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Santos to miss 3 months

Arsenal have revealed that Andre Santos is set to miss 3 months after his ankle injury proved more severe than first though.

The Brazilian will return to his home nation to have surgery next week and is unlikely to feature for the club until early March. Santos injured himself playing against Olympiacos in the Champions League last week.

The wisdom of taking him to a game which meant so little has been done to death already but clearly Arsene Wenger isn’t finding this season challenging enough, he wants to do it with no full-backs.

Thomas Vermaelen is likely to remain the man in that left back position until Kieran Gibbs is fit … what … fit … Gibbs … excuse me …. ahahahahahahaahahaha.




Oh dear.

Personally I blame that atrocious away kit.

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Not good news at all.

Slightly less horrible as Kos and Merts are performing nicely together and so Verm can slot in at LB. Always nice to have 3 big boys for attacking and defending set-pieces.

Still limits the attacking going forward though. Very noticeable at the Emirates on Saturday that Verm and Djou simply can’t get up and down the touchline or provide crosses like Santos and Sagna potentially could.

Nikhil Baskaran

I feel we need to play Walcott at RB and Chamberlain up front…we seem to lack width yesteday….


What? Playing Theo in defence? Surely Djourou will be a better defender than Theo any day for defence…plus the van Persie’s partnership with Theo is more valuable than anything else.


Nikhil Baskaran, I’m sure you spend more time with the guitar than you spend actually watching the Arsenal.
What! Can’t believe what you said!


Someones been playing to much FIFA or Football Manager that he has tricked himself into thinking a forward can play defense

Cygan's Left Foot

It would be a good idea to put the Spanish kid at left back after the City game, I will keep JD at right back for the city game because of his experience and not to throw him in at a such big game.

Lets face it, Gibbs is not ready to play a lot of games in the next three month and we need TV to play in the centre to rotate and cover for injuries.


the only sam is nelson


slight injury -> worse than we thought, couple of weeks -> hmmm a few weeks actually -> three months -> he’s dead, jim


But I bet you still think that Wenger is a wonderful genius for playing his only fit full-back in a match with nothing to win for us, don’t you?

the only sam is nelson

i don’t think he’s stupid for playing a new squad member who needs time on the pitch in the absence of any other fit full backs, unlike you.

jesus, i bet you’re probably feeling somehow pleased or vindicated by this news aren’t you?




After reading this, his socks are a mess….

La Gooner

lex parsimoniae

Pele of Romford

Bollox- however the idea of 4 centre backs.
1-0 to the arsenal!


Sad for him..
although at the moment we need Sagna even more than Santos.. djorou can’t handle shit down that right hand side..

Johnny Massacre

I agree with you. Djourou … makes heavy-duty cringe-worthy mistakes; even though he is still improving…

When is Sagna back!?


Excellent news!



Fuckin excellent picture though :0)


Gotta say i’m a lot less troubled by this than i would’ve been a few months back. We’re defending better as a team in general, and at least we’ve got all our centre halves fit. They’ll all probably start getting fucking injured now i’ve said that. . . .

the only sam is nelson

in the style of total football, where players can switch positions at will, we’ve been training chamakh as a top defender hence his miserly attitude towards scoring these days

it’s the only explanation


Does anyone know how long Gibbs will be?

master floda

Speaking on November 24, Arsene Wenger said: “Gibbs is out for maybe four weeks.”

Arild Orholm

So, forever, then?

really shit this happened now, Santos has slotted in great and played very well after that first half vs Chelsea – and has proven himself to be fairly decent defending and very important to width going forward. Also shit because we will have 0 full backs for the foreseeable future


5ft 11in.

Look, I’m sorry, alright!


good site, not too sure on gibbs and jerks though

Pele of Romford

I know where your coming from kickoff but for me we were cutting them open in loads of lovely shapes and should’ve won that comfortably. However them blues never had a single chance of note.
I do like santos though. Ole!

the only sam is nelson

I put the lack of cutting edge Everton had on Saturday down to the presence of Sammy Nelson in the stands. Even from there his presence was felt by the Toffees midfield. Fellaini for one was completely emasculated. Saha even went off injured – crushed by the steely gaze of our former no.3.

Dick Swiveller

Thank fuck for Wenger giving Miquel more opportunities otherwise we would be 1 injury away from a full-blown disaster of Squillaci proportions.

Gibbs will be back soon, and I would imagine after so long out that most of his breakable bits have been replaced by adamantium so he’ll be pretty indestructible.

Ace McGoldrick

Gutted for Santos. Going to miss the width provided by our full backs now.


Oh come on, stop making jokes about his width mate, he’s injured! 😀


I think we should sign a new left back. Gibbs is as reliable as Diaby


Totally agree, and at least Diaby has an excuse


he’s linked up well with Gervinho and Van Persie well down the left and certainly improve our attack a lot. with him i put us having strong chance to finish at least 2nd and outside chance for title. without him, i think top 4 is the most. sigh… still no luck with injuries this season.


Wenger, you have successfully shot yourself in the foot for your strange strange willingness to go with a first team player whose department is the thinnest at the moment.

Unbelievable stupidity for such worthless match when you know the Greek will come at you from the very first minute in hope to qualify.

It’s absurd. I thought 3 weeks may be a slap on the wrist for AW for being obstinate but 3 MONTHS!!!!


Can’t jenks play LB too? So we still have a few options come the busy Jan period.


this is really poo. we are going to miss him. he gives us a huge amount going forward. we looked a lot less threatening against everton with verm and djourou at full back, as good as we were defensively. get well soon sir!


Its best not to say “If only” because the event has happened and Santos must be gutted. He was finally getting his “groove” including losing all that weight and bang! his dream is shattered. Three months… April 2012 comback
We still have TV5 and Miquel. Gibbs may be back for the QPR game ( Arsene did say three weeks last week).
Full backs…. when is Sagna and Jenkinson back?.


It’s a mare for the xmas season. No outlet at left back means more through the middle, our Achilles heel offensively for the past 4 seasons. Two bright sides: It means we will stay focused on defending as a team through the xmas period; siege mentality and all that; meanwhile, the xmas period is not when teams have a week off while we battle in Europe and can press us like mad. Everyone is knackered during xmas. Second bright side is that Gibbs, when back, gets to slot in and continue to develop. He was never gonna get in the… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

“Santos can work out where all the best chip shops are” <— like

let's just hope they sell gravy as well


Why does this always happen with nice guys and also when they are just getting into a great form cmonnnn. I was rooting for GIBBS to come back and put in a shift but three months is surely hard enough for him too(i mean in staying fit). Cant see Vermaelen playing there he is too good a CB.


I hear Aly Cissokho (sp?) is available.

If yes, we must get him on Jan 1. I’m normally not an advocate of “buy, buy and then buy some more”, but it would be foolish to rely on Gibbs and playing a CB at LB seriously compromises our attacking ability. We’re not Stoke.

Latest Football News

It is so sweet ( not that I am happy that our players are injured ) to know that we have so much injury in defence and we are not that worried.

Buy Per was a good decision and I think that has made us more relaxed. I think with Santos injured, he may be tempted to go for Cahill ( assuming Vermaleen stays at LB ) or goes for another LB outrightly.


Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! We’re not going to sign Cahill for fuke sake!! I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring that bullshit up. Let it go lads.


nor Samba too. It is increasingly becoming annoying how some people brandish those names as if they were the best players in the world. They slot them in under any guise-even if the position under discussion is CF.

Merlin's Panini



Just look at it like this: if Cahill was any good, after arsene balked at the price and walked away, surley another “big” club would have swooped in and grabbed him. Did anyone hear of citeh or Chelsea or Madrid or Milan’s come chomping at the bit for him? No. Why? Because he isn’t that good. Let it go.

the only sam is nelson

cahil = let ‘arry sign him, sit back and enjoy

Johnny Massacre

Latest Football News trying to parasite Arseblog’s loyal fanbase… with exactly the kind of shit that we stay away from those sites for.


firstly our away kit is brilliant…
and this isn’t bad news, vermalen at left back is really good mertesacker and koscielny in the centre are doing well so no problem there. and i am sure wenger will now think about signing a versatile defender in January…


If you watched that game against Everton, Vermaelen wasn’t able to get forward and link up with Gervinho. Plus, we could have lined up against City:

Koscielny – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Andre Santos

which I think is much stronger than the 4 CB option.


Has anyone contemplated a situation whereby one of the makeshift LB gets injured. Wat happens then, wat reliable options do we have?

Les Bleu LaGoon

squaleeech! Noooooooo!

Les Bleu LaGoon

3 mos… faaaacckk. he’s not gonna be able to fit in his smart car by the time he’s back… if we could only just clone a few more Vermaelens. In the case that we can’t however, signing a fullback that can play on both sides seems in order. Who knows how long it will be before sagna is healthy and fit again. Jenks looks good going forward (for the future as well as attacking) but has only played a handfull of premiership games in his career and there is the always reliable gibbs. Lets just hope that someone gets healthy… Read more »


you sure have a bad mouth mate. May God have mercy on you.


Hmmm anyone care to enlighten me on why must the surgery be done in Brazil? I always wonder why players return home to have surgery instead of staying in London or something… Maybe the air in Brazil can help recuperate faster heh but come on Gibbs your club needs you to be fit right now!


Jan Vertonghen.

Merlin's Panini

Would it be possible to solve the lack of attacking power from the full backs now with a 4-4-2 formation? There would be less need for them to come forward with two out and out wingers. But then, it probably isn’t going to happen is it. The midfield and attack have gelled and it would be a shame to have to move things around.
Maybe Yennaris could step up or perhaps Arsene would have done that if he was already.
If only we had Eboue…


its official. arsenal is the unluckiest club in the world when it comes to injuries. i give up!

wilshere was the same. anticipated to be 3 weeks then turned out top be 3 decades! its crazy!

on the bright side, with the CL group stages finished and no more carling cup, there’s no more meaningless games where wenger has the bright idea to play our most needed player.

as long as shezny-vermalen-song-rvp stays fit we still have hope. lets just pray

the only sam is nelson

who knew “our most needed player” was Andre Santos, reserve left back?

Have you ever heard of a chap called Robin van Persie?

I only ask, like


Aren’t you the prick that was being and arrogant twat to the posters who were sayin we need a backup striker in January? That was just the other day rite?

So do you just antagonize other posters to be annoying or is it because you don’t have any valid points to make on your own?

the only sam is nelson

hahaha i just thumbed up one of your earlier posts before i got to this one


Thanks for the thumbs up.

the only sam is nelson


we all jump up and go mental when we score, that’s the fucking main thing


Yup. I returned the favor and gave you a thumbs up for that one. Cheers.


Get a room, you two 😛


They would but fatgooner keeps getting in the way….


Gutted for the lad, he seemed to have found his fitness and also gave the feeling that he is privileged to play for arsenal! Get back soon Santos


Another resounding success for the new medical centre. Who does these predictions, mystic meg?


Miquel has shown hes decent enough cover to gibbs. Hes good on the ball and will only get better. Squillaci is most likely to be kept now until the end of the year. If we have gibbo bk. You would have 3 options at lb him miquel and vermaelen. Cbs we would have kos/mert/vermaelen/djourou/squillaci and rb jenkinson/sagna/djorou. So another signing (unless squillaci is sold) is not needed. A backup to rvp is more essential!


Problem is that Miquel is a CB by trade. There’ll be games when we’ll need an attacking threat from the fullback position, someone who can overlap and cross.


Que the ‘Arsenal dealt MASSIVE GINORMOUS BLOODY FECKING HUGE BLOW’ stories in the ‘press’

Merlin's Panini

I’m sure there’ll be “rocks” involved in some headlines.


I think its time for Miquel until January and then we should sign Jan Vertonghen, he can play as LB, CB and DM.

Clock End Mike

Blogs, I read somewhere a rumour that the boss hadn’t planned to play Santos in Athens, but one of the youngsters (Martin Angha?), and only found out at the last moment that he wasn’t qualified for some reason. It was suggested that’s why Santos was put in at the last minute, as the only (or most obvious) alternative available at the time. Can anyone confirm? So maybe your rant at the boss is a bit over the top — though admittedly he was either given the wrong advice or should have known the situation anyway. Anyway, it’s happened, and it’s… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Oh, but I totally agree about that awful away kit. I haven’t seen anything looking more anonymous and less “Arsenal” since those dreadful green shirts…


Why oh why is he going to Brazil? Some of the best Foot and Ankle Surgeons in the world are in London!

the only sam is nelson

ahahahaha just read that mouth-breathing sp*rs fans have been abusing chris hoy (man on a bike with lots of medals) on twitter, labouring under the misapprehension that they’re being nasty to world’s best referee chris foy who was superb at the britannia yesterday afternoon


Merlin's Panini

That’s hilarious! Says it all really doesn’t it. Nearly spat out my tea reading that. I knew Sp*rs fans generally weren’t the brightest bunch, but fucking hell.


No need for panic.he was gonna be out for 3 weeks anyway and we were gonna play TV5 on LB for that 3 weeks gibbs will be back for sure.and we’ll go from there.sanga in jan. and jenkinson not very far.BFG and Kos will be good as when TV5 was out.


Gibbs was supposed to be out about a month after the Sunderland game (October 16) and where are we now?

Alan Mansell

I´ve always said we need one more LB cos gibbs is gonna be injured always. He gets injured while he´s injured. Impressed with our cb´s doing the job so far but cant rely on them longterm. Come on you Gunners!!!!

Merlin's Panini

that picture would look amazing in 3D.


That’s bad news, I suspect le boss will sign some one short term in jan, or perhaps a player on a free, let’s see,. Hmm isn’t Christian chivu available? or as many have suggested already we could move for jan vertongen? and I suppose all else fails we can bring our greatest left back ever out of retirement,. c’mon pat rice, your club needs you!! 🙂


I’d love Chivu on this team for a year or two, but I think he’s hurt, no?


Arsene, bring in another German! This time a scrappy little bastard at LB.


Vermaelen was outstanding at LB on Saturday (before Fellaini elbowed him). With Koscielny in the form of his life, and Mertesacker adapting quickly, I see no reason to panic about the Santos injury. Vermaelen is more than capable of filling in, and he likes to bomb forward as well. He’s a good attacking threat (and a goalscorer).

No, for me, the far more worrying situation is at RB. Djourou is a liability even in his favoured position, let alone an unfamiliar one.


Guess what, we are one injury away from Squidlaci, fuck!


when does Jenkinson come back?


Hey you spud muppets…. We already know your ignorant but now you’ve proved you can’t read either….!!!! It’s Foy not Hoy……!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha……


This is a much better source:

the only sam is nelson

speaking of fit left backs, clichy has just got himself a second yellow against chel$cum

that’s karma for slagging off ex team mates for going to citeh for the money and then doing the same thing, baby!



And another load of muppets get nowhere near The Invincibles.


So here is absolute, unequivocal proof that the thumbs up-thumbs down thing is lame. Some twat actually gave that comment a thumbs down.


Probably a Man Shitty fan trolling.


Roberto Mancini?


Too true mooro…. Too fuckin true mate…. And another defeat for them too Sunday…. Up the arse……

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