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Podolski seemingly on the verge as clubs agree fee

A deal for Germany and FC Kolkn striker Lukas Podolski seems to be near completion as reports emerged of the clubs having agreed a £10.9 million fee. Last week there had been rumours of “Poldi” having agreed personal terms – and this now seems to be in the region of £100,000 a week.

After those quotes from Per Mertesacker came out over the last few days, a deal always seemed likely.

Podolski is just 26, but has 95 caps for Germany (scoring 43 goals), and has a very decent 110 goals in 282 career club games. The one blemish on his CV is the years he spent in the wilderness at Bayern Munich, where personality clashes, and formation and coaching changes saw him play mostly from the bench.

The great thing about the possibility of Podolski joining us is his versatility. For Joachim Löw’s Germany, he has performed consistently playing wide in a 4-3-3, and at Koln he has scored regularly as a central striker.

Clearly given our 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 hybrid, players like Chamakh or Park aren’t much use unless Van Persie isn’t starting, so having a player who can play alongside him would be fantastic.

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Ben Savage

This is a real statement of intent from Arsenal. Love it!

Now go and get a few more and it will really show RVP that we mean business next season…

why is my name required

Welcome to Arsenal!


“mr.podolski we just want to check your ears to make sure u can hear the arsenal fans”
poldi enters the emirates.stunned by the atmosphere.his foot will do rest of the work.
wow we have a brilliant medical team!!

Master Bates

Why does it have to be statement or a ‘show’ . we are just adding a very good player . Liverpool showed intent last year by spending more than 100M but we know where they are still shit .

So let them buy someone they see good ,like that time they bought that unknown kid Oxencart Chamberpot kid instead of proven stars like Stewart Downing .

RvP will sign the contract because he loves the club…..and the coffee


Yeah, but Liverpool just chucked silly amounts of money at really average players. And they have a gimp-eyed, idiotic, neandearthal manager.

If we do indeed complete this signing, I think it is a sign of intent. He’s the kind of quality player we’ve all been shouting for, and 10m seems a fair price tag. It’s great that we’re getting the deal tied up nice and early rather than hanging on until the last seconds of the transfer window. And most importantly it gives the fans something to be excited about. I can’t see any negatives in this.


Is Podolski getting his ears pierced in that photo?!?


lol that was my immediate thought as well.. certainly looks like it 🙂

Anyway, this is good i hope. But one thing that worries me a bit, isn’t RvP supposedly only on about 90k a week? I hope this is meant as a statement of intent in order to keep RvP and that HIS wages are goingt be bumped a lot. The alternative that this lad is being brought in to potentially replace RvP when he leaves isn’t anywhere near as happy a thought.. 🙁 Lets hope its the former.


May be it also signals a change in the wage policies. Obviously we have to get rid of some to accomadate him though and RVP will get far more than what he earns now.
Welcome Podolski!!!!


The problem with our deadwood is, who the hell wants them? For example, Almunia couldn’t get a keeper’s job in a church league run by a pastor with a deep compassion for the untalented.


They’re gonna check him for worms, next.

Mr. T

They’re installing him some Arsenal DNA. Lu lu lu – Lukas Podolski!

Here's Waldo

The boy is still wet behind the ears. I think the picture is of Colin Levin (the gloves, you know) just clearing that up so Lukas can play with the likes of Jack and the Ox.


The tat is next, Dude. Get an Arsenal cannon.

Master Bates

Goldi Poldi hallelujaaaaaaaaa

Lu-Lu-Lu Lukas Podolski

gunner to the core

the tune’s now stuck in my tongue


I blasted that song in my house dancing like an idiot, my entire family is now fairly upset with me and confused as to why I was listening to a german song


google translate offers this translation of thy lyrics: (2x) Goldi Poldi Hallelujah Goldi Poldi Hallelujah Goldi Poldi Hallelujah There is a football god! Some players who are just weak, you rule the ball and keep it flat. Some are lazy millionaires But it just goes to you for the honor. After the game again before the game and it is sometimes not the way you want, You’ll still give everything, because football means to you life. (8x) Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski The important thing is simply happens on the pitch, all else is but spare. You’re young and you’re… Read more »


i like the bit about having killed a goalie



I have sunk to the depths of singing along to a Europop song! and I am loving it!!

Holy Fuck, the things being an Arsenal fan makes you do… and that with a giddy grin!

Lu-Lu-Lu Lukas Podolski!!!!!!!!!

Jesper Tengquist

Can’t stop listening to it. Seriously. I hate myself for being this giddy about a transfer that’s not confirmed, and even if it is won’t even happen until the summer. But I would love to see him in our shirt!

Lionel Marc Yelibi

just 2 or 3 mores QUALITY players, the complaint will cease, and everyone will get on board


This seems like a big statement of intent if it’s true! 100k a week is a lot for us to shell out, on a proven player! I think this has as much to do with van Persies deal as it does the club, and too bloody right, he deserves a side built around him!

Nice kid

I am a nice kid, and as i am a nice kid im going to be nice and although im unsure about the 100 000 a week i am sure its a good sign of intent IF we do buy this poldi in the summer.
Sincerly nice kid


If this happens, boy will i be pleased. What are the chances of this actually though? Are we talking 90% here? I cant remember the last time Transfer rumours have been this heavy.


Should be 100%, because 1. I´ve seen the BFG on the telly last Tuesday and he was still high on adrenalin after the match talking about how proud he is to actually belong to such a great team. and he said that he was saying all this to Podolski too, when he quizzed him about Arsenal. Per nearly all but confirmed the deal, but then reverted to the official version and said, that nothing is fixed yet. But he said it with a knowing smile … 2. The crap, but usually well-informed german BILD-newspaper confirmed today, that a fee (13m… Read more »

I'm Szczesny and I know it

Szczesny is a legend. Here is his quote from here in the states, “”We are four points behind the other North London club – I am not going to say their name – and hopefully we can challenge them.”


I’m really really really glad that Woy has stepped up in the last two games. Now he is walking the talk and not just talking it 🙂


You have to remember that he’s only 21 and thus can suffer a bit due to inexperience. So yeah, he can produce some great saves, he will sometimes make mistakes, but what really impressed me is the way he picked up brooding Koscielny after the own goal. That was just awesome. You want a goalkeeper with that sort of attitude. He’ll get experience with time.


What especially impressed me is how he will own up to a mistake. That’s a sign of maturity.


This is the beginning of March. Holy crap! No waiting till August 31st ever again!!!


Truly a brilliant move to get this deal done before Euro. We need to make our moves early and secure the couple other players that I’m sure Arsene is interested in before the standard good tournament price inflation happens. Get them signed and with the squad for a full pre-season, no more of this deadline day crap! Get them in a kit, get them on the pitch with their new team mates to develop chemistry. No more “time to settle” talk!


My only doubt in this is the wages which has been stated.. i mean 100K pounds seems unlikely from us. Surely this would mean van persie getting arnd 150k and others like sagna, theo getting 100k as well.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t think it does, full backs are never going to be able to expect parity with a forwards wages. I think Theo may have had a reality check in the last month and realise there aren’t too many clubs that will give him what we are offering.


Speaking of Theo, he hasn’t been banging on about being played up front for a few months. Makes you wonder what he’s thoughts are.


RVP is definitely getting a wage bump but how much is anybody’s guess. Around 150k doesn’t sound wide off the mark, especially if Arsenal offloads some surplus players in the summer (and yeah I know it will probably break their wage structure but I believe its inevitable). I doubt that he would move just for the money since he loves the club, but the club needs to love him back.


Prinz Poldi playing for the Kings of London? Sounds like a match made in heaven.


So he’s on the same wages as RVP? Hopefully this means we’re prepared to go over £100k a week to keep RVP?!

forgive my wishful thinking but it would make sense…


If true, a fantastic signing, and believe his style complements ours really well. Plus he’s strong. Really strong. And he’s hot. Did I say that out loud? Shit. Must work on the inner monologue outer monologue thing.

I think this is the club signalling intent in a very positive way, and I hope it also has the effect of convincing RVP that Arsenal can match his ambitions.


There’s for sure quite a few people out there that consider this guy to be overrated on account of the fact that throughout his club career he’s been fairly inconsistent. But the truth is, he’s shown for Germany that he CAN be a fantastic player, he’s also shown it at club level when he’s been given a proper chance. For me personally I have always liked him, always tried to sign him in Fifa (heh), but in all seriousness if we were to sign him and get the best out him then he would be a real asset to the… Read more »


He’s inconsistent? He’ll fit right in at arsenal!


March 8, 2012 at 1:38 am

“He’s inconsistent? He’ll fit right in at arsenal!”

Pedantic words my friend: Viera was inconsistent, so was Henry at their respective clubs before joining Arsenal..I wonder what became of them.

Oh yes Bergkamp had issues with this club, a restless unsatisfied soul and guess what he came and conquered.
I say this post haste : Podi will be excellent in the EPL.

Arsene next project are the Germans ; they are coming or almost here, the THREESOME ( Per, Eisfeld and Pod ) Back, middle, Front.


Knowing what happened with Mata, I would take this with a pinch of salt..


Mata is a cunt.
Mata was a cunt looking for a club with big money. Lucas is a classy footballer looking for a decent club not the money. We wouldn’t compete with anzi and the like. And guess who knows a decent club and a great place to work? I hope he has Poldi’s number

Gearoid Kelly

Mata was 2.5 times the fee and probably higher wages than 100k. It seems Arsenal are happy to pay decent wages, but not the fees.
Ans as for 100k for Theo?? Look at Podolski’s stats, Theo cant compare to that. I’m very intrigued to see how his situation plays out. He’ll want big wages but Arsene won’t want to cut him loose. Decision time….


Dont like all the constant Theo Bashing. Podolski still has 4 years on him? would you compare his bayern munich stats with theo’s stats? no.

I sure as hell would prefer Theo playing for us than against us. Theo 2011/2012 – Udinese/Chelsea/Tottenham/Blackburn. all games i can think of where we would be fucked without his injection into the game. Let the boy learn his job.

bob's your uncle

podolski = JLANS

3 germans in one year! bloody hell!
(even though he’s actually polish).

looks like our scouts have set up shop in the Bundesliga.
not a bad place to shop. and a great price too.(which colone wont actually see any of..poor bastards).

things are shaping up quite nicely=-D


IF this is true, there is a few things that i am greatly impressed with. 1) the timing in which we managed to get this deal done and not waiting to offload players or transfer deadline day. 2) the quality of the signing- podolski really is a class act, if he can score 15 goals for a relegation threatened side he would be licking his lips at Tomas Rosicky’s through balls 3) The wages we are willing to pay for the player in his first season outside Germany. Could this season be a blessing in disguise? You learn from your… Read more »


The timing of this signing seems a bit strange to me. I presume that he is going to play out the season in Germany then join us; if so, why put pen to paper now? I hope that this isn’t one of those ‘handshake’ deals which can be reneged upon in the summer when a wealthier club steps in and gazumps us. If he does join us then then he will be perfect for the Gervinho role: but unlike The Forehead, he will actually be able to finish. Hopefully, this is the start of the massive revamp that the club… Read more »


if this is a done deal then im glad its done before summer, the germans, and podolski in particular, have a habit of stepping their game up for the euros and world cups, so hopefully he’ll have a good competition and we’ll avoid paying the higher price tag after..


Fatgooner March 8, 2012 at 2:19 am “If he does join us then then he will be perfect for the Gervinho role: but unlike The Forehead, he will actually be able to finish.” I bet you called Pires a wanker in his first season. I can almost see you red angry face when he played that first season especially that games against Leeds Sunderland and Middlesbrough when he could not tackle, he seemed afraid. Oh maybe you were not at the Games. G is going to be a great player for ARSENAL. Here is a young man who is building… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Well put Maddo, too many fans judge players too quickly. I think Gerv has shown a huge amount of promise so far.
Great turn of phrase too.


Sorry, but for some reason whenever I think of Gervinho I am immediately drawn back to that game at Stamford Bridge, when he missed a simple five-yard tap-in early on. So he’s still got a massive amount to prove to me.

We need goals. We need goals from the front three that play behind RvP. Walcott, Ramsey/ Rosicky/Wilshire, or Gervinho don’t do it often enough. So I really hope we get Poldolski.

But I’ll give The Forehead another season – ok?


Really I’m drawn to the bridge game where he showed amazing vision to square to Van Persie from a Ramsey through ball


Boys, boys, boys. Less dueling, more “all for one and one for all.” We know that there is always an injury crisis at our club, so the fact of the matter is that we need both Gervinho (excellent dribbler, ghosts past people; finishing and decision making–not so much) and another player of similar quality (like a Podolski) in the squad. I know we have the Ox, Walcott, Ryo, Arshavin (if he comes back), and others at the wings, but Podolski would be nice, especially because he can spell RVP if necessary.


That goes the same for Mertesacker. Yes he may be slow but has other useful attributes & fans are quick to judge him as shit. 70+ caps for his NT is not shit.

Milo Pressman

I think Podolski has a clause in his contract saying he can leave for 5m if Cologne are relegated(they’re currently 2 points above drop zone i think). If so it makes sense for both clubs to do a deal now, Cologne get a guaranteed 11m & Arsenal avoid an auction


Don’t diss the Forehead. He’s only on his first season, some 50 mil strikers can’t score for love nor money in their 5th season in the EPL. 😛


@Fatgooner – RVP missed a 3 foot sitter against Milan the other night… happens to them all. It’s early days for Gervinhio. I agree with you that he still has to prove his worth but I think he’s entitled to a fair amount more time to do so.


How legit is this? And is signing him before transfer window opens against the rules? Can this deal still be hijacked?


It seems like German teams do this all the time. For example Neuer agreed to go to Bayern before the end of the season last year, Basel’s Xherdan Shaqiri has agreed with Munich, and Marco Reus has agreed to join Dortmund in the summer. Those were locked in before the transfer window so I’m assuming that this would be locked in as well, although I’m not 100% sure.


The more I think about it, the more it seems like a great transfer. Proven scorer, proven international, not “too” expensive, best footballing age, physically robust enough and doesn’t think too much in front of the goal. (the last one reminding me a bit of Wiltord 😉 ).

Plus, look at his goal rate at an average team like Cologne. At the Arsenal, he will be fed with quality passes.

Lets see what happens with Park and Chamakh…

His “song” is aweful though… we need a new one!!!


Speak for yourself. I’m looking forward to singing “Es gibt einen Fußballgott!” next season!


I’m looking forward to singing “Es gibt einen Fußballgott!” next season!

That’s very good. Love It!


Is Podolski having his medical in the photo? I can imagine our medical team doing fandangled things like checking ears.


Great now perhaps they can spend a bit on getting to bloody work …ever tried buying a ticket on nah dont it will be quicker to walk to the bloody box office.

Great signing if the Podolski rumours are true


On this topic has anyone here bought tix on to away games?

I’m coming over from Australia, hoping the Villa game at home goes on sale to the general public soon (as Newcastle at home did not long ago). But Everton away is on sale. I was wondering on any tips to away games. Is it as easy as buying the tickets and just making your way up to Liverpool?????

Midfield Corporal

I would go onto a site like The Gooner, they have a ticket forum where fans will sell any spares for face value.

Midfield Corporal
Adam Scoggins

Must clearly herald the end of Arshavin’s Arsenal career, similar wages, similar fee, can play in that out wide left position as well as main striker. Seems like a direct replacement. My bet is theirs a deal already in place to sell AA to Zenit for in the region of £9 mill + the £1 mill we already have on the loan. If we get the 2006 World Cup Podolski i’d be far more pleased than if we get the unhappy, sulky, under performing Bayern Munich Podolski. (All we need now is to get RVP to start texting Snjeider, and… Read more »




RvP and Sneijder? Sneijer never passed the ball to RvP!




Sneijder thinks he’s a forward now, after those WC goals. More shots on goal/game (3.5) than both Milito (1.9) and Pazzini (2.7). Too bad he’s rubbish at it, 1 goal from 49 shots. His passing is also worse (81.7%) than it was. He’s trading on past glories but the fact is that he’s been a world class player while Mourinho was getting the best out of him, and average before and after.

why is my name required

He did pass the ball to RvP, and what a pass


Podolski and one from hazard or gotze and i’m off down the bookies with a wheelbarrow full of cash to back us for the title…


So would this move gervinho to the bench? to the right? Surely Podolski would not be coming here to ride the pine…

Our depth looks amazing with this deal and everyone back from injury.
Ox, Coq, Frimpong, Ramsey, Wilshere, Song, Arteta, Theo, Gervinho, Rosicky, RVP, Podolski, Ryo…


its probably good for squad rotation… And dont forget Gerv is of to the AFCON again next year


Ox, Coq, Frimpong, Ramsey, Wilshere, Song, Arteta, Theo, Gervinho, Rosicky, RVP, Podolski, Ryo…

Frimpong, Ramsey, Ryo i wouldnt consider depth, we’d be screwed by the likes of blackburn, sunderland, fulham let alone ManC.

Coq high hopes for the boy. Ideal to switch with Song once in awhile.

Wilshire , alot is relied on this kid, dont know howd he perform when he gets back.

We need to release some players : Diaby, Denilson, Bendner, Chamakh, juries still out on Park,


Jury is not out on Park. Obviously not good enough for us. Else he would have played.


Lukas Podolski ist der beste!!! Lu Lu Lu…Lukas Podolski!…am about to learn me some German!

Here's Waldo

Es ist ein Leder-Zwerg in meinem Badezimmer. Ich habe Angst um meinen Kopf verlassen unbewacht. Kommen Sie zu Arsenal Lukas!


PO – DOL – SKIIIIIIIII I remember that shout from the German commentators when he played for Germany,think it may have been 2004, when he was only about 18. He was like their Wayne Rooney, though he fucks less granny’s. The guy has always been fucking class when I have seen him in big competitions for Germany, he has a hammer of a shot and knows how to score from outside the box, and can create. Can’t wait if this is true, wil be a lot better than the one trick Chamakh who needs a chance on a plate delivered… Read more »


Fucks fewer grannies, surely?


Maybe “fucks lesser grannies”?

Rooney demands only the finest elderly ass.


I’ve seen comments about Rooney being a “granny fucker” and I’m a little confused. I saw a picture of Colleen Rooney and she’s hot, so if Wayne’s getting it off with the Geritol set then he’s one seriously screwed-up lad!


If true them great, but think people really need to calm down, all this welcome to arsenal stuff is a bit premature. I just don’t trust our board after the shambles Of the summer and arsene saying cesc or nasri was not leaving. It season ticket renewal time next month and didn’t we have rumours recently in the press about the crazy 100 mil we have to spend in the summer. Not saying he won’t sign but our recent track record on transfer ins and outs ain’t great. Sorry but I just don’t trust gazidis. He doesn’t support arsenal and… Read more »


Arsenal don’t pay dividends to shareholders and the short term loans for the stadium are paid off so what else are they going to do with the money?


If true, good signing. Inside and outside ability.

As for sketchy club record, remember that a number of people questioned “Meatsack” due to Werder’s form. I must say that I like the overall German work rate vs. the Russian work rate.

@ Adam scoggins, I seem to recall hearing that RVP and Schneider didn’t get along that well, so doubtful that call will go through.

Naija Gunner

Hope it’s true, but 100k a week?…’s unlike us!


Includes signing on fee, so say the BBC

Naija Gunner

Hope it’s true, but 100k a week?….it’s unlike us!


With all these Germans we can expect to see plenty of this next season.

The Arsenalolic

Podolski’s agent and representative where in London on tuesday to sign the deal.
Thats a great news for us
leggo Gunners


so will he get a seemingly innocuous injury before or during the Euros, and then be out for the best part of 18 months,?


im surprised blogger allowed this story to be reported on this site, don’t get me wrong I’m all for us signing podolski but this seems a bit wide of the mark for me.

I don’t believe any player of such a stature would sign for us until they know if we’ve qualified for the champions league or not.

so I’ll be ignoring any transfer talk until the seasons finished and our final league position is revealed. only then can we hope to attract such players.


like he gets champions league at his current club


The BBC are reporting it, & they dont report rumours!


March 8, 2012 at 8:05 am

Willy my friend, where have you been. Poldi haven’t played CL for the longest time. He is currently a one man army for Koln at present, trying to keep them up. And why should he not come to Arsenal. What’s wrong with the team YOU support… Ja


@ madoo, first of all let me state I would love to see podolski at arsenal, he would suit our style of play. I have no problem with us signing him. The point I was trying to make is he Will want to play champions league next year, and he will want to see if we have finished in the top four before deciding what to do. but I don’t think that will be a problem, as we will almost certainly finish third. I am just sceptical of transfer talk at the start of march!! but that said, I can… Read more »


*sorry* meant to say euros, was thinking of the world cup while I was typing an thus typed what I was thinking! hate that!!

[…] fiascos of last summer as Arsenal are widely reported to be closing in on the signature of Lukasz Podolski from FC Koln. Arseblog News reports that we’re believed to have agreed a fee of […]


Remember Juan Mata? He was supposed to have a done deal to come to Arsenal….can anyone guess what happend? Don’t count on it yet, but would be a great addition to the team.


It was the German press that first broke this and not being anything like the rumour mongering British press they don’t spout shite until its pretty much certain.


I don’t ever remember hearing that – just a bunch of the usual unsourced bullshit from newspapers. The player himself said multiple times that he wasn’t going to sign for Arsenal.


well it was reported by the German tabloid BILD Zeitung, which — although in all other respects a shit paper like the Sun — is usually spot on when it comes to football news… i’m kinda optimistic on that front…


Welcome to Arsenal.

Though I hope he isn’t bringing his earwax infections over to our team.


We have alot of average on big money whos contracts expire this year / or to be sold so £100,000a week is possible.

Alumina, Denilson, Bendtner, Ashavin, Cham, Park, Squallaci, Vela, etc… etc…

Bennys loan ends also.


Two BFG’S!


I know merte perfectly fits the bill of a german stereotype, but actually not everyone in germany is as tall as him & neither is podolski 😉 but he’s got a hell of a left foot + he likes to use it too


Excellent. Get van Persie on a new contract and make a stand in the summer.


That photo at the top, is that what consists of an Arsenal medical?

“I’ll just put my finger in your ear Mr Podolski………….yep everything seems to be fine, he’s good to go boss!”

Rad Carrot

I’m not going to get excited until he’s actually on the books, and even then we won’t know how well he fits into the team until he actually has some games under his belt. Experienced signings for Arsenal have been hit and miss in the past, but I think Podolski would be a good buy for us – I’ve seen him play a few times and he’s certainly got a good eye for goal. He looks like a big lad too, so maybe we might get some heads on the ends of some of those sublime crosses that our full… Read more »


In addition to Podolski, we should buy Peter Odemwingie. Even though he is 30 yrs old, he will be able to score 15 goals a season for the next 3 or 4 seasons consistently. He has retained his pace and is able to play left or right of RVP or in the centre when RVP needs a rest. He has demonstrated that he can be successful in the EPL and will be a much more useful squad member than Chamakh, Park, Arshavin and possibly even Walcott.


March 8, 2012 at 10:30 am
Not gonna happen


It’s Bingo Time, I’ll tell ya! It’s Bingo Time!


Podolski, Eriksen and Robben should turn us into title contenders


and Gotze


and Emile Heskey


Hilarious accompanying photo.



(Like a new german signing)


If this is true it’s make sense to get him before the euro’s before he price skyrockets. But until i see him hold our shirt or his club confirm i dont think i can be happy just yet.

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