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Wilshere confirms 2-3 month injury absence

Following reports in this morning’s Mirror about the seriousness of Jack Wilshere’s injury, the Arsenal midfielder has confirmed the bad news.

Via his Twitter account, he said, “I can confirm I will be out for around 2-3 months! I am working hard in the gym to stay fit and I am gutted but I will be back stronger!”

The exclamation marks, they do nothing. Wilshere limped out of Arsenal’s Emirates Cup game with New York Red Bulls on July 31st with an ankle problem and hasn’t been seen since.

His absence is a blow for Arsene Wenger’s side, already without the permacrocked Abou Diaby. It does, however, provide a chance for Emmanuel Frimpong to turn his Twitter form into performances on the pitch, and for new recruits Mikel Arteta and Yossi Benayoun to bed into the side.

Get well soon, Jack.

ps – Na$ri a cunt.

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Yep, that’s what we needed.
Was really happy to get Arteta but we are back to bare bones with another injury or 2. And being the team we are, another injury or 2 is never far away.

Why Not

Coincidental that this is announced after the end of transfer window, even though it was widely known for a few weeks.
That £20m profit couldn’t have been spent on a super quality midfielder could it?


2-3 months and then he’ll officially be LANS. Can’t wait.


The medical team seriously need to answer some questions. I can’t remember the last time we ever had our very best 11 all fit at the same time !!


We failed to panic buy a competent medical staff.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh. I hope its not more than 3 months. Plzz.


something has got to be wrong with our medical team, or the way the players train


We have our share of injury woes that’s a given, but why does everything have to be someone fault? It’s a physical game and it happens. It sucks for sure and we need Jack, but don’t people think the medical staff does the best they can?


Them jammy dodgers he was eating the other day obviously didn’t fucking help then




Oh, and p.s. yes blogs, na$ri is indeed a cunt.


This is all fucking Nasri’s fault…. the cunt


I don’t think you’re being fair to cunts, Nasri is making cunts everywhere look bad


Get well soon Jack.. We need an new medical team. Is there any transfer window for that? And Hell Yeah!, Nasri is a Cunt!!


makes u think twice about all those xenophobic twats in the media last season taking Arsene to town when he refused to let Jack play for his country because of burn out! If we hadn’ had so many injuries last term, Jack wouldnt be suffering this term. Surely, there must be some awareness that Arsenal’s training methods are partly responsible for the thinness of our squad most of the time. Cesc, now Jack, Maybe Aaron will be able to shine alongside Arteta at this point.


I can imagine that nasri is the type of guy who “pop” the collar on his shirt. I hate those guys.


Not sure if there’s anyone who could replace Jack, even for 20-30m. There are few better in his position in Europe, and none were on the market this summer. September is a good month for rebuilding – three very winnable games, two of which are against relegation candidates, then Bolton at home. Mertesacker should be excellent, and we’ll see what Arteta and Santos can do. Ramsey should be stepping up too – he’s been ok, but not quite reaching his potential. It’s gotta be Ramsey, IMO. He’s not quite the same kind of player, but he’s got just as much… Read more »


It’s those stoopid interlulls. Wenger claimed Jack initially got injured playing against Switzerland. Could it have been Djourou’s dodgy tackle on Jack in that game which caused the damage? In which case, Djourou hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory so far this season.


If we’re going to call Na$ri a cunt (and I’m quite happy to go along with that), then Fabregas shouldn’t escape scot free. There’s some shite on Sky Text in the Arsenal section about how he “suffered” watching the 8-2 game – perhaps if he had shown some loyalty to the team that made him a world class player, none of us might have suffered last Sunday. As for Wilshere, the Vermaelen saga last season prepared me for a long term absence, so while I’m pissed off, I’m not surprised. And neither, given the arrival of Benayoun, was Wenger. Looks… Read more »


I totally agree. Part of our problem is the emphasis on possession football. When a side has had to chase Arsenal around trying to win the ball with no great luck, eventually someone is going to put in a hard, late tackle just to make a point.


Normally LPAG, but that actually made some sense, James.

Texas gooner

Thinking high ankle sprain he could be 100% at 5 weeks but then will have to build fitness. The upside is a LANS but also means Wenger has an excuse not to buy at the winter window. Good luck Jack


You have to let a player back when he feels ready, or the pain has gone, otherwise you’d never have a player come back for fear of aggrevating an injury. Surely you have to test the waters to see how bad the injury is, he only did light training, but wasn’t right.

How are the medics to blame for the injury?


stooooooopid. I knew when he was first announced as a three week injury that this would happen. Its so predictable, I reckon the Arsenal medical team have misplaced their skeleton and don’t actually know where the ankle is.



La Gooner

No mention of Barca chief sayin Fab was worth 60 mil? The Cunt.





Barca are a team run by major cunts who completely screwed us over.
They knew they were getting Cesc on the cheap. Insulting.
On the bright side, we should have Jack back for an end of season push


Lucky we had the foresight and a forward thinking management team to make signings in the window and didn’t panic or we may have been in a bit of shit really.
Ps as its Sunday is it good etiquette to call nasri a cunt? I’m sure it’s ok but don’t Want to embarrass myself if it isn’t.


Shame but this is arsenal I wouldn’t expect anything less happy days are here again


Balls! I do kinda wanna blame someone but it must just be were unlucky I guess…. Let’s do the decent thing and blame Na$ri again…… The massive thunder cunt!

[…] confirming this morning that he would indeed be out injured for at least another two months with a persistent ankle […]


Arteta can replace Wilshere and Ramsey can play behind RVP.

I wish Jack a speedy recovery.

p.s check out these hilarious arguments between the deluded scousers and spuds.


Good call about it being nasri’s fault it’s the butterfly effect, had jack not text nasri when he did then jack may have been saved from this injury.. Nasri is a cunt I need no more proof that that.

Nasri's Cunt

I just got a call from Na$ri. Diaby needed company in the treatment room. Cesc is gone, Rosicky and RvP are fit and Gibbs is a bore. Wilshere just volunteered. Well, I don’t speak cuntlish too well but that was the drift


Don’t worry, Rob & Thom are due crippling injuries anytime soon


Well shock of all shocks another of our players has sustained a “long term injury”. Considering that we play in the same league as Liverpool, Man City, United and Chelsea all of whom are treated exactly the same as we are by the opposition is it safe to say that we have the worst physio’s in the premier league ? EVERY season is the same – but usually we suffer from November onwards so this year we are a little early. The most piss awful bunch of “medical experts” – they should be fired alongside Pat Rice and our “defensive… Read more »


Wont see him again this season.

Been here too many times before.

Fucking useless medical team.


It’s a good thing that we have bought players with injury-free records like Banayoun, Arteta and Mertesacker. We won’t miss Wilshire.


Vermaelen all over again. Lets hope not.
Don’t blame the medical staff. They can’t cure players over night. There is a deeper problem.
There has to be something seriously wrong in training, match preparation and warm ups.
Was it Na$ri who give Jack a shity pass in that warmup match?

Barry Onion

How many times do our medical team diagnose a ‘short’ injury lay off, only for it to turn out to be a lot longer? happens far too regularly


so, maybe we have to pray that arteta stay out of injury until jack comes back


i think we shouldn’t hv sold cesc. f*cking barca management now laughing at us for selling them cheap.


Its simplistic blaming arsenal’s medics for all these injuries, but remember all clubs have their own long term injured players defying all known medical treatments. Gerard, Puyol, Hagreaves, Fletcher, Essien, Kaka, etc


I think someone needs to start manufacturing Na$ri is a cunt flags, badges, and maybe a giant fucking banner that everyone can take to games. They could leave “Na$ri is a cunt” scalves on all the seats at the emirates when Man Shitty come to town. That would be a beautiful thing


Top idea mate. I’m in!

[…] Bollocks, I told myself, this ain’t true. Lo and behold, came Jacky to the rescue affirm the authenticity of the report. He confirmed the news via twitter, and said: @JackWilshere […]

Eric Irish gunner

Barcelona you bunch of wankers saying you robbed us at least we’ll no next time you come looking for our players, na£ri you cunt

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