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Wigan 0-4 Arsenal: By the Numbers

One man team?

5 – Number of Arsenal players with four or more Premier League assists
5 – Number of Man City players with four or more Premier League assists
2 –
Number of players from each of Man U, Tottenham, and Chelsea with four or more Premier League assists
4 –
Remaining number of players in the League with 4 or more assists (Brunt, Gower, Klasnic, Agbonlahor)
37 –
Arsenal ended a run of 37 League matches since they last had 4 different players on the score sheet (Aston Villa 2-4 Arsenal, November 27th 2010)
179 – “Arsenal ended a run of 179 corners without a goal from a corner in the Premier League when @T_Vermaelen05 scored” — stat by Orbinho  (Feb. 23 2011 – Arsenal 1-0 Stoke – Sebastien Squillaci)

721 – Attempted passes** by Arsenal against Wigan1
633 – Completed passes** by Arsenal against Wigan1
30 – Number of times the Arsenal supporters said “ole”
88  – Percent passes** completed by Arsenal against Wigan1
10 – Throw-ins won by Arsenal2
310 –
Short passes by Wigan
660 – Short passes by Arsenal
56 – Long balls by Wigan
34 – Long balls by Arsenal

4 –
Interceptions each by Andre Santos and Koscielny
1 & 2 – Rank of Santos and Koscielny at Arsenal for interceptions per game
1 & 2 – Rank of Santos and Koscielny among active players at Arsenal in aerial duels won per game
1 – Rank of Santos at Arsenal in tackles per game
16 – Approximate percent chance that you thought Santos had such good defensive numbers

11 – Career Arsenal goals by Thomas Vermaelen
22 – Career goals by Thomas Vermaelen
6 – Career assists for Arsenal by Gervinho
4 – Number of those Gervinho assists that have gone to Robin van Persie
31 – Career assists for Arsenal by Theo Walcott
13 – Number of those Walcott assists that have gone to Robin van Persie
11 – Walcott assists for Arsenal in calendar year 2011
9 – Number of those assist that have gone to Robin van Persie (Vermaelen and Cesc are the other two)
18 – Goals by Robin van Persie in all competitions this season*
4 – Goals by Theo Walcott in all competitions this season*
3 – Goals each by Gervinho, Arteta, and Vermaelen in all competitions this season

’tis the season

14 – Premier League matches played by Arsenal
30 – Goals for
23 – Goals against
8 – Wins
2 – Draws
4 – Losses
26 – Points taken

7 – First 7 games (Newcastle to Tottenham)
10 – Goals for
16 – Goals against
2 – Wins
1 – Draws
4 – Losses
7 – Points taken
1.43 – Goals for average per game
2.29 – Goals against average per game

7 – Second 7 games (Sunderland to Wigan)
20 – Goals for
7 – Goals against
6 – Wins
1 – Draw
0 – Losses
19 – Points taken
2.86 – Goals for average per game
1 – Goals against average per game

1.89 – Goals for average per game 2010/2011
1.13 – Goals against average per game 2010/2011

*This is extremely frustrating. Some places don’t count the goals against Udinese which doesn’t make any sense to me. Arsenal scored three in those two games, Theo x2 and Robin
** All passes (throw, goal kicks, free kicks, crosses, assists, etc).

1 – 2011/2012 Premier League season high
2 – 2011/2012 Premier League season low

More of this and other insanities over @7amkickoff on twitter and on


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Always a great read. Thanks Tim!


As is your personal blog by the way. Also, nice that the arse had a comfortable game, that we always looked like winning, for a change.


Slightly disappointing to see that we’re still conceding a goal a game even in our good run.

Vela scored a great goal.


You know what’s even better though, is that we are scoring more goals in the last 15 minutes than in any other period of the game.

Corner turned.


I found Santos’ numbers very encouraging. I love him more every time I see him!I don’t miss that other guy at all, whatever his name was. Chikly or something.



I don’t think there’s a single gooner out there who doesn’t think that Santos is an upgrade to Chikly 😀


thought that fella’s name was clit-chy?

Johnny Massacre

1 – Site that makes these well good stats.


Make it two, gotta include the authors own website!

Johnny Massacre

this is true!


Was great to see Arteta and Gerv get a goal, should do wonders for their confidence. Now very much looking forward to seeing the Ox Chamber in the Champions league, as well as a couple teams crash and burn. hah


I can’t remember the last time I was encouraged by our left back’s performances. Santos is great, way better than Clichy, and I prefer him over Gibbs at the moment. I dunno, Gibbs is too plain, whereas Santos has the great Samba flair that we’ve never really had before.

Master Bates

Gibbs is responsible and consistent, he could be another Sagna .

But I still prefer Santos over Gibbs . LOVE THIS DEPTH


Samba flair that we’ve never really had before? That’s a touch harsh on the boy Silvinho…sorry, I meant “Zhilvunyu”…

Master Bates

1 – Number of the most epic Slide tackles by the Big Fucking German


That was my favourite moment in the game.

For a second my stomach flipped as I was waiting for the whistle to go and for a penalty to be given.

Then I saw the ball at the end of a BFLeg. Epic.

david seago

there is something absolutely fantastic about a well timed sliding tackle, i like to see this as much as a skillful trick.


Damn right. A perfectly timed sliding tackle is a thing of great beauty, more so when viewed in slow motion replay. It’s like some classical sonnet, short in execution but powerful in effect. It’s a little strange to drool over a tackle as much as some fabulous dribble, but no skill in the game is lesser than others. They all combine to make the game great.

11 cannons

Was RVP prophetic in his combinations with Santos in the build-up to this match? Thought I spotted a one-two-three-four sequence around midfield between the two.

11 cannons

great work btw 7am. keep it up.


the boys did a great job, this weekend …the deserve all that is coming to them for they have worked really hard. Note we should also be weary of everton next weekend as they have lost many games as well today,we should not take that game for granted. i feel our players can still get a level higher than they are at the moment.just need to keep our heads held high and our feet on the ground. One of the reasons why we are doing great stuff ,is we don’t have any more barca dna in our team,cry babies that… Read more »

Kenyan Arse

Aaah, I love you gays*!! Now we have Chikly? That’s just awesome!

And that tackle by the BFG had my heart in mouth before he stood up, straightened his jersey, unruffled his hair, flossed his teeth, pulled up his stockings and passed the ball to Mikel …

*I tried this joke elsewhere and it flopped


2 for 2 now son.


Hahaha well said Mooro. I uses to make a killing with that joke when I was 11.


@Frog why’d you stop? 😀

Bromley Gooner

Fucking fantastic ad always thanks Tim, any idea When we getting the gervinho comparisons to mata and nasri for this season?? Pretty please


1 – best young midfielders in the world still to come back into the team.

The team has done so well, I forget we’ve still got Jack the Lad to enter the fray. A warm fuzzy feeling indeed.


is that heartburn?

Oleg Luzhny

Sagna too! Best RB in the EPL for my money.

9ja boy

2.nos of penalty disallowed by Clattencunt


If we can keep beneath the radar n keep pulling these performances out the bag.. It’ll do me just fine.. The stats on our defensive front is why these idiot commentators/pundits/columnists haven’t mentioned ‘our defensive frailties’.. Because we don’t have any!!


Amazing work, always look forward to this column after game.


24,000 – number of female Arsenal fans that have messed up their undies since Arteta joined

[…] creative side we’re definitely spreading things around. This from the always fantastic ‘By the numbers‘ on Arseblog News (from […]


great stats! although you missed one out, 35 completed passes for the 3rd goal (gervinho). good stuff. RED ARMAAAAAY!


75: number of minutes d commentators kept hoping Wigan will score against ‘a team that passes for fun’.

2: number of cunts skysports employs for commentary every arsenal game.


only 2 cunts?

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