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Chamakh going nowhere in January (except Africa)

There has been much speculation over the future of Marouane Chamakh. The Moroccan has been linked with his old club, Bordeaux, as well as Fiorentina, PSG and Accrington Stanley, but it looks like he’ll be an Arsenal player until the summer at least.

Currently away with his country at the African Cup of Nations, Chamakh confirmed that he’d be staying at Arsenal, and that he hoped to rediscover some of the form he showed when he first arrived at the club.

“I am relaxed about my future,” he said. “I’ve spoken with the coach and I’m staying with Arsenal after the African Cup of Nations. I think Wenger has confidence in me. It was that reason that I left Bordeaux to join Arsenal.

“I had some good performances in my first season and it’s possible that I can repeat those. My agents have had calls from other clubs, but I want to show what I can do in the next few months.”

Chamakh scored 10 goals in his first 21 appearances for the club, taking responsibility in the absence of the injured Robin van Persie, but since his goal against Aston Villa on November 27th 2010, he has scored just once more, a header against Blackburn during the club’s painful 4-3 defeat in early September.

On the one hand he has been kept out of the side by the brilliant form of Robin van Persie, and Chamakh’s inability to play in any of the other forward positions has been a hindrance. On the other, all the things that looked good about his game, the aerial ability, the hold up play, bringing others into the game, have suffered as his confidence has plummeted, and he admits lack of regular playing time has been a problem.

“Of course I want to play more, but it’s very difficult for a forward at Arsenal. The level is very high, but that’s the challenge that I was looking for.

“Personally, I have a lot more in my game and I want to demonstrate my level.”

With Arsene Wenger seemingly reluctant to do any January transfer business bar the return of old favourite Cliff Bastin, we can only hope that Chamakh manages to up his game and make a contribution before an inevitable summer move.

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Wonderful news he will be LANS


Mr. G

Just isn’t good enough for the Arsenal. Even during his first few months I didn’t find him all that impressive – another player who is just too afraid to shoot unless he’s a few yards out from goal. But then again, his shots lack any real power anyway. He’s only good at headers, but then again, so was Bendtner, who was a better shooter.

Can’t help but feel sorry for him as his confidence is rock bottom, but we need someone much better as RVP backup.


Few yards in front of goal, i have see him miss tap in from closer than six yard atleast three times even one of them was offside, mind you they are excellent clearances though.
Anyways lets see if sagna or jenkinson can help him later in the season.

Cygan's Left Foot

He is not a bad player as some make him to be, he is just playing with the wrong team. He scored with no crosses in the first half of last season because he had Fab behind him, I would score if Fab was behind me.

Sadly, now he has got behind him Mr flicks and back heel the Brazilian from Wales Ramsey, so he needs crosses to score. But, I must say his work rate and trying never stopped and that is credit to him.

Master Bates

would score if cesc was behind her *ZING*

BTW Chamakh linked up well Wilshere and the French Lesbian ,it wasn’t cesc

He should try to score with side too ,it’s not like RVP scores goals from nothing he gets assists from Walcott,Forehead and Rambo (sometimes John Terry) .

Chamakh should convert every chance he get and he is not doing that at the moment ,like Comedian said he can’t even score tap-ins from close range

Master Bates

***some text missing


Just watched Last nights Classico and totally depressed myself. We used to play football like that. Why the fuck did we not build a team around cesc one of the finest of his generation and we paired him with the likes denillson and rosicky etc. we could have bought alonso but bottled it. What a poxy mess and now wenger says that the great chamakh is going nowhere and that he has faith in him. Next punter in my cab is gonna get taken the long way to tower of London or wherever to pay penance for how cak we… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

come on, don’t put Rosicky in the same boat as Denilson.
He was absolutely brilliant before he got that fucked up injury.

Dick Swiveller

Not that simple though, is it? Sure we can demand the top talent but money talks so where are they going to end up at if they have a half-decent agent? Not somewhere with a limited budget that’s for sure. This is the only way we can compete with City/Chelsea, if it doesn’t work then we go the Spurs route which right now looks like a brilliant idea to all and sundry but I GUARANTEE that this time next year things will not look anywhere near as rosy at WHL. Things have gone wrong, things have gone very wrong at… Read more »


As terrible as he’s been recently. If he were to capture the form he had when he first come to arsenal, he could become an asset. But that is highly unlikely I know! His future depends on van persies fitness really, VP gets injured then he gets a run and maybe could capture some form.

Moo Moo Toure

Don’t use RVP and injury in the same sentence..Thank you.


Having been an Arsenal fan since 1970 I have seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, but through it all I have supported this club without question, however, it seems that now there is a climate of putting in as little as we can to achive at best a Champions League spot. We as a club are like a rudderless ship being tossed about on the ocean, while the board have abandoned ship on the only lifeboat. Players like Chamakh (and I like him as a person) are given the ideal from the board with their lack… Read more »

frankie frankie

The worst news i have heard. i was a massive fan of his from his time with bordeaux.I knew he didn’t score that many goals but he was a beast for them with his general play outside the box. great in the air and broought others into to play. But since jan 2011 he has been awful. the lack off goals is worrying but not as much as his his 1st touch, passing and shooting. i really don’t see the point of keeping him for the rest of the seaon. As far as i’m concerned his place on the bench… Read more »


I’ve never seen a striker so afraid to shoot in my life, it’s true his hold up play and ability to bring others into the game used to be good however his confidence plummet has robbed him of these skills and what we are seeing from him now Is nothing short of diabolical. His last game against Leeds he was about as dangerous as Brian dowling in a pair of boxing gloves


i think he had one shot at goal in his 70 minutes against leeds? i can understand poor form and missing, but if he is ever to find the net, he needs to start shooting!


I manager is suposed to be able to use his resources & plan ahead.
Forecast for 2012
1)Van Persie will NOT sign a contract

2) Outside the top 4

3)Finish well beneath Tottenham

4) Will not spend big in Summer

Dave Gooner

Difficult to know what to make of MK. Being a striker is a ‘confidence’ game, and he has sure lost his confidence. Even though he had a pretty good start to his career here.

Come on Marouane, take it on, face it down. Get the touch back. Shoot on sight, and fuck the naysayers. You know you have it.

And is it true that Theo is really looking for 85 quid a week? Man he really needs to sharpen up for that kind of dough.

Merlin's Panini

Yeh, MK…. errrr… Milton Keynes?
Marlon King? I’ve never known what to make of him… oh wait, yeh I do…

Merlin's Panini

Sorry, I’m being an arsehole.


Looks like Wenger hasn’t given up on him then and will persist with him for the rest of the season. He always clings on to them longer than the fans want. Trouble is, we’re usually right these days!


please fuck him off ASAP. the guys about as skillfull as my nan, and looks like he’s lost just about every ounce of footballing ability that he ever had. if we can get any money for him, without having to give him away for free, then do it. and hopefully we might replace him.

Mr. G

Seeing as we got him on a free in the first place, then if that’s what it takes to get rid of him then it’s fine – unlike with shite players like Squilvestre who we actually PAID for, we wouldn’t lose out on transfer funds if we sold Chamakh, if you get what I’m saying.


What a great club to support. I LOVE The Arsenal…. I may not agree with all the decisions that are made, but the fact is that whatever the decision, I will support them through thick and thin. Always! Chamahk, for right or for wrong is an Arsenal player. So, I will support Chamahk. I will chant and sing and shout and forever hope that he will be the star for us which he wants to be. Chamahk and Arsenal want the same thing. He wants to be successful. We want him to be incredibly successful. Whilst he is an Arsenal… Read more »


And breathe

Johnny Massacre



There is a rumour that arsenal is making a 15 million bid for jageilka-LIES.Thank God for other smaller clubs like spurs & newcastle,we can relocate there & come back @ end of a decade.Since afc has all of a sudden lacked money 2 make any serious signing.


“Trouble is, we’re usually right these days!” Bollocks. It wasn’t too long ago that people were calling for Koscielny to get the axe, he’s one of the premiership’s best now. A couple of seasons ago the same was being said of Song before he found his place. Andre Santos this season was getting a lot of stick when he first arrived but his defensive stats solidly improved to a very respectable point before his injury. What I’m trying to say is, we only remember the times we got it right. At least sound like you want the players to prove… Read more »


“Usually”, not “Always”. You also just named the successful ones. You can try naming the failures, tally it up and see where the “usually” comes in.


Koschelney is still crap so is shitastacker, Wenger dos not know how to build a defense !!!!!!!




Well said
I’d bet we have all yelled this at one point or another this season


And random reference but watching him reminds me of jurassic park when the hunter guy is yelling “Shoot her… Shhhhooooooott Heeeerrr!!!”


‘I am relaxed about my future’. Says a lot that little line.

I’d be shitting bricks if I was paid to deliver something (the something in his case being goals) and wasn’t.

We have had and semmingly still have too many players in this kind of comfort zone. They need a new one tearing by the likes of RVP and TV5.


*seemingly*. Twat.

the only sam is nelson

I’d *hope* he’s “relaxed” about his future because he’s confident in his own ability to dig himself out of the pit he’s in. That’d be good. Him shitting himself about things is how he looks on the pitch, however. I’d far rather he were more relaxed, he might actually get a goal or two

perhaps not “arshavin” relaxed, but less like a nun at a penguin shoot. somewhere in between


Waited a year for Chamakh.



All London purveyors of fine hair product breathe collective sigh of relief.

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