the supporters. Everything that is wrong with football.


Fucking hell I put some of you lot on a par with Burnley fans. I think I’m going to stick to reading the blogs. A bit back people were praising Chamakh and now he’s suddenly ‘the worst player in our history.’ Bendtner is an over rated gobshite. The Arnold Rimmer of the EPL. Nothing more.

N. Bendtner

You guys are gonna miss my super quality. Also, without me the Arse squad is far less pretty.


A Dane who couldn’t bring home the bacon.

Arsene's nose

I love watching Arsenals kids in the league cup beating premier teams – then dreaming about them growing together becoming a world class team. Shame so many of them end up as twats or discover Barca DNA!


Why niick why, since eboue left it’s just all gone pete tong


I liked him


Ohh FFS with the barca miss, all strikers miss tons of goals, maybe if Arsene had played him central more he would of scored, he is by far better than Chamakh, we lost a good squad player.


As mentioned by gt, Park scored hat-trick for Korea against Lebanon. Easy opposition, but you can see his finishing is good. (1st, 2nd, 4th goals in video)

Nija Gunner

Bendter and Chamack…mmm none of them deserve to be an Arsenal player!


Good squad player my Arsenal. He’s a bit better than Chamakh. He would never get into the City, United or Chelsea squads. Even Pav and Defoe would play ahead of him at Spurs. Not good enough for them, not good enough for us. He can piss right off next summer – see if anyone else reckons he is worth the 50k/w he wants.




Saying that against a club who still owns his contract, tell a lot about him. Been said how he is confident and all that…but to me he is nothing more than just plain stupid.


Remember this one against Wolves

It was a great moment


Or this, also against Liverpool:

James Stevens

My favourite was his wide shot that deflected for an own goal against huddersfield, how he then proceeded to celebrate and silence the huddersfield fans like he’d scored some kind of history making goal. Good player (good not world class) awful attitude don’t need players like that.


Can we please get that in signing Bendtner?

Dave Button

Chamakh will come good but have u seen where he had his so called accident? I saw him driving his range rover near mcdonalds on his way to training a couple of years back. He drives like a loon talks like a loon and plays like a loon. Bit of a common theme there lol wanker good riddance useless fucking useless.


I’m so upset about losing the best forward in the world how will we manage …… What a fucking twat goodbye and good riddance


Rvp and park both got hat tricks for there country’s just hope they do the same for us oh and great run by Walcott for englands third well done lads


my knees are shaking at the thought that he’ll never play for us again…. meh~


Does Nick share Na$ri’s mouth/agent/brain??
What a cock.Still,at least he can tell his grandchildren he once scored against sperz…


Although what he has said is very disrespectful I can see where he is coming from. Virtually every time he plays he is bought on as a winger which he isn’t built for and i guess he’s fed up of it. Hopefully he has a good season at Sunderland and then we can get a decent figure for him. Oh and everyone who moans about his miss in that CL game against Barca maybe we could have gone through if our beloved captain at the time didn’t decide to help set up Messi with that beautiful back heel to Iniesta… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck of then and get daddy to get you another massive club to join, if you spend as much time practicing your finishing as you do on your fucking hair and chewing gum you’d go along way, earn your 52 grand elsewere ponse

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