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Sagna and Gibbs make full back signing unlikely

Despite suggesting last week he might need to look to the transfer market for a solution to Arsenal’s lack of fit full backs, Arsene Wenger now admits the imminent returns of Bacary Sagna and Kieran Gibbs have changed that.

Both are expected back at the end of January and Wenger says he is now likely to use the full extent of his squad to get through the next month. Speaking to Arsenal Player he said, “There are difficult decisions to make because we are short in the full-back positions. But you think, ‘do you really want to buy a full back for three or four years?’

“When you have four out and two close to coming back. I think no, because we have people who can do the job during this period.”

Arseblog News, along with most Arsenal fans, would certainly welcome a good, temporary signing, but suspects that the manager’s reluctance to dip into the transfer market has more to do with the lack of available players than anything else.

If the answer to the question is Wayne Bridge then the question is wrong. Or, the question is: “Who is a shit, mercenary twat who isn’t good enough for Arsenal reserves reserve reserves third team, let alone the first team?”

Worryingly, there’s no mention of a return date for Carl Jenkinson who has been out since November 5th having been diagnosed with a stress fracture of his back after the West Brom game.

However, there was better news regarding Jack Wilshere of whom the manager said, “He is progressing very well, and very quickly.”

The England international is expected back in mid-February and is set to start full training this next month.

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Ace McGoldrick

Good if Bac and Gibbs are close to a return. Feel for Jenkinson if this turns into a Vermaelen esque injury he has.

Young Mangwele Mw.

good job on Henry,but how in the hell did we lose 2 points with Wolves? since when Benayoun and Rosicky gets in the first choice in our games lately…they never’d ‘ve started the game! if i didnt knw any better i’d say u like to drop points Mr Wenger,..every season its the same stuff, u have problems wit chosing playerz to start a game as we goes to the end of the season! am sick of it! we have regural starterz! and thanx on Henry! but Podosk?


You sir, are a cunt.


Your post makes Finnegans Wake look like an easy read, Mangwele.


“Regural Starterz”????

Oh! I forgot it’s the ‘New English’.


was starz-tled by that!


What happens if they both suffer a setback at the end of Jan? We don’t need to buy a fullback but a loan should still happen.


If there is a decent fullback to loan I am all for it, but most loan signing would be no better than our cbs filling in. Plus those guys will be getting more used to the position.


Have u watched Taiye Taiwo of AC Milan or Stefan Savic of Man City. Both available on 6months loan. And I didnt have to look too far. And if you pay me 8million a year I will get you 20suitable left backs available on a short stint, Mister.


stick to football manager.


Wenger must be a joker. So even if we get a left full back that comes and proves he is better than Santos n Gibbs we wont take him? What if we decide to push Santos upfield…n Gibbs is never available anyway. And let him stop telling us there is no left full back available on a short term. You dont need to look beyond Man City n I am not talking bridge. I am talking about Stefan Savic, watched him twice n he looks great. Man City are ready to loan him out for 6months, confirmed…only that they dont… Read more »


Sir, as a Nigerian, i can boldly tell you that Taiwo is not good enough for Arsenal. As for Savic? I will leave that for a true serbian Gunner to judge.


…Or you could just give your opinion as an Arsenal football fan


Savic is a centre half.


Again this was the case last year just that it was about signing a centre back. We had squillaci,vermaelen,kos, djourou so hoping to sign an other cb was little tricky, so what do we do in the summer we go and buy another cb in Mertesacker(a signing i always wanted) and not just that even Miquel has played in some games in the cb position so we got six centre backs now. Yes the numbers add to confusion whether to sign an extra full back or not but hopefully this decision doesnt come in the way of ruining our season… Read more »


Get us a temporary left full back mister. Gibbs is never fit. Good job on Henry….pls add Podolski or Marco Reus to the team and we are good and strong.


I think Henry is it. And Wenger is only doing that because it’s convenient. Once Chamakh is back he’ll be second choice and coming on as a sub again every match ’til May, no matter what he does or doesn’t do – unless/until RVP is injured, then he’ll be 1st choice. This is the squad for the season, I think.


Wilshere to start full training this month? Personally I feel he should wait til January 🙂


If wenger is having problems with buying defenders,he should come 2 d Nigerian premier league & choose an able-bodied defender at a very cheap price


Not undervaluing players I know nothing about…but that Chinedu is the problem, we know nothing about them. The problem isn’t buying a defender, there are plenty in the squad, they’re just crocked, its a short term fix that is required. Fairly certain that if Le Boss does move into the market on those terms, its going to be for someone who is established at the higher level and able to fit right into the team and be able to deal with the pressures and pace of the Premier League.


This is the best comment I’ve ever had the pleasure if reading. Cheers mate. I agree.


Do you guys really think Man City will loan us Stefan Savic?

We are better off placing Song in right back.


I think this is a gamble that we may regret as happened last season. Even with a fit Gibbs, I still think we need another body in that back line. If we can’t sign, can we not bring back one of Bartley or Pedro from loan?


sorry but for me gibbs is to injury prone if we can get rid of him the better,santos to me would be a better left midfield,so vertonghen would be ideal!!




This is something that can NEVER be predicted, unless your Wenger himself. Lets just wait until January and take it from there instead of getting ‘hyped-up’ because the media want us to.

Bodyguard Joz

After five years of suffering the comments of 3 morons at the Emirates they left at the start of last season. I think I may have found one of them again, ‘Thorough’ – short for ”Thorough pain in the arse’ perhaps?

Jimmy Undermars

I think wenger should seiorusly should think about going for Alex on a short term loan , im sure he would be avilable he can play at lb or cb and has premier league experience ! Santos wont be back for a while but when Gibbs gets back you cant gurntee he will stay fit . Dont get me wrong Gibbs is quality been unlucky with injurys we need some back up at left back to see us through the season. In my opinion the answer is Alex ! he’s got some left peg on him too remember that free… Read more »

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