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Diaby set for Bolton, Vermaelen two weeks away

Abou Diaby should be ready for competitive action in ten days time with manager Arsene Wenger hinting that the French international could play his first game of the season against Bolton Wanderers in the Carling Cup on the 25th October.

Speaking to the Arsenal website, the boss revealed the good news about the long-term absentee:

“It is very good news. He’s coming back in full training now so he is 10 days away to be competitive to play. All being well he should be available for the Carling Cup or the game before.”

Thomas Vermaelen is also understood to be making good progress with his return from an Achilles problem. The Belgian who missed much of last season with a similar injury is likely to be ready for a return at the end of the month.

“He’s two weeks away. He is running out on the pitches. He looks alright but we have to respect the progression, you still have to give him two to three weeks to be competitive again.”

Tomas Rosicky and Lukasz Fabianski will both be available for the visit of Sunderland on Sunday despite picking up knocks on international duty, while Laurent Koscielny, Johan Djourou and Sebastien Squillaci are also fit.

Jack Wilshere and Bacary Sagna represent the only players facing a substantial period on the sidelines with Wenger admitting the latter is still feeling low after breaking his fibula against Tottenham Hotspur.

“He is down of course because when you are used so much to playing every three days and suddenly you are at home without any movement it is very difficult to take. You have to adjust. He is strong mentally so he will get over that.”

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This all looks like a gradual formation of an epic team that Wenger wants to recreate after The Invincibles. I will wait one more season.

Wenger Knows.


Pass that shit to me!


So this comment will probably get 10 thumbs down in less then an hour but fuck it, I can’t help it.

Let’s take a poll, who do you guys think will be out injured again first? Diaby or vermaelin?


Hey, gimmie some thumbs up or the question will get black listed by the commie moderation.


Problem is, a lot of people will open the blacklisted text anyway. Curious people.

Pascal Zidane

No no no…the real problem is the idiotic Frog!


Thank you sir. Nice haircut. You look like a penis head in that picture.

Clown Shoes

He did knock out John Terry…… and he will be like a new signing.


How sweet was that when he kicked that cunt square in the face. Without a doubt the greatest moment in dis ya career.




Ah here he comes to win the Ballon d’Or!


Definitely Diaby… No wait , most likely Vermaelen
No no no definitely Diaby
No wait probably Vermaelen
Shit it’s just too hard


I vote for a three way trainwreck collision between diaby tv and rvp. Season done.


Bah, For a second I thought we are offloading him to Bolton.






Or alternatively, we’ve created a lifesize jelly version of Abu, but he won’t be ready til the time of the Bolton game.


So is diaby now therefore only 10 days away from injury then 😉

[…] onto injuries news, Vermaelen is still out for another 2 weeks, god forbid any cock ups and we will see him back for the crucial month of November, which is […]

[…] which revealed that Squildjourscienly would be returning, we’ve got some up to the minute breaking news about Abou Diaby and Thomas Vermaelen. Breaking news. Hah. News of their breaking. Anyway. Diaby will be back in about 10 days with a […]


– ready for competitive action

+ ready to sustain another niggling injury


Well at least gooners will get off arshavin’s and kozzer’s back.


hopefully diaby comes and has he best season yet


Instead of judging his season, how about he just comes back and has a season, any season?


And he will want to go to spuds


Knowing our luck, we’ll eventually get tired of all Diaby’s injuries and let him go on a free. Then Citeh will pick him up and he’ll become a world-beater and never have another injury. Ever.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

the only club I’d like to see him go to if he leaves would be Al Wahda FC in Abu Dhabi. It would just be perfect. I do rate Diaby on his day. He can be an absolute monster when he feels like it. Hopefully now he won’t have that big thorn stuck in his ankle he’ll live up to his potential. Just needs to get rid of that fucking Sp*rs shirt he said he wears around the house. Should wipe his arse with it and flush it down the bog where it belongs.


frog, I sincerely hope your comments are not a reflection of your state, although it’s obvious they are. It appears you’ve hinged your happiness only on the arsenal. What a time to do this! Find other things that can make you happy. We need you man-settled. Your ratings are ALWAYS low and it’s getting worse. No offense intended.


It’s still going to be offensive.


why would i take offence? it was just a joking question based in reality. i cant help it the arsenal blog world is to up tight ,or as these wanker call themselves (classy). what do you think i do? stay up all night hoping some twat gives me a thumbs up? i could give two shits about that. i just asked for the thumbs up so the question wouldnt be deleted. si as much as i appreciate your concern @tsotia, fuck off!


Frog, you are such a charmer mate. Love it!


Who knows, he might even justify the £60k per week he is earning, HA!

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C*nt

Tommy Verminski is gorgeous.

And I’m a happily married guy.

Just sayin’….


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, DD is back!
Disastrous Diaby!

Good new on the Verminator though.


Could have been our M’Vila if not for injuries.Come on Abou!


best paid player in the PL on a per game basis……


Really Wenger, he has great mental strength? Can’t help but not believe anyhting Wenger says about mental strength -must mean that Sagna has had a complete meltdown.

I don’t know why everyone knocks Diaby, Arsenal needs some players to step up, truth is that he’s on about the same level as the rest of our mifield, not counting Wilshere who’s out injured.


Diaby is a class player, unfortunately his temperament is too volatile.

Since he was leg raped off “Dan – can’t get a game for Blyth Spartans – Smith” he’s not been the same. Skill wise I think he’s still got it but like Theo he needs a few games after any injury to get ring fit. Unfortunately for him it seems he just can’t stay fit.

I hope he can turn it round after this, he’s a young lad and hopefully can bounce back.

La Gooner

Verminator…YAY !

[…] which revealed that Squildjourscienly would be returning, we’ve got some up to the minute breaking news about Abou Diaby and Thomas Vermaelen. Breaking news. Hah. News of their breaking. Anyway. Diaby will be back in about 10 days with a […]

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