Ry-member me? Miyaichi admits he’s trying to get noticed


This time last year we snapped up Ryo Miyaichi from Chūkyōdai Chūkyō High School in Japan after fighting off interest from several interested parties across Europe.

Since then the Japanese international has spent a productive four months on loan with Feyenoord, sealed a work permit to play in the UK but subsequently (almost strangely) only been afforded 30 minutes worth of playing time in two Carling Cup matches.

The cynics have suggested that along with the signing of Ju Young Park, Ryo’s arrival has been more about marketing the Arsenal brand in the Far East (he recently joined the Ladies team on their tour of his homeland) than helping his new side win football matches.

Nevertheless, eager to stress his focus on winning a first team place, the 19-year-old winger told Arsenal Player about his improvements in training.

“I think I’ve made big strides. Once you come to a big club, you can’t walk into the team – I have to work hard every day so that I can play well in the future.

“Even so during training, being able to practise alongside superstars can only be a good thing. It’s important to try to get noticed.

“All I can do is believe in myself and work hard. Otherwise it’s up to the boss so I’ll just do what I can.”

Given Gervinho’s absence at the African Cup of Nations and the poor form of both Andrei Arshavin, and more recently Theo Walcott, it’s almost surprising that Ryo’s name has not been thrown into the hat alongside Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as a possible supersub.

That he’s not been painted as the next Messiah is probably a good thing, although his need for playing time is pretty obvious.

Arseblog News wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘starlet’ sent out on a second loan spell before the end of January.


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The cutest Asian I’ve ever seen in the Premier League!


That really says it all…

I hope he can give the answer on the pitch!


I think Ryo should be 2nd choice after AOC because Arshavin is quite frankly not cutting it. If you keep playing someone who is consistently bad they start to think their performance is satisfactory and don’t improve whereas if you make a statement by not playing them they get the idea.

Cygan's Left Foot

100% agreed, as this boy would give you his all.

That is why we loved Santos, even when he had terrible time in the first have against Chelsea, he did not hide, worked hard and scored. With that he had a place in our hearts.


I’m just happy to see we’ve got a goal scoring full back again. Hes equaled clichys arsenal goals within a couple of months! It’s also good to see vermaelen getting a few, but when the BFG finally puts one away it will be magic


Atleast when he was sent out on loan he grabbed that opportunity and did well . He deserves more action and has to be sent out on loan as soon as possible, a very good prospect for the future.

Merlin's Panini

Would be nice to actually see this kid get a game.
After all the preseason hype we’ve seen practically fuck all. I’d like to see what Joel Campbell has about him next season as well. He seems to be scoring a bit at L(eyton)orient.
I think that’s probably the plan for next season:don’t buy a new striker now, get rid of Chamakh in the summer and bring Campbell in.


Campbell gives us more versatility than Chamakh as he can play out wide on either side. I would still like to see Chamakh come back from the CAN and have a good second half for us. He seemed like such a great header of the ball while he was at Bordeaux. Maybe when our fullbacks get healthy he will start to see better service in the box.

Laurent Claude-Toral

This kid is a very good player, I remember Vermalean saying that Ryo was one of the Top 3 youngsters in the world alongside Neymar.

He has very good potential and can be a top player for us in the future.

He needs to improve his general awareness, ball retention and physicality but that would improve with age and games played.

frankie frankie

Please give him a chance, Wenger!

The only way this guy can do any worse than Arshavin is to literally pull down his shorts and take a dump on the pitch.


You never know, Rooney might slip on Ryo’s waste product and score an own goal. Just sayin’, you never know.


Ryo is talented no doubt. Most Arsenal fans are pretty patient with youngsters but a couple of bad performances could really dent his confidence and his development. A situation like Jenkinson’s @ OT this season comes to mind. We are lucky he has a robust character and his confidence wasn’t completely shot altogether after that nightmare. The thing right now about Arshavin is that he is the only one who seems to be able to deliver a final ball. You can say what you want about his character and work ethic etc but you can’t deny that he is able… Read more »

frankie frankie

Ok. I see your point about AA but i also question it. The fact is that AA has just 2 assist from 18 league games this season and no goals. Wenger mentioned last week that he was still effcient. I disagree. That is not effcient. If he truely cares about players being effcient in the team then he would be play Ox or Benayoun who have more goals than AA. The reason why AA gets played ahead of OX or Myiachi is because AA is just more experienced. He is scared to play inexperienced players, especially when he has a… Read more »


How many assist has ramsey?how many goals has he scored.u talk about rosicky,he is better than ramsey anyday.AA is even better than him

the only sam is nelson

I could have sworn that I saw him score the only goal against Swansea at the grove earlier this season. Not only that but it was the kind of chance that few other players would have made and taken.

For all his faults and frustrations Arshavin remains one of the few players at Arsenal capable of creating something out of nothing.

frankie frankie

Apologies. Arshavin did score against Swansea. That makes 1 league goal in 18 league games. My BAD.

As for Rosicky, 2 league assists in the the last two seasons 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Ramsey 2 league goals and 4 assists in the same time. Ramsey has been poor for the last 10 games or so but Rosickcy has been poor for the last two years. Case Rested.


Pretty sure Ramsey has a lot more mins in that time frame then Rosicky.
I don’t know what their points per min is but that would be a better way to settle it

frankie frankie

True. Ramsey does have alot more minutes played than Rosicky played this season. But there is a reason for that. Rosicky is rubbish and has been for two years. Ramsey started well but has faded over that last 5-10 games and needs a kick up the arse. Wasn’t even having a go about Ramsey but @chris started on him. Remember Ramsey is 21 and came back from a horriffic injury. Yes Rosicky have had horriffic injuries too but he is 10 years older and been there and done and should still know how to do it. If its a choice… Read more »


For the love of Christ, mate, Ramsey’s a midfielder, not a forward, his performance shouldn’t be measured in goals. Sure, he’s been getting worse in the last games, but that’s because he’s been overworked. Rosicky’s been awful almost every minute he’s played for a couple years now…


@Chris….BAHAHAHAHAH You’re joking right? Rosicky is better than Ramsey? You’re having a laugh. Ramsey’s scored more goals in the last two years than Rosicky has had shots on target. I remember when Rosicky had a thunderbolt for a shot. I haven’t seen him hit one like he used to in a long while. I personally think we need to get rid of Rosicky and bring in other midfield options that would be alot more dangerous going forward.

Adepoju Adeyemi

Normally, Ryo is a fantastic player with skills and pace. I will like Le Prof, Asene Wenger to play this youngest Miyaichi,like 10 mins before the match end so that he can develop his game.


We need special talent not players with potential. Why we all think these young players at AFC are so good and we still going after Gotze ad Hazard and they are basically the same age. We need super talent not average ones, there are two many average talent in the first team, that’s the main reason why we are struggling. The best player ever from the Asian continent is HONDA and Wegner is turning a blind eye on him and trying with this kid from high school, Ryo you are to lightweight for the prem and Vela is one of… Read more »


Tell Worldsoccershop to get that picture of Rooney off their add if they want to run it here. That diver is a disgrace.


Then how will they get sails from the Millions of Man U fans in the USA

ezigbo onye arse

if walcot is ahead of him,this present walcot…..there is serious problem


love o see him on loan at a npower champ club, put a bit of steel in his bones and also give him vital experience in england


It is really depressing to see that we are increasingly become a mid table team in terms of our playing style and quality of players. I feel that the club has become so mired in achieving financial excellence that they have lost sight of the objective of footballing excellence. We fans are now pinning our hopes on any starlet who comes along because lot of our “experienced” players are either mediocre/lazy/distracted/believing their own hype/inconsistent The question to ask is if our team is so good and their stats are so “efficient” then how come our frontline is so poor bar… Read more »


excellent post


Completely agree with you.

ras gooner

I’d play him over arshavin at the mo the little russian is a good player no doubting it, but jus cant find gis form giv ryo his chance i saw him play while on loan and once he was used to the way the team played he shone in that team and was in the starting line up thereafter! ryo the ox and rvp worth a try AW


The guy has the potential and atttitude to develop into a fine player at Arsenal


I’m very impressed with Ryo both in terms of his ability and his work rate. I’d love to see him get more of a chance, but I do think he needs a loan out to get him some consistent first team action somewhere. Back to Feyenoord or maybe in France somewhere. Don’t just let him rot. If he is a potential future starter then another spell away can only help his confidence. Look at what it did for Jack and Coq.


arsene is a coward for not trusting his players why sign them if you are not going to play them, he doesnt even want to get rid of his dead wood and buys more deadwood. getting cheesed off with the clubs ambition and way of thinking.


Guys,i think we r missing a point.Ramsey,wit tym,wil develop in2 a great player,but should never be in any serious first team at the moment.Walcott,the guy may hav had afew great moments,but am convinced he is in the wrong career,he is a sprinter not a footballer! Rosisky,may hav had a few bad moments,but his class is incomparable and so is Arshavin,who has consistently been played out of his favourite position,he is just been wasted at Arsenal.Otherwise,i agree that AOC,Ryo and Vela deserve some playing time coz they r quality.They are better than Walcott at anytym.


Rather too much to expect a kid who hasn’t played a Premier League game to make that much of a difference.

Great prospect but clearly not ready yet


by what criteria is he clearly not ready?

they seemed to be impressed at Feyenoord where he saw a lot of first team action, he should at least be coming on as a sub. In the left wing positon where Arshavin plays it is hard to see how he could have a negative impact. Anyway, I thought he had been injured the past few months.


C’mon Wenger, get your finger out and give van Persies 7year old son a chance!! tha lads ready for gods sake 🙂


I may be mistaken but I thought that Ryo was carrying an injury when he went to Japan with the ladies and has only just started to run again?


Not sure if he deserves a game coz i havent seen enough of him but surely consistently playing big named players in poor form will 1 create a sense of false positivity in that player over their performance and 2 suggest to other players that whatever they do they wont get into the team AOC vs Arshavin is a perfect example of this someone who has played exciting football taking on players getting alot of good long range shots in and displaying a very decent final ball from the wing has been benched or ignored for a player who often… Read more »


nun-Chūkyōdai Chūkyō High School sounds like a school for ninjas.

Release the ninja!


Ramsey would develop into another Denilson, cannot attack, cannot defend, so let’s call Ramsey Ramilson now.


I love these Denilson comments, as one of the players with the best passing stats in the team, it immediately proves the writer of the comments does not know alot about Arsenal and football in general.


let me re-cap why the only positive thing arsenal has done in the past seven years is raise the pain, shock, disgust and disbelief threshold of arsenal fans 1. only arsenal can cork up a 4-2 lead in the 89th minute against their fiercest rivals and end up with a point instead of all three 2. only arsenal could be leading 4-0 with twenty minutes to go against an average team like the magpies (before Demba) and still end up with a oint instead of all three 3. only arsenal could blow a 2-0 routine victory at home to their… Read more »


How is that positive…?

Nonetheless, to say that the only thing Arsenal have done in 7 years is cock up winning positions and not take notice of the good moments is sad for you, as a supporter.

Yes these past 7 years have been frustrating but have left us with some great memories. Cesc’s solo goal against Sp*rs, 2-1 victory over Barca at the Grove, among others.


oh, I was supposed to talk about Ryo….tap into the work ethic of these Asians …eager to impress and make their employers proud…before military service beckons…ask Sir Alex, Park JS is a terrier on steroids when wearing the Man Utd Shirt…