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Arsenal 1-1 Fulham: By the Numbers

A Tale of Three Halves

544 – Passes from open play by Arsenal 0-90 minutes
362 – Passes by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
182 – Passes by Arsenal 61-90 minutes
7 – Successful free-kicks taken by Arsenal 0-90 minutes (of 7)
10 – Successful goal-kicks taken by Arsenal 0-90 minutes (of 10)
21 – Successful throw-ins by Arsenal 0-90 minutes (of 21)
8 – Attempted corners by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
1 – Successful corners by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
4 – Attempted corners by Arsenal 61-90 minutes
2 – Successful corners by Arsenal 61-90 minutes
21 – Attempted crosses by Arsenal 0-90 minutes
2 – Successful crosses by Arsenal 0-90 minutes (1 for goal)
10 – Shots by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
10 – Shots by Arsenal 61-90 minutes
3 – Shots on goal by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
4 – Shots on goal by Arsenal 61-90 minutes
9 – Shots by Fulham 0-60 minutes
1 – Shots on goal by Fulham 0-60 minutes
2 – Shots by Fulham 61-90 minutes
1 – Shots on goal by Fulham 61-90 minutes
12 – Clearances attempted by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
2 – Clearances attempted by Arsenal 61-90 minutes (1 successful, 1 led to own goal)
22 – Clearances attempted by Fulham 0-60 minutes
14 – Clearances attempted by Fulham 61-90 minutes
13 – Interceptions by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
10 – Interceptions by Arsenal 61-90 minutes
17 – Duels* in the Fulham half 0-60 minutes
18 – Duels in the Fulham half 61-90 minutes
7 – Duels Arsenal lost in the Fulham half 0-60 minutes
7 – Duels Arsenal lost in the Fulham half 61-90 minutes

Walcott Shines

27 – Successful passes by Theo Walcott
1 – Misplaced passes by Theo Walcott
1 – Successful crosses by Theo Walcott
8 – Unsuccessful crosses by Theo Walcott
1 – Assists by Theo Walcott
3 – Shots by Theo Walcott (2 on goal, 1 blocked)
1 – Successful tackles by Theo Walcott, tracking back, deep in the Arsenal half, that prevented the break

2 – Successful dribbles by Gervinho (of 6 attempts)
5 – Successful passes by Gervinho (of 6 attempts)
0 – Number of fucks I gave that Gervinho had trouble dribbling because at least he was running at someone
1 – Interceptions by Gervinho
0 – Successful ground tackles by Gervinho
0 – Blocks by Gervinho
0 – Clearances by Gervinho
1 – Free-kicks won by Gervinho
1 – Shots by Gervinho (on goal)

1 – Shots on goal by Aaron Ramsey
3 – Successful dribbles by Aaron Ramsey (of three attempts)
0 – Successful ground tackles by Aaron Ramsey
1 – Attempted ground tackles by Aaron Ramsey
0 – Interceptions by Aaron Ramsey
0 – Clearances by Aaron Ramsey
0 – Blocks by Aaron Ramsey
0 – Free-kicks won by Aaron Ramsey
1 – Free-kicks conceded by Aaron Ramsey
39 – Successful passes by Aaron Ramsey (of 52 – 75%)

2 – Successful dribbles by Diaby (of two attempted)
1 – Shots by Diaby (blocked)
1 – Interceptions by Diaby
1 – Aerial duels won by Diaby (of 2 attempted)
0 – Clearances by Diaby
0 – Blocks by Diaby
0 – Free-kicks won or conceded by Diaby

1 – Game-saving tackles by Djourou
2 – Goals scored by Thomas Vermaelen

10 – Fouls called against Arsenal by Mike Dean
9 – Fouls called against Fulham by Mike Dean
1 – Fouls on arteta not called that led to a Fulham goal
7 – Fouls called against Arsenal that were not called against Fulham for the same infraction
9 – Consecutive Premier League matches since Arsenal won a game refereed by Mike Dean
100 – Percent chance someone will say “we can’t blame Dean because …” despite the fact that Dean let Fulham foul Arteta in the build up to the goal and was frustratingly inconsistent

*Duels = tackles, dribbles, and headers


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I went on the Dot .Com and made Theo Man of Match immediately after thegame, and now I’m glad I did . He is getting better and better. Good stats as usual TIM.

Johnny Massacre

Haha, the lead picture looks like a still from a horror movie.


Home alone

Merlin's Panini

I thought he looked like he was posing for The Scream by Edvard Munch.


Trollface, in a good way of course.


Great stuff as usual!
Good to see Diaby back.. Already looks fully match-fit!


I don’t get this:

362 – Passes by Arsenal 0-60 minutes
182 – Passes by Arsenal 61-90 minutes

Surely in both cases it’s roughly 6 passes/minute by Arsenal. No difference at all.

I understand that the stats generally are very striking for this game when the last 30 minutes is separated from the first 60, but why list them when they’re the same?

On a constructive note, we finished the game strongly in spite of the mid-week efforts and we now know our first choice front 3 for certain, as if we didn’t already!


In which case, it was a point well made but a point that I missed…. Nice one.


Diaby looks better than before he was injured!
Ramsey not so good today unfortunately.

italian gunner

As frustrating as ramsey’s shooting was today, it’s a real plus to have a midfielder who ghosts into almost striker’s positions on a regular basis. Hopefully, once he finds the instructions manual for his new ankle, he can improve on his finishing and become a big goal threat for us. The intelligence is there, which is the most encouraging thing, finishing can be worked on later.


Another one, courtesy of Opta on Twitter:

7 – The number of points Arsenal have recouped from losing positions this season, more than any other team.


6 – The number of years since Arsene Wenger picked a team without a single Frenchman in it..


Gooner Terry–Name of the simpleton who brought up the tired old xenophobic French English debate.


I think it’s a great stat! Not Xenophobic!


Proof we should’ve started with Koscielny! Bet we’d have won it! :cP


Did anybody else watch Mike Dean in the tunnel prior to kickoff sharing some friendly conversation with Danny Murphy was it? Pathetic. You could tell right then which way the calls would go. Refs need to be far more professional than that. Dean didn’t even glance at a single Arsenal player in the tunnel. That said, as fucking useless as Dean is as a human being and ref, we were the architects of our demise. We were utter dross in the first half especially. Our midfield was all over the place. If fatigue was an issue, why didn’t Ramsey get… Read more »

Master Bates

Ramsey didn’t get a rest because Song-Arteta-Ramsey combination works. So gervinho was rested ,but we found out Arshavin-RVP-Walcott combo is as good as Gervinho-RVP-Walcott.I really hope we replace Arshavin in January , he’s good for us ,we’ll remember the good times ,he needs a new a challenge

Wenger made two changes the RB and left Winger , I think that was good enough.

Arsene Wenger

Merci 7am I love my stats, anyone here like to say anything directly to me, or suggest how I do my job better….. If so being your fa cup and league medals with you and we can have words other wise Foutre Le camp!


Is that really true? 9 games refereed by that planet Dean and we haven’t won?! Jesus….


i follow arsenal and a few of the blogs because of a general interest in football that doesnt involve greed and absurd amounts of greenery. My point is where were your fans yesterday if the team is low the whole point of the crowd is too lift them, thats part of the fan/team deal. Am i wrong? overstaing the point? the loudest your fans got was when zamora got booked and when schwazer time wasted. im not sure about the excuse i hear about the fair weather fans who have only been there sincce 96, but that cant be all… Read more »


No the fans surely could’ve done better yesterday.


Wenger failed to get a fresh team ready to compete. What are the squad players for, we tire our first 11 because we dont trust our squad players.


Fuck dean and let’s move on eh…. 10 game unbeaten run is great, you can’t win them all. Even when Arsenal loose we still play the best football so it keeps me entertained, surley that’s what footballs about….
Good day to you all and up the ARSENAL!

PS… John Terrys a cunt


2 – Number of times the fulham team stopped an Arsenal attack. 30 – Number of time Ramsey stopped an Arsenal attack by dilly-dallying, misplacing a pass or shooting to the skies.


I love the stats but these were a bit tedious to read through. I am a scientist and regularly work spreadsheets of data with thousands of points. Maybe leading the reader with summary lines would be better. Like “Arsenal had as much of the ball in the first 60min as in the last 30min” STAT, then “but they attacked much more in the last 30 minutes” STATs. also would be better if the contrasting stats came right after one another and were a bit better spaced. Anyway, I appreciate the work. I’d also point out that some of the impressive… Read more »


You say you’re a scientist but you can’t spell neutral?


My head hurts..


@andy.. No not being unfair the noise yesterday was worst it’s been since the last time it was worst. Ie against Dortmund. I hate the fact the the grove is so quiet and whl is so noisy, it’s embarasin. We can’t lift the players but expect them to lift us which rarely works either. Not sure the reason or what can be done but we have the quietest crowd in the league which is why I prefer to go away games when our support is second to none.


The club had to give a large percentage of tickets to Islington residents ahead of people who had been on the waiting list since before football was such a popular family pastime.

This has diluted the fanbase with sold on tickets and non-arsenal fans.

I think a couple of rubbish seasons would have all those tickets back in fans hands but I’d rather see us do well!


Having rewatched the goal, I don’t think there was a foul on Arteta, the fulham guy (Ruiz?) got the ball. But I didn’t watch the game so can’t really comment on whether we can blame Dean.


Does anyone else think we are too ready to take a corner as a consolation for a broken down attack when we score so rarely from them? (I am aware that we scored one in our previous game).

Is it because we are breaking quickly down the wing with no support in the centre or with one player to cross for?

When you watch other attacking teams they pour players into the box especially when trying to break down a team playing defensively as Fulham did first half and we seem to be more cautious.

[…] all the Arsenal first team, Ramsey was the one who looked most jaded and the numbers back that up.  Not only did Ramsey have a poor evening offensively but he also contributed nothing defensively. […]

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