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Arsenal postpone Wolves fixture 24 hours

Arsenal have confirmed that the club’s home game against Wolves has been postponed by 24 hours and will now take place on December 27th at 3pm.

The match had been scheduled for Boxing Day but thanks to a strike by London Underground staff the board, in consultation with the police, have decided a delay in kick-off to be the safest course of action.

No doubt the change in arrangements will be a major pain the arse for many supporters, so if you fancy ranting and raving at ASLEF you can do so here.

Merry Christmas.


ARTICLE CORRECTED – initially wrath of this article was directed at Bob Crow, Union leader of RMT, but his members are not striking on this occasion.

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the only sam is nelson

BOLLOCKS all that fucking walking on eggshells to arrange Xmas down the fucking toilet

Fucking hell, what a stupid sack of shit decision to move the match. More people are going to miss it because it’s been moved than would have missed it ‘cos of Crow’s pissing contest with TFL. Jesus.


Yes, spot on, more people will miss it now than would have if it had been left with the strike to contend with. The decision making is so, so out of touch with the day to day lives of fans it’s unbelievable. I won’t be able to watch this game now. Everyone has to deal with family commitments etc and give plenty of notice at this time of year of plans, now that’s all been thrown away. More importantly, I now have no excuse to get away from family on Boxing Day!

Captain Shaft Disco

Complaints should be forwarded to ASLEF, not the RMT as they’re the ones that are striking.

Adam, Watford

Also, the picture you have got up with the story is of Bob Crow, the leader of the RMT.

I haven’t a clue who the union leader of ASLEF is, but your pic is definitely that of Bob Crow !

Sean Dixon

Are you too lazy to put another answer? Or are you too lazy? 😉


I think it took some effort to write the same thing twice unless he just copied and pasted……


If you have an excuse that good, it’s well worth mentioning it twice.


Anyone who now cant go is welcome to give me their ticket 😉

foley oluwashola

i will luv arsenal till die.


Very relevant.


This happens even in Mumbai with the Local train motormen and their exorbitant pay rise demand.


Yeah because the players themselves travel through trains hehe. But you get the cheapest tickets at cooperage for like 20 indian rupees.


true but actually its very sad

foley oluwashola

i will luv arsenal till i die.


Foley – relax.


The sooner the London Underground system is automated the better. Every strike by staff there brings that day ever closer.


Oh well an extra days rest for the players can’t hurt can it? Gotta look on the bright side 🙂


Now I have a better chance of watching it too!


Maybe CHamakh / Arshavin can take a leaf out of ASLEF’s book, and figure out how to strike properly..

the only sam is nelson

i thought they were already on strike…


on strike from striking? vs RVP the super Striker!


I’ll grab your coat for you ‘tastic


Look at the bright side…..Atleast it will be on TV 😀


Which channel? It does not appear to be on TV.


Totally understand and feel sorry for fans who now can’t make it or who’ve lost out financially, but on a selfish level I’m pleased as I can now get to the game. I come to the games by train (on rammed carriages full of gooners). With no TX available and no other way of getting there, was otherwise gonna be 2 empty seats where i’d have been. I think it’s crazy that there is no overground trains on one of the busiest sporting and shopping days of the year. If overground had been running, the tube strike wouldn’t have been… Read more »


From a totally egotistical point of view its great with the game the 27th cause the 26th im gonna be too pissed to enjoy the game. the 27th i will be sober and ready for the game.

happy hollidays.

Midfield Corporal

Isn’t ASLEF The lion in The Chronicles of Narnia? What’s he got to do with the strike?

Yossi Benayoun Benayoun
Yo-ssi Benayoun!!!!!!


That was worse than Goonertastic’s

Midfield Corporal

It was poor wasnt it, I’ll get my coat.


The tube drivers have no place left to go but strike,the management have gone back on an agreement about working conditions meaning nearly all drivers would have to work every boxing day.I totally agree it is a major inconvenience to all fans and also agree it will seemingly cause more disruption to fans to actually move the game but at the current rate the drivers would have to work every Christmas day soon aswell,a line in the sand has to be drawn sometime,if you have a greviance have it with TFL not the drivers. Aslef seldom strike,RMT on the other… Read more »


I’ve already ranted at AFC about the change. I’ve had to make some hasty rearrangements to plans to be able to make the 27th (thanks to the understanding and patience of others), but I know that some people won’t be so lucky and there are going to be a lot of empty seats. I actually have no problem with the postponement –it’s the short notice rearrangement that I think shows huge arrogance on the part of the club…


ZZZzzzz… sack ’em all. Bunch of wasters.

Anyone want to buy a now spare ticket for the match?


Handsome chap this Bob Crow!!

for gods sake as posted by arse the other day

Master Bates

Such an inconvenience to us Tellyclappers


I actually think that the strike will help the team. They have had two tough away fixtures inside four days – they must be exhausted. I bet most of them appreciate the extra day’s rest. I suppose that they can enjoy Christmas more too, not having to play on the following day.


If the game was on sky i bet we wouldn’t have been able to postpone it. Thats not a dig at anyone, just an observation.

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