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Wenger: The real start of the season is now

It seems like an eternity since the defeat at Old Trafford, but proper football is back. Readying his team for the visit of Swansea tomorrow, Arsene Wenger spoke to Arsenal Player about the last two weeks, giving his take on the loss to Manchester United, his decisions to invest in new players, what his new recruits bring to the squad and all the latest injury and suspension news.

His view on the defeat at Old Trafford…

We are very disappointed and we were absolutely down after the game but putting things into perspective, we were really weakened on the day, we had a very demanding game on the Wednesday against Udinese and then conceded four goals in the last 20 minutes when we were down to ten men. Of course it was difficult, but maybe the international break came at a good time. In between we could buy some players and could get some players back from injury.  The real start of the season, where we can get the whole squad together is now.

On whether the 8-2 influenced his decision to buy…

No, not really. What really incited me [to buy] was knowing that Wilshere will be out for longer than expected, that Vermaelen needed surgery, that Gibbs to have the whole season on his shoulders at left-back with Traore leaving would be very difficult. With Bendtner going out the possibility to buy another striker [was also there]. I wanted as well some more experience in the squad because on the bench at Manchester United we were very, very young. In a game of this stature of course it’s very difficult for the players.

On the manner in which he bought…

We did what I believe is right the way to do it. Unfortunately, the transfer deadline makes things happen and possible. People before that wait for a long time. You can do things in the last 48 hours that you cannot do before. That is why I’ve always said to people we should always start [seasons] together in Europe and that we have the same transfer deadline in Europe or it is adjusted locally to the [respective] Championship starts.  I’m happy we added two quality players at the back. We’ve added height, experience and quality.

On Chu Young Park’s qualities…

He can play up front on his own, he can play with another striker, he can play on the flank as well. He’s a very mobile player and the right age, at 25, for a striker. Overall I was very keen to  buy him because he can play the kind of football we like to to play.

On why he bought Arteta and Benayoun…

We lacked a little bit of experience there because we had lost Fabregas and Nasri. We wanted as well to bring in some technical players. With Diaby and Wilshere being out I think it was a department that numbers wise and quality wise we needed players and that’s why I did it.

On whether the new signings have boosted morale…

I believe the team is up for it. I cannot reproach this team even before [the signings]. The players were a bit down because we had lost of course against Liverpool, but they were absolutely amazing at Udinese. There was a question mark because we had lost good players and had not replaced them but the fact that we have done that will improve the mood in the camp.

It is important now to start winning. If you compare to last season, we already have one point less, compared to results against those teams last season. We must not be dramatic, but what is always good in sport is to focus on what is next. That is what we want to do.

On the team news…

We have Diaby and Wilshere (both ankle) out. Vermaelen has had his surgery, which went well. So there are three players out there. The other one who may not be available is Rosicky, who came back with a kick on his knee. We’ll see how he is tomorrow morning.

On Jack Wilshere’s injury…

He has an inflamed bone. He will be one month in a boot and we’ll see how he responds after that. We have got the best specialists in the world to assess his case because it is an unusual one. He said he felt it the first time for England against Switzerland, although he did suffer from a similar problem years ago. He thought it would go away but when he came back in pre-season it became slowly more painful again. It got to the stage at Emirates Cup where we had to stop him.

On Kieran Gibbs and Theo Walcott…

Kieran is back. Theo has been working hard and is fit. All the others players came back from international duty in good shape. Everyone else is available. Emmanuel Frimpong is back too.

On suspensions and other availabilities…

Santos is a bit short because he has not had competition since the Copa America. He is practicing well though. We also have Gervinho and Song suspended but it is their last game out from the Newcastle match. Jenkinson is suspended as well after two yellow cards at Manchester United. Squillaci (calf) is not back yet.

On Swansea…

They are a good side who plays good football, building out from the back. Possession wise they are very good, they are a team who plays football which is suited to the Premier League and that is why we must have a good performance.

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Dejima Hondo

It’s like a new season.

Samir Nasri

On Me

I am a cunt and I will be a cunt and I was a cunt and fuck me because I am a CUNT.


y u still so spastic!!!!!!!! grow up!!!!!


The phrase flogging a dead horse springs to mind!


You and many other fans are acting like a group of jilted lovers. The man left, that’s football. Perhaps you should move on and find a new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the team you allegedly support is playing football tomorrow.

Alpha t

So waiting until deadline day to sign players was actually intentional! Jheez.

I’ll save my other comments until after tomorrows match.


lots of positives. let’s hope that it’s reflected on the pitch with a solid performance and a positive result against swansea.


It’s just a shame all the other teams in the Premiership decided to start their season 3 games ago. What Arsene appears to be saying is that he only bought because we had a few injuries, and if we hadn’t got them, then he’d have been happy with the threadbare squad that we already had? If that is genuinely the case, and with Arsene I no longer know what to believe, given the usual stream of half-truths and obfuscation that continually seems to emanate from the club these days, then I believe we need a new manager with fresh ideas… Read more »


Er…did you see the bit where he said we needed experience in midfield after losing Fabregas and Nasri?


Yes, I did see that. However, I also saw: “What really incited me [to buy] was knowing that Wilshere will be out for longer than expected, that Vermaelen needed surgery.” So that is at least Mertesacker that would not have been bought had Vermaelen not been injured.


Hey Arsene, Chu Young is 26.

The Oncoming Storm

So the fact we were humiliated by United had no bearing on the transfers? Absolutely I can believe that ( I wish someone would invent a sarcasm emoticon)

Ray Bandana

Or you could use the one that is already commonly used. It’s (!), in case you were wondering.

Back on topic, Arsene pretty much said exactly what we all expected, didn’t he? I’m always surprised by how surprised everyone is. But I guess I should no longer be surprised, as everyone else is always surprised. However, they shouldn’t be surprised anymoe either, which is what surprises me. Maybe we’re all at fault. Except Arsene. Or maybe it is his fault.


‘Starting the season’ 8 points behind and with -10 goal difference.

Well done, Arsene.

She wore

So he knew tv5 was going to need an operation he should have bit the bullet and got Cahill as well , we had the money anyway let’s get behind him and the team as the season starts tomorrow. 3-1 to us with the mert scoring on his debut! Come on you gunners!


Now then lads. Let’s get behind the boys. A bit of the OT off the pitch performance would go down well again tomorrow.

It’s LANS (Like A New Season).


Someone should tell the people that run the table becuase they already starting giving out points


Yeah. Wot cunts!

E Man

hey.. Its minus 8 goal difference! We didnt lose 8 nill to the Mancs! Its not that bad id it? Lets just wait and see how the team plays tomorow. I just want a win for The Arsenal in the league. It seems like an eternity ago. Oh! Its been an eternity!

Fed up of Barca

“Its not that bad id it?”

Its not that good either, is it?


Did he say anything about Sagna? Anyone know what his illness is?
It’s been a couple of weeks.


Pleased to know the buying on the last day last minute was planned though.

Alpha t

I guess the only positive about our season thus far, is it can’t possibly get any worse, or could it??
If we drop points against Swansea, then we are well and truly Fu*ked!
Their new goalie (Worn or Vorn) is incredible, it could be one those inspired goalie performance that we get at least once or twice a season at the Emirates against us.
Its either going to be 4-0, or 1-1!

Fed up of Barca

with rhem scoring their only chance on goal!!

always the way.

ooh to, ooh to be….


I’d make you right there, i can just see their goalie having a brilliant performance, and us deeply struggling to score. i reckon 1-0 to the arsenal with Mertesacker to get it from a corner…
Still struggling to understand why we didnt buy Cahill aswell as Per, we could have then gotten rid off squillaci or djourou – both of whom are total shite.

p.s – na$ri is a cunt of the highest order


All you shareholders…
CUNTERY by the board?… Yank style!

Oh and Per Mertersacker has been speaking with Kuntz who confirmed that Na$ri is indeed a CUNT.


Why do I think waiting until the last minute to do transfer deals has alot to do with earning interest on the money in the bank…
All u clever clogs… what’s the monthly interest earned on the reported $50million in the coffers?

Johnny Massacre

Nasri impersonator is not funny, especially the “French cunt” jibes; half our team is French, that’s some casual racism if I ever saw it.

Anyways. All I give a fuck about is doing well. I am very anxious about this season. A 20-0 raping of Swansea will be just what the fans need.

Midfield Corporal

I was really up for this game but Arsene has dampened my excitement. His press conferences just annoy me now, he’s like a spin doctor. I am losing faith in the chosen one.

Taking everything that’s being read and said by everyone at the club I’m getting the feeling Wenger is not entirely in charge of all the decisions and the board may have greater culpability in the poorly managed summer. I’d be interested to know Wenger’s take on his work during his time at Arsenal once he does step down as I’m sure a book will follow.

Allister Hayman

Argonaut (10.36AM ) is bang on so I need not repeat what he says … Would be a good move to put Wenger upstairs, in charge of identifying talent and bringing them along – the way he set the team up to play against MUFC was unforgiveable. I can’t even listen to him anymore.

Vox in Oz

here’s an idea wenger… how about we stop fuckin lying to everyone and treat the supporters who support you and the club with a bit of respect eh? We planned to buy like that did we?? Its like making a fluke and saying “i meant that.” Can you get anymore self imposed and arrogant. I’m no longer defending things here, i cannot see any logic to it?? 8 points down three games in… and NASRI is a CUNT.


WOW!!! Wenger says: “What really incited me [to buy] was knowing that Wilshere will be out for longer than expected, that Vermaelen needed surgery, that Gibbs to have the whole season on his shoulders at left-back with Traore leaving would be very difficult. With Bendtner going out the possibility to buy another striker [was also there].” Is this guy serious? So i’m guessing he wasn’t planning on spending and strengthening the squad. UNBELIEVABLE!!! UNBIE-FUCKING-VABLE!!! He bought Mertesacker because he knew Vamaeleen was going to be out for a while? SO he didn’t plan on spending even if Vamaelen was fit?… Read more »


Its disrepsectful people like you that are cunts, once again whether AW is telling us all the facts or not you cannot and should not call a club legend a C…It just shows you up, plank!

Midfield Corporal


norniron gunner

“I believe the team is up for it. I cannot reproach this team even before [the signings]. ” Really? Fuck me, the lunatic really has taken over the asylum. worst defeat in over 100 years against (probably) our biggest rivals. 3 consecutive red cards, not to mention 2 retrospective bans, including his own. If he cannot reproach the team, or specific players after that i do genuinely fear for us with him in charge. I mean, its like catching somebody shagging your missus and your only response is “wow, you were showing some effort there luv! Shall i make you… Read more »

Fed up of Barca


How are the 2 things ANYTHING like each other?

Midfield Corporal

Perhaps Arsene was shagging his missus? Might explain a few things.

norniron gunner


[…] Arsene expects Arteta and Benayoun to impact us immediattely. I on the other hand, do not expect them to start performing in blazing form. Obviously these new players need some time to gel with the team. However, I would agree with anyone that we are a vastly improved side in contrast to the one that got their ass whooped 8-2 a fortnight ago. […]

norniron gunner

The team, bar 1 or 2, showed 0 commitment against utd, yet he praises them. Basically he puts his faith in them and they fuck him over, AA and sicknote being the main cuprits.

Tho i admitt my analagy sounded funny and indeed, made more sense in my own head. Perhaps thats where it should have remained.

If you’ll forgive me its Friday, i’m off and its about 20 degrees C outside with blue skies here, and i’m on the Coors early today.

Up the Gunners .

norniron gunner

I could just come on and call na$ ri cunt tho, like some people do instead i suppose.

(By the way, he’s not a cunt, cunts are usefull things)

Midfield Corporal

That’s right, but scabby cunts aren’t, QED he’s a scabby little cunt. I think I’ll have a beer too now, cheers.

norniron gunner

Heh, true. Btw, he may as well shag my missus, after all, he’s shafting club at the momment. Make the agony complete (saying that, he has a bit of form on that front, as the red tops once claimed) Ignorance, after all, is bliss….


Please get over Samir Nasri you fucking inbred pricks.

There have been much better players come and go but the real focus should always be the club and not just a decent player who played a few seasons for us.


Good Bloke, I agree with you . . . but Na$ri really ia a fucking Cunt!
6-0 to the Arsenal on Saturday to get the goal difference back from OT!
Come on you Gunners!!!

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