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Wenger ‘confirms’ Henry arrival

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Thierry Henry will return to the club on a short-term basis next month.

Speaking at his pre-QPR press conference Wenger said a loan deal was not fully complete yet but ‘will certainly happen’.

And the manager is sure the former captain can make an impact in more ways than one. “It can only be positive,”, he said, “because he has exceptional talent. He is experienced, he is quality, and can help the players on and off the pitch. He has still class, pace and quality. He is here to help the club he loves. But we must not put too much pressure on him. He is 34.

“It shows that Arsenal is always special to players, such as Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann and now Thierry. When Robin and Thierry play together we will do very well.”

Arsenal are in need of cover in the striking positions because of the departures of Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho to the African Cup of Nations, however, Wenger appeared to rule out any further signings unless other players left the club.

“We are not looking for permanent players unless we lose players, as we have a big squad”.

Reporting from @arsenal, @JWTelegraph, @johncrossmirror

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Jolly good

London Calling

I hope we the supporters will be tolerant with Terry when during a game he does not score, or create magic. Expectations can be so high…. but by golly I am pleased he is back.


I’m sorry to be pedantic, but if you ever refer to our greatest goalscorer by the name of that pikey scumbag illiterate chelshit wanker – accident or not – you’ll be neutered.


I’ts official, this truly is one of the best moments in my life. Thierry Henry is the reason I started playing football, truly an inspiration for me and definitely a lot of other people.


As happy as I am with “The King’s” return…

I am dissapointed with this:
““We are not looking for permanent players unless we lose players, as we have a big squad”.”


To be fair, “unless we lose players” probably means “unless we can sell some” – which is true, our 25 man squad is full – if we can shift Chamakh (hopefully on the agenda, but difficult thanks to ACN) and Almunia then I we would sign some.

Indian Gooner

arshavin it will be….we can find some rich russian club to save us! – We need a winger or a striker,atleast one plssss arsene!


Playing with Van Persie? Interesting he said that. Because i don’t think either of them are suited to playing on the wing in a front three, so that can only mean 4-4-2


Thiery is sensational on the left side of a front 3… He won a champions league there. And that wasnt too long ago… Shame it was with the wrong club.


I agree. I think we are most likely to see Henry coming on as a sub for RVP and vica versa as RVP cant realistically be expected to play 90 minutes in every game and not get injured and I imagine any agreement with New York Red Bulls would mean Henry going back to them fully fit and not fatigued. Maybe RVP for the first 60mins and Henry on as a sub for the last 30mins?

Audu nurudeen

Welcome home T.Henry…the greatest,the one we gunners in Nigeria call “IGWE”(THE KING).


I am 35 and crap at football, but still want to play for the Arsenal…. Henry at 34 is not a problem at all.


What’s the betting that this will be Wenger’s only ‘signing’ of the January transfer window? What’s the betting that he will say something like ‘we have enough now to get us through to the end of the season’?

If he doesn’t sign another striker – even on loan until the end of the season – then he’s a stupid cunt.

I have this horrible nightmare: it’s one in which Spurs are playing in the Champions’ League next season and we are not. If that happens then Wenger and the Board should be sacked.


I just wish that Hill-Wood, Kroenke and the rest of them would all fuck off and sell up to Usamanov. We are going nowhere under this bunch of clowns. And we’re heading for disaster over the coming months. WE NEED TO SIGN A QUALITY STRIKER IN JANUARY – FACT! If RvP gets injured then we’ve got no chance of finishing in the top four. It seems to have become a ritual at this club to get its supporters’ hopes up then dash them at the end of the season – this is exactly what we are heading for again. Fuck… Read more »


Fatgooner, why are you getting in such a tizzy ? Basically your just raging at what is effectively your own prediction. Lifes too short fella, wait until the end of the transfer window and see how things pan out before you blow a gasket, it hasn’t even started yet, relax at least until it does.

Cygan's Left Foot

No, even if RVP fit still we would not be alright. RVP would need rest and we would BADLY need another good striker/winger (Hell, Bring Carlos Vela back) if we are chasing the game to come off the bunch and score. Arsha, he is not playing badly, what is his problem? Is his body language all wrong and depressing to see him come on.this days As for Chamakh, I really feel sorry for him, he is a good striker in the wrong team, with a team no one can cross the ball, the only good cross all season while he… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

There was a suggestion earlier that we might go 4-4-2 if we play Henry and RVP together (as Wenger sort of hinted at). Well, if we can go 4-4-2 for Henry/RVP then we can go 4-4-2 for Henry/Chamakh before and after he plays at the ANC (assuming Henry is still her when he returns). That could give RVP the rest he needs and might help Chamakh to get back to good form (especially if he has a good ANC and scores a goal or three).

Cygan's Left Foot

Were you expecting a singing?
How long have you been supporting the Arsenal?
where have you been in the last 7 years?

The invincible arse

You cannot even bother to smile on the return of the Legend, you may go lick ‘Arry’s arse.


In fairness to Fatgooner, he is an incredible tool with little knowledge of the way the football club is run from a financial aspect, and he shows us that time after time with his moronic posts on this site.


The only “tools” are the fucking muppets like you who can’t see what’s going on at the club we love. We are being used as a cash cow by people who no longer give a damn about actually winning trophies. Any fool can see that if we continue to steer the course that we have travelled over the last five years that the only outcome will be mid-table mediocrity and more trophy-less seasons. Any brainless arsehole can understand that no Premier League top-four team can compete with just one decent striker, or that you can’t sell off your best players… Read more »


Fat Gooner = Usmanov
Usmanov = Fat Gooner


Everyone knows Wenger never mentions his transfer targets and always denies the chance of any signature, so why don’t you chill out and wait for January.


I’d comment but I can’t see what you said on my iPhone. Jesus wept


Nice contempory referance. Made me chuckle.


Can’t get the Henry chant out of my head today.
Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry.
Thierryyy Henryyyyy, Thierry Henry.

Okpe Enokela

Urge him to create a huge impact on the team to keep them in title challenge for good and the champions league. He shouldnt just enjoy himself. However we know he has contributed tremendously to the greatness of our beloved club and we dearly love him. Up gunners

Okpe Enokela

I looking forward a more ruthless arsenal in front of goal once again. Welcome back Titi

Cygan's Left Foot

Welcome Back. LEGEND

Brian Egesa Wawire

His psychological effect to the club will be more than his physical presence..but the solution is bringing in PODOLSKI…WE WANT PODOLSKI


I think it’s amazing that everyone is crying for (my interpretation of your capitalising his sacred name) lukas podolski. I do like him, but I’m not quite sure if you could really expect an instant impact from someone playing for Cologne at the moment. actually i’m pretty sure his adaption period would be way longer than the one of bfg, but maybe the man himself could help a little. podolski only performs though when he feels comfortable and enjoys himself as can be seen from his stint at bayern munich so I’m not sure if he’s the real deal..


While it’s great that Henry is back for a possible 7 games what then? Van Persie gets injured, and we’re left with chamak up front, who has to be up there with the all time arsenal worst strikers, we should be looking at someone on a permanent basis, like padolski who is in great form at the mo before he gets snapped up, I see the above story being short term – good, long term – bad


Great News! Let’s hope it is step 1 of AW’s plan to improve our attacking force.
Step 2? Not surprisingly a permanent deal for a class act, ala The Pod….

Welcome back Henry!
Just in time for a (2002) repeat goal and result against Sp*@s!!!


If titi scores against the spuds I’ll probably shit in my pants with happiness


That would call for a serious set of cojones brazed onto his Statue…


Sew a picture of Arrys face into the back of your kecks before the match then AusGoontang, then sitting down shouldn’t be too much of a kicker.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Great idea !

If Ttti scores against the spuds I’ll shit in your pants with happiness too.


This will be our only signing this window, huge gamble just hope it works out for us, as 4th place is a must to hold into rvp in the summer not sure this is the answer I’m really not. Seems like we have take the cheap easy option but honestly hope it comes good for Henry’s legacy and for arsenal’s future.


The KING IS BACK! THE KING IS BACK!! THE KING IS BACK!!! Its gonna be a good year my fella gooners!

La Gooner

“When Robin and Thierry play together we will do very well.”



Yeah my favourite player of all time returns!!!
Hope this is 1st of the many needful signings we make.


I agree with everyone that says we still need another permanent striker. Still can’t help being as excited as fuck though.

Taking my boy to the Fulham game and he was too young to see him live first time around. Here’s hoping.


‘We dont need any more players’, thats so sad. Bet you’ll need more when VP gets tired of your stingy ways. By not signing in January, we have laid a perfect foundation for VP to head out the door. Thank you Wenger…for steadying us towards the basement.

Cygan's Left Foot

We would get 30 mil in the bank, what is your problem then?


Not sure how many games he’ll actually start but as an impact player, coming off the bench for the last 20 minutes or so, he is going to be immense. I’m postively drooling at the thought. – 226 more goals in 2 months please Thierry.


Wenger is a deceiver.

He has already sent Arsenal representatives to the match between Lille and Marseille at the velodrome according to the very reliable RTL radio.

Also RTL, have mentioned that Arsenal are trying to sign Gourcouff on loan.

The invincible arse

Cutting down some of your weight might be the solution.


Welcome back Thierry.
Image adorning the stadium – statue outside – no pressure then 🙂

Haven’t given up on the possibility of a permanent signing though.
Arsene doesn’t usually yap to the press about his targets – why would he start now?


All of you should get some fat dosage of CHILAX. Arsenal has history and class and that couldn’t be more obvious than this move for Henry. A true living statued legend back to our beautiful game even for a day. That should be our focus, not mouthing off at Wenger. How do you know for sure that podolski will be a hit at Arsenal? Have history not proven that you don’t buy your way to success? In doubt, ask Nasri (EUROPA), ask Torres (BLANK), ask Chamakh (TRAINING MATERIAL) etc. At the start of the season, most of you were singing… Read more »


I have never heard of CHILAX before… but I agree wholeheartedly so I am having some of that CHILAX stuff!

In Arsene We Trust!!!


Sounds like too laxative.

[…] a year after his mentor and Arsenal’s leading goalscorer moved to Barcelona. However, despite the near-certainty of Henry’s return to North London it looks as though the Gallic hitman will have to settle for the spare number 12 […]


Love it that the legend is back but this is not the solution I’m afraid…. We have to sign a permanent class striker to play along side Robin…. T H 12 will be gone in march and we’ll be left with Park and Chamakh. If Robin gets injured or hits the “red zone” those two aint gonna get us into the champions league…..


So who was that world class striker that help get us into the champions league last time? Ehhmm… Bendtner… Vela… Chamakh? I reckon they’re still listed as our players.


if he scores against sp*rs, the statue should be plated with gold


Titi is LANS…legendary almost new signing.
Lets hope he still remembers where the gail is eh,and he could probably help Arshavin-
‘ball + back of net = GOOOOALLLL!


An absolute nonsense comment in the best possible way. I concur.


There’s really a Santa out there. I wonder if he performs will he move to the club permanently? Hmmmm…

Martin Keown is my hero

I think it could be possible….that if the intial few weeks go well…….thenTiti’s stay could be extended until the end of the season.


Someday Fabregas would return….


Not likely, Thierry has Arsenal DNA. Barca can have their prodigal son, we have ours back ..abliet for not very long, but still.


“We are not looking for permanent players unless we lose players, as we have a big squad”. This was the sentence that made my blood boil earlier today. Maybe I did overact – especially as the transfer window has not even opened yet – but that sentence has got me seriously worried. You see, I have this problem: I don’t trust Arsene Wenger or the board of Arsenal Football Club to properly manage the club. We have seen far too many crazy, stupid decisions from Wenger for me to have even a smidgen of faith in his abilities. As I… Read more »


See thats more like it, sounds reasonable put that way. I don’t think you will be alone in worrying, to some extent its the natural state for any football fan, we always want more, we always expect just that tiny bit extra. I know on these boards you are seen as a little extreme in your views, personally I have to tell you, I generally don’t agree with you on Wenger, Fat, but I definately understand after these years without a trophy where your coming from. The club has been at sixes and sevens for a number of seasons over… Read more »


Fatgooner you are more full of shit than any other poster on this site. Full stop. As someone said above, you haven’t expressed one positive comment about the return of Titi. Perhaps you weren’t following Arsenal when he was playing? You moan and moan like a sceptic cunt yet this is your – oft repeated – solution: “I just wish that Hill-Wood, Kroenke and the rest of them would all fuck off and sell up to Usamanov” Usmanov? Fuck off. If you think Usmanov is the solution then you’re the fucking problem mate. Your dumb ass negative comments go back… Read more »


Hello, TomC. Nice post. Just thought that I’d state a few facts (or facks as Rafa Benitez woulds say): 1. I did actually welcome the return of Henry in an earlier post, although I don’t think that it will make much of a difference to the team as he will be able to play in just seven games. 2. I have been an Arsenal fan since 1978, probably when you were still sperm in you dad’s left testicle. 3. Under the wonderful management of Wenger / Kroenke we have won sweet fuck all in the last six years. And Kroenke… Read more »


Don’t think many people have thought about this, but it might even given Arsene Wenger a bit of a boost. Having a close friend around to help him tide over a few negative results; having a player he trusts completely to do a job; having a player who is tactically astute and completely beleives wenger’s philosophy( because it worked when thiery was around! hasn’t worked since so some of the players in the squad may still doubt his philosophy a bit). All in all, I think its going to be good for Arsene, arsenal and might even provide the bit… Read more »


Fat gooner is spot on, there is so much money at our club but it’s all being used to line the pockets of our greedy board instead of investing in the future success. Without success the fan base will dwindle investors dissapear the money stops rolling in and we slide down the table.


I’m sick of how some tard self proclaiming life supporters keep telling us how we are going to lose our top players and not being able to attract new ones. Can u guys plz show us how many world classic players that Wenger has bought throughtout his Arsenal career and compare them with the performance of those he pull from nothing to world class? Better still, why don’t u jump ship now and go support spurs since ur so sure they’ll be champions league and we’ll be in Europa? Just get use to the fact that Arsenal can’t be run… Read more »

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