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Mertesacker travels to Germany for ankle scan

The German press are reporting that Per Mertesacker has traveled to Munich to have a scan on his ankle after the one carried out by the Arsenal doctors proved inconclusive.

It seems odd that an MRI in Germany would provide different results from the MRI in London, but Arseblog News suspects it’s a case of Mertesacker, and Arsenal, looking for a second opinion before deciding on a definite course of treatment. It would be no surprise if the initial scan results were bad and club and player are exploring all options which is no bad thing.

Kicker says that Per will meet with the German national team doctor, Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt, an extremely well regarded specialist, before a decision is made as to whether the ankle ligament damage he suffered can be treated with rest and physiotherapy or if it requires surgery.

The picture the BFG posted on his Facebook page yesterday certainly looked a touch gruesome and anyone who has done that kind of damage to their ankle knows it can take weeks, if not months, to recover fully. Of course most of us who turn an ankle playing 5-a-side or Sunday league don’t have the benefit of state of the art medical treatment to help us through.

The Gunners have already lost full back Andre Santos for 3 months with a very similar injury, so the prognosis is worrying.

If there’s any upside to the timing of it, it’s that it comes when we’ve just gotten our full backs … erm … back, and Thomas Vermaelen can return to his favoured central defensive position.

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Whole fart.Heh.


Scan in Germany its like the students here travelling hours to find the cheapest xerox place.
Maybe the doctor there might know his medical history but if thats not the case then…

King dingaling

Hurry up with the blog u lazy cunny


Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Per Mertesacker will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.



[…] The team travel to Italy today and the latest news we have regarding injuries and absences is that Per Mertesacker has gone to Germany to meet with their national team doctor regarding his injury. The German press say the results of […]


Mertesacker emerging from the German doctor’s secret lab.


No wonder he has sought a second opinion. I would advise any Arsenal player to do the same.

i and it seems the players have zero confidence in the medical team.

i have said a number of times that there is a snr member of our back room staff who is a paid up member of the spuds (according to a bloke i met who said he uses his season ticket!)

get well soon bfg – keep away from our quacks!


Our medical team are responsible for the rehabilitation of Aaron Ramsey and Robin van Persie, among others.

I don’t think it’s uncommon for a player to get a 2nd opinion – you would too, especially if something like surgery may be involved. Here’s to hoping it isn’t in Per’s situation.


mueller-wohlfahrt is not only club doctor of bayern munich but also the german national team. I think he knows what he’s doing and he knows per as well.


So we couldn’t give a definitive scan in our brand new, state of the art Star Trek medical facility?


His ankle must be injured or something.

Oh wait.

Cygan's Right Foot

Off topic but it’s been reported Hazard has agreed to join the bastards across the city. A team that have reached the champions league a total of once and never looked like winning it or even making it for a consecutive year…. What is he thinking????

Cygan's Right Foot

Translation of the news story from France Football: FF News: Eager to join the Premier League at the end of the season, Eden Hazard has set his sights on Tottenham. Reportedly, the Belgian international has 21 years of age agreed with the London club, which meets their aspirations, since it probably will participate in the next Champions League. As he wished to have game time and not be drowned in an overstaffing, the prodigy Lille chose the Spurs to Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea, all candidates for transfer to the spring. It remains now to the two clubs… Read more »


Well, I heard the interview of Auclair on Talksports that likes to piss us gunners off the most, said there have been such news in French media but nothing is sure. He’s been heard saying Totts have great coach well who’s off for England etc. etc. So all this is talk and this is just Feb. So, chill out. And what they think is Bale will be off this summer and Totts will make good money of him and it will be reinvested in Hazard. Even that is really doubtful cause some of that money will go to the new… Read more »


Also responsible for Jack,Vermaelen, Diaby and Gibbs!!! You consider RVP’s injury lay offs a success? Most of those are recurring Ankle problems and I wouldn’t trust our doctors at all


I don’t get criticism leveled at the medical team. It’s not like they just think “you know what, lets just snip this tendon and fuse it with some muscle from his arse, then chuck him in one of those gigantic boots! That should do it! We should also harvest Goonersaurus for parts. Diaby will need them soon.”

These guys are medical professionals. You don’t become part of a medical team at a big club without a pretty darn good C.V.

Cygan's Right Foot

That’s like saying that any problems with organ rejection is down to the surgeon who put it in the body. I’d consider the fact RvP hasn’t been injured so far this season to be a success and that won’t be down to luck. It’ll be due to the medical team working with the player to change how he trains, his posture, his movement, cooling down after the game, etc… The medical team weren’t just the first people to apply, they are all qualified. The pitch also plays a big part as it’s different to the highbury pitch. We lost our… Read more »


You’re not completely right. Ramsey’s injury was a fault of the medical team that delivered Lenny.


The fucking annoying thing about Mertesacker’s injury was that it wasn’t caused by a tackle but by an absolutely shit pitch. We should be able to sue Sunderland for the loss of our player for a month.

[…] out of the Milan game and he’s posted a picture of a nasty bruise on his ankle. He has since travelled to Germany for further scans. A lot has already been said about the appalling turf at the Stadium of Light, […]

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