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McLeish fails to get van Persie banned

After Arsenal beat Aston Villa last night, Alex McLeish attempted to obscure the fact his team chucked away a two goal lead by calling for Robin van Persie to be banned for an elbow on Carlos Cuellar.

“I thought it was an elbow in the face, it was clear,” said the withered, jaundiced, sunburnt testicle, “but the referee didn’t seem to see anything in that.

“If it was an elbow in the face, I would like it looked at by the FA. I thought he hit him. He lifted the elbow up towards his face. The big man is not a guy to lie down. He would get up pretty quickly.”

It seemed to be a classic example of deflection, and McLeish was aided and abetted by those in the media who chose to run his witless ramblings on the back page instead of focusing on what was a fantastic Arsenal comeback.

However, according to the FA, referee Mike Jones saw the incident, deeming it not worthy of attention at the time, and as such there is no chance of van Persie being banned.

It’s good news for us and maybe McLeish might try and justify Richard Dunne staying on the pitch too. And why he continues to play Alan Hutton when it’s plainly obvious to everyone in the whole entire world he’s about as good at football as Clumpy Joe, the dwarven, polio stricken blind man who had both his feet blown off by a landmine.

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Ace McGoldrick

Anticipating a bid for Clumpy Joe any day now looking at his injury record…

Clumpy Joe

A withered, jaundiced, sunburnt *ginger* testicle

SF Gooner

You really got his look down.

Eric Irish gunner

Fucking classic


Is it just me or did that Description sound rather appealing.


McLeish can McLick my red (and white) arsehole!

One could also make the presumption that his thug (Dunne) should have seen red. I have little doubt he told his squad to hack our players down in hopes of another capitulation a la~ last year’s cup match with Birmingham. Didn’t work this time!


Looks like my mother in law!


God, this is the last place I would want to bump into her!


Well, I would probably chose here over a strip joint but I have said things on here she never needs to see!

HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now now, its not really my fault you have pube like hair.


Big Eck? Big cunt more like.

Cygan's Left Foot

I mean this Fergei’s Lappy (as Roy Keane calls them) would have never said anything if it was a Manure player. He had it for RVP for a long time, remember last year against Brimms in the league away calling him a cheat and diver for wining the free kick that lead to the first goal. The second time this season away to Vila blaming RVP for provoking that donkey Hutton to get a red card. And not this. What is wrong with this lappy??? Does he want to be associated with a world class footballer by attacking him all… Read more »


Sunburn dude

Gary Shevell

It’s amazing the headline spin some media put on this “non” incident as if VP was a criminal and got away with murder…
ESPN Soccernet – “Van Persie Escapes Ban”
Daily Mail – “Van Persie Escapes FA Punishment”

I have yet to read anything like “McLeash’s Charge Dismissed by the FA”
or, “FA Finds McLeash’s Accusations Have No Merit”

aussie gooner

“McLeish succeeds in being douchebag” would have been a more accurate headline anyway.

Cygan's Right Foot

He succeeded a while ago though didn’t he?

I’m sure I heard he went to the same “How to be a dickhead” course as Phil Brown


It wasn’t that when Taylor was breaking our players legs, he was all for the physical approach. How the tables have turned.


While everyone discusses the claims of Alex McLeish, the real poignant issue is the artwork in this piece. It’s top shelf.




As if we needed any more proof that McLeish is a complete cunt. I think ITV added fuel to the fire in their highlights programme last night too by drawing attention to it and giving their half-baked opinions. But then, they’re all cunts too.


MacLeish is just another in a long line of poor, talentless excuses for managers. Tango and Colin Wanker have already been sacked. Can’t wait for the ginger Testicle to join this unhappy band.


I don’t usually use this kind of language in posting but now it seems approprate: that red-headed prick can go fuck himself.


That just made me snort red wine out of my nose!


One other thing I took from this weekend, is that Captain Vantastic has already set a career high for goals in a season and there are still 3+ months left!

Shaqueel Van Persie

hahahahahahahahaha. excellent

brooklyn codger

Awesome description of Mcleish. Your picture of him is better that a portrain from sports-illustrated!


Blogs have I ever told you that I love you


We are insetting dangerously close to losing RVP, whether it be injury (red zone) or being banned. With no striker being bought, its gonna be tough, I wish Arsene wasn’t such a stubborn old bastard!


Not just that, Van Persie got the blame when whatever his face got sent off at villa park. Sneaky bastard.


I like to follow Celtic FC and when the sunburnt testicle used to manage rangers, he would do this kind of trick to divert attention away from a loss. I have always hated him, he is a dirty orange hun bastard. He used to get Rangers playing dirtier than his teams are now! Scotland has some great managers buy also some horrible ones!


Yep can’t improve on that description and will laugh every time I see that miserable prick ranting Bout something else

aussie gooner

Im not completely convinced Dunnes penalty was worth a straight red, should have been a yellow though. The commentators said that Ramsey lost control of the ball (true) but you cant just come in with a shit challenge like that.

Either way, FA cup is ours this year!


Does anyone else see McLeish’s actions as on a par with, or worse than, Mancini’s card-waving? Besides McLeish’s obvious malice, seems like much the same thing…

The BearMan

Don’t tell me Wenger’s antics is rubbing off on all the managers in the Premiership? They love a good moan after a defeat! On we Arsenal fans as well! Hahahahahahaha


Why would anyone expose their testicle to that much sun? :-O

Merlin's Panini

this was probably the most chucklesome article I’ve read on here.
McLeish will have to return to his fellow slightly droopier ginger testicle ‘Arry “I ain’t dun nuffink, honest guv, alwight how much do ya want to keep quiet” Redknapp and say “at least I tried.” What a supreme cunt.


i hate every single ref there is around but yesterdays performance by mike jones was excellent, he had confidence and didnt give in to the pressure, more of mike joned please fa.
this is the first time ive praised a ref.

Cygan's Right Foot

Surely more of Mike Jones just refereeing Arsenal games? I reckon they should make a small room for him to live in

Mike Jones

Yes i would like to congratulate Arsenal on the win yesterday, it was indeed a fabolous performance by me.


Elkieno, take your snide little comments and fuck off back to watching Celtic you bigoted little cretin.

Apologist for Hire

You have refined your art, Mr Blogs. This one is a masterpiece. McLeish would want this on his passport.

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