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Arsenal 3-0 Villa: By the Numbers

v. Aston Villa

608 – Attempted Arsenal passes in the entire match
307 –
Attempted Arsenal passes in the second half
226 – Attempted Aston Villa passes in the entire match
152 – Completed passes by Aston Villa full time
187 – Completed passes by Song, Sagna, and Arteta
7 – Arsenal players who completed more than 90% of their attempted passes (Sagna, Ramsey, Santos, Ox, Arteta, Song, Djourou)
247 – Attempted Arsenal passes in the Aston Villa final third
103 – Attempted Aston Villa passes in the Arsenal final third
49 – Attempted passes in the Aston Villa final third by Tomas Rosicky
41 – Successful passes in the Aston Villa final third by Tomas Rosicky*
59 – Successful passes by Tomas Rosicky
70 – Percent of Tomas Rosicky’s successful passes that were in the Aston Villa final third
27 – Successful passes in the Aston Villa final third by Bacary Sagna
27 – Attempted passes in the Aston Villa final third by Bacary Sagna
9 – Successful passes in the Arsenal final third by Marc Albrighton**
14 – Key Passes by Arsenal
2 – Key Passes by Aston Villa
3 – Successful take-ons by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (of 4 attempted)*
2 – Successful take-ons by Carlos Cuellar (of 2 attempted)**
19 – Arsenal shots
8 – Arsenal shots on goal
3 – Aston Villa shots
0 – Aston Villa shots on goal
1 – Blocks by Djourou to prevent what probably would have been an Aston Villa shot on goal² but that still doesn’t count as an Aston Villa shot on goal no matter how much you think it should, or how crazy that seems to you, or how much you think it makes stats meaningless
5 – Yellow cards given to Aston Villa
44 – League matches since the opposition team was given 5 yellow cards in an Arsenal match (Arsenal 2-1 Everton, 1 February 2011)
9 – League matches since Arsenal were given 5 yellow cards (Arsenal 1-2 Man U, 22 January 2012)
17 – Different goalscorers in the League for Arsenal this season¹
2 – Career Arsenal goals, Gael Clichy
2 – Career Arsenal goals, Kieran Gibbs
264 – Career Arsenal appearances, Gael Clichy
66 – Career Arsenal appearances, Kieran Gibbs
28 25 –
Premier League matches since Robin van Persie went two consecutive games without scoring (A-Newcastle, H-Liverpool H-Swansea, A-Blackburn)
10 – Assists by Alex Song for Arsenal in all competitions
17 – Career Arsenal assists by Alex Song
3 – Tackles by Alex Song v. Aston Villa (of three attempted)

Just how good have Arsenal been in this 8 match unbeaten run?

Click to embiggen

Some of you may remember a post from March 15th on 7amkickoff where I took the Arsenal season, split it in half, and compiled the averages for goals scored (GFA), goals allowed (GAA), shots per game by Arsenal (SPG), shots on goal per game (SOG), the oppositions shots ans shots on goal (OSPG, OSOG), and then the ratios of goals per shot on goal (GPSOG) and the percent of overall shots that Arsenal score and allow the opposition to score (CONV).

Just for fun, today I compiled the Arsenal season then I split off the first 22 matches and the last 8 match unbeaten run. That, folks, is what an unbeaten run looks like: allowing less than a goal a game, scoring nearly three, converting 43% of our shots on goal, keeping the opposition to just 8 shots per game, and allowing them to convert a stingy 9% of those shots.

Arsenal are working very hard right now and playing some great football both offensively and defensively.


*Leads all players
**Leads just his team

1. United are second with 16 different goal scorers
2. See the comments in Everton 0-1 Arsenal: By the Numbers

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Just Another Gooner

So Villa had one shot on goal…


(you did make me laugh though)


1 – number of clubs in london


Ahem Obviously there’s more than one club in London… There’s two, you forgot that other one… Is it QPR? But you’re right, they are almost as good as down… so yeah, as you were.

Red Cannon

Don’t forget Fulham, who are hopefully going to beat the piss out of ManUre tomorrow!

Runcorn Goonet

4000 – Number of times I heard ‘Mind
the gap’ on the Victoria line yesterday

Christopher Page

dont forget arsenal ladies. better than spuds

Runcorn Gooner

Do the Spuds have a ladies team? Or a Reserve team? or even a First Team?


Domination – favourite situation.

Kano gooner

great team performance by the lads today, am so loving that lofty pass by Alex! he seems to be doing it just for fun and it keeps on becoming assists whenever he tries it!


The Clichy/Gibbs comparison is extraordinary.

Master Bates

When Gibbs was injured , Santos was very great for us ,now it looks like Gibbs is the better player , It’s really good that we have 2 very good fullbacks battling for one spot ,But you’ll still see people saying Wenger should buy another leftback


It was even better with Santos. 10 or so games and Santos had already scored 2 goals for us. Would be quite interesting to see a comparison of overall stats between Clichy, Gibbs and Santos actually. Tim?


Santos is the better of the two, statistically.

Maybe I will do a comparison. Also looking at Rosicky v. Ramsey. Probably will wait until the end of the season for those posts.


Gibbs and Santos have scored more than Clichy that’s for sure. Not exactly a requirement for a left back, but always useful.

Davey Jones

Great article as ever! Up the Arse! And fuck that Phil Collins loving diseased scrotum of a man that manages Aston Villa!


Very interesting about the yellow cards is it not?


Oh, by the way did you know that, apparently, the power is ‘shifting in North London’ and Man Citeh are comparable to the ‘Invincibles’?

Folks do talk a load of shite don’t they eh?


bob's your uncle

after watching gibbs today then clichy later for mancity i can safely say that our boy wenger has done it again. good lad.

and i can also safely say that santos had a lovely shocker of a first contribution to our game.! and for some reason it was warmly reasuring. glad to see him back.

bob's your uncle

so do the yellow cards reset by the next game? it would suck to lose kos for another game/s


So what’s a blocked shot on goal again?

Good Omens

I love the fact that with 17 different Premier league goal scorers this season, we surpass every other team in that regard. Great stat; makes a total mockery of the whole one man team bollocks.

gooner odst

Guys what are we going to do do about van Persie’s goal drought? Its almost Torres-esque. hahahahahaaa its a nice problem to have on the back of a 3 nil victory though.


Play him against QPR where he’ll score at least two goals?

Kano gooner

Alex is so underrated by the media, but then so is every Arsenal player. am just wondering how many assists do the like of Silver, Modric, Mata, Scholes, Na$ri have? Alex must definitely be up there with these!


Silva – 12, Mata – 10, Modric – 4, Scholes – 0, Nasri – 7. (all via

Silva`s really dipped in form for a while. Modric is just overrated & Nasri`s a c*nt


I checked and he makes top ten in the premier league… Up there with the best of those cunts… and just ahead of Samir ‘My cunt feels better on a bench’ Nasri… Here’s a link for the EPL and it hasn’t been updated for last night…

Midfield Corporal

I still think the vast majority of football fans and media pundits genuinely think Scott ‘one trick pony’ Parker is a better player. I can’t see any competition, Alex is head and shoulders above him.

Red Cannon

Plus Parker looks like a tight-assed little dork with his shirt tucked so firmly into his shorts.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Parker looks like a short little dork with his shirt tucked so firmly into his tight-ass.

Eric Irish gunner

Over for the game great win fuck spurs still on the piss on the holloway road up the gunners


Alex Song:he assists when he wants to!!!!


you got that right, man. seems to me, we have our own xavi. great to see alex perform like that.


Other way around Pico. Its Barcelona who have there own Alex.


The digression in the comments–Everton 0-1 Arsenal: By the Numbers ( ) as to what the definition of cock block is was thoroughly enjoyable.
Although confusing at times, which is usually due to a lack of understanding the definition properly, statistics are excellent ways to show trends and events of reality but are never themselves perfect in explaining them. Counting things twice (SOG and blocks) is redundant, obviously. It’s just the way it is and that’s fine with me.
To All: Unless your name is Webster, please don’t create definitions to fit one’s simple ability of understanding.


0-replays shown of Walcott & Arteta’s fine goals today on Match of the Day.
Fucking anti-Arsenal wankers as usual.


Don`t forget hardly any analysis. Ofc when we`re complete gobshite they spend half an hour talking about how shite we are, but never look into how we win by pressing or the use of FBs etc.

Adam Watford

I thought they might say how Walcotts goal was in a similar vein ( not exactly the same, of course, but reminiscent ) of Bergkamps goal against Argentina.

I have to admit, I’ve not had a lot of takers for that yet.


I heard they went out of their way to mention that it was the first time since 1887 that Arsenal had two Englishmen score goals in a match.

Adam Watford

Ah, I have just read this, having asked you that very question !

Is it actually true ? Still, whether it actually matters is a good point too.

It probably doesn’t.


How dare that RVP not score i mean i know he scores when he wants to…but making us wait 3 whole games…. how dare he not make arry twitch more….(On a side note rumours have been circling that two london clubs have vanished into a big boring black hole after 90 minutes of 2 completed passes by each team)

Master Bates

Song is an attacking defensive midfieder , it still new ,he’s starting it . Like the Makelele started the Makelele role ,The Song Role will be popular ,you’ll see


He’s combined the holding role with the deep lying playmaker with the box to box midfielder fantastically. I think it’s all in the hair.

It is what it is

Pirlo started that. But Song is more physical and pleasantly more audacious. Due is a beast of no equal…a little more discipline/better decision making required though.

It is what it is

* Dude

damien joyce

If “7am Kick-off” and “just another gooner” were on big brother couch discussing blocks and SOG and OSOG etc… it would make magical viewing, stick a keg of favoured tipple in between them would make it x-rated humour me reckons!!!
Laurel & Hardy
Morecambe & Wise
7 am Kick-Off & Just Another Gooner
(Hale & Pace?????)


So….where’s jack gonna go when he comes back? Arteta’s place?


All I know is Jack’s gonna bring it when he comes back… Loving the competition and unity! Gooners be proud!


We managed to cut our gap with City from 14 to 12. Beware, City


Can we catch City this season mathematically? Or will that require a monstrous capitulation the other shite big London clubs have provided?


We are on 58pts The most we can get is 82 pts 8-0-0 and City are on 70 pts right now with 8 left as well. We play them, so assuming we were to beat them, there is a chance we could catch them, but it is very very small. They would have to lose something like 4 of their 8 left with us winning out… I don’t really see that happening. But we can certainly make sure Citeh are not crowned champions by running up the score on em when we play. I would rather neither Manchester club won… Read more »


8 games and 12 points ahead, and we still have to play them at home.

Its do-able, but requires them to collapse and us to win almost all our remaining games.

Personally, I think they’ll stutter and we’ll end up close to them, perhaps 5 points behind or so.


Only 12 points separate us from the top two while a whopping 16 separate us from Liverpool!


Rad Carrot

We need 12 points more than they’d get, with 24 to play for. So, even if we win every match from here till then (Unlikely, but certainly possible) they’d have to register either 4 losses in 8, or perhaps 5 draws and one loss, or some combination in between. It’s highly unlikely we’ll catch them this season. Don’t worry about it. We’ve proven we can play, teams are finally scared of us again, and if we keep the confidence high and our best players at the Grove, then we should get a decent start next season which won’t cripple us… Read more »

[…] Match report – Video – By the numbers […]


I am probably being unduly worried but how does a team like Aston Villa manage to make 103 attempted passes in our final third/ 226 total attempted passes? I know they are attempted passes but another day another team could take advantage and I hate Arsenal conceding any goals at all.

Rad Carrot

That’s not really a worrying amount, when you consider that the stat is “Attempted passes”, which can mean anything from through-balls to lumped clearances. 103 passes in that area means barely more than one a minute, which is frankly nothing. Considering probably, what? One in five connected? Aston Villa weren’t in the game at all, it was another good defensive performance by us.

Oleg Luzhny

The commentator reeled off a ridiculous Arsenal stat yesterday (not sure which network it was, I’m watching from Canada) but he said that Arsenal have not lost a Saturday 3PM game for 18 months!


haha yeah, i caught that one. they come up with some absolute bollocks sometimes.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If TV hadn’t screwed up the traditional Saturday football every weekend then we would be on another Invincibles run, 🙂

Adam Watford

Dear 7am,

Can you help me, please ?
John Mostson stated on MotD last night that this was the first time that two English Arsenal players had scored for Arsenal ( thereby excluding own goals ) since 1997.
That is effectively since Wenger arrived, thought I.

Is this actually true ? I find it hard to believe, even despite the stereotype that our club was burdened with.

Thanks !


Oleg Luzhny

Arsenal finished the game with 11 different nationalities yesterday. (Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, England, Czech Republic, Spain, Cameroon, Wales, & Netherlands).

Useless but interesting.


yeah the commentator i was listening to mentioned this a couple of times as well. guess it’s legit…?

Leandro Couto

Too many europeans in the squad. This goes to show we are lacking an asian who can play, to balance things out. The one we’ve got is no good. I vote Shinji Kagawa!

But seriously, it’s part of Wenger’s philosophy. You play if you are good, no matter where you’re from. Makes sense to me.

Arianne Ferrer

Makes me want to run some regressions!


with 72% possession it means you can really concentrate on getting the ball back as quickly as possible which i felt we done really well on Saturday. As a team they can get used to resting whilst having possession, not when they’re defending. Not resting in defence and having complete concentration is easier when you only have to do it 28% of the time! It almost becomes like basketball in that way. This strategy has to change a little bit of course when we play against better teams, but keeping our concentration when we’re defending has been so important for… Read more »


Alex Song? Alex Song.


Great stuff from 7am again. What I find interesting is how the numbers change (or dont change) in the 8 game run. Our shots and SOG are only slightly increased but the conversion rate is up 50%. So can we claim credit for this or is it just luck / regression to mean. I think there may be some of both. Clearly we have been playing better and the goals have rarely been 90yd wonder volleys (Artetas was classic free kick range, superb goal coming straight at me but within ‘normal’ parameters). My gut feeling is we are making better… Read more »

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