Monday, May 23, 2022

Van Persie: I can get better

There is no such thing as the perfect footballer, and while Robin van Persie’s form this season has been little short of sensational, he knows that only too well.

Many players are dragged down by ego, thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread (coooeeee, how’s life, David Bentley?!), so it’s great to hear the skipper say he can do better and that’s he’s not blinded into self-congratulatory madness by the goals he scores.

Speaking to the Matchday Programme ahead of tonight’s game against Milan, van Persie says he recognises elements of his game which he could improve for the benefit of the team.

I don’t really sit down and reflect on the figures,” he said. “There’s too much else to do, and you can’t dwell on things because there is always room for improvement.

“I lost a couple of balls in the midfield area on Saturday that I shouldn’t have, so I’m more interested in focusing on how to avoid that next time.”

And while many will point to goal scoring records, or the chance of winning the golden boot, van Persie’s focus is well and truly on the collective.

“You always want to get the maximum out of your game – to make assists, to score goals, to be strong on the ball, to combine well with your team-mates and bring all these things together.”

“It’s rare that you can achieve it, but it has to be what you aim for and it’s more important than pursuing one target.”

Frankly, the idea of van Persie getting better than he already is pant wetting, but who are we to argue to argue with him?

Meanwhile, the skipper has backed up Arsene Wenger’s recent praise of Tomas Rosicky by talking about how much enjoys playing with the Czech international.

“I just love playing with him,” he said, “because he’s so quick in his mind, so clever in the way he sees passes and so adept at completing them.”

“He’s just football-clever, and that’s something you can’t pick up later in your career. You either have it or you don’t.”

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There’s only one Robin van Persie!

Cygan's Right Foot

Until the clone is finally ready…..


Or his son grows up.

Or his son’s son.

We shall always wait for Robin Van Persie Junior.


I think he’s leaving for AC Milan.


So he wants us to also be able to sing “He assists when he wants”
I can live with that 🙂
RVP for ballon d’or!

seven year itch needs scratching

Great attitude Robin.

He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Robin Van Persie, he scores when he wants.

Beat Milan be THE MAN.

Franky Knuckles McGuire

he’s good , he’s pretty fuckin good , hes umbeliveably pretty fuckin good

although still a bit of work before he gets his statue on the steps of the emerits

I know sign a 5 year contract with us and pay us back the faith that we have shown you all them years while you were injured most of the season !

Who need batman eh

Gunner 4 life

the only sam is nelson

RvP: “I can get better”

Wenger: “I could be more frugal with our transfer budget”

Sczczcz: “I can add to my confidence levels”

‘Arry: “I could twitch more”

All headlines you never thought you’d see…

seven year itch needs scratching

RVP The OX an Theo up front…..Lets go for it!

Gervinho, RvP, Walcott and Chamberlain up front in a 4-2-4 formation, with all of them moving and switiching places to confuse the defence on who they should mark/pick up…

seven year itch needs scratching

Why not mate, we have to give it a bash!

seven year itch needs scratching

Look at the joy on RVP’s boat when he’s scoring on the pic above!

Brilliant, gonna see some of that tonight!!!



rosicky has been pretty good since getting his run in the team, its great to see him doing so well for us now. we’ve not seen much of the rosicky we bought due to his injuries, lack of form or just being kept out by the form of other midfielders, but he’s in the side now & doing well. he was outstanding against spurms, & most importantly he keeps himself quiet off the pitch, & is a model pro. The lad deserves some plaudits aswell as super robin!! here’s hoping he can set up RVP with more goals, & even… Read more »


Rosicky is at his best when he gets a good rest between games.Same is the case with rambo and yossi.rotation between these players was the key but the trio has been injured or carrying knocks at the same time not surprising given our luck.


“He’s just football-clever, and that’s something you can’t pick up later in your career. You either have it or you don’t.”

Bad news for Theo!! 🙂

Go on TJ, I will parade around the Emirates naked if you prove me (most people) wrong tonight!!


seven year itch needs scratching

Just a bit of info for you…..

The Italian’s have a dismal record in European ties on English soil. In 16 meetings Milan have one victory, against Manchester United in 2005.

There is hope!

Mick Bendtner

What do you mean, “There is no such thing as the perfect footballer”?

I’m the greatest stroiker that evar lived!


He’s got good humuor..


And Van Persie should continue to put up these numbers for the foreseeable future because his game doesn’t rely on speed, similar to ohhh Dennis Bergkamp. Look at the difference between Torres and RvP for example. Torres might be indulging in too many London dining establishments that’s he’s lost a step (and quite frankly I don’t see him ever getting it back). RvP on the other hand, knows how to find space and his movement is extraordinary, knows precisely when to pull off defenders and so on. Torres is just a mess to watch these days, but I’m glad that’s… Read more »


Not gonna lie, that picture gets me slightly aroused.

Just saying.

seven year itch needs scratching

Bloke on pic bottom right, bloke with away shirt on, wearing shades, arms folded…..

What the FUCK is he watching?


Naked ladies painted on the inside of his shades?


Poor choice.


He was probably taping Match of the Day later.

Merlin's Panini

ahaha! well spotted. what a nob end.
Seems fitting he’s wearing that awful away kit too. Absolutely no brain.
Can’t wait for us to have a new away shirt. Anything would be better, as long as it’s not white.


He’s a ringer from the “spot the ball” lottery lads.
His job is to ensure he’s always staring fixedly at somewhere the ball is not.


When Barcelona signed our Terry Arsene Wenger came to me Speaking words of wisdom Van Persie Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie He will be the answer – Van Persie When Fabregas went back to Spain Arsene Wenger spoke again Saying Here is our new leader Van Persie Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie He will be our leader – Van Persie With Park and Chamakh in attack Robin thought ‘we can’t have that’ So he scored 30 goals Van Persie Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie He’ll score when he wants to –… Read more »

[…] and the players lead the way in singling Rosicky out for a praise. Everyone loves Rosicky: Wenger, Van Persie, Szczesny, […]

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