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Arsenal 3-1 Stoke: By the Numbers

Big Numbers

100 – League games at the Emirates
201 – League goals in those games
2.01 – League goals per game at the Emirates
1.86 – League goals per game average since 2006
588 – Arsenal attempted passes* per game 2011-2012
666 – Arsenal attempted passes v. Stoke today
82 – Arsenal average completed passes percentage 2011-2012
84 –
Arsenal completed pass percentage v. Stoke today
13 – Arsenal average completed crosses percentage 2011-2012
13 – Arsenal completed cross percentage v. Stoke today
2 – Successful crosses** completed v. Stoke today
27 – Arsenal average completed corners percentage 2011-2012
13 – Arsenal average completed corners percentage between Sunderland and Stoke
67 – Stoke average completed passes percentage 2011-2012
74 – Stoke completed passes percentage v. Arsenal today
52 – Stoke average completed throw-in percentage 2011-2012
82 – Stoke completed throw-in percentage v. Arsenal today
15 – Stoke average crosses attempted per game 2011-2012
5 – Stoke attempted crosses v. Arsenal today
2 – Number of attempted tackles by Ryan Shawcross
1 – Number of successful tackles by Ryan Shawcross
0 – Number of broken legs by Ryan Shawcross
7 – Number of times I thought “it would be fair if Aaron Ramsey were allowed to break Ryan Shawcross’ leg”

Super Subs Make the Difference

67 – Minutes played by Chamakh
39 – Touches by Chamakh
19 – Successful passes from open play by Chamakh
1 – Shots by Chamakh
0 – Shots on goal by Chamakh
71 – Minutes played by Walcott
31 – Touches by Walcott
14 – Successful passes from open play by Walcott
3 – Turnovers by Walcott
2 – Number of times he was dispossessed
1 – Offsides by Theo Walcott
1 – Successful crosses by Walcott
1 – Successful dribbles by Walcott
0 – Shots by Walcott
1 – Number of handbrakes that were on before the substitutions
23 – Minutes played by Robin van Persie
21 – Touches by RvP
12 – Successful passes from open play by RvP
2 – Shots by RvP
2 – Shots on goal by RvP
2 – Goals by RvP
19 – Minutes played by Andrei Arshavin
20 – Touches by Arshavin
13 – Successful passes from open play by Arshavin
0 – Turnovers
0 – Times dispossessed
1 – Successful dribbles by Arshavin
3 – Number of times the commentators talked about George Graham’s comment that Arshavin was a “horrible buy.”


20 – Attempted passes from open play
20 – Completed passes from open play
3 – Shots
2 – Shots on goal
4 – Arsenal shots on goal total (2 Gervinho, 2 RvP)
3 – Key passes
2 –
1 – Goal
0 – Percent chance you will consider him man of the match?

*All passes combined (throw ins, crosses, corners, goal kicks, open play, and free kicks)
** Odd fact: Gervinho completed 2 crosses for assists, which don’t count as crosses in Opta’s account of the game. This is because they basically have a policy of not counting events twice.

Check out more of this palaver on Twitter @7amkickoff.


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percentage of gooners who consider lee mason is a cunt : 100%
no. of elbowed tackles that mason missed on an arsenal player : 1


I’m sorry, I didn’t see the game, but elbowed tackles?


The one rational thing I heard the commentator say is that Theo needs to add more to his game, what he does well, he does very well, but he is a player that needs to have that perfect situation occur and that just doesn’t always happen.


0 – Percent chance you will consider him man of the match?
Why do you think so? For me he was man of the match, because he was involved in al 3 goals, and giving an assist is often more difficult than finishing it. The two assists today were pretty excellent in my opinion.
Another fact why i think that a lot of people are happy to give MOTM to Gervinho is because anyone anyway knows how completly awesome RVP is. So let’s share the glory a bit 🙂


I think that was his point


yes i think so too, but my point was that 7AMKICKOFF’s was a bit pessimistic about the Arsenal fans recognizing Gervinhos impact, and that everybody would just be talking about RVP. In my opinion a lot of Arsenal supporters, like me, give Gervinho full credit for his display and would like to see him as MOTM. And nobody should give a shit about what the media, tv pundits or neutrals think.
PS: The statics are very very intersting, keep up the awesome work 🙂


If it’s the one I think you’re talking about, I thought RVP made a meal of it. Went down holding his head then up as soon as he saw he was getting nothing.

Just calling it how I saw it.

Still a top performance from him – were fucked if he gets a long term injury before January when we can (hopefully) get another striker in.


@ 7am Kickoff – sterling work on the stats again.

Always appreciated.

Pele of Romford

No drogba next week
Man u spanked
Stoke fucked off
And gervinho is starting to look the bollox. A bit pires-esque the way he glides past players… Although the comparisons end at the footie only. Please sort that barnet out.

I should be very happy today, but instead, RIP marco simoncelli.

Eric Irish gunner

Can you imagine if he got rid of the barnet that would be some site


Its quite clear Walcott is not the player he thinks he is. I’m surprised he even had 31 touches for the 70minuted he was on the pitch, but of that number 0 would be the number of meaningful touches he had. Arshavin who apparently is a ‘horrible’ buy did more in 5minutes than Walcott did, similar to what happened last weekend. I think the criticism leveled at Arsh from the media is ridiculous. He plays with a sporting attitude- he gets levelled by a defender and he gets right back up, he’ll play wherever required of him- and for a… Read more »


Theo is kinda rubbish this season, but in fairness to him, it’s mostly not his fault. Without Fabregas, we have no one who can consistently provide him with through balls. Theo is a one-trick pony, to be sure, but it’s a darn good trick provided we have the passers to make best use out of it.


what’s the official attendance???


Walcott’s stats are actually pretty complimentary… I personally think he is a terrible footballer who can only run fast… Albeit very fast but that’s all… He can’t cross for shit which is why I would rather see him in the middle but then again he doesn’t do much show that he belongs there… He does have moments that are good but they are outweighed by the bad which at moments are terrible… It’s either you can play football or play football… It can’t be taught it’s just something that you have or don’t…


What was annoying on the commentary was the way that they went on about how resilient stoke had been until the 2nd goal. Words like brave and stuff, when basically they parked the bus and tried to do nothing whatsoever. Fortunately, we’ve found a solution to that in our last couple of games. Keep it up everyone.


I hope Stoke’s team bus got caught in a reeeaaaalllly BIG traffic jam on the way home-that would round off today perfectly…COYG!

Johnny Massacre

I’m pretty damn happy with this game. First goal was a bit tragic but overall we looked like the Arsenal of old. And thank Christ for that.

The only sour note today was Sp*rs skanking a win. Van Der Vaart is far too good for that bunch of horse humpers.

Pele of Romford

I hope no one watched the game on fox sports. There can’t be many cunts bigger and smelly-er then tony fucking gale.

What a cunt. He was going on about man USA not making the mistakes we made today, while they were getting jail raped by citeh.
Still gutted about simoncelli. Rip.


Tony Gale has always been the most scabberous of c*nts.


Just wanted to say what an absolutely amazing resource this is. Some good hard stats for me to gnaw on but given with humour. Does any other side have such a comprehensive supporter website? I’d be surprised, not gonna waste my time finding out but I worth a thought. So, thanks ever so much 7AM for adding to this fantastic website! Bit of a gush but I’ve been reading a while and I thought I’d show my appreciation. I’m done… Off to listen to wefunk


Much appreciated!


Great stats as always, I always look forward to reading these pieces. Class from RVP, Gervinho, Ramsey and Kos


Any other Gooner out there thought that Friday’s Arsecast was the funniest yet? I was rolling on the floor – and when I find myself laughing before a game we always win! So Blog you know what to do mate (0;

Gabi Boyd

Fantastic stats compilation as always Tim, a really interesting read. Quick question for the uninitiated though, what is a ‘turnover’? From context I gather it’s linked to being dispossessed but could you possibly confirm? RVP did steal the show but Gervy’s contribution has not gone unnoticed. He’s winning MOTM votes on the official site! For me, he’s a fantastic player whose potential has always been there trying to break out, he just couldn’t quite find end product to his play until now. He certainly turned that around in the space of one game! I thought Kosc was immense too, authoritative… Read more »


Good numbers, good win. Nice to see Ramsey improving after every game and the partnership between RvP and The Gerv is growing bigger.

We no longer players whose hearts are at City and Barcelona respectively. After few good starts, Nasri sulked throughout the Villareal match and in the bench he was watching James Milner taking his chances well. Fabregas in the other hand, was fully baptized the Barca way and he can now dive and racially and religiously abuse other players. Xavi and Biscuits are very proud of him.

Up The Arse.


Have to admit, I was knocking Wenger for getting rid of Cesc on the cheap. But I’m beginning to think he knew what he was doing. Barca DNA for sure


He was not the same since won the WC with those Spanish cunts. Calling refs corrupt in the pitch, allowing Pujol & Pique to put him in a horrible Barca shirt, that disgusting back-heel (Cesc -> Iniesta -> Messi -> Goal), serious fouls in the pitch, going off to watch some crappy game in Spain when his teammates were having a bad run of results, going silent mode when Xavi and the other cunts at Barca were bad-mouthing the team, engineering a forced, cheap move…


3 – Number of times the commentators talked about George Graham’s comment that Arshavin was a “horrible buy.”

And what did Graham buy as a farewell present to the Arsenal …. ? Glenn Helder

To put his comment in some perspective….

gunn cabinet

maybe we should have shipped walcot to turkey…

[…] for Chamakh and Arshavin for Walcott. The subs seems to have a profound effect on the game, and statistic agrees […]

Merlin's Panini

11- Number of cunts in the Stoke first 11


If Jenkinson could be thrown in at the deep end, i see no reason why the OX can’t be thrown in too! Perhaps the OX can teach Walcott a thing or two about technique! Wenger needs to start treating Walcott like he’s 3 months out… Well done Aaron, Gerv, Kos & vP!

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