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Van Basten tells Robin to stay at Arsenal forever

Former Hollland coach Marco van Basten says that Robin van Persie should never leave Arsenal because he’s at the perfect club already.

The AC Milan legend admits he might be something of an idealist but also says that Arsenal should do whatever it takes to ensure van Persie signs a new deal and spends the rest of his career at the Grove. Quoted in the Sunday Mirror, van Basten said:

“Robin must not leave Arsenal. You can’t compare my situation at Ajax. The big difference is that Robin is ­already at a big club. Robin has been in London for six years. He can’t help it that ­Arsenal have won ­nothing in that time.

“So much has changed in those six years in the Premier League. Chelsea have become a big club and have massive ­financial resources. Manchester City have ­become a big force and are richer than any other club. The amount of money which is flowing to these clubs for transfers is unbelievable. Arsenal operate differently. I admire that.”

“I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style. Arsenal have the most ­amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a ­beautiful shirt – in every way I consider Arsenal as the ­ultimate football club. It is the club where Robin belongs.”

“Do I sound like an ­idealist? Maybe I do, but all those things ­Arsenal have to offer can play a part in the decision to stay there. The foundations are there.

However, van Basten warned that his fellow Dutchman needs help to bring success and trophies back to Arsenal, and suggested van Persie should pressurise the manager, and the board, to invest in the team.

“I know Robin can’t do it all on his own. But he will have to put pressure on the people in charge, on the board, on the owner, on everyone who is involved in the highest ­echelons of the club, that they keep doing the right things for Arsenal, so the team can ­compete at the highest level.

“Robin now has to make sure the club makes the right ­decisions, so Arsenal will be run properly. He can say to ­Arsenal: ‘I can leave or I can stay. Just tell me: Do you want to go for bigger things with me? Yes? Then you will have to invest. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but then I am going’.

“Arsenal are a really big club. With a few more ­top- quality players around him, Robin will improve his chances when it comes to winning things and being successful.’’

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Give RVP what he wants, no one will complain

Philipp Chaykin

Van Basten showing some class there… A lot of class


I absolutely agree with everything he said, last few sentences are very important. + I can’t think of myself beeing a supporter of a club whose history begins with suggardaddy money… Citeh, Chelski listening ??
Form is temporary, Class is permanent.

Eric Irish gunner

I think he’s a fellow gunner


Not just that, but I believe no other side will tailor their style of play to a one-striker system with very pacy/tricky wingers. For example, Man City won’t ever play that system given their sickening surplus of strikers and midfielders while Real Madrid already have Kaka, Ronaldo, Ozil and co. to center on. A transfer to Barca seems to be a really stupid option seeing that Messi and Robin are similar in their false-nine roles (+ Villa is there). I really don’t see Robin moving anywhere except for Italian clubs (because I don’t know Italian clubs) for top-quality service. I… Read more »


Well said sir. I really do hope he pens a new deal but it’s fair enough he’s waiting to see what happens with the club. Its a long shot but if we can just buy one more world class attacking midfielder like Gotze or hazard we would have a serious chance of challenging on all fronts.


Good points, well made.

Ray Bandana

Has someone got their eye on Arsene’s job?


That’s exactly what I was thinking.


I think we have another contender. He’s certainly set his stall out.

Goon Mate

My thoughts exactly.. Such high praise. Well, can’t pick a wrong thing he said though.


Let’s make him the 2nd assistant manager.

Sneaky Fucking Russian

Van Basten would be a great coach. the guys tekkers would teach the kids a thing or two. i saw another man who wouldnt be a bad replacement either…Low.. he was sitting in the stands for the chelsea game, there to watch our BFG for his national squad. if there was ever a game to make an outsider get a hard on about the english league it certainly would of been that game.


Low would of also seen the BFG make to monster cock ups to gift the Chavs a couple of goals. I hope he comes to see some of Mert’s other, far better, performances.

And yes, i’ve still got wood after the Chav game.


“I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style. Arsenal have the most ­amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a ­beautiful shirt – in every way I consider Arsenal as the ­ultimate football club. It is the club where Robin belongs.”

That just made my night right there.

Cygan's Left Foot

“I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style. Arsenal have the most ­amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a ­beautiful shirt – in every way I consider Arsenal as the ultimate football club. It is the club where Robin belongs.”

The part about the “beautiful shirt” made me melt!!!!!!.


Van Basten to replace Pat Rice next season..?


My word. Huge mancrush vibes heading your way, Mr van Basten.


Yes I think I’m a little in love too..


You have to love MVB. He always believed RVP was the best dutch player of his generation. Better than robben, wesly and that twat who plays for the LWC

Merlin's Panini

Wow! Praise indeed from one of the greatest players of all time. I love the little dig at Chelsea and City. So true, they have no class.

Cygan's Left Foot

Van Basten, just tell him to look @ Le cunt and what happen to his football career @ Man City, playing back up to the two donkeys Barry and Milner!!!!!

La Gooner

Cheers mate


Ha ha. He’s become a Carling Cup player for them. He’s not gonna win the Ballon d’Or at that rate.


Fter Arsene…what about Van Basten and Dennis…now that would be something!!!!


‘After Arsene’

Cygan is a snowman

Well if he wants Robin to stay he’s just gonna have to stay, and yes we do have a great shirt imagine pulling on the Bolton shirt….YUCK!

Lord Teddy Ears

Dont need MVB to tell RVP to stay LTE has already told him

CLF your point is so true about Horse Face imagine that sitting on the bench for James Milner he could have been a hero here and now he is just another gold digger.

Austin DeChief NIGERIA

Well Le Cunt and Even Franscesc twitter followers are down with their playtime since they left Arsenal ….!
For Life means for Life


Love van bastin love bergkamp love rvp love arsenal have to admit I’m becoming a bit of a English Dutch lover!


Spot on MVB. Always had respect for the fella, even when he was tearing TA a new one at the Euros that time. All you could do is sit there and think well played sir.

Listen to the man RVP. You know it makes sense.

[…] in the ball towards goal to continue his phenomenal scoring rate in the year 2011. Please listen to Van Basten and sign the new contract […]


I live in Cape Town. I saw three live games at the emirates in 2007: Arsenal 4 Charlton 1, Arsenal 3 Sevilla 1, and Arsenal 2 Man Utd 1. I cant tell you how much those memories mean to me. To all those people who own season tickets that cant be bothered to turn up on match days: fuck you, you ungrateful bunch of snobs. You have no idea how lucky you are to watch games live week in week out! Dont take it for granted, because I assure you that millions around the world would not. Rant over. Up… Read more »


Love it. i will be heading to the Emirates next April to see the second leg of Arsenal Vs Chelsea. i live in Australia and i am flying half way around the world to see my gunners play, and there is nothing in this world i would rather spend my quid on. nothing. Gunner4life.


Class. Pure class. He describes why I love the club better than I can. And Cygan, I’m with you on the shirt. When I turn the TV and Arse is on, it’s orgasmic.


I have to say I was getting upset with the way things were going but because of this I supported the team even more by going to some away games as well as home games everyone should get behind the team now cos the boys are on a roll. Life is good when the gooners win! Up the arsenal


i love what van has said but in this world cold hard cash talks louder than a 1000 beautiful words. that’s why the world is on the edge of a catastrophe thanks to greed. i hope persie shows us some respect…


MVB…. Top draw comments. Top fuckin man. Fuck the chavs… Fuck citeh…. And fuck girly nasri the bench warming tosser…..

The Interlull Madness

Marco van Basten: “I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style” Ahhhhh I really like this man…. not a bad footballer either. RVP will not leave Arsenal….. he will stay. Think about it where would he go… Real Madrid, Barcelona ( not Mancity or ManU) I guess there is always PSG… Lots of money there, but is our Captain chasing money or glory. AFC will negotiate the best deal for both player and club, but he will not leave. Theo will also sign…. not… Read more »

The Don

when wenger retires bergkamp as manager mvb assistant manager or maybe dragan stojkovic? wenger s mentioned him a couple of times


Bergkamp won’t be a great manager as he can’t fly. No offence to him as i love him but you can’t lose you manager for 3 days a week while he gets a boat or train for a european game. Better to have MVB as manager with Bergkamp as the ass man, he can stay home then.


Well said MVB but we still need a world class midfielder and striker to challenge for the title,thank god we’ve got rid of the shit,eleven players out there yesterday who looked like they gave a fuck about the shirt,happy days………..at last


Luve that man!


Not sure it’s a case of “listen up, Robin” so much as “listen up, Arsenal.” Van Basten is right: If we want to keep Robin, we have to invest to match his ambitions. The problem, however, is that I don’t see us investing in new marquee players this January (Wilshere will be ALANS). I agree that we need a new striker, but I just don’t see us buying one (besides, can you name me a top, top striker who would be happy playing second fiddle to Van Persie?). And credit to our defenders, who are gradually making a case for… Read more »


Those reading extra meaning into this man’s statements are just being mischievous. If he wanted Arsene’s job he’d rather be critical of the team and its style.
Good advice from a worthy compatriot, RVP.


That doesn’t make sense. Surely you get the players and fans on your side first by bigging up what the team are doing and praising the current manager, the style and the club as a whole. When Mourinho wants the Man U job, is he going to say that Ferguson did a terrible job, the team are useless and the club need to sort themselves? That would put him in a great position (sarcasm)

Joseph kamau

Am a kenyan, i’ll luv arsenal than anythin else as long as i live. Kudos Basten. As for van persie we luv u n please sign on dotted line. In you i dont see the greed in nasri. 4ever a goooooner.


We will win something with these boys!
We got off to a bad start but i think it taught the boys a real lesson about what it takes!

We will get something shiny to look at very soon…

[…] his compatriot to stay at the Arsenal saying, “It is the club where Robin belongs”. Read the quotes here, they’re great! He speaks about why Robin should stay at the club and why Chelsea and City […]

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