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Super fit Robin says watch out for Seb

Arsenal skipper Robin van Persie says he’s never felt better ahead of Sunderland’s visit to the Grove and has warned his teammates to be alert to the threat of former Gunner Seb Larsson.

The Dutchman has had his injury woes down the years (metatarsal, knee, ankle ligaments, dislocated uvula, prolapsed urethra) but has had a relatively injury free period in the last 18 months. And he says he’s feeling good.

“I feel so fit these days, I recover well, don’t have any pain, and feel really good. I’m enjoying it, playing all the games, doing all the training sessions. A couple of years ago, I had periods where I struggled to play two 90 minutes in a few days, but now I can do it, recover well, and for me it’s the best feeling for years”.

Arsenal fans will be hoping that by talking about it he hasn’t jinxed himself but even if he does get injured people should realise that superstition is merely a crutch and stemmed from olden, uneducated times when folk had an excessively credulous belief in supernatural events. There simply is no such thing as jinxing. Only coincidence. And sorry, your lucky shirt isn’t lucky at all.

I mean, how is that some people can eschew belief in God, dismissing it as a ludicrous concept*, yet believe that wearing a tattered 1971 Cup Final shirt will somehow influence the result of a football match over which they have no control at all? Football fans, eh?

I digress. Robin went on to talk about Seb Larsson who, unlike Major Tom, never quite made the grade. He left Arsenal for Birmingham, enjoying Carling Cup triumph along the way, before joining up with his old boss, Mrs Doubtfire, at Sunderland this summer.

He’s become a really good player, I like him”, he said. “His shot is one of the best in the Premier League in my opinion, and he’s a really good crosser too – he’s a major asset for Sunderland”.

The captain is confident of a good result though, saying, “It will be a really big test against them, but I’m confident we can do it at home”.

Arseblog News isn’t confident but is pretty sure once we get our lucky underpants on everything will be juuussst fine.

* the beliefs of some people are not representative of Arseblog News who remain firmly unreligious except in matters of football.

Our Dennis, who art in Ajax, Hallowed be thy name …

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Injured in the 2rd minute, then.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

2rd. How do you pronounce that? “turd?”



Rooney's Fat Dad

I think you’ll find it’ll be the 14th minute.

But you didn’t hear that from me.


With that title, I thought Robin was warning us about Squillaci.


For a munite there, I thought he was talking about Squillaci…..


That’s well and truly jinxed it.


This can’t be right.
If the jovial, tripe-faced one had such an assured marksman at his command, why would he have wanted to take The Best Striker In The World(tm) on loan?


shut up


Its about now to november he gets injured. History tells you the man can’t do a full season, players don’t get plagued by injuries then go on injury free, you’re either injury prone or not.

I hope to god I’m wrong and he stays fit all season and tears it up. Come on you gunners!

Jim Deen

You may hope to god, but Blogs hopes to Dennis. I’m with Blogs on this. Now where’s my 2004 Invincibles Henry replica?

Goon Mate

I just hope RvP does’nt fall out of the sky like in the cartoons when Tom finds out he’s not actually flying and starts falling..


who art in Ajax, not are

There can only be one Dennis Bergkamp.


Poetic license let’s him get away with it you pedantic scratcher


Are you seriously going to quibble are/art as a linking verb, in the context of that prayer, whilst ignoring Ajax in lieu of heaven, I mean come on Anon priorities son. As Northerngoon said, poetic licence, bloody nora, is that all you got out of that peice, ”head for the hills Ma Barker he said are not art ! Won’t somebody think of the Children”.
We can all be picky, after all, it should be Who at the start of a sentence not who. Good day to you.



(I’m yanking your chain obviously, Padwoir mate).


Lol…yeah I’m not infallible, no one is mate. Hence people in glass house’s etc. 🙂


two write fella

Master Bates

He looks happy in that pic . I like a happy fully-fit RVP


Robin will fire in the goals to take us to 4th this season. ¤(NOW he’s fuckin jinxed…)

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C*nt

Robert Van Winkle will prove to be more adept at scoring than Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night!

Who’s with me!?


Your Mum

My son came home from school he said, “Daddy I’m feeling gay.”

I asked, “Do you mean you’re feeling happy?”

He replied, “Yes, when I’ve got a c**k in my mouth.”


great picture.


This is the 1st time I’ve been able to read one of Frog’s comments without an extra click. Lads.. get him!


I do have knack for posting excellent comments don’t I? By the way, the cunt posting under here as ” frog frog” isn’t me. It’s some jealous wanker trying to capitalize on my blogspere fame.

Frog Frog

i got a joke for you cause of your name ^^ 3 frogs got arrested and went to court and the judge asked the first frog, “what is your name and why were you arrested. the frog responds saying, im frog, and i was just blowing bubbles by the pond. 2nd frog comes up judge asks ihm the same thing and the 2nd frog says, im frog frog and i was just blowing bubbles by the pond. then the 3rd frog came up and the judge said, let me guess your frog frog frog, and the 3rd frog said, “no,… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Joke, I just told my new missus I suffer from premature ejaculation,fair play to her she took it on the chin. By the way frogfrog change your name there’s only one frog

Frog Frog

someone didn’t read the joke ^^


I wonder if Seb Larson ever entered the thoughts of the manager in the summer when he became free. He’s turned into a decent player with the best still yet to come. Knowing that Cesc and Na$ri would be leaving, Larson would have been a good recruit. I’d have him playing over Ramsey and Rosicky or at the very least, alternating routinely with them. Come on you Gooners!!!! 3pts is all we ask for!


seriously though, when robin has his annual injury, we are completely fucked!! who else to score the goals, chamakh???


If the team played to Chamakh’s heading strength he would be awesome.

Pele of Romford

‘before joining up with his old boss, Mrs Doubtfire, at Sunderland this summer’


On another note Steve Bruce has a really big fat head.


Sorry off topic, but what the fuck has Neville done to his hair. Can’t stop staring at it, it’s ruined the manx Liverpool game for me now.


turns out the mantra should be RVP Knows, no offence Mr. Strasbourg Degree


RvP Future Manager…….nobody except him saw it coming.

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