Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Wenger eyes ‘opportunity’ to buy attacker

Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal’s strong financial position could see them at an advantage when it comes to buying players in January and hinted that any new additions will likely bolster his attacking options.

The Frenchman went on an uncharacteristic spending spree in the final 48 hours of the summer transfer as he attempted to plug the gaps left by Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. However, with money still in the coffers and Gervinho, and Marouane Chamakh set to be missing for five weeks in the New Year, it appears the Frenchman is weighing up further additions.

Speaking to the Arsenal official website, Wenger explained:

“We lose players like Chamakh and Gervinho to the Africa Cup of Nations, so hopefully touch wood we do not get any injuries to our strikers, but if an opportunity turns up in that department then we will buy.

“The situation, I must say, is a bit special. Economically the whole environment has changed and people suffer more. The clubs will suffer more financially and it’s much more difficult.

“Maybe we will have some opportunities because we are in a good financial situation.”

The Gunners have been spuriously linked with a host of top European talent (and Soloman Kalou) in recent weeks, but with the manager going on the record stating no interest in Yoann Gourcuff and Mario Gotze suffering another injury it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few new names thrown into the hat…

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N7 Gooner

Not holding breath….who would we buy who’s good but not CL cup-tied? Also does anyone know when Joel Campbell’s allowed in?


We’ve been linked with Lukas Podolski who’s not cup tied recently.


one dimensional player, just for mental masterbation…


If his one dimension involves banging goals in, pass the toilet roll…


I’m all for a one dimensional striker. A strikers only job is to score goals. Ehem mr. Chamakh.


I don’t think whether or not a player is CL cup tied is really that important if we can get him for a good price. It’s not like we are very likely to win it and realistically it’ll just mean having to do without the player for a handful of games.


Yeah, which he could really use for rest in the closing stages of the season.

Les Bleau laGoon

They could apply for a work permit for him in jan. not sure if he has a recall clause in his loan agreement.


No they can’t. He’s on loan to get enough European games to get a work permit in the first place. He needs to complete his loan first i’m afraid.


The club can get one exceptional talent visa per year. Given that it’s not a football body which dictates this, I’d be surprised if it had to tally with the football season so this may be a route the club is able to explore in January if it runs by calendar year (?).

Personally would rather someone a little more experienced to support RVP though. Campbell may look promising, but he has the same amount of playing time in a top European league as my mum.


* as my mum does. I’m pretty confident it’s zero either way!!


SPOONER: Your mum played 0 minutes in Europe to! OMG!


He can only get an exceptional talent visa if he’s A) played enough international games in the main squad and B) that country is high enough on the FIFA rankings (stops teams buying american samoan, new guinea, british virgin islands, etc… players just to get in the market). So in a sense you are right but it would be unlikely he would get a permit as shown with Vela, Botelho, Galindo, Wellington, etc… when they first joined (the latter 3 are obviously still waiting).


I know this is deluded, wishful, footballmanageresque thinking, but it would be amazing if we pulled off a world class buy like Neymar. I also think Podolski could be a good move. Or basically anyone who isn’t Chamakh.


It would be amazing to pull that off, but to be honest, until Neymar plays in a league where defense occurs and he is truly tested, I’m reserving my opinion regarding his value to a Premiere team. I will say, he tears it up at Vila Belmiro; very talented.


“Pull that off.”

Wanking reference # 2.


Get a room with yourself Mooro, sheesh.


He’s got one and it’s a mess….


I’m still hoping for a Götze deal, which would give Walcott a chance up front. He wants to be a striker after all.


I agree, I’d really like to see Theo take a step back to his roots and play as a central forward


Untill theo SHOOTS when he’s one on one with the keeper, a la v. Everton numerous times, I don’t want to hear about him as a cf option. We already have a striker who is afraid to kick the ball into the net. We need a striker with a pair of balls the size of gervinhos five head who wants to score everytime they touch the ball. You know, like rvp or gervinho.

Merlin's Panini

you’re on form today Frog!


form like rvp or form like arshavin? It’s the former I hope.

Merlin's Panini

like 4 goals against Liverpool Arshavin. Not current form Arshavin.


I wouldn’t mind seeing that. Would really give him a chance to open those legs and exploit any cracks in the opposition’s defense.


I think that seems to get forgotten a lot when we talk about needing a striker. Theo wants the job, and his contract needs renewing. If we go and buy a top striker, and don’t lose Robin, that means Theo can’t play there for the foreseeable future. I wonder if that will stop Arsene from bringing someone in.


I must say John Radford looked surprisingly fit on Saturday when introduced to the crowd, big man, good in the air and an Arsenal legend….short term contract? Oh wait I meant Ian Wright…..Oops I mean Thierry Henry….back to the future? I hope we bring in a young hungry fast forward who creates and scores…..oh hello Theo!

Merlin's Panini

haha! he actually said “Don’t you know who I am?”

Don’t you know who I am? I’m the greatest strikooooor that evooor lived!


Yes he is an absolute waffling cunt bag. But……………………

I’d swap him and vela for chamakh and park in a Kentucky fried minute.


I don’t know where Nick and Robin get this best striker in the world idea from but we all know HESKEY IS THE BEST!


Haha, quality!


Moussa Sow will join Arsenal in January. Done deal. Heard it hear 1st.


Senegal have qualified for the ACN this year – so I’d be very surprised given Arsene’s recent comments regarding such players if this were to happen.


I doubt we will get Moussa and his sow. Maybe just his sow. Then again we already have a tubby little Russian piggy already.


The only reason I would want moussa sow is that when announcing his first name over the tannoy the man can say his name in a really deep, low threatening voice that will strike fear into the opposition


Don’t want to put a downer on things but just heard Gotze is out for 4-5 months with a torn thigh muscle. So any movement with him won’t be until the summer at least.


Gotze looks good, unless his injuries are serious it’s worth a buy. Podolski is proven, and can play on the left which is something we could use.

I know it’s a bit off topic but could we just splash on Baines? It’s not like Santos has proved much, and Gibbs is injury prone. And another centre back instead of Squilachi would be nice! Christ everyone else has loads of centre backs and strikers. Even some useless teams have 2 good strikers!


“Splash Out”

# 3.


It doesn’t even say “Splash Out”. Too many beers.

Therefore, Wanker reference # 1 for self.

Merlin's Panini

heh. genius.

Metal Man Thing's Mate

It does say “Splash on Baines”, so yeh #3


Easy on the “wanker self” thumbs up though lads. I had too many Christmas light ales early doors and now feel like a’arry getting a tax demand, on the way home.


to me, santos looks twice the player baines is and for almost half the money we would have to pay for the everton man. this is gibbs chance to step up to the plate. if he can’t take it, then we have santos back for the run-in. personally, i don’t think gibbs has got what it takes and can’t wait to see the brazilian back in action…


So Santos who has played what.. 8 games for Arsenal in the league hasn’t done as much as Leighton Baines who has played over 330 games in the Premier League…. Some people really don’t think before they write. A bit of research also shows that: Santos is 4 inches taller than Baines (height has always been a problem) Has played 17 more international games, which considering is with Brazil holds a lot more sway and Has scored a goal every 0.13 games while Baines has scored in 0.04 games. Taking those values into account, if Santos plays the same amount… Read more »


good goal stats. bearing in mind baines takes penalties for the toffees too.


He also takes most of their set-pieces as well.
Also whoever thumbed down, i want your reason. I have proved that the original comment is wrong but you seem to disagree.

Adam, Watford

Podolski or even Klose if the latter is available ! Maybe even bring the big Czech Jan Koeller out retirement, if only for the Stoke City game !!!!

Equally, is there a good reason we didn’t try to nab either or both Pod and Klose a few seasons back ?

Podolski, please Santa !


gets a thumb down for mentioning klose.

Adam, Watford

Maybe my memory of Klose is different but I thought he was good, but still maybe I am wrong . . . maybe he wronged us or England, I’ve clearly forgotten !

As for the big Czech, I hope people knew I was joking !


He’s only just joined Lazio though, so Klose would be unrealistic.


It has to be Lukas Podolski then 🙂
Come sign Poldi we Love U already Top player !


emile heskey

master floda

best choice if you look for a real goal scoring threat, unless chelsea will sell torres.


Heskey and Zamora?


Has anyone else noticed that it looks like Wenger has just caught a fly that’s been pissing him off in the picture?

Fed up of Barca

Ha, proper Mr Miaghi stuff there!

Must have learnt it off Miyachi


😀 haha i love that observation, absolutely awesome!
On Podolski: He’s very good when playing for germany, and he’s doing a good job at cologne too, but he didn’t quite make it at bayern munich.
But if Wenger would see him as good enough I wouldn’t question that.

Merlin's Panini

I was just about to write that. Then I read your comment Steve. Well in.

Merlin's Panini

Either it’s a fly or he’s DJing.
“needs a bit more bass”

Merlin's Panini

now it’s lacking a little bit the sharpness on the treble

Ace McGoldrick

Podolski is supposedly an option and would be a hell of a buy imo. Good lord I hope it isn’t Kalou! Then again surely he would be off to ACON anyhow…


what the fcuk u know about podolski? and what’s the difference b/w him and kolou?

Don’t just repeat an opinion b’coz it’s popular.

Jimmy the Saint

Didn’t realise you were Salmon Canoe’s agent. The BFG is working out ok so could Podolski. Still only 26 and definitely has talent, Wenger can only make it better!


Lukas Podolski – 26 years old
276 league appearances and 107 goals – 0.38 goals a game
91 international appearances and 43 goals – 0.47 goals a game

Saloman Kalou – 26 years old
321 league appearances and 103 goals – 0.32 goals a game
37 international appearances and 13 goals – 0.35 goals a game

Seems to me that the stats show that Lukas is a better stiker domestically and internationally for FC Koln, Bayern Munich and German than Saloman is for Chelsea and Ivory Coast.


In fairness to Kalou, a hell of a lot of those appearances are as a sub.


So he’s not even a super sub…. He needs to try harder.

Master Bates

Steve .

I also prefer Podolski over Kalou or any of the other players we are being linked with .But i’d still go with Kalou . that stats just proves he is better than Chamakh , considering he plays most games as wide forward


I’m sorry to be raining on everyones parade but have you guys seen Podolski scoring record for club? Is he really the only viable option to shore up our attack?

I know he is having a red hot scoring form now but recent history suggest that he can’t reproduce his superb international form for his club. We are potentially looking at another Arshavin, in respect to looking good on paper and not so much in practice.

But if he does come to Arsenal I’ll still trust Wenger’s judgement.


Lukas Podolski 276 league appearances and 107 goals – 0.38 goals a game 91 international appearances and 43 goals – 0.47 goals a game Robin van Persie 330 league appearances and 136 goals – 0.41 goals a game 61 international appearances and 25 goals – 0.40 goals a game. Fairly similar but RvP is ahead due to his assist rate and unselfish behaviour. If we had Podolski as a backup striker then i’m sure he’d produce more goals with our ability to create chances. It wouldn’t be a bad striker to come off the bench if Wenger wanted to go… Read more »


Thumbs up for the stats 😀 When I was referring to his club stats I was referring to that when Bayern had him. I remain slightly sceptical due to the fact that if he can’t perform at Bundesliga highest level, how is he going to perform for Arsenal when we need him? His greatest asset is that left foot of his, I swear it almost knocked the gloves out of a goalkeeper once. Just to be impartial and adding to the mini-stats fiesta: This season for Koln 1214 minutes – 13 goals, 4 assists Averages about 71.41 minute per goals/assists… Read more »


Maybe getting out of the Bundesliga could help his career. Surely every tom, dick and harry defender has clocked him and knows what he’s going to do. He can’t be any worse than Torres, so he’d stay under the media radar. I just think that at 26 he still hasn’t reached his peak and Wenger is very very good at getting players to reach their potential (I think some players reach it but he felt, wrongly, there could be more. Bendtner is the main example). 2 years with Wenger could make him a back up striker and then we also… Read more »


plenty of good attackers out there. I see us getting a young striker if any, thats the arsenal way, we get them in young and mold them into stars. i dont think its completely unlikely that bendtner returns to arsenal. He might not have looked super sharp for sunderland BUT anyone who has seen him play for danish national team knows this guy can pull of some real arsenalistic things. Denmark qualified beating portugal and norway. bendtner scoring against portugal and norway. But then, denmark play him as a real striker, and not on the wing. still and option…. to… Read more »


and who would you Podolski haters buy, in January that is not cup tied,not going to ACN and a dozen times better than Chamakh . And with 18 months left on his contract he is for me the best option…


A tesco carrier bag?


Someone doesn’t like tesco’s? How about Sainsburys?


Fernando Torres.


Thank the gods Kalou is Ivorian so he should be at the ACN.


Unless they drop him as well…….


ok fine i will go for VILLA its our time to fed up barca.


I think we’ve done that with taking their young players. Wenger is a genius at wringing the Barca wallet dry.
Take their young players, turn them into superstars and sell them back for an inflated price.


Podolski would definitely be a good option option. My biggest argument for buying him is that his suitability as target man in our 433 is good; too many teams play two strikers up front instead of one, therefore a lot of strikers might find it hard to adapt to our formation.

Podolski always played target man in Koln, and does quite well in terms of pace and finishing. The only comment I have against him is that he gets caught too often offside (at least from what I have seen)


Can’t be caught offside any more than Adebayor, so we should be okay.

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

I can imagine the Clock End sing this song:

Pele of Romford

Marco reus- borrusia monchenglad rags or whatever theyre called.

Seriously good player.

Cygan's Left Foot

If we buy Kalou it would be for only a fetish reason, as I can’t see any reason of buying a below average player that can’t get into the Chelsea team even as a sub!!!

As for a striker, Please not Lukas Podolski he is a trouble maker on and off the pitch where ever he goes, that will coast us a lot.

Pato is the one that we should be after.


I think Cahill & Benzema would be excellent signings. Just what we need.


I’d like to thank everyone who’s posted on this thread ago far for not once mentioning then names of benzema or Cahill. Well done lads. Thanks.

Merlin's Panini


Merlin's Panini

You just had to go and say the C word didn’t you! heheh


I’d like to thank everyone who’s posted on this thread so far for not once mentioning then names of benzema or Cahill. Well done lads. Thanks.

the only sam is nelson

ahjahahaha he said, mentioning ‘arry’s new number 5 and chelea’s replacement for anelka (at least that is what i hope to see, please please please santa hahahah)

the only sam is nelson

i’d trust the scouting network the arse have + wenger’s judgement over any anon internet post obv i’d be wary of wenger’s habit of refusing to pay more than the cost of a second class stamp for world class talent, but that’s a different matter. east to forget in all the current hype, but when RvP signed we had the world’s best striker in TH14 and RvP looked like a tyro with a poor scoring record, a massive chip on his shoulder, ability to get sent off without trying and little prospect of picking up from TH14 and look what… Read more »


Henry had good backups we dont. Whats the point of playing Chamakh as a backup striker when he will be off in january should have played Park by now but looks like he’s not good enuff(hope i m wrong ). Surely there many good strikers who can cover for captain Vantastic but will Arsene buy?


Podolski or Lisandro Lopez, although Lopez is an unrealistic target as he’s fully loyal to Lyon. Also Abel Hernandez in Palermo (who was linked with us last year and during the summer) might be a target. Taiwo would be a good loan in January I reckon.

That is all.


Not bothered if we bring in someone who is cl cup tied, we need to finish in the top four and another proven striker is essential. The premier league must be our priority to attract new players for next year and to persuade rvp etc to sign new contracts in the summer. Heres hoping but won’t hold my breath.


The funny thing is that Wenger will buy no one because he feels he has “enough depth” and the team has shown “mental strength” and he would only buy “top top talent” which is always “difficult in January” because the market is “distorted”. And let’s not forget that we have Chamakh, Park, Campbell, Vela, Bendtner – so “what would we do with a new striker in the summer”.

Then cue ankle injury to RVP and placenta massages…..

Oh the agony….. I wish it wasn’t so difficult to love the Arsenal…..


Doesn’t really sound like you love the arsenal.

Jolyon Williams

If we rule out every centre forward that:
(a) has played for the Sp*rs at some time in their careers,
(b) has been sold previously by Arsene Wenger amd therefore never allowed to return
(c) is currently on higher wages than RVP and is likely to be expensive,
that, Ladies & Gentleman, leaves us with Grant Holt…


Frog, ontheup is just stating the obvious mate, we have been here so
Many times in the last 5 years or so when the need for a player in certain positions was so glaringly obvious to most to move us on only to hear the same excuses. Not surprising apathy can set in.


I am aware of the transgressions that have taken place the past few winters. However, this time is different for a few reasons. Let me elaborate. The last few times we said we needed reinforcement signings because we were depleted in certain positions due to injury. This time around, everyone, wenger included miraculously, realizes we don’t need a new striker because of injury. We need a new striker because two of the three we have are as useless as tits on a bull. Plus with that said, I feel wenger, as well as myself, smells blood in the water. United… Read more »


Not to mention Wenger said he is only thinking short term now, in the L’Equipe interview.. I read that as he didn’t want to keep trying to build solely from youth, only to be let down every year by selfish mercenaries who’s heads were turned by petro-dollars. IE he’s not going to fuck about as much & will try to build more quickly than that, even if it means actually spending money.

the only sam is nelson

god i hope so

going to middle eastlands on sunday, cannot fucking wait

fancy us to mug them. mancini is defensively minded, we are solid at the moment, and crucially we’re getting the luck when we need it right now, whereas citeh are not

of course i’d take a 5-3 win but 1-0 to the arsenal will do just as well


Well in that case go for Shane Long even if he gets injured he gets back quicker than expected.

Merlin's Panini

I’m wondering if we’ll end up getting someone a bit old. I think Joel Campbell is looking very good indeed. His goal against Spain was a cracker. He’s a player who hasa bag of tricks and good pace, and seems very natural on the ball. Reminds me a bit of Ian Wright. I can imagine a season loan or short term fix coming in so Campbell can play for us next season. He seems to be getting games at Lorient so should get a work permit. I’d have Eduardo back, myself, but there you go. I think, if we do… Read more »


this tym mr wenger has to change his words into action in january. Let not be stories lyk that of juan mata in the summer transfer


we have very talented midfilders. Now a time we want a striker like Hazard, Andre Ayew, ….


Ya and we shoul sign a defender like etoo.


And we really need a good goalie, like Iniesta

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Cygan is always an option


Lucas barrios is apparently sick of the bench at dortmund, he’s a sweet target man in a good footballing team only thing is if we are actually interested in gotze, signing barrios might jeopardize our chances of getting him.
But if we’re not I’d say we could do worse.
(not sure if he’s cup tied tho)


But if we bought another striker it would KILL Chamakh!


Let’s not forget the possibility of Wenger finding some unknown prospect in some unknown league that leaves us all scratching our heads. Fairly certain the professor is about ten steps ahead of all of us on this.


No. Not this time. We need instant ability. We’ve no time to fuck about. Joel Campbell is the unknown you’re referring to. He’s on loan.


Can anyone explain to me why we bought Park Chu-Young? Anyone?


Yes. I can. It was to sell a fuck load of red and white shirts in the pan- Asian market. Duh.


We wanted to screw over Lille so that all the “Hazard to Arsenal” rumours would finally stop.


That and we wanted to have cover for Chamakh when he goes to ANC in the all-important “ineffectual back-up striker” position.

Cygan's Left Foot

Just to piss off Lille for not selling Hazard to us.

Thank god he is going to do his military service in 2 years or we would be stuck with him for 3 years as we did with Almunia and Denilson.


Kalou ain’t that bad… But we wouldn’t buy him anyways because it contradicts wengers first line about losing players to the AFCN. Anyways I’ll believe it all when i see it, we’ve been promised signings before in January and have been left dissapointed.

El blondo

A taunt of “Thursday night, Channel 5” – a reference to Manchester City’s elimination from the Champions League – from Ashley Cole sparked a confrontation between Chelsea and City players in the tunnel after the Blues’ 2-1 win on Monday.
Full story: Daily Mirror

Think of all the copper you’ll have on your mantelpiece now you’re at a “big” club mr Nasri – muah ha ha ha!


Meh, as sad as it makes me to say it, City will probably win the EPL this year…

Although with an Arsenal win on Sunday…wow, we’d only be six points behind with more than half the season to go! We’ve choked away bigger point gaps than that before.


Difference this season is, there is no pressure on us as everyone thought we wouldn’t even make the top 10.
Arsenal always play better when we are expected to lose, as we just go and play our game without trying too hard.


Have Ghana qualified for the ACN? If they have then that would rule out one of the Ayew brothers from Marseille.

Loic Remy would be a very “Wenger-ish” signing in my opinion – also from Marseille.


I think we should try a cheeky bid for Fernando Torres, on loan will do aswell !



January shopping list:
1) The Beast Heskey
2) whoever else…


El Hadji Diouf?


Mark Henry


The american wrestler or the striker for Harrow Borough? I mean the latter would fit our needs for a striker and i’m not sure if the former could jump very high at corners, free-kicks, etc…




Don’t be ridiculous, he’s far too good for us


Heskey is a sublime talent. Good with both feet and in the air. Also exceptional vision and tough tackler in defence.


How about a striker with the proverbial premier league experience? Zamora anyone? Dembele? They both hold up the ball quite well and can be frightening. Arsene would just need to sharpen a few rough edges.


We can’t do a business with Fulham. They’ve got another tool as manager.


Were you joking about Zamora? I really hope so…

[…] the manager’s thinking about it. Speaking about the possibility of a January transfer or two, he said: We lose players like Chamakh and Gervinho to the Africa Cup of Nations, so hopefully touch wood […]


Chamakh: I’m very delighted that he’s off to ACN, not because I hate him, but because he’ll find few games under his belt. Gervinho: We’ll miss him, but I hope Arshavin steps up. Also Oxlade-Chamberlein could be used against lesser sides. Anyway, I hope Ivory Cost gets eliminated in the first ACN round so we can have our very own Gervy back, but wait… Yaya will get back too.. Mixed… Frimpong: Will he be off too? Man Shitty: Now we’ve marked our 125th with style, lets go and win at the Waste Lands again. Probably, they’ll park the bus and… Read more »


Arshavin? I’d play Benayoun rather than hope the Russian stepped up

Martin Keown is my hero

We should defo go in for Torres. No better man then le boss to get him back to his old form. Himself and RVP10 up front would be fuck’n super.


Or RvP would have to do the job of 2 players, thus increasing fatigue which would lead to more injuries.


guys u just missed the obvious.AW is gonna sign TH14,fits perfectly for the ACN window,demigod status so not much dissent,and most importantly very viable monetarily.i am suspecting AW asked for the statue so may be he can emotionally blackmail henry into playing for a tuppence,may be even free!masterstroke.


There is a whole news story already with comments showing why it would not be a good idea.
There is a chance any transfer could go the way of Vieira, Pires, etc… as in, badly


guys u just missed the obvious.AW is gonna sign TH14,fits perfectly for the ACN window,demigod status so not much dissent,and most importantly very viable monetarily.i am suspecting AW asked for the statue so may be he can emotionally blackmail henry into playing for a tuppence,may be even free!masterstroke…ha ha.

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