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Mertesacker: Ich liebe the Donkey who won the Derby

While the club may not recognise the value of good PR, new recruit Per Mertesacker certainly appears savvy enough to press the right buttons of Gooners across the world.

Speaking to the club’s website in his first interview since signing on at the Emirates the German international revealed a childhood admiration for Highbury hero Tony Adams while also confirming his ownership of an Arsenal kit dating back sixteen years.

“We [he and his brother] went to the shop [when on holiday in England] and picked up some shirts and I picked up the Arsenal one. Since then when I’m looking to England, I’m looking to Arsenal.

Coy on any suggestion that he was an avid fan, Mertesacker went on to talk about former club captain Adams, the fabled ‘Donkey’ who won the 1993 FA Cup semi-final derby against Tottenham Hotspur.

“We didn’t get many pictures of him on the television but Adams was a legend here. He is a special one for me.

“When I was looking at English football I always looked to Arsenal and he was one of the great defenders when I was ten or 12 years old. I knew he was the centre-half for Arsenal.

“I like the players [like Adams] very much – I have enjoyed seeing them over the years. I hope I can improve my performances here and get better and better – I want to be useful for the team.”

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Samir 'cunt' Nasri

Hi everyone. In case you hadn’t already noticed, I’m a cunt.

get a life, mate

Look to the Future

Yeah you are cunt; for going on and on and on and on.


Ignore them! Keep going, it’s lyrical genius.

Really excited about Mertesacker; think he will be huge success


Well said Samir!


Seriously, when are you guys gonna move on from this Nasri shit? It’s bad enough the club coming out with this petty crap over a hat shop, but the damn fans can’t move on from a one season wonder.
It’s so damn cringeworthy seeing fans still come out with these childish nicknames and sour grapes. I guess it’s indicative of our on the pitch performances in recent months that people bother focusing their attention on ex-players, even in a news item about a new one!


Hear hear.


It’s more a joke than anything else innit? jeez!


but you forget that samir nasri is a cunt

Yusuf Osman

Fuck nasri let’s show him he made a mistake leaving the arsenal along with many other ex arsenal players in the past . Don’t know about anyone else but I’m up for Saturday BIG TIME !! , let’s get behind the team and do our talking on the pitch where it matters , COME ON YOU GUNNERS !!!!


Hey everyone, it’s Nasri posing as some bloke called Aaron!! Pfft, as if that’s a real name…


Well said….. Really need to move on. Let’s do our ass kicking on the pitch and quit with the name calling….. And Na$ri is A CUNT!!!!

Samir Nasri

Thought I’d stop by, cunt up the place a bit 😛

Captain Van-tastic

Yes, we should move on and get behind the team, but there’s no denying that Na$ri is an utter cunt.


I’ve already moved on/forgotten about Nasri, I’m more excited about some of the new players who are sounding of like they’ve got a pair, like Herr Mertesacker, hopefully he become a legend of Lehman proportions.


Great stuff to hear; a real fan playing for the Arsenal, what more do you want?

Let’s hope he doesn’t swig the Pilsener like Tone used to, though.


A real fan playing for Arsenal………….Jimmy Carter

Adams West Ham Bergkamp Spuds.Doesnt matter who they support what matters is how good they are?


At Werder-Bremen Mertesacker was nick named ‘Die Karte Avoider’ due to his uncanny ability to avoid getting booked. However at his local ‘Off-Lizenz’ he was known ‘Die Franz Gallagher’ due to his uncanny ability to leave broke. Piss Kopf!!!

The Saint

Oh, so you mean he was just like Stephane Henchoz!


maybe we’ll have a debutant who doesn’t get sent off first game then? :O


Nah, i’m sure his unanny ability to avoid getting booked is fucked now he’s signed for us


Now I can’t call nasri an unmentionable name I have nothing to say.


Adams the greatest gooner that ever lived fact. Per will do for me in that case. If he gets anywhere near the standard Adams set then il be a happy nasri hater


Looks like they missed the part of the interview where Per Mertesacker indicated he spoke to Kuntz who confirmed that Na$ri is indeed a CUNT.

Top gun

Cesc has left for more trophies, Cunt-ry singer for more money. Let’s get over them and concentrate on the club we all love. Go Arsenal!

Burpee Mee

Adams is a donkey Adams is a donkey….. eeee orways scores eeeorways scores

The Saint

Yikes! He wants to emulate Tony Adams! Hope he doesn’t mind making a few mistakes and having “Donkey” chants directed at him at least at first! Still I’m with you that his pace or rather lack of it can be offset with superior experience and positioning and if he ends his career the way Adams did then he would have done alright by my book. “One Mertesacker, there’s only one Mertesacker, one Mertesaaacker…”


I hate Manure Shited. Thank you.

[…] German straight away? Anyway, he’s been talking about great Arsenal centre-halves and revealed an admiration for one of Arsenal’s finest: We didn’t get many pictures of him on the television but Adams was a legend here. He is a […]


It’s safe to say, that these nasri lovers dont watch the news or own tech phones.
Na$ri is defo a cunt!

$amir na$ri's mum

My $on is a cunt

Save 75 cents

The Samir stuff is old. It is redundant and not entertaining…it never really was and it is not original.

$amir Na$ri

I agree. Stop it now please


Thank God for Na$ri!
Finaly, a bigger cunt than me!


And me!

[…] end on a happy note, Mertesacker has given his first interview to the club, and spoke of his love for the club, and how he liked Tony Adams. I will drink to that sir, if you […]


Well said mate. You’re really a breath of fresh air. Sick and tired of the Na$ri is a…brigade!

[…] summer acquisition, who has previously revealed that he owned an Arsenal jersey as a teenager, confirmed that only an injury crisis at former club […]

[…] German straight away? Anyway, he’s been talking about great Arsenal centre-halves and revealed an admiration for one of Arsenal’s finest: We didn’t get many pictures of him on the television but Adams was a legend here. He is a […]

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