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Everton 0-1 Arsenal: By the Numbers

A Tale of Two Halves

14 – Arsenal shots at full time
7 – Everton shots at full time
9 – Arsenal shots in the first half
1 – Everton shots in the first half
8 – Arsenal shots in the first 19 minutes
3 – Number of Arsenal’s first half Arsenal shots by Aaron Ramsey*
2 – Number of Arsenal’s 5 second half shots by Aaron Ramsey*
1 – Number of Aaron Ramsey’s shots on target

140/157 – Arsenal passing in the first 19 minutes (89%)
297/343 – Arsenal passing in the first half (87%)
132/192 – Arsenal passing in the second half (69%)
+8 – Difference in completed passes Arsenal made in the first 19 minutes over the entire second half
104/140 – Everton passing in the first half (74%)
126/179 – Everton passing in the second half (70%)
160 – Passes in the Attacking Third that Arsenal attempted in the game
61 – Passes in the Attacking Third that Arsenal attempted in the second half
145 – Passes in the Attacking Third that Everton attempted in the game
90 – Passes in the Attacking Third that Everton attempted in the second half

4 – Defensive clearances attempted by Arsenal in the first half
2 – Successful defensive clearances by Arsenal in the first half
16 – Defensive clearances attempted by Arsenal in the second half
10 – Successful defensive clearances by Arsenal in the second half
12 – Successful defensive clearances by Arsenal in the full 90 minutes
5 – Successful defensive clearances by Laurent Koscielny*

32 – Aerial duels between Arsenal and Everton in the full 90 minutes
12 – Aerial duels between Arsenal and Everton in the first half
2 – Number of aerial duels won by Everton in the first half
4 – Number of aerial duels won by Bacary Sagna in the first half*
4 – Number of aerial duels attempted by Bacary Sagna in the first half*
20 – Aerial duels between Arsenal and Everton in the second half
8 – Number of aerial duels won by Everton in the second half
10 – Number of aerial duels won by Bacary Sagna in the second half*
13 – Number of aerial duels attempted by Bacary Sagna in the second half*
2 – Number of aerial duels won by Jelavic in the second half**

Number of Offsides Won

Sagna – 0          Koscielny – 3          Vermaelen – 3          Gibbs – 4*

Odds and ends

3 – Number of successful dribbles (each) by Laurent Koscielny and Kieran Gibbs*
9 – Most number of Premier League appearances in a season by Kieran Gibbs (2011/2012)
5 – Number of interceptions by Steven Peener*
4 – Number of interceptions by Bacary Sagna**
6 – Number of tackles by Leighton Baines*
5 – Number of tackles by Alex Song**
3 – Arsenal’s place in the Premier League table
5 – Consecutive Arsenal wins
2 – Twitches per minute Harry Redknapp is experiencing at the moment

More of this type of insanity can be found on twitter @7amkickoff and on

*Leads all players
**Leads his team


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How does number of offsides won work? Is it that the last player to step up claims the offside?

Moo Moo Toure

Is Gibbs claiming Offside 4 times a good thing or a bad thing?
I mean does it mean he is Aware of this stuff or Reacts late like Clichy?


Got to love our first 19 min stats

Just Another Gooner

Not sure about Rambo only having one shot on target.

There was one early where the player blocked it virtually lying down (as an aside it looked to me like it hit his arm), and the one he slipped through the defender’s legs for the keeper to save that I can recall.

Just Another Gooner


How not?

That seems ridiculous to me as by that definition only shots that go in are on target as you can’t count the ones the keeper blocks.

A shot on target is a shot that would go in if not blocked in some way – surely that’s the definition everyone uses?


The shot wasn’t on goal, and therefore can’t be counted as such. A goalie doesn’t get credit for a save when a shot is blocked does he? I’m not necessarily arguing with your logic, it’s just the way it is.

Same applies for hockey, if a shot hits the post it doesn’t count as a shot on goal either.

Midfield Corporal

So if it’s saved on the line by the keeper it counts but if it’s blocked on the line by a defender it doesn’t? Political correctness gone mad if you ask me!

Just Another Gooner

Easy to count the blocks as a separate thing to shots and not to have to intertwine them. Counting it this way is ridiculous because so many shots on goal will not get counted as such, when they blatantly are. A shot that is heading at the goal when it leaves the guy’s boot is a shot on goal. It’s simple. Whatever happens after that and who ever blocks it it’s still a shot on goal. Also (if I’m reading it right) it appears there is a flaw in your (‘their’) logic as wide as the grand canyon. If a… Read more »


Clichy’s goal against stoke with the two deflections or unsuccessful blocks was that a shot on target?


@ Comedian – yes. Otherwise it would have been an own goal.

Runcorn Gooner

0. Number of decisions Lee Mason and linesman got right


0. Number of hours of sleep I’m going to lose over those terrible decisions.

Runcorn Gooner

Nothing to do with Everton.I was there last night and we had a clear pen disallowed plus a number of fouls against us not given then he books Sagna for
a first foul.
At the end of the day we won but at the time AFC fans were well pissed off
with him


Woah, a game of two halves indeed.

If Ramsey could find his shooting boots, he’d have had a shedload of goals this season. Cesc used to get pulled up for not scoring enough in his early days, so hopefully it’s something that Rambo can put right with a little guidance.


Yeah, rambo will come good. Dont understand why some people would call for his head. He is still young and works hard for the team, i say give him a few season and he will be a world class player! Cheers


I’m not a fan of calling for his head, but I can understand why: you say he’ll come good, and they ask in return, “When?”



in that case we should have off loaded Bergkamp, Song and van Persie.. also Rosicky(who everyone is in love with all of a sudden.- I’m sure there’s more than a few who were calling for him to be sold just 2 months ago).
Ramsey has actually had a decent season all in all, and people who send him all those sick tweets and internet post don’t have a place in football.


Rosicky has played much better of late. I was not going to lose any sleep if Arsenal parted ways with him, but he’s now showing why Wenger likes him so much. Fair play all around. Ramsey once again, like he has all season long, gave an “all-action display” that lacked the sort of class required at the top level. And he’s not _that_ young anymore. Of your comparisons to other players, only Song’s situation is similar. However, they are different in that Song by now has convinced whereas Ramsey has not. You seem convinced he has or will yet, but… Read more »


@noelson You might realize that I started off saying I was not with the “Off With His Head!” brigade, that I only understood their line of thought. I don’t need the lecture.


There seems to be some people who simple can’t just support the team, and have to look for anything to pick at, even now that we have won 6 league games on the trot. pathetic


couldnt agree more, ramsey isnt a massive influence on this team yet, but i’ve no doubt in the next couple years he will dominate. He’s no denilson this fella


I was surprised at how big Rambo looked yesterday, always thought he was a good height but thin and i was positively surprised that he had as big a physical presence yesterday. Personally i think he’s got lots of potential and a great attitude but some of his misses this season have been amateurish, really needs to work on his finishing, especcially if he wants to play in CAM

Cygan's Left Foot

Alex Ferguson, Phil Dow, Mark Hughes, Joe Barton, Alaasad, Kony and John Terry were the most relieved that Ramsey didn’t score.

the only sam is nelson

interesting that even though the second half performance dipped we were still ahead of everton. clearly work rate, ahem, works

the only sam is nelson

i mean in terms of passes/completed passes by the way

the only sam is nelson

the nicest thing about all this to my mind is that instead of hearing players come out and say “we need to fight/concentrate/never give up” after we’ve just lost a game, we get to see them acutally *do* all of that shit and win games

hopefully it’ll be a habit forming thing, this doing instead of talking

next up villa and more opportunity to fuck up mcleish’s shit, the bawbag weegie fuckface that he is

Just Another Gooner


Are you sure that shot wasn’t heading at goal because I could have sworn it was. Agree about your post thing but not about what 7am is saying re blocked shots per se as that is just ludicrous.

Cygan's Right Foot

No stats are worked out with blocked shots being classed as on target. What if it’s not blocked but then a gust of wind takes it over the goal? Would you say it’s on target even though it cleared the bar, as the shot started on target?

You could make the self same spurious argument about saves by the keeper.


Is that an African or European swallow?


Just Another Gooner,

You’re still banging on about this?

Why don’t you write nasty letters to OPTA, then? As Tim has pointed out, it’s their definitions, not his.

Also, you’re a bitch getting worked up (“ludicrous”? Please.) about nothing.

Thought you should know.


Ramsey is shit


George ! What do you do in your life to give others pleasure….oh Nothing especially assessing your remark..


@Maddo. Sorry mate but am with George on this: Ramsey is shit, pure and simple. And I think its fair if you express your opinion without a reference to people’s life and quotidians. This is a forum for opinionated minds, lets not make it look like an abuse arena. Back to Ramsey, people get so emotional because of his injury (I too am to some extent) but this should in no way becloud our sense of judgement. Just how many days have we spent here arguing if Ramsey was good enough or not, why must it be Ramsey all the… Read more »


No he isn’t – but he is not yet good enough to hold down a regular place. He does have a few dodgy games, and misses some good chances, like last night, but he will come good eventually.


@Fatgooner. I’ve actually seen Ramsey had some splendid games, but those are too few and far between for the playmaker of a top 4 team. We are like every other team in having younger ones being brooded to take over from specific older players, so Ramsey was supposed to be the apparent heir to the throne Fabregas vacated, which is proper and auspicious. However, big teams thrive on being able to get the right feedbacks and basing their judgments on it asap. Goran Tosic was bought to eventually replace Giggsy but he is long gone because SAF thinks he isnt… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

What?!? Ramsey was never supposed to be the replacement to Fabregas as Cesc was an advanced playmaker, while Ramsey is a box-to-box midfielder (something he does very well for club and country in my opinion). Ol’ Jack is supposed to take the advanced role (a position he has played in at every level) but injury has put a stop to that. Due to his age, he is a better comparison to Fabregas and is a youngster who is touted as the future of the Enlgish midfield. That’s something Fabregas can’t claim as he is in and out of the Spanish… Read more »



Do Zippy and Bungle agree with your analysis?


Probably George Costanza.


If I block a cock with someone else’s cock is that a cock block?

1886 in land of the King Kenny Klan

No mate it’s what you call the level just above a bromance, for it to be a cock block, it would have to involve a female. to summarise a cock block is NOT a cock block w/o a female enabling the aforementioned cock block.

Ditto, 7 am, By the way, these definitions are not my definitions


Aaaaaaaaaaand I quote:

According to an article by a freelance writer, Joshua Bernstein, in the New York Press, cockblocking is a “foul act in which someone interferes with another’s attempt at finding happiness inside someone’s pants.”.


Midfield Corporal

Cock blocking is no laughing matter Phil. 🙂

It is what it is

Agreed, not humourous at all……they (cock blockers) are also known as defenders, and can be male or female.
Had a Nesta and Sol Campbell, while at college. They were absolutely ruthless. Hovered and destroyed any good moves.


I thought we were going to run riot after the first 20 minutes,but after that,Everton were the better team. We were very lucky yesterday,I reckon we’d of lost if their goal had stood.


Not the match I watched. Many Everton players should have been on yellows and Cahill should have gotten a straight red. If you want to look a things objectively, with the officials getting everything right on the day, we still would have come out on top with all three point.
It is scandalous the Mason can get away with such a dire performance

Davey Jones

It’s nothing new, that Phil Collinsesque individual is the worst referee I’ve ever seen referee

[…] Match report – Video – By the numbers […]


It’s 6 wins in a row, not 5! 18 points from 18 in games including Liverpool, Spuds, Newcastle and Everton – unexpectedly brilliant, I’m delighted.

the only sam is nelson

well we beat milan in the game but lost the tie

so does the 3-0 count as a win, or a loss?



ramsey was injured for an entire season and in this season he had a very good 1st half.his legs are probably tired.wenger will not play ramsey in every match.everton had fellaini yesterday and wenger wanted to completley dominate midfield. and thats the reason behind playing ramsey.


The most impressive part about our performance was the defense. This is why I am not sure we would have lost even if the off side wasn’t called. For one thing, Szczesny didn’t make an attempt to block the shot because he saw the off side flag go up. Other than that, though, how many saves was Szczesny required to make? I can only think of one when he caught Fallaini’s header. And even in the 2nd half, we had more clear-cut chances (including RVP’s shot against the post) than they did despite their pressure. Truely an impressive defensive performance!

Just Another Gooner


“Shot on target:
an attempt to score which required intervention to stop it going in or resulted in a goal/shot which would go in without being diverted”

By that definition the shot blocked by the defender was a shot on target.

Striker gets a shot on target and the defender gets a blocked shot so no duplication of numbers at all.

Casual Observer

I’m surprised you’re still going on about it. If it really annoys you that much try adding them together.

And then you can start up a blog in attempt to compile all these statistics on your own free time for someone else to critique and ask why you listed block shots as shots on goal.



just because a defender blocked a shot doesnt guarantee that the ball was going to be on target, the ball can take a wicked bend, thats why off the line ones are counted and the ones where the keeper gets rounded isn’t


Wow. STILL going on about it.


[…] I pointed out in my By the Numbers column on Arseblog News Arsenal basically spent 70 minutes of yesterday’s match defending. After about the 19th […]

Just Another Gooner

Anyway, as I think it’s fairly obvious that we’re not going to agree on this these are my last words on this.

Regardless of anything else, thanks for always taking the trouble to do these stats.


Ramsey should have scored. I’ve not been pleased with him this season.


That’s very magnanimous of you, Tim, after being told your points were ludicrous, ridiculous, spurious, and kygiakos.

Come on. You wanted to take of one of your white riding gloves and slap him in the face with it. Admit it.


My guess is Opta’s rationale goes something like this: scoring shots as either on target, off target, or blocked is better because blocked shots are easily counted without having to parse which of those blocked are on/off target when ball only travels a few inches twenty yards from goal. A system that scored all blocked shots as on/off target would probably lack some precision. It would also give weight to irrelevancies. For example, does it matter if half of a player’s shots are on target if that half gets stuffed because he doesn’t get the ball by the defender immediately… Read more »


I like Ramsey and see his potential, but don’t like the midfield when it’s Ramsey, Arteta and Song. It lacks pace and seems to get bypassed all too easily. We really need to find a better balance that’s more dynamic in my opinion. And I’m also not overly impressed with Song’s contribution of late. Sure, he’s put through some lovely balls for assists, but he’s now trying too hard and has become very wasteful and careless. Those assists seem to have gone to his head and a few times he’s almost cost us a goal with his sloppy play. The… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

2000 Number of sharp intakes of breath at Goodison when JD came on as sub.


FYI: It looks like Sagna won most of those aerial duels off Szczesny kicks:

Here’s where he won headers:

Here’s where Szcz kicked the ball (2nd half):

And it looks like Sagna was picking on Steven Peener.


So now that balance is restored and we are on top of ‘them’, who would we prefer to see win the league? See Citeh win – a new team – but then have Nasri wave his medal in our faces? Or see United win – again – and have to listen to them and their ‘supporters’ condescension for another year? If it weren’t for Nasri, I’d favor Citeh (even with the cash on hand they have) simply to see some variety and that I see United more as a long term rival than Citeh who I feel will flame out… Read more »


But if a shot-taker is in such a position he’s clearly going to score then it should be counted as a shot on goal. Or rather, it should be counted as an almost goal. I mean it’s obvious for everyone but you 7am why are you being such a douche about it, just fix the stats plz we the 99% are obviously right!!!!!!


100% – chance that Harry Redknapp will say something utterly obvious and unenlightening like “the season’s not over yet”.


he’s got a twitch, he’s got a twitch! harry redknapp he’s got a twitch!


Aaron Ramsey suffered a grotesque, traumatic injury that very few of us will be unfortunate to share, and worked his ass off to rehabilitate himself enough for the physical rigors of Premier League football (again, something most of us are anatomically ignorant of). He has always spoken highly of the Club and is held in high regards there and among his national team, where his leadership and ability earned him the armband at a relatively young age. It is doubtful he’d lose five minutes of sleep worrying what Mr. Clever Screenname thinks of his abilities. I for one hope Rambo… Read more »


Am I missing something? What was that about a blocked shot not being a shot type thing.
Maybe we should start a thread……., or not.

Junichi B

Most seriously, Matt Spiro is a probably a die hard gunner, and the way he translated what was said is just not correct (cut sentences, put aside answers of different questions, etc.). I know everybody don’t care, but, there is the truth.

Oleg Luzhny

I did some digging up, not sure how much attention this will get, but I put together these numbers: In the 10 games (only 10!) that Vermaelen & Koscielny have been the starting Centre Back pairings, Arsenal’s record is 7-1-2 with 10 goals conceded. And one of those games was the Milan game. I like the BFG, but Verm & Kos should be the #1 starting centre backs. Koscielny has improved by leaps and bounds this season, he seems to have added some upper body strength and he’s a beast as a result! At the same time, fit full backs… Read more »


I think that had never been an issue. For those who have been watching Arsenal since previous season it’s obvious that he’s the starting XI CB. This season he’s unreal. For me he’s our best and the most consistent player of the season so far. And as far as I love Vermaelen and rate him extremely high Koscielny is even ahead of him. So for me and think that for many other AFC fans the discussion what should our first pairing be doesn’t make much sense at the moment. Kos-Verm is the best CB partnership in the EPL atm. And… Read more »


6 is the number of Arsenal Consecutive Wins ……… (not 5)
keep them coming ..!!!!!


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