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Arsenal 2-1 Sunderland: By the Numbers

16 – Arsenal League position before the game
13 – Number of times before the match that someone said “HA HA it’s a relegation three pointer.”
10 – Arsenal League position after the game.
9 – Number of times I replied “HA HA now you can go fuck off.”
Image from Guardian Chalkboards

Image from Guardian Chalkboards
59 – Duels1 attempted by Arsenal
58 – Duels attempted by Sunderland
42 – Duels won by Arsenal
26 – Duels won by Sunderland
71 – Percent of duels won by Arsenal
45 – Percent of duels won by Sunderland
20 – Aerial duels in all 90 minutes (both teams combined)
15 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal
6 – Aerial duels won by Koscielny*
5 –
Aerial duels won by Sunderland
4 –
Aerial duels won by Per
1 –
Aerial duels lost by Koscielny
0 – Aerial duels lost by Per
25 –
Tackles2 attempted by Sunderland
19 – Tackles attempted by Arsenal
74 – Percent of Arsenal tackles successful
72 – Percent of Sunderland tackles successful

7 – Arsenal shots in the first half
14 – Arsenal shots in the second half
18 – Arsenal shots per game average 2011-2012
6 – Arsenal shots on goal average 2011-2012
5 – Arsenal shots on goal today
1 – Arsenal shots on post today3
5 – Sunderland shots in the first half
3 – Sunderland shots in the second half
2 – Sunderland shots on goal in the first half
0 – Sunderland shots on goal in the second half

9 – Arsenal corners
2 – Corners taken short after Arsenal had the lead
7 – Corners taken long
1 – Successful long corners (to Gervinho, far post)
0 – Reasons to put Per Mertesacker in the opposition box if Arsenal can’t get him the F#(*&^% ball.
7 – Arsenal through-balls attempted
1 – Arsenal through-balls successful (Rosicky)
17 – Arsenal attempted crosses
2 – Arsenal successful crosses
7 – Attempted crosses by Carl Jenkinson
1 – Successful crosses by Carl Jenkinson
2 – Number of successful crosses by Arsenal that went to Theo Walcott
551 – Arsenal passes from open play
468 – Successful Arsenal passes from open play
83 – Unsuccessful Arsenal passes from open play
79 – Unsuccessful Sunderland passes from open play
35 – Attempted passes by Simon Mignolet
35 – Number of those passes that were long balls
22 – Number of those passes that were unsuccessful
21 – Percent of all of Sunderland’s 103 misplaced passes that Simon Mignolet was responsible for

2 – Goals by Robin van Persie
102 – Career goals for Arsenal by Robin van Persie
5 – Premier League goals for RvP 2011-201
8 – Premier League appearances for RvP 2011-2012
11 – RvP appearances for Arsenal in all competitions 2011-2012
7 – RvP goals for Arsenal in all competitions 2011-2012
33 – RvP appearances for Arsenal in all competitions 2010-2011
22 – RvP goals for Arsenal in all competitions 2010-2011

Questions for the masses:

When was the last time Robin van Persie scored from a free kick?
When was the last time Arsenal scored from a corner?

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*Led both teams in this category
** Led his team in this category
1. “Duels” refers to aerial duels, ground tackles, and “take-ons” combined.
2. “Tackles” refers to ground tackles only. Take-ons and aerial duels are excluded.
3. Shots that don’t require a keeper to save the shot or score a goal don’t count as shots on goal.


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Scored from a corner, Na$ri v Aston Villa?
RVP goal v Birmingham Jan 1st, deflected off of Bowyer


Does a deflected free kick count? It was a clever induced deflection made by Fabregas if that changes anything. Kosser scored against Everton in the comeback, from a corner, long corner Cb heads it into the net, sort of goal we never score. OH I’ve just remembered another one, freaking Djourou gainst Jongleurs FC, we’ve all forgotten it coz of the other 7 goals scored that day. Can’t remember any more free kicks, bit of an inditement of Arsene’s training methods sadly. Much as hoofball “organisation” teams get derided set peices should be a source of goals, conceeding them and… Read more »


Every time I see Koscielny’s numbers, I’m surprised. Must be the most underrated Arsenal player at the moment?


…and I sincerely dunno why Kos is soooo underrated;he is clearly one of our best players.

Gossip Gooner

That CC final, that’s why. People just don’t know how to get over one mistake no matter how major it was…


@Bunburyist. You said it! Technically, he is the best equipped Arsenal defender I’ve seen in years. He is pacy, good in the air, good tacker, has good positioning, is a good passer and is also very good at moving the ball forward. It makes me really angry when some really dumb people out there say he is not good enough.


I guess all he needs to really be up there with the Vidics, Terrys, Kompanys, etc of the modern era is ‘some muscle’. He once said so himself on the club’s official site. I have no doubt he’ll form a good partnership with the Verminator once he gets back on the pitch playing regularly (if only these nasty injuries will leave him alone for good).


he was a solid brick wall against Barca and that tackle he made against lennon and those spud wankers still brings a tear to my eye.


3 – Number of times I thought Alex Song was going to get a second yellow.

Thanks goodness Howard Webb is a terrible ref!

Master Bates

1 – Arsenal through-balls successful (Rosicky)

that’s why we need him at the # 10 , ramsey is good with the short irrelevant passes.

More than Once – the number of times Rosicky skinned couple of players before passing or fouled.

60 – the number of minutes before rosicky gets tired


He was immense today.


When was the last time Robin van Persie scored from a free kick?
Birmingham Away Jan 1st 2011

When was the last time Arsenal scored from a corner?
Stoke Home Squillaci Winner


DAMMIT. Forgot that one.


Last time we scored from corner i think was against everton home when Koscielny scored .


Kibbs won lots of headers down the left.
Santos was pretty strong too.

Ordinary Dan

We actually scored from a corner in the second leg against Barca last season. It was an own goal by Busquets or Pique I think. The real question is when we scored on a corner by our own merit haha


Well deserved points and more encouraging performance.

I hate to post ‘negative’ comment after a win but I am starting to worry about arteta. He seems o play most of the game facing his own goal and play the ball sideways or backwards. This is maybe a bit harsh/early but he reminds me a bit of Denilson.

On the upside I thought song and rosicky were excellent, although song needs to watch the silly fouls, particularly when he has been booked.


@Tim – I could not find the “Aerial Duals won” stats available in the Guardian Chalkboard. Is it something you have subscribe to get?


You have to click on tackles and then click on each of the won and lost sub categories


uncountable-number of times Arteta passed backward or to the sides.
Almost every time-number of times Rosicky dribbled or pass the ball forward.
Fraustratingly too many-number of times Gervinho failed to pass to a better placed player at the edge of the box.
Countless- the number of times I shook my head at Webb (including once when he marked Arteta, who wanted to play a free-kick).

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

TSOTIA – “too many-number of times Gervinho failed to pass to a better placed player at the edge of the box.” Actually one of the things I found encouraging was that we didn’t simply pass it around the fringes of the box before losing it but actually had more than one player try a run into the box instead. I like to see our players add a few dribbles into the area. We might get a shot out of it or draw a foul (fouls in the area being much better than fouls outside it). After seemingly years of screaming… Read more »


Gutbukkit Deffrolla, I’m not with you on that. I have absolutely no problem with dribbling into the box, but when there is a player in the box unmarked and wailing to get the ball and just tap it in, it’s sheer stupidity to try and embark on a silly run that ends with a corner like Gerv is becoming accustomed to. Does he prefer a corner to an assist; his runs to arsenal scoring?
Plus, how many penalties has he won since? And how many shots on goal has he had? Verdict:the team first-ALWAYS.

Goon Mate

27 (secs) – Time for Arsenal’s fastest goal in premier league. RvP!!!


My memory is hazy, but I think Gilberto scored a faster goal in 2001. Was it 16 seconds? Anyone?


Yeah, but that was champions league 🙂


Against PSV Eindhoven, quality goal.

Goon Mate

1- The probability that Na$ri is a Cunt!


Seriously mate, it’s time you moved on…like everyone else. If not, then, you must be the biggest c… ever.


…and Oh! I’m a Cunt


Blogs, I think you need to work on your system so that people wont be signing in with a username that’s already been taken (ala facebook, etc). Someone using my username to reply to my post is not funny at all…its in fact, embarrassing.
Blogs pls do something.


Ya blogs, some cunt was using my name the other day as well. I don’t really care but I figure the info may be helpful.


1. The probability nasri is a filth rich cunt.


2- number of yellow cards Brown should have had

Webb is douche

Mr zap

Number of people im in LOVE with: 1(RVP)


I don’t understand why Howard Webb has a job. He doesn’t know the difference between a good tackle and a bad one. and apparently he doesn’t know that arms are not allowed in football.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Who’s going to tell Chesney he needs an operation ?
How the hell is he going to tell Walcott how many people he wants in the wall?


Is the definition of a successful cross one that lands on the head of an Arasenal player or one that penetrates the target area? Surprised that Jenkinson only had one.
Still, as a percentage, that must be infinitely better than Walcott. To call him a passenger would be an insult. He’s more of a burden than anything else. How did he stay on the pitch for 90 mins? Then have the cheek to walk round clapping the crowd, taking Mertesackers thunder.


It’s counted the same way as a successful pass. Theo had 0 successful crosses out of 5

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Which doesn’t mean that we only had 2 successful crosses in real life. The fact that we were pumping them in kept the Sunderland defence busy and hopefully meant that they were always a little bit nervous that we would eventually get somebody on the end of one. It’s a bit more like the old (relatively speaking) Arsenal from a few years back now. Some tippy tappy passes around the box looking for an opening, some mazy, penetrating runs into the box, some spurts of speed to beat the offside trap, some crosses into the danger area, and even a… Read more »


12. The number of pints I drunk through the game *burp*

9ja boy

0.the nos of time Arsene hits his water bottle on the floor


That was a good win, but the over reliance on RVP is a little scary. An interesting stat to look at would be the number of goals we got from the midfield and the wingers last year compared to this year. Theo and Gervinho have to atleast get around 10 goals each this season. .

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t forget Chamakh and Park We have to play them or else they might go all Bendtnery on us and want to play for Sunderland 🙂

However, we aren’t totally reliant on RVP whatever the press might like to say. We’ve had 12 different scorers this season so far, and RVP has only scored 33% of them (7 of 21), so it’s not as if we don’t have some goalscoring potential elsewhere.


Gutbukkit Deffrolla, you mean RvP has scored one-third of our goals? Wow! What then is the definition of over-reliance? 100%?


Number of points earned today. 3. The only stat that matters at this point.

Bob the Gunner

Luckily Bendtner was not available for this match.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Lucky for us. He thinks he has a point to prove and would have really put some effort in.

Animashaun Ope

last time rvp scored an undeflected free kick was against Sunderland. He scored a deflected one against birmingham last season

Oleg Luzhny

Seriously, when are we going to see Chu-Young? He is on fire for South Korea…

And I don’t know why Koscielny gets so much flak, I really rate him as a defender.


71 – Percent of duels won by Arsenal
45 – Percent of duels won by Sunderland
16 – Percent by which the above two stats exceed arithmetical common sense.


Good clarification. Cheers for that

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What the hell is a take-on anyway? You either challenge for the ball in the air, or you try to tackle somebody on the ground. That’s it. They’re both what used to be called challenges (for the ball) and are now collectively called duels, I can see that. OK so far. Now, running towards a player, or past him, when you have the ball is a dribble, and trying to bustle a player off the ball with your shoulder in a manful and not at all cheaty way is a shoulder charge, and used to be within the rules. So… Read more »

[…] what a goal it was! I have been reliably informed via crowdsourcing on Arseblog News that the last time RvP scored directly from a dead ball was… Sunderland last year! There was a […]


Every time I see one of these stat things I always think about two years ago how some dipshits would always site the fact that ” Denilson has the highest pass completion percentage in the squad”. Then I would think” Denilson is pure shit”. The moral of the story you ask? Well it this: when the ball crisse the line into the goal it counts as one. At the end of the match, the team with the most goals wins the match, and thus the 3 points. So only two stats in football actually matter, goals and points. The rest… Read more »


are you a stoke fan in disguise?


Yes. Next question.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t be silly. If he were a Stoke fan he would have listed goals, points, and body count.


The number of goals is the most important stat. That’s obvious. However, stats such as the ones 7am collates for us help to paint a more indepth picture of the match and how the players are performing. They also help to clear misconceptions and biases. A good case in point is the opinion of many that Kos is an awful defender when clearly he isn’t that bad


That’s what we have eyes for. For example. Ramsey makes 200 straight complete passes to a player either next to him or behind him. That’s a 100% pass rate. The stats say he’s the best player ever, my eyes tell me he’s shit.


Ironically reductionist argument to argue against reductionism. Which is not what I do anyway. So, that’s a double fail. The argument that opinion matters more than numbers is always a strange one. Because it’s immeasurable and you can’t argue against it except to say that my opinion counts more than yours somehow. You then devolve into an argument from authority such as “well i’m an U12 coach at my local, so I know talent and you don’t” which is one of the all time biggest logical fallacies. Again, another fail. Bottom line is that if you don’t like it, you… Read more »


No 7am, it has nothing to do with one opinion carrying more weight than another. The only point I was trying to make is that stats dont tell the whole story. If they did, there would be no point in playing the game. Then you under 12 side coul dominate the league every year rite? Nope. So if your going to be a dick and start dictating what’s a ” fail ” and what’s a “reduction of some malarkey” , I politely ask that you read the comments twice before you comment because apparently you missed the while point. I… Read more »

Frog is coached by 7am in the u12s

Who said that stats tell the whole story…we are just coming on here to get another insight after watching the game and have a bit of a laugh.

Please go back to your kennel.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Your eyes tell you all Arsenal players and coaches are shit going by what you’ve been saying over the past few weeks. Following Arsenal must be making you so unhappy at the moment… Or are you perhaps the Fake Frog and are actually revelling in Arsenal’s troubles and your chance to stir the shit.


Your complaining about one stat. Passing completion. 7am gives us a plethora of others such as aerial duels in this edition. If you don’t find these stats interesting or can’t understand them, then don’t click on the links that say ‘by the numbers’ from now on.


No not just one stat. Ok I’ll give you another example. Now this is just an example, the numbers are fake and this account never really happened. I’m just painting you slow pokes a picture. Ok so defender A ( that’s the name we’ll use) gies into 100 “Ariel duels” he wins the ” duel” 90 times. Great, with a 90% duel winnin average he must be a fantastic defender rite? Wrong. What the stats don’t say is this: of the 10 ” duels he lost, 6 of them were in the 6 yard box, he lost the “duel” due… Read more »


Again, reductionism arguing against reductionism. Great logic.


And p.s. Izzyizz, don’t tell me which links to click or not to click. I have a wife and two children to tell me what to do, I don’t need sum lame cunt in cyberspace calling shots.

If you disagree, either leave a constructive comment, give a thumbs down or you can do my personal favorite, FUCK OFF.


You should write your own blog. Call it Frog’s Opinion Corner or something. I’m sure you’ll have a million subscribers.


‘you know why so and so sucks? Huh? BEcause I saw it with my eyes. MY EYES.’

You’ll revolutionize football analysis on the Internet I tell you


Sorry mate, I didn’t ralize you’d take such offense. But I’ll let it go now because theres nothing worse than listening to a grown man snivel. I’ll leave you be now, feel free to going back to fucking about with your calculator and star trek dolls. When the fuck did football become about numbers and averages silly little cunts using terms like ” percentage of ariel duels won by player x”? Pure bollocks. What do you rekon George Graham would think about this shit? Anyhow, I’m done, tell you life size captain Kirk doll I said hello when you’re done… Read more »


“sit down you pedophile twat Star Trek nerd” top quality comment there…


Thanks mate. It makes more sense than your bullshit football calculus quiz.


I could do a calculus quiz if you like, but I think you’d fail. No room for opinion.


I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure the entire point of commenting on a football nlo is to express an opinion. I could be wrong. Plug it into your douche bag equation.


Football *blog


Hey blogs, how cone I can’t give this wanker a thumbs down? It’s like he has a force field on his gay little spaceshuttle. It’s like I’m arguing with some sort of invincible math cunt. What gives?


5 number of times frog has made himself look like a stupid fucktard


Stupid fucktard? As opposed to and intelligent fucktard? It as more like 12 anyway.


Ooooo to be a goooooooooner!


Hahaha who gives a thumbs down to that?


My guess is anyone who’s had the distinct misfortune to read your infantile comments on this site?


you certainly can’t go sp*rs-ing around all day, then turn around and praise the Arsenal and you expect people to be fooled. Seriously, what do you take us for? Your kids?

Sneaky fucking Russian

90. The amount of minutes I was happy to see Tomas rosicky in full flight. He certainly has that touch of class that Ramsey does not yet have


I agree, he’s so much more direct in his play, which is what our other midfielders are lacking at the moment. Hope Tomas stays fit and plays more games, maybe that approach of his will rub off on the others.

Tee Song

Aaron Ramsey, latest Arsenal whipping boy. By the way, before this game, the shit player that is Ramsey had created the most chances of any Arsenal player.


Don’t try to derail us; we all know what we see in our matches-and that is that Ramsy needs a lot of buckling down to do.
Sounds like last season when Arshavin wasn’t playing well most times-and he admitted this-yet the stats stated he had a high assist rate(which was true).
For me, Ramsy should come in from the bench until he’s ready. He’s not at the moment, regardless of the fact that, yes, he has one or two odd good games.


But the stats say he created the most chances!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s exactly the point I’ve been screaming!!!!!!

Tee Song

Statistics highlight the fact that he’s not a useless player as some moan about. Sure, he can improve his game. His tendency to give the ball away drives me crazy. But he’s 20, coming back from a yearlong, Shawcrossed caused absence and he’s NOT a terrible player.

Oz Gunner

From, it seems the last corner we scored off (in the epl) was 23 Feb 2011 at home to Stoke. Wilshere to Squillaci.

The last goal from a free kick (before last night, epl) was 5 Feb 2011 at that fateful game away to Newcastle, Djourou scoring off Arshavin’s free kick.

This is only in the Premier League, not sure about the other comps.


@Frog, where you are missing it is that you are trying hard (unsuccessfully) to deny the stats. It was true that he has the most assist. It is also true that if we had considered other stats, such as wayward passes, forward passes, forward runs etc, he would likely score very poorly at them. Bottomline: one stat does not tell the whole story, and certainly does not define the player. There, man, is where you’ve been missing it.


*sorry, good passes, not wayward


*sorry, meant he would have scored high at wayward passes


Frog used to be in a cache with 7 Jeremie Defoe dwarfs and 2 lesbians. He didn’t see a normal human being apart from a footballer he watched on colourless 1958 TV. That’s why he’s bitter cunt. More cuntier and more bitter than Ashley Cole, Manu Adebayor and Juan Laporta. His first experience in football was watching Stoke vs. Stoke in a self-friendly joke; in that match Jones Scored a brace by first receiving 2 long throws from Delap and then hitting the ‘keeper twice in the head before firing the ball into the net by using both his arms.… Read more »


Unless people can have a modicum of manners they won’t be allowed comment.

Frog, your behaviour is not acceptable. Calling somebody names is one thing, insinuating somebody might be a paedophile means you’re not welcome to comment here any more.

Any questions on that, email me –


I understand the issue with crossing a line beyond ‘name-calling’ into insinuations of paedophilia (even though it was clearly meant in jest/heat of moment response). BUT, I agree with Frog that 7amkickoff should have the thumbsup/down icons on his posts like everyone else, because some of his responses were frankly ridiculous, in my opinion, and I should be able to express that like we all do with every other post on here. Just a thought. That said, I like his (7amkickoff) blog, and I can see the part stats play in analysis, but ultimately Frog’s other points regarding stats being… Read more »


There’s no jest or heat of the moment to that kind of stuff, and Arsenal fans should know that only too well.

Not sure why 7am doesn’t have thumbs up/down on his comments, perhaps it’s something to do with being author of the piece. I’ll look into it. I mean, if I have them (and I’m perfect), then everyone else should.

And I don’t think anyone suggests stats are everything, least of all him.


Ok, it was a setting in the plug-in which disabled comment rating for post authors – and that wasn’t something 7am had any control over.

That’s off now.

Martin Keown is my hero

I assume this rule will apply to everybody?

What words can/can’t we say?

Hooray for censorship.


You think it’s acceptable to suggest somebody likes to sexually abuse children?

Martin Keown is my hero

“You think it’s acceptable to suggest somebody likes to sexually abuse children?”

No I don’t. But are we saying that all references to kiddy fiddling will result in a ban?

Are paedo references the only taboo?

I only ask because I have been called a cunt etc. Doesn’t bother me. But it will bother me if there are different rules for different posters.

Thank you

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Reductionism. You repeatedly used the word reductionism. It’s a long and difficult word that has to be checked in a dictionary. To some people (the sort that wouldn’t waste their time with a dictionary) that means that you must be a smart-arse and you probably made the word up anyway. That means that whatever you were trying to say must be a) Wrong, and b) Fucking Wrong!!!!!. Because you are wrong with big words you deserve a) being called rude names, and b) being accused of disgusting practices just to make sure that you don’t mistake the rude names for… Read more »

Hugh Jarse

4th – our place in the table on home form alone

19th – our place in the table on away form alone

this despite the boo boys inhabiting the Grove this year!

[…] For those who missed the match, match report can be found here, while match highlights have been kindly provided by Arsenal at Arsenal player over here. For interesting facts of the match, read statistics provided by 7amkickoff over here. […]


Frog – if you’re reading I emailed you at the email address you leave when making a comment

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