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Henry echoes Pacino as he issues rallying call

Thierry Henry has acted quickly to nip in the bud any further stories about his altercation with an Arsenal fan in the aftermath of Sunday’s defeat at Swansea by apologising for the way he dealt with the situation.

The Frenchman appeared to beckon a travelling fan pitchside after the 3-2 defeat after taking umbrage with the manner in which the individual was hurling abuse at Arsene Wenger’s dejected squad.

Speaking to The Sun, the 34-year-old explained exactly what had happened, why he reacted and how he would now like to move on from the incident.

“I was really shocked and disappointed on Sunday — and not just at the result.

“After the final whistle of a very tricky game, I insisted the whole team go and applaud the Arsenal supporters.

“When I arrived in front of our own fans, I couldn’t understand the abuse the team were getting from one of them.

“I wanted to tell the fan in question that we need their support not abuse. The sentiment was right but in hindsight could have been better expressed.

“So I would like to first and foremost apologise for using inappropriate language to that particular ‘supporter’.

“I didn’t intend to be malicious or threatening and am aware that it could have been said in a calmer manner.

“We have had great moments at this club but we are all in this together. We need your support in the good times but more importantly the bad.

“Let’s get behind the team against Manchester United on Sunday and try to get three points to get the season back on track.”

Having left the club in 2007 Henry obviously hasn’t experienced at close quarters the spikiness with which fans have vented their frustration during the club’s barren run.

While the manner in which he confronted this one particular individual may have been less than courteous, you can’t help but agreeing with the Frenchman’s sentiments. Yes the team fucked up big time on Sunday, but screaming profanities and directing blame at specific players is not going to help. We need to work together.

As Al Pacino’s character, Tony D’Amato, says in Any Given Sunday:

“We heal as a team, or we’re gonna crumble. Inch by inch, play by play. Until we’re finished. We’re in hell right now, gentlemen. Believe me. And, we can stay here, get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb outta hell… one inch at a time…”

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Alexander MacKenzie

He left in 2007, not 2006. Detail.

Reminds me of that fantastic video:

Unfortunately, it seems Wenger didn’t use it when you look at the end of last season. My boss used the movie version in a sales meeting!!


Er, think you’ll find he left in 07, seeing as we moved to the emirates in 06 and he played one season there. Oops!


Wow, the last paragraph surely hit the nail. But maybe the fans can create those hell environtment so that the players and the manager can start to realize that they really are in hell. The Swansea performance seems like a lot of them think they were in heaven. And I know they can actually climb out of it, just like what they did after the disasterous beginning of this season. Even with a lot of injuries, if all the players can be like the Swansea players approach a match, they surely can get a result. But can they do that… Read more »


That guy has given up half his weekend and a stack of cash to go and watch Arsenal and he was faced with that display. Yes, screaming obscenities helps no one but the guy was in the heat of the moment.

Perhaps the players should be a little less sensitive, perhaps they should look to themselves try and think about why such a reaction would be provoked, rather than expecting unconditional support at all times.


They didn’t necessarily ask for unconditional support.

“The sentiment was right but in hindsight could have been better expressed.”


Wrong quote

“We have had great moments at this club but we are all in this together. We need your support in the good times but more importantly the bad.”

We don’t have Steve Kean as a manager, nor Venky’s / Mike Ashley as a successful troll here.


Thierry was talking about his own response there, not the fan’s.

‘We need your support in the good times and the bad’.

Yes, but they cannot expect it to be uncritical support, and that’s the vibe you get from the club – just turn up and clap no matter what, then go home. The fans are the ones that are suffering, they’re all still picking up their huge wage packets, win or lose.


Another one who sees no middle ground between “uncritical support” and “abuse” . . .


Look, sometimes in the heat of the moment as a fan you can’t help but let out all your steam at the individuals who cause you to boil. These travelling fans find it hard to take if they have to cough up ticket prices to see some players play without the same passion that burns in the hearts of the arsenal fan; and then get paid huge wages too!! And honestly i can’t blame the fans. I was livid that day and the Fulham one too. Only my tv heard what i said but sure it wasn’t complimentary. These players… Read more »

Glenn Helder

I’m sure they do think about the reasons fans give them shit; they’d have to be senseless automatons not to do so.

It’s the manner in which these sentiments are displayed. Football’s a great game, but many cunts seemingly go to a match with the sole purpose of abusing the players, fans, the ref and the opposition. A bit of friendly banter is great, but to single players out by berating and abusing them is not on, and it’s this to which Thierry has taken offence.

Steve C

I do wonder these guys are serious half the time !

They put on an absolute shower of shit performance like that, after paying punters have made an expensive trip to Wales and get shirty when some of the fans show their disapproval !!

Those players and more importantly the manager want to have a long hard look at themselves before reacting to fans comments


I can’t understand why you’ve been downvoted 11 times here, I think what you’ve said is completely fair, and completely agree that as a paying supporter of the club then absolutely right you should be allowed to show your disapproval if you watch the cack that Arsenal served out at Swansea. It is downright arrogant to expect us to hoot and clap for their bruised ego’s when they perform to that abysmal standard, especially when we are paying the highest ticket prices in the country. I’m slowly getting sick of this clubs attitude towards its fans, we aren’t cash cattle… Read more »


Not “some of the fans.” One fan, and he was not “showing his disapproval.” By accounts he was being a jackass and Henry called him out on it. He’s drawn a line under it and so should all of us.

Let’s not make this into a debate over a ticket holder’s implied right to hurl insults and a players duty to take them if and when they play poorly, as judged by some “supporters'” knee-jerk pitch-side opinion.

Midfield Corporal

I suggest these fans that hurl virtuous abuse if we don’t get the result they demand bugger off to the theatre, at least they’ll know what they’re getting. The last time I looked, a game of football was an unknown quantity, which is what makes it so exciting. These idiots are just spoilt brats expecting The Invincibles every year.


I think you were looking for “vitriolic,” not “virtuous.”


I don’t think the fans want the invincibles every year. I think all they want from the team is to try 100% just for 90 mins once a week, maybe twice. When you think about it. The Gunners have no problems whatsoever, they are paid more in one week than most fans get in TWO years. They have beautiful partners. They get to travel around the world and play with some of the greatest footballers. They get to play the beautiful game day in day out which they all profess to love so much. Given all that, why is it… Read more »


Its not about unconditional support Henry was upset because of the abuse – unnecessary abuse – hurled at one of our players.

The team knew they played shit and they couldve easily stropped off to the changing room instead they went to the fans. I think Henry was bang on for what he said, personally I’d have done the same but probably a lot less polite.

Let’s hope we can follow the call and take United to town.


Good piece by Martin Samuel in the mail today. Worth a read. I never saw the henry bit as I left but bolox to him, from what people said Henry wasn’t to polite And the bloke was just voicing his opinion and wasn’t swearing or anything racial. Had enough of paying wages to people like arshavin etc who don’t give a fuck about us or the club. So if Henry don’t like it when the fans that pay his loan fee and the others wages don’t like the way results are going and choose to let the the players no… Read more »


Dear Voldermort, Henry has repeatedly said that he is enjoying his return to the club has been more as a fan. Do you subscribe to Martin Samuel’s opinion then that one fan is better than another because he goes to the game regularly? Also then, are the comments of the subscribers to the Mail more important than the ones who read it online occasionally like me? Does anyone who subscribes to the mail actually bother to read Samuel’s opinion? There might be exceptions, but most players are also fans of clubs they are playing for/have played for. But if you… Read more »


It was painfully embarrassing to see our greatest ever player amongst such a poor side of tippy-toeing, poor passing and overated players (e.g Ramsey and sad to say it, Theo). Why have we still got Rosicky (no goals in over 2 years) and Arshavin in the club? If Arsene and the board constantly play average players, Arsenal will be an average team. It’s not all bad, (RVP, AOC, Szczęsny) but the sad thing is, we now only have one consistent goalscorer – RVP. The mystery/misery of the board’s stinginess with the funds is something I’ll never really be able to… Read more »

Ace McGoldrick

Ridiculously harsh on Ramsey to say he’s overrated. He’s an excellent player and had to shoulder nearly the whole creative burden. At least he doesn’t hide in games unlike Theo.



Master Bates

dude, what’s wrong with your capslock


he thinks if he uses caps lock then arsene will see it


To be fair, Rosicky did score last year against Leyton Orient and to slate Ramsey like that who has tried his best all season for us is completley unfair. I do however agree with your other points in terms of the board and the potential we currently have. Its time that the board and some of the players realise how important the fans are to this graet football club!


Thierry was part of a team that set high standards and even higher expectations amongst the fans. The standards have fallen relative to rival teams, but the expectations of many fans have not. This disconnect is at the root of much of the dissatisfaction.

When that is combined with some players that seemingly have it all, yet can’t be bothered, lose focus or repeatedly make silly errors, the only outcome is going to be an outpouring of frustration from the fans.

This isn’t an excuse for the behaviour of some fans, but goes some way to explaining it.


Slight subject change: I’ve just read today’s main article by Arseblogger. It’s brilliant. It cuts right to the core and beautifully explains the major reason why we are in so much trouble right now. Wenger’s refusal to do anything about the useless squad players who are currently doing nothing for the team is absolutely criminal. So many people have talking about our lack of fit full-backs and how “unlucky” that we have been. We haven’t been unlucky. With Gibbs always injured, Jenkinson not good enough even if he was fit and Santos injured playing a (for us) meaningless CL game… Read more »


I too agreed with the gist of the article, but I think it’s part-refusal, partly that he cannot offload them because they are on wages that far exceed their market worth.

Master Bates

there were only 2 first XI players in that squad , you can’t blame him if one of the players got injured .it was unlucky . And Jenkinson is good enough as back up, you call the match meaningless because the team finished on top of the group thanks to players like Jenkinson (and djourou). who covered the Rightback position with the absence of Sagna, it’s not easy getting a Right back who is good and willing to sit on the bench and Arsenal willing to pay him 50K for that. Wenger should sign a leftback,and a striker and a… Read more »


Playing your only fit full-back in a meaningless game IS stupid.

End of.

Cygan's Left Foot

Mr Bate, if you still believe in Arsene to sign players in the Summer or any time you are just as blind as he is. He waited and waited and waited and waited till we got humiliated 8 – 2 then went into the panic buy mood. And please don’t insult my and your intelligence by telling me Park, Santos, Art, Per and Benny were planned signing, specially Park. He gambled with our club as he knew Le cunt and Fab were going to leave. Just as he did the season before last by not sign striker and wait for… Read more »


Like i always say:
Onto the next one guys!

we lost to Swansea and there’s not a lot we can do about it!
we need to focus all our energy on the next game versus man Utd, a victory and life is great again, a defeat and we can forget about Top 4.

i tell you what disappoints me the most, is we never seem to draw away games, its always a defeat!

Martin Keown is my hero

Do you write AW’s post match comments?


Team speereet and all that jazz.


I doubt many of the 2000 thousand fans their were what some people call fair weather fans or glory hunters. I’ve Been going since the 1978 cup final and have been through the ahit 80’s but times were different then. The connection between fans and club was more real now it just seems like we are a cash cow to some. Personally I don’t stand after to throw abuse like most I got back to my car and we moaned with our mates but the bloke has every right to express his anger and frustration as long as its not… Read more »


If the abuse was being hurled at arshavin then the punter has 100% of my support


Hywel I honestly don’t think It was aimed at any individual probably more the board, arsene, the team, lack of spending etc etc frustration builds up over time. Henry got abusive he admits that and has said sorry thats fair enough il respect him for that but this fan probably pays week on week out takes nothing from the club only gives like all fans do. When these crop of players have moved on and living in their mansions that guy will stil be going paying over his hard earned average wage. That’s what we do as fans. We don’t… Read more »


Truth is everyone has their own threshold of patience with what’s happening at the club, and this fella’s obviously gone past his. Not condoning throwing abuse at our own players, but think about it – we’ve just been outplayed by Swansea. It comes on the back of a complete and utter capitulation at Fulham. In the same season where we’ve been beaten by Blackburn. It’s fuckin embarrassing. That’s the only word for it, and you don’t even need to mention the game that must not be named. So I can personally understand this bloke’s reaction. I agree with FG that… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

you know things aren’t right when Mooro has the hump.
I don’t think I’ve seen you complain like this on here…ever.
Come on Arsenal. Let’s get back on our fucking game for those cunts from Manchester… and all the other ones!


Nope. First for me mate.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be a one-off unless something changes. And soon.

the only sam is nelson

I totally get the antipathy towards players who are payed stupid money and yet don’t seem at all bothered at their own levels of effort or performance. I get the anger at a club driven by greed to plunder our pockets via ticket prices, merchandise and everything else, when there’s no sign of an investment to match the pocket gouging that goes on. I get really fucking mad when I hear AW tell the media about “mental strength”; the only thing i don’t get, and i really don’t get it – is, how does booing, shouting abuse at the team,… Read more »


I can’t boo a team I support.
I’ll get mad and frustrated but I can’t boo


Sami I for one have never ever booed the team in my life and that’s the truth, I got slaughtered one year by my pals for wanting to stay till the end to clap off Hereford I think it was after another terrible 8o’s cup game. Personally like I said il rant and rave at a game get in the car and bitch all the way home with me mates but if other People want to express their feelings in other ways who am I to judge em. if they play well I clap em off if they lose but… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

Hahah terrible 80s games, that really doesn’t narrow it down a lot. Good god there were some stinkers back then. I’ll do the same as you – rant about it down the pub after or on the way back. Equally I’m not so bothered about an emotional/upset response to a terrible result – that’s understandable. It’s more the premeditated, let’s boo because we want change, side of things that baffles me a bit. I mean I can understand it at Blackburn to a degree, and the moment I knew that was when they won at Old Trafford but listening to… Read more »


I think the club do take notice of the fans and their feeling. I think the problem is how the club act toward it and how it unfold. And the club is in a state of a mess, especially the contracts situations.



Gooners & Roses

Hey guys, Just came across this by SCZS: ‘”I am confident we will get into the top four,” he said. “We don’t deserve to be outside the top four. I mean, how can he say we don’t deserve to be while we got owned by Swansea, Fulham and BLACKBURN. If this kind of sentiment is what going on in most of our players head, then no wonder we didn’t show desire and commitment against Swansea. It does speak volume that only when we are down to 2-1 that we started to up the tempo, and from my amateurish point of… Read more »


This ‘deserve’ stuff is someting we’ve heard from Wenger a lot – the players ‘deserve’ this or that. So that’s what he’s clearly telling them and Chessers is parroting it out. They don’t ‘deserve’ anything, they have to EARN it!! Another indicator of an attitude problem at the club.

[…] the lack of full-backs is continuing to worry both defensively and offensively. Better news though, Thierry Henry has issued a “rallying call” which is […]


Thierry hasn’t seen first hand the utter shit performances that we’ve been capable of this season. Players need to realise that when they put on a complete fuck up of a performance like on sunday, nobody who’s paid money to travel to watch them is going to stand there and say “oh well, better luck next time”. were better than that and the players should know that. if we dont sign a full back and striker this window we are fucked… bye bye 4th place. also, hopefully Arshavin fucks off too. might aswell get some cash while we can, we… Read more »


This team needs the Alec Baldwin speech from Glengarry Glen Ross.


does anyone know the actual dialogue between the fan And Henry


The reason we are in ‘hell’ is down to one man only and that’s wenger, how can he be the cure when he’s the cause



the only sam is nelson

I suspect Usmanov isn’t exactly match fit, although your faith in his versatility is touching

Midfield Corporal

Looking at the state of him Usmanov will need a much greater acclimatisation period than Park.

I suspect we could plop him in front of goal and have not a worry — he’d cover the whole face of it!

Gooners & Roses

we must no play high line defense if Usmanov plays as CB.

Merlin's Panini

Just stick the fat kid in goal, no? That’s the usual…


@beatista. I don’t buy the mail it was left in my cab so i read it. You can’t equate Henry to a normal fan just because he says he’s one for a start he is getting very well paid for the time he’s here. I don’t doubt his love for the club that’s a given. All I was saying was the article made a good read. Not making judgments as to it’s merit or otherwise. But I do think the fan has a right to protest at the teams performance as the bloke has payed with time and money. And… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Fair comment Volders, I’m with you, never boo or throw insults at my team, but I get the feeling that more and more fans feel this is the only way to let the player understand their disappointment, because the players are so cocooned from the everyday fan. I can understand the view that giving the team unconditional support hasntdone any good for the past 6 years. Personally, I wish AW would get a bit more industrial with the likes of Arshavin, chamakh etc make it clear in no uncertain terms that mediocrity(I’m not sure they even acheive that) is not… Read more »


Pfft more like SEAL OUT!!! You dont know what you’re talking about fella .


Gooner up : you telling me those players are worth keeping !!!! Fucking hell not sure you’ve got a clue about football,
And if your content to listen to how we’ve got a good spirit and mental strength while we are getting worse and worse year in year out then its worrying !
We will never compete with city and Chelsea while we have wenger and the board in control they don’t give a shit about the club only their pockets full of supporters money !!
Pfffft !!!!!!


Yeah Chelsea are miles ahead of us…..


I am waiting for the “Spend some fucking money” signs to go up again, couple weeks into transfer window and not a sniff, looks like chelsea might get Hazard too, another quality player we will miss out on.

Henry is passing through the club for 6 weeks, he left us for trophies and better wages, he doesn’t have the right to lambast a fan in my opinion.

Its beginning to feel alot like the beginning of the season again, hope we get someone in before the last hour of the window.


To be honest i wasn’t happy that we bought Henry back for 2 months yeah back in the day he was an amazing talent but i don’t think he’s that anymore and I don’t think he just seems a massive paper crack signing where the club hope we get by for those couple of months and when our players come back from the ACN hope that things start working again. I understand that in January there are very few players who would be considered Arsenal quality to purchase but at the same time we should have addressed this over the… Read more »


I disagree about the whole can’t get players of Arsenal quality in January, we could get plenty, point is we don’t want to pay an extra million or two because its January, Wenger is going to try to muddle through, and its gonna cost us the CL next year.


I didn’t say you can’t I said there are very few players that would be considered Arsenal quality that would be easily able to sign. i agree it’s about money but for a lot of players if they move especially European one’s and they have a bad 5 months they could jepodise there place in there national squads.


You’d think that would get Arshavin and walcott playing better!


I doubt this guy is Arsenal quality,
But again it shows other teams with ambition buying.


Don’t get me started on either of those players Arshavin just needs to go and Walcott well because of the hot prospect he was portrayed to be it was a hit and miss deal and it seems very miss. I personally think Chamberlin will be the better version of Walcott he has girth something which Theo lacks an abundance will also have a better attacking directness .


I agree stick the OX in and let Walcot stew for a bit, make him realize he has work to do and isn’t guaranteed first choice.
Also Chelsea and real are in for Hazard, give lille park and say sorry! Now can we haz hazard 🙂


Its so frustrating which is why my attitude is one of wenger and board out because for too long now we’ve been force fed shit performances from players, manager and board. It is an insult to keep hearing wenger going on about mental strength and spirit, it can’t be that good as we wouldn’t be in this position would we Arsene ! We are told to support players like Arshavin and even Walcott who hasn’t improved since we brought him, he really thinks he’s better than what he is ! And don’t get menstarted on arshavin But it’s been going… Read more »


I wish, wish, WISH Arsenal would swap that awful song they play at home with NIN’s We’re in this together.
That would be f-word outstanding, and I sure hope to hear it some day…


Arsene is as stubborn as an old mule. Funny, because I think that’s how most great managers are. Nonetheless, he’s shooting himself in the foot with his delusional belief in his squad. Everyone knows we already have some great players at the club. We just need to marry those great pieces with the support and competition they need to push on and win silverware. It’s clearly been that way for years now. Van Persie is a massive, world class player and knowing the player he is, wouldn’t having competition for his place only make him that much better and more… Read more »


Very interesting post and scarily enlightening – but something most of us probably suspected long ago…
The fact that there is a stonewall of secrecy around the board’s dealings (sorry to say, upheld by Wenger) is disturbing.
Sure, the board are businessmen and not a charity. They may claim to love the club but came into the club to earn $$$$. But we all laughed at the shenaningans with the Glazers and we actually also appear to have it going on at home.
Thanks Voldermort


Sorry about another post as not sure how links work etc. but recieved the above from a mate via text not sure of its credibility but am sure someone on here will know more than me. So don’t shoot the messenger. Makes interesting reading though that’s for sure.

Midfield Corporal

It seems we are back to where we were in august, fans demanding go see real money spent on quality, a side depleted by injuries, Chelsea about to sign another worldy we have been sniffing around and Man Utd on Sunday. A month ago I was thinking we’d win this but with nani and Valencia running at our full backs I think we’re in for a torrid afternoon.


The thing that is worry me about the direction that Arsenal is going right now is that i woke up this morning and saw Newcastle United had agreed a 10million pound deal for Papis Cisse. (pretty decent striker from the games ive seen). and i thought to myself, all up our 3 strikers only cost half that amount. RVP 2.75 million. Chamakh ZERO. Park, 4? (not sure exactly how much park cost us). Now im not saying that i would trade RVP for Cisse at all, but with our lack of goals and over reliance on RVP you can definitley… Read more »


The blog today was not only accurate but also a wake up call to anyone at Arsenal. For anyone that’s ever paid any attention to me on here you’ll likely agree that 9/10 times I’ve been on the fence about apportioning blame on Wenger as there’s a chance it’s the board. However… As a lot of you mention patience runs thin and as far as I’m concerned if the worst happens and at the end of this season we miss out on fourth spot and all its rewards, not to mention the likely exodus of players, then I think its… Read more »


Lose to manure and 1-0 win against bolton will make all arsenal fans here sing different tune. Arsenal fans are too easy to pleased. Let s be honest and that s the truth. Check previous posts when we were in the same shite


A couple of weeks ago when I said that I wanted Usmanov to take control I was slagged off and thumbed down by so many fans.

Does anybody now think that it’s such a bad idea?


Not by me you wasn’t. I’ve been pro Usmanov for a good while now. Regardless of his character history this is a man who at least says all the right things

the only sam is nelson

no, I still don’t want the long term future of my club destroyed by short term greed and idiocy that hasn’t changed and it wouldn’t under any circumstances. If Wenger left in a huff to PSG and we appointed John Gregory and Juande Ramos as joint managers, I’d still not want Usmanov to own the Arsenal. Any more than I want Kronke as owner. But then there’s the reality, which is that we can do teh square root of fuck all about the ownership of our club. So it seems pretty fruitless to speculate that having a fat oligarch leaving… Read more »

Glenn Helder

Bang on.


Hey buddy, did you read the comments on this thread? So now everyone Is singing the tune we’ve been belting out for months now like its the new hit. We’ve been massacred and thumbed down over and over again on this blog for months, only until now. I swear mate, it looks like most of these comments were cut and paste from conversations we had months ago.

Fuck it. I’m done ranting. It’s so obvious what we need in January. It’s also as obvious that the right thing won’t be done. SPEND SOME………..


The mental fragility of this squad is disconcerting. Bringing in experienced players and international captains seemed to right the ship for a bit. However, I’m afraid that the club has fostered a breeding ground of self doubt. The Carling Cup loss cut deep. Especially in the fashion it took place. The wait for silverware was almost over and within our reach and that loss treamered through the whole club. From the first team to the academies. Something has to be done. There’s no killer instinct. Only RVP has it and I’m afraid he didn’t learn that at the club, but… Read more »

gunn cabinet

we are undergoing the most trying time of our lives under wenger. and personally, i think it does not help the cause that wenger is french – that, to my thinking – is why we are under the cosh from british media hounds. wenger is smart, ten times more intelligent that most sports writers. most of them cannot stand this, so they were waiting for the opportunity when we had to slip as a team. now, faced with this onslaught, does it help us to abuse our stars, (i know; not all of them are stars) in the full glare… Read more »


“15????” years? You’ve enjoyed the last six seasons?
Some people are very easily pleased…


Oz to be fair to gunn in last seven years we have at times played unbelievable football, I think what pisses some people of including me as that we have in those 7 years been so close at times to being truly great and have failed to push on with investment in quality signings at the right time. That’s the biggest failure of the club and that’s what hurts. We are not like spurs who have been miles off a top team dor years. We have been close and are again but we won’t invest and can’t see us doing… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

personally i don’t think quality signings would have made that difference – we still would have choked. We did with Cesc, RvP, we had the best team and squad in 2008, last year, etc etc That’s what worries me more than anything. The fragility of the players and their inability to get the fuck on with the business of winning. Could be Wenger, although he’s a proven winner in three countries so that would possibly be simplistic/wrong. Could be the players, but I can’t see how that can be when you look at some of the players on the rosters… Read more »


If your right then sammy and it’s not down to wenger or signings, then I don’t have a clue what it is. Maybe we should get in Barry fry as manager and get him to piss in each corner.

the only sam is nelson

heh i’ve no idea whether i’m right or wrong but i’d hate it if wenger had simply lost his mojo. if that even happens. if it doesn’t then we’re alright because he’s won leagues in france, japan and here – so he’s a winner. that’s alright. it’s something else. if it’s signings then how on earth did we win before? was wiltord *really* any better than gerv? I think not. igors stepanovs was at the club when we won the double in 2002. so castigating individual players, i think, can tend to miss the point – however tempting it might… Read more »


Just a thought but maybe that was good enough to win back then. Now with multiple super spending clubs those same ways are not as effective.

the only sam is nelson

that makes a bit of sense – chelsea then citeh

but during that time the glazerhawks have won despite being starved of funds, and equally we used to win titles when ferguson was spunking money like a fire hydrant.


I am an Arsenal fan. I am a human being. I am not perfect. We all let our emotions get the best of us at times. When we got the shite kicked out of us by Man U (8-2) it was all I could do to keep from destroying my TV I was so upset. I blamed the TV for making me so miserable…. but I didn’t do it. Why, because actions have consequences. I understand that supporting a sporting team which I do not play for but I do have a lot invested in has its risks. I have… Read more »


well said mate, well said. i know arsenal cannot win all the time, but let’s see the same passion among the players that the fans share. That’s all i demand.


well said in order to compete at the very top level we need to have 2/3 more class players and remove the deadwood, after a very long time we have an excellant keeper a a solid back four(when all fit) , wilshere, and a world class striker, an ideal base that with the right investment could dominate for a number of years, but we DESPERATELY need to buy some creative class for the midfield, ox is better then walcott have some faith and give him a go, hazard and maybe 1 more in midfield alongside song and wilshere and were… Read more »


what an idiot, how can any arsenal fan abuse thierry. hes old hes not going to perfom every match especially given only 10mins. it seems though that history likes to repeat itself for us. we always crumble at the second half of the season. last time we dropped from 1st to 4th. this time its 4th to what? anyways to be honest im not expecting the club to win a trophy anytime soon. we treat fa and carling cup like its a reserves cup which in reality its our biggest chance of winning any silverware. premier league and champions league… Read more »


Remember the 8-2? Whoever played gave 110% that day on the field even though we got turned over,But what I will always remember is the 3000 arsenal supporters that drowned old trafford even till the final minute! Playin the way the team played against swansea was utterly digraceful! When the chips are down the supporters are behind the team,so when the players don’t give a fuck they can’t xpect us to be behind them.

Eric Irish gunner

Rosicky and traore gave 110% don’t think so

Glenn Helder

How do you know they don’t give a fuck?


My bad,apart from that gum chewin panzy traore!!!


I just want to be clear on my previous post. It’s not that I think Usmanov is the only answer it’s just that I think he’d perform better than Kroenke. He is a business man who wants to make money as is Kroenke, the only difference is Kroenke on current form is screwing the club for every penny he can. Please feel free to correct me if that’s not the case. The one thing we can’t afford is to take the moral highground; whilst we’ll stand out as shining lights in the corporate premiership we’ll soon find ourselves mid table… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

I’m pretty sure that not so long ago I saw a piece that stated that the Arsenal FC business plan was based on qualifying for the CL one out of every four years.

Whether the plan has since been dumped because of continuous qualification I’ve no idea.

No idea if the beaded self publicist or Gates are gooners, but I think I might have seen somewhere once that Paul Allen is/was a gooner. He’s one of the founders of Microsoft and is therefore richer than God.

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