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Chamberlain reveals words with boss

Ales Oxlade-Chamberlain insists his resolution for the New Year is to break into the Arsenal first team and revealed that Arsene Wenger has told him to keep working hard in training

The summer signing has already proved himself a hit with the Emirates faithful following impressive cameos in the Carling Cup and Champions League, however, with only 28 Premier League minutes under his belt (in the defeat at Old Trafford) the young midfielder is desperate to make a bigger impact as the Gunners push for a top four spot in the table.

Speaking to the Arsenal official matchday programme ahead of yesterday’s frustrating draw with Wayne Hennessey, the England under-21 star spoke of his relationship with Wenger:

“Being around the boss, such an intelligent man and a legend in the game, is special. I wouldn’t say I’ve been working on anything specific – just my all round game.

“The main thing he’s said is that I’ve got the ability to play at this level, it’s just down to how much I want it. He’s said I need to keep working hard, keep my head down and keep pushing, putting pressure on him to select me.

“It’s encouraging that he says these things – he always gives good advice and if it’s criticism I do go away and take things on board. My relationship with him has been very good – he, Pat Rice, and all the staff have been great.”

Expected to garner playing time in the absence of teammate Gervinho, who is heading to the African Cup of Nations in January, Chamberlain also made clear that he is ready to take his chance with both hands.

“[I just want] get into the Arsenal team, that’s all I’m really focussed on. I just want to play, express myself, show what I can do and work hard to make that happen.

“My personality is such that I take stuff in my stride, as it comes. I don’t think about things too much and just let them happen, let them take shape.

“As long as I stay focussed on my aims the rest will take care of itself. You can’t be too fazed by situations or you’ll put yourself under added pressure.”

Arseblog News can’t help but think The Ox will get his chance in the very near future. Having seen Wenger hand starting berths to both Yossi Benayoun and Tomas Rosicky yesterday it appears the boss has definitely decided that squad rotation is necessary.

Let’s hope our young, hungry, speedster with a desire to run at opponents with more enthusiasm than Disney’s Road Runner is the perfect fillip when faced with more clogging, dead-weight English defenders in the Wolves mode…

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The Ox on one wing, Walcott on the other.
I would not want to be defending against them


I love any piece in which the first word is spelled incorrectly.


What a player we have on our hands.

Walcott from the left and The Ox from the right supporting RVP in Gerv’s absence would be my selection.


Ah Disneys Roadrunner. One of the better roadrunners


Best of all he sounds like really intelligent lad. Hopefully some of those smarts pass on to Song, who’s yellow card easily could’ve been a straight red. Songinho, if your gonna kick a players ass, make it Joey Barton next week (for the second time this season 😉


I remember a few cunts were moaning when we signed Oxo Chamberpot. But for £7 millions, he is an absolute bargain. Fair play to Wenger, how the fuck does he manage to find these absolute gems.


Could you not have made your point without the profanity? It seems unnecessary….


No, it was fucking necessary.




Perhaps we should wait until the guy actually plays a few games before deciding whether he’s a bargain and hailing Wenger.


Wenger seems to be holding back from unleashing the Ox.
Looking forward to seeing him play more – maybe a few stints off the bench in the new year …

Mr Robot

Unleash the Park!!!!!!>>>>>……


I think Wenger knows The Ox is sensational and has had in his mind all along January as his ‘launch’ date. Overplaying Wilshere and his resulting injury when approaching the fabled ‘red zone’ must have also been on his mind. We have a real talent here, 4 or 5 mo tha to settle in and now watch this boy take off!


Wenger’s being cautious is all. I do think the Ox will be played pretty soon but as he is still young not TOO often. Don’t want to break something good.


Mo tha = months (sorry)


it’s not the ox!!!!!IT’S THEOX.we have in our hands theodrewalcoxchamberlinho it’s a mix of walcott,ox and gervinho a group of predatory wingers wenger has assembled at arsenal.i hope arshavin can fit in somewhere.


Who ever this guy is, he sounds incredible.
With the pace of Walcott, the footwork of Gervinho, the Strength & brain of Oxo, with his only flaw being the work rate of Arsh, unless he has the head of Gervinho too!


He was only 2 mil as Wenger found him in some eastern european town


oh i thought he a was found in a stable in some quaint middle eastern town!

Wot's my name?

Obviously AW is a wise and experienced manager, but I can’t help wondering why he hasn’t brought him on in our last few games when we really needed something special to swing the game in our favour (Man City/Wolves games). With his pace, direct play and willingness to shoot (and score) even from distance, those results may have been very different for us. Personally ‘i’d have played him ahead of Arshavin (who hasn’t really been anything special for a long time now). Hopefully AW plays him more from the next game against QPR going forwards.


I think the burnout and subsequent injuries to Jack have made him rethink his policy of playing young players slightly.
Surely a fit Ox against defenders that have already played half a season makes him a dangerous player to have around.

Wot's my name?

I hear you Steve, but Jack by this time last season had played just about every game we played. The Ox has only played in the EPL once during the Old Trafford debacle, so surely fatigue and risk to injury don’t apply in his case?

young naz j

song is the reason why arsenal doesn’t loose easily, but just one game out of form, there is an uproar calling out 4 his head, what on earth is with some fans? wenger is big when we loose draw and win…ox is gonna himself yes

young naz j

ox is gonna prove himself yes


Considering the scarcity of genuine attacking talent at the club, it’s a mystery to me why the Ox hasn’t been given more opportunities. The young man must be angry and frustrated that rubbish like Chamakh and Arshavin are ahead of him in the queue. I just hope that, come the new year and the African Nations Cup, he gets the chance to show what he can do. Why did Wenger buy him and then not even give him a chance? By the way: is it true that Park has disappeared into a black hole and has been lost to another… Read more »


No it’s not true. The reason park can’t get into the first team is because he isn’t that good and never really was the caliber of a proper arsenal striker.

He did however give us something to talk about during the dull moments of the first half of the season. A great, worthwhile buy by arsene in my opinion.


Park has been out there internationally playing skilled football but as soon as he comes to Arsenal….Nothing happens. he just disappears. What is it all about? I just don’t get it.


And like you’ve said before Frog, he’s also helped sell a few shirts in Asia. Sometimes, I think he’s from North Korea considering all the secrecy and lack of playing time! 🙂


Aye, I saw them all weeping in the funeral cortage in Pyonyang wearing red and white…christ do me a favour. The only gnashing of teeth and wailing those poor pillocks were doing was that his transfer fee amounts to their entire GNP.


What the fuck are you on about padwoir?


Might be tough to drag yourself away from here, and I do understand. But try the Worldwide news sometimes too Frog.


Just booked tickets for arsenal vs spuds :)) they go on sale today fOr silver members/junior gunners

The BearMan

The Boss must make certain his team is fit n equip to face the challenges of the second half of the season. There are some players in current squad that will not be able to raise the level of their game. Pruning is still necessary!

Wenger must not didder, but take decisive action!


‘Dodder’ is the word your looking for, but you have a point.


I don’t think dodder is a word.


Yeh, t’is. Look it up! 😉


I think he actually meant ‘dither’ but oh well. 😀


If you put the 3 words together you’d have a decent Umpa Lumpa song, so everyones a winner whatever way you look at it.


Except you mate, except you.


Next time I need hints in being something else Frog, I’ll come knocking at your door. I’m sure you’ve got Knob, Twat, Prick and all forms of Anal Leperousy, down pat. Be sure to have the brochures to hand, its the New Year soon and one is sure to make a resolution.


Again, I’ve no idea what you’re babbling about. Wake me up when you have a point.


Wake you up ? Jesus wept Frog, fat chance of that.


I am afraid I am with Frog on this one Padwoir… No clue what message you are trying to portray…..


Aye reading back think I was a bit drunk that evening. Ah well it happens.. beer please.

Aaron Creighton

I think The OX will get a chance once Gervinho goes to the ACN. And why is it every time I look at Gervinho I see the aliens from the Argos adverts?


Because Zhervinyu has a large forehead.

The ox

Good boy oxo!!


Exclusive: tomorrow Thierry Henry will sign 2 month loan deal wort 70 000 pounds a week. And will be unleash on Monday against fulham in the new 2012 year.

dim m

road runner is warner bros not disney..


The ox brings something to our game that only arteta seems to be doing, shooting from outside the box!
Id really like to watch ryo and the ox grow into the team.


AW lies OXA to work hard and not let the chace for him to play if the old players can play because AW always gives chance by age. AW ,same situation ,doesn’t buy any one because no money in Club’s pocket but say there ‘s a lot of money. The Goonner should be tough for success that ‘s never come back again.

the man

I think the ox ain’t getting game time cause it means we will have to pay southampton the other part of his 15mil transfer fee, all politics if u ask me. Don’t expect him to get 10 prem apearance, maybe cl or fa cup


I really wonder if wenger decision not to play TheOx are financial as opposed to footballing reasons. This idea may be ridiculous. However siting a need to improve his defensive qualities is a fair enough comment, however it not like Arshervin is an example of defensive solidity. I think maybe the deal to buy him from southhamton included earn out payments in case TheOx made a certain number of appearances. Then his transfer fee would mushroom from 7 million to 15 million. Maybe just maybe. Anyway who am I to question the boss, he sees these kids every training session.… Read more »


Ox’s are far stronger than Wolves, and the extra 2 points would have been nice…….
but it was also nice for nice boss to give The Lazy Russian and The Chamunkh an outing before their January departure.

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