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Hill-Wood pays tribute to strike duo

Peter Hill-Wood has paid homage to club captain Robin van Persie for his recent on-pitch contribution and also thanked Thierry Henry for providing Gunners fans with more great memories after his short loan spell with the club.

Writing in his chairman’s statement in the foreword to the latest Arsenal holdings PLC financial results dossier, the 76-year-old, who succeeded his father 30 years ago, reflected fondly on the return of the club’s greatest ever scorer:

“It was a special moment to have Henry back with us for his statue unveiling.

“This was only surpassed by that winning goal against Leeds United on his return to action in an Arsenal shirt during his loan period with the Club.

“It was a truly memorable football moment from an outstanding Arsenal servant.”

Recognising the importance played by Van Persie, who has at times single-handedly dragged Arsenal towards unforeseen victories in the last year, Hill-Wood continued:

“I would like to recognise another outstanding Arsenal servant, our captain Robin van Persie.

“He has been in tremendous form and has scored many spectacular and valuable goals.

“In addition, he has proved to be an exceptional leader of the team and I am delighted by his contribution on and off the pitch.”

Let’s hope the love from the board and the fans will help persuade Van Persie to sign a new contract in the summer. The Dutchman confirmed ahead of yesterday’s 5-2 hammering of Spurs that he was indeed waiting until the end of the season to discuss a new contract, making clear in the process that there is nothing sinister behind the decision.

“There have been a lot of stories, generally contradictory ones, about my contract situation recently so I’d like to make it clear,” he said.

“There’s nothing complicated or sinister – the club and I have both agreed to speak at the end of the season and see how things stand. The boss, Ivan Gazidis and I are all comfortable with it.

“I need all my focus to be on football – on captaining this team, improving every day, doing extra work on the training pitch and preparing for the very busy schedule of fixtures we have.”

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Hill-Wood only shows his face on easy PR exercises like this.


How very true ! I can’t be the only Gooner nauseated by this sort of self congratulatory garbage. Hill-Wood has nothing to shout about and the state of our Club – 7 years without a trophy and counting – leaves him with nothing to be smug about. Instead of some element of reflection or even thanks towards the supporters who have shouldered this burden, we get this sort of despicable tat, that’ Bigs’ his own ego and disregards any address to reality. The day we see the back of him, I’ll write a celebratory letter to his favourite publication, The… Read more »


Imagine a prime Henry playing with RVP of today….And thats another pair ruined.


Well done, you managed to get the first post on an article posted mid-day on Monday.

the only sam is nelson

i don’t believe for a moment that scooped the daily star for PHW’s thoughts, who the fuck is this imposter claiming to be our favourite cigar chomping old etonian?


“Jeeves, what do the oiks read? ”
“The daily star, I presume sir.”

the only sam is nelson



how come my comments were deleted. I’m changing to another arsenal blog!


Mate try this site…
The best arsenal website after arseblog.

dench man

hahaha nice one


A bit off topic but i would like to say that i will be purchasing a copy of So Paddy Got Up. As a poor student my money usually goes towards alcohol but nonetheless i have been a religious reader for a few years now! 10 years of the Arseblog. Up the ARSE x


Very professional from RvP. A real gent.
Up The Arsenal!


Totally worth it.
Reminds me of that time about nine years back when i used to save up for a daily visit to the internet cafe. I was the only student banned from accessing the school computer/internet services. I always knew it was more than worth it, IT WAS FUCKING EXCELLENT!
Never missed a post since then

Eric Irish gunner

Give him what he’s worth he’s a true gunner

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